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Full Version: Damian Marshall
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Wrestler's Alias: "True Grit" Damian Marshall
Wrestler's Real Name: Damian Jeremiah Marshall (as far as anyone knows, that is)
Twitter Handle (if applicable):
Pic Base: Jared Padalecki
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245
Birthdate: March 18, 1991
Birth Place: Houston, Texas
Current Residence: East Limestone, Alabama

Physical Description: Sam Winchester from season 3 of Supernatural.

[Image: hp6Un3H.jpg]

Wrestling Style: Powerhouse
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro:
Theme Song: "Helluvatime" by Slik Toxik

Finishers: "Eastbound and Down", "Dirty South", "Just Drive"
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): "Eastbound and Down" - Alabama Slam
"Dirty South" - Tornado DDT
"Just Drive" - Mic Check
Signature Moves: "Gut Check"
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed): Clothesline from Hell

Common Moves: German Suplex
Sitdown Power Bomb
Swinging Neckbreaker
Dragon Sleeper
Electric Chair
Belly to Belly Suplex
Guillotine Leg Drop
Full Nelson Slam
Burning Hammer

Strengths: Honest, loyal, trustworthy

Weaknesses: Kinda gullible, hides his emotions, doesn't really connect with anyone

Entrance: A man's voice comes across the speakers. "True Grit never dies." Then music starts to play. It starts with a guitar, then becomes the sound of a full band. One of the guitars becomes more pronounced just before the vocals kick in, the distinctive voice of Slik Toxik's Nicholas Walsh flooding the arena.

We rush to the big noise
Intoxicated big time...
Let's do it together!!!

Red and white lights play across the screen and highlight a scene of silver-tinted water falling over a blue background.

In a flood of emotions
We're one with the beat...
We feel your energy
We taste the waves
like something sweet

The lights play back across the screen and now words become visible. They read "Damian Marshall". The lights then focus on the entryway at the top of the ramp.

For your love

For your love
This song's for you...
I'll play the fool
if you want me to

Red and white fireworks in front of the entryway go off in a curtain shooting up toward the roof of the arena. When they die down, someone's standing there. They take a few steps forward and reveal themselves to be Damian Marshall himself! He grins and salutes the crowd, the lights making the thin black lines on the sides of his red tights look like living shadows as they glint off the white metal caps on the toes of his red boots.

For your love

Sweet inspiration
Doesn't make you mine...

He starts down the ramp and slaps hands with the fans on the way by. They love him and he loves them right back, the smile on his face as the die-hards sing along with his entrance music just a sight to behold.

Hold on tight
We're headed for a helluvatime!!!!

He gets to ringside, rubs his hands on his tights then claps them together in time with Nicholas Walsh singing "Helluvatime" and sends up a shower of golden fireworks from the ringposts.

Real good time...

Damian grins again and goes up the stairs so he can get into the ring.

Biography: DJ is Ace's "pain in the ass little brother". Damian to coworkers and acquaintances, DJ to his friends and family.

DJ was always the goofy, clumsy kid trying to find a place to fit in until he stumbled into a wrestling school when he was 16. He had a natural talent for it but the teachers kept telling him he'd never amount to anything and he should just give up. He later found out someone in his immediate family had been paying them to sabotage his learning and wanted them to drive him out. The only person he was sure it wasn't was Ace... DJ packed everything that was his, took all the money out of his bank accounts and moved to another state. He hasn't been back home since.

*Handler's note: I'll be making an account for him later. I just wanted to get this posted before I forgot. (Which happens on a semi-regular basis.)