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Full Version: David Callahan (GoW Tournament)
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Wrestler's Alias: Formerly Jesus Christ, Mr. UWA, Mr. SCW, now can officially go by the moniker Mr. Unemployed
Wrestler's Real Name: David Callahan
Pic Base: The Miz
Height: 5'10
Weight: 165 lbs
Birthdate: August 30th, 1992
Birth Place: Roanoke, VA, billed from Detroit Michigan
Current Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

Physical Description:

Wrestling Style: Technical
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Has the heart of an angel. Unfortunately he's also an obnoxious cunt.
Years Pro: 2

- Informal Introduction(Atomic drop onto the top rope, causing target to land with it between their legs, can follow up by running across the ring, using the ropes as momentum before knocking them off with a jumping lariat, flipping them off the top rope and either into the ring, onto the apron or out of the ring)

- Bonne Nuit(French)(Tazzmission)

Signature Moves

-Bridging Dragon Suplex
-Testicular claw
-Burst Suicide Dive
-Bronco Buster

Common Moves
- Any submission a match writer feels like giving him
- Backslide pin with a bridge(Jack Evans Style)
- Brainbuster DDT
- Burst lariat
- Diving headbutt
- Headbutts of any kind. He will headbutt the shit out of you
- Reverse suplex onto the top rope, followed with a knee to the jaw to knock them to the apron or out onto the ground outside of the ring
- Spinning haymaker
- Standing crossface
- The pulling down of trunks or tops. If they are wearing shirts, may try to pull it up over their head

Strengths: Creative and fast

Weaknesses: Clumsy, will easily get focused in on one target


"Feel Good Inc" by Leo Moracchioli begins to play throughout the arena as David Callahan steps out from behind the curtains carrying what appears to be a flamethrower. He doesn't get much of a reaction until he turns it on while raising it in the air. This causes some in the front to panic as a stream of flames come up.

Callahan: "Please love me! Will you cheer if I show you my dick?!"

The crowd boos. Scowling he raises the flamethrower up once more before turning as three officials appear from the back and pull the flamethrower away from him. The crowd boos them too. Shrugging he makes his way down the ramp.

Announcer: "From from Detroit, Michigan, he wants you to know he's residing in a soup kitchen near you, The Spectacular Mr. Employed, David Callahan!"

Reaching ringside he quickly slides in before sitting on the middle rope and spinning into the ring. He runs over toward a turnbuckle facing the audience and throws one hand up in the air, seemingly intentionally trying to be as lame as he possibly can be. Jumping down he adjusts his tights before sticking one hand down around his genitalia, appearing to scratch away before pulling his hand out to smell it.

Biography: David Calahan debuted under the ring name Dick Nixon for the now defunct indy promotion BRW. He wrestled in a suit and tie with a Richard Nixon mask, using mixed political messages to incite the audience. He traveled along various circuits and even had the privilege of touring Mexico where unfortunately due to his mostly grounded style he couldn't get over to save his life. He wrestled briefly in the UK before being noticed and picked up by the UWA where he debuted as Jesus Christ. Initially provocative, he changed his tune and mantra going under the name Mr. UWA, where he preached of the UWA's greatness. He showed great dislike for the larger company SCW and the talents who hailed from there. Now with UWA closed...