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Angelica Jones - The Matt - 07-31-2018

[Image: angelicabanner9.png]

Wrestler's Alias: “The Golden Goddess”, “Firestar”, “The Dragon”
Wrestler's Real Name: Angelica Jones
Pic Base: Jessica Chastain
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 115 lbs
Birthdate: October 2nd, 1974
Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts
Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts

Physical Description: Slim, trim, short, but very beautiful. She is a natural red head but will from time to time dye it blonde.

Wrestling Style: All Rounder but sticks mostly to high flying.
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): very edge face, so edgy I’d say she’s only slightly more face than tweener or heel. If that makes
Years Pro: 15

The Hot Shot [primary]
Description: Triple H’s Pedigree

Submission Finisher: The Angel's Arch
Description: Walls of Jericho/Liontamer

Signature Moves:

From The Ashes
Description: springboard moonsault floated over into an inverted ddt

Description: Dragonrana

Hell on Earth (used on lighter opponents)
Description: AJ Styles’ Cliffhanger

Divine Impact
Description: Lionsault

Description: Crossface Chicken Wing

Stubborn Bitch
Description: Shining Wizard

Theme Song: “All The Things She Said” by T.A.T.U.

Common Moves:

Kip Up into a franksensteiner
Pele Kick
Springboard flying forearm smash
Styles Clash
Spiral Tap
Cosmic Disaster
Bloody Sunday
Van Daminator
Split Legged Moonsault
Flip Over Neck Breaker off the second rope
Back Cracker
Sleeper Neck Breaker
Reverse DDT
Double Arm DDT
Bow and Arrow Submission
Dragon Sleeper


As The Golden Goddess or Firestar she is extremely focused, more focused than really anyone else. She is also well versed in any type of wrestling style. Angelica can take a ton of abuse and keep coming back for more.


One weakness is her Dragon mindset. When she becomes the Dragon she loses control and wants to hurt her opponent rather than win, which can lead to mistakes or just outright getting disqualified. Also her size can be a disadvantage against those with a power based attack. Finally, as The Golden Goddess or Firestar she can suffer from bouts of arrogance that would lead to her downfall.


(The lights dim to a crimson red color throughout the arena. A high pitched female voice can be heard over the PA speakers…)

"I Lost My Miiiiiiind..."

(The image of a red dragon appears on the Tron. The dragon is engulfed in flames as it is replaced by a phoenix. Then that too goes up in flames as it is replaced by an image of Angelica Jones. The Global-Tron shows images of Angelica Jones delivering the Hot Shot to Steve Pinex, Meagan Collins, Glory Braddock, Angela Jameson and the Divine Impact to Dazz, Daystalker, and Cuchulain. Angelica then steps out onto the stage. She is dressed in all black, from head to toe, and that includes a black trenchcoat. Her long hair hangs down to shoulder length. She stares menacingly, sadistically down at the ring, pausing before finally beginning to make the long walk to the ring. Once at ringside she takes a sharp turn to the right and the ascends the steel steps, making her way up to the ring apron. She strolls slowly to the center before turning towards the audience. She looks out intensely at the crowd before posing with both arms raised high into the air. Angelica steps into the ring and then steps over to the opposite side of the ring where she poses on the second rope. She then jumps off and heads to the center where the music dies down and the lights come back up. She stands, waiting for the match to begin.)


Angelica lived a normal life with her sister Kayla and parents Bart and Kelly Jones until, on one horrible day when Angelica was only thirteen, an intruder by the name of Demetri "Nosferatu" Talon broke into their Boston, Massachusetts home and brutally murdered Kelly Jones and forced Angelica to watch it all unfold before her young eyes. Angelica was feeling suicidal and had, in fact, attempted suicide. Bart Jones, perhaps making a rash decision but nonetheless feeling that he could no longer support BOTH daughters, sent Kayla away with social services and sent Angelica away to live at Annunciation Catholic School for girls.

Angelica's suicidal tendencies were not helped at Annunciation. It was there that Angelica met Emma Frost, who cosntantly picked on Angelica, teased her and harassed her. Later Angelica would meet and fall in love with Sean Williams. They were both young and somewhat dumb, but Angelica didn't care. He made her feel happy again and that was all that mattered. One thing led to another and Sean Williams ended up getting Angelica pregnant at the young age of fourteen. Angelica, through the assistance of a kindly nun who chose not to turn her in to the school authorities, helped get her sent to Tennessee for the duration of her pregnancy. Angelica was afraid to give birth but at the same time she was afraid of having an abortion due to what her Catholic faith had taught her. Panicked, Angelica nearly chose to have an abortion but at the last second decided to have the baby and put it up for adoption(years later, Angelica would search and find her daughter she gave up and re-adopt her). She returned to Annunciation and told Sean that she had the abortion though and, out of anger, Sean cursed at her and told her he never wanted to see her again. This prompted poor Angelica to become suicidal once again.

At the age of eighteen Angelica had had enough of the girls school and left to try and make it on her own. Life was difficult and the only job she could manage was at a grocery store. Lucky for her the stars were lined up just right and, miracle of miracles, she met professional wrestler Chris Jericho, who would go on to train the lovely Angelica in the art of pro-wrestling. A few years later Angelica would indeed find the same daughter she gave birth to but gave up at birth, a lovely girl named Marie Annabelle Jones, a girl who, at seven years old, had yet to be adopted. Angelica, seeing this as an opportunity to make up for past mistakes, adopted Annabelle back into her life.

Angelica got her start in wrestling at GDW (Global Division of Wrestling) where, in her rookie year, won the women's world title five times, the world tag team titles one time with Cuchulain, and made history as the first female to win the GDW World heavyweight championship. After losing the world heavyweight title to Steve Powers, GDW Owner Matt Alan put a ban on females wrestling for the world title, hence relegating Angelica back to the women's division and the women's title. Shortly before leaving the company, Angelica would start a relationship with GDW hall of famer and first GDW Grand Slam Winner Andreas Lasiewicz. The two would get married and Angelica eventually gave birth to his daughter, Jessica Corey Jones. Their marriage and relationship would end when Andreas Lasiewicz chose to fake his own death.

GDW shut down due to financial problems and Angelica moved on to the Millennium Wrestling Alliance. It was there that she first won the MWA Millennium Championship from Nu G Teffin Goss and formed a short alliance with Logan Wolffe, calling themselves The Syndicate. Angelica's next title reign would come when she teamed up with her old tag team partner Cuchulain and defeated Steve and Shane Pinex, collectively known as Bad Karma, for the MWA World Tag Team Titles.

In the midst of her MWA career, GDW would reopen its doors and Angelica would return and go on to win the GDW World title for a second time, upending Laivindil Rayne for the gold. A controversial ending to a triple threat rematch one month later left Angelica bitter and without her title, so she packed her bags and went back to the Millennium Wrestling Alliace, where she would go on to reign supreme with her best friend Meagan Richards as the World Tag Team Champions under the name of Fame and Fortune.

Fame and Fortune would eventually be upended by Mary Jane Griggs and Jack Griggs. Angelica's first instincts were to go after her tag belts but she changed her mind when she realized that she was pregnant. Her and her husband Sean McBride were going to have their first child together. And so Angelica took some time off for pregnancy.

About a year later Angelica would return to the wrestling world with full force! Angelica McBride did so well that she was deemed by Blayze Alexander to be the other half of the world tag team champions when his then partner, Kayla Redfield (Angelica's sister ironicallly) was sidelined due to an injury. Blayze would be sidelined due to an injury a few weeks later and then Angelica would win the vacated world tag team titles for a fourth time in a battle royal.

One week later, however, would prove to be the greatest moment in Angelica's MWA career. Angelica McBride stepped into the ring with the newly crowned MWA World Heavyweight Champion Steve Pinex and, in front of her hometown fans and with the help of The Redeemers, won the MWA World Heavyweight title (albeit in controversial fashion). Angelica would lose the title back to Steve Pinex in a hard fought ladder match three weeks later.

Angelica's fourth tag title reign, the one that began after she won the belts in a battle royal, would be ended by Kacy Knight and Lien. And it took Angelica's partner, Caitlin O'Toole, refusing to come down to the ring to help out, plus the combined efforts of Lien, Kacy Knight, and Steve Powers in a three on one assault to eventually defeat the red-headed Massachusetts native.

Angelica McBride, after years and years of bloodbaths, bumps, bruises, scars, and beatings inside the squared circle, Angelica McBride decided to take a break from active competition and enjoy the comfort of her family. A couple months later, however, Angelica would jump back into the wrestling world, but not in a competitive role. Angelica McBride was offered the opportunity to buy GDW, the Global Division of Wrestling. Angelica jumped at the opportunity and successfully ran the company that she got her start in for three months before the wrestling bug bit her again and she wanted to once again compete, but not only compete, but to get revenge from an old rival, then GDW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Pinex. Angelica McBride reformed Suffrage with Emma Frost and Janelle St. Claire and the female group, disguised as the mysterious Cruciform, pulled the wool over Pinex's eyes and left him beaten in the center of the ring. Later on Angelica and Pinex would fight to a standstill in the sadistic Seven Stages of Helll match, a match Angelica would win again in controversial fashion, for her third GDW world heavyweight championship.

Angelica McBride would then return to an MWA ring. In only her second match back she won the MWA Millennium Championship from Kacy Knight, subsequently ending her unbeaten streak in singles matches. Angelica has recently deteccted that her oldest daughter, Marie Annabellle Jones, has taken a liking to a young boy named Brennan Seidelman and that she wants to train to one day become a professional wrestler. Angelica strongly opposes both but, due to the fact that her daughter has inherited that infamous stubborn streak that all Jones women seem to have, it has been a major struggle.

Angelica and her oldest daughter Marie Annabelle Jones have always had a tulmultuous relationship. Annabelle has at times questioned her mother's actions but all of it was done because Angelica thought she was doing the right thing for Annabelle. For Angelica, Annabelle Jones truly was the only thing holding her mental state together. But then on the night of Desperate Measures, November 27th, 2007, Annabelle turned on Angelica, beating her brutally and nearly ending her career.

Angelica would suffer horrible mental anguish until she came to a realization about what she should do-Angelica began to believe that every other justice system was cowardly and too lenient. Angelica thought that she was the only true voice of justice in the insane GDW world and her justice was extermination of evil doers with extreme prejudice. Angelica would return to GDW a couple weeks after the beat down, but no longer colorful and happy but clad all in black, depressed looking, and angry and looking for payback.

Angelica Jones later abandoned her Back in Black mentality. Angelica "Firestar" Jones had returned. Angelica was not without challenge, however. She was still in a bitter rivalry with her own daughter and, Janelle St. Claire, tried to use her authority to force Angelica to quit GDW. With Angelica's career on the line if she did not win, Angelica ended up winning the 2008 Civil War match and earned a chance to wrestle for the GDW world heavyweight championship at GDW Wrestlecade 2008. Around that same time Angelica Jones left the Millennium Wrestling Alliance and signed with Motor City Wrestling. Angelica gained early success in MCW, winning the Television Championship. But then things took a turn for the worse and this happened, surprisingly, after she won the world heavyweight championship in MCW. Angelica shocked the world with a victory over Doctor Ian and Annie Alvarez in a triple threat match at Breaking Free and shortly afterwards, for reasons unknown at this time, Angelica's mental state began to deteriorate. She grew more and more psychotic and downright evil. She would go on to mock the death of Annie Alvarez's child and to beat Daystalker into a bloody pulp at Deliverance.

Angelica's reign as world champion would last four months until she lost the gold to Lethal Weapon Nick Harris. Obsessed with winning the gold back, she fought and clawed her way into qualifying for the Weapon's Lair Match at Christmas Cracker. The world heavyweight title as well as the Extreme title would be on the line in the match. In the end Angelica did win a championship, but it was the Extreme Championship.

At first Angelica was severely disappointed and depressed upon winning the Extreme Championship in the Weapon's Lair instead of the World Heavyweight title. She had put her body and her life on the line for the biggest prize in the game, not for the second-tier belt. But upon talking with a mysterious man known as Gabriel, she was convinced that she had become obsessed with the world championship. Her quest for the title had become her whole life and it had isolated her from her friends and family. Gabriel guided her back onto the right path; the path to redemption. Along the way she decided to proudly defend the MCW Extreme Championship for the fans and for MCW. As the self-proclaimed "new face of extreme" she would go on to defeat Dan Dare, Scar Child, Steve Dorsey, and Scott Stonewall all in an impressive fashion. Angelica's road to redemption would come to an end at MCW Purgatory when she defeated Kirsta Lewis and Dan Dare to win her second MCW World Heavyweight Championship exactly one year after her debut in MCW, becoming a double champion in the process. Since then Angelica has promised to defend her newly won title proudly and with honor for the company but, most importantly, for the fans. She wants to strive to be a champion for the people.

Angelica would eventually lose her coveted world title to Rayne Young at Deliverance 2009. This loss forced Angelica to take a second look at herself and her career. She realized that her family should be her primary focus rather than winning titles. She also realized that her time in the spotlight may have come and gone and that perhaps it was time to retire. Angelica would then climb inside of an MCW ring and make the vow that she would retire once she lost her championships. Doing so would be a difficult task for any superstar, for Angelica already held the World Tag Team titles with her sister Kayla and she held the Motor City title. Then, on November 2nd, 2009 Angelica Jones defeated Dazz to win her third MCW World Heavyweight Championship. She then went into semi-retirement, coming back briefly in a managerial role for Brittany Lohan in MCW and Shawn Atlas in GDW and also returning briefly for a match against Sierra Devereaux at MWA's Generation Next pay per view.

In a match against Dazz at the GDW Survival of the Fittest pay per view, Angelica seemingly suffered an injury that caused her to die. Shortly thereafter Dark Phoenix started wrestling in GDW, only later to be revealed to be Angelica herself. Shortly after the unmasking, Angelica left GDW again and went back to MCW where she, along with Glory Braddock, Jackson Adams, and Aerik Walker, formed Apocalypse. She and Glory would hold the world tag team championships until losing them to Hell's Angels. Aerik Walker left Apocalypse, as did Jackson Adams. Marie Williams and Brittany Lohan were brought in to replace them and they kicked Angelica out of the group. She was then decimated and hospitalized by the combined efforts of Marie Williams, Kirsta Lewis, and Jacob Laymon. Shortly thereafter she was arrested for the murder of Marie's father, Sean Williams, which she perpetrated ten years ago. After being sentenced to spend time in a mental hospital, the world thought they had seen the last of Angelica Jones.

MCW was under assault by another masked woman, this time by the name of Scorned. Eventually Scorned was unmasked and it was revealed that Angelica was the woman behind the mask, acting not of her own volition, but only because Meagan Collins told her to. Meagan had used her considerable contacts within the legal system to arrange for her release. In exchange, Angelica would work to make her own sister Kayla's life a living hell. On the bright side for Jones, she did renew a relationship with then world heavyweight champion Brittany Lohan. Angelica, recalling the many times Brittany had professed her love to Angelica, and feeling a kind of safety and comfort around Lohan, decided to become Brittany's girlfriend. After having four previous relationships, and three marriages, with men fail in the past, Angelica figured why not try women? They are engaged to be married and Angelica will take Brittany's last name, becoming Angelica Lohan, or A-Lo for short. Angelica would win an Any Given Night Match to earn a world heavyweight title shot, setting up the incredibly awkward match between the two lovers. Jones and Lohan fought to a time limit draw just as it appeared as if Angelica might pull off the victory. This was the last match in MCW history.

The closing up of MCW left Angelica with a lot of time to think. The failure to capture the MCW World Championship took a lot of her and made her question her own abilities. She had thought about retiring for good and submitting to the life of Brittany's housewife. Lohan wanted none of it and, with motivation from Brittany, Angelica realized that the life of a housewife wasn't for her. Angelica decided to rejoin the place that she helped make famous: Global Division of Wrestling. Jones returned with one goal in mind; revive her legacy and remind everyone in GDW just who the real queen of GDW really is. Angelica came in third place in the 2013 Civil War Match to earn a shot at the GDW World Tag Team Championship. She teamed up with her sister Kayla Jones, reforming The Sisterhood, and went on to Wrestlecade X where they defeated Total War to become the new GDW World Tag Team Champions. The Sisterhood defended the titles successfully against The Sex & Tech Connection three weeks later on Fever and now are scheduled to defend the gold in the second annual Tag Team Any Given Night Match at Purgatory 2013. They lost the gold to the Godfathers of Wrestling that night. The Sisterhood would subsequently go their separate ways, with Angelica reforming Fame & Fortune with Meagan Collins for a short while until GDW closed its doors.

Angelica Jones would reunited with her former agent, Samantha Hodgson, a woman with whom she had worked with for many years and who had guided her to many world titles. Hodgson agreed to represent her again, with the understanding that Jones would listen to her advice. Hodgson would create a new persona for Angelica Jones; The Golden Goddess. Under this new banner, Jones would first join the International Wrestling Championship where she would become its first and only world champion before it shut its doors. Angelica would then join the Future Wrestling Alliance and her undefeated streak since joining back up with Hodgson would continue with two straight victories over Nate Lawson and a win over Mya Denton until FWA, too, shut its doors. Angelica would join the UK based independent league Frontier where she would continue to mount up her undefeated streak, one that has been mounting since her reunification with Hodgson back in January of 2014. Angelica now looks to join the SCW where she hopes to continue her roll.

In her debut she defeated Alec Jacobs. Meanwhile, in Global Championship Wrestling, a brand split ended up creating a new world championship, the Global Heavyweight Championship. Angelica ended up facing her sister Kayla for that title at Last Respects and won the belt to become its first title holder. The day after becoming GCW Global Heavyweight Champion it was announced that Angelica would face Chandler Scott for the GFC World Heavyweight Championship on the next Frontier card.

Angelica failed to capture the GFC World Championship due to a count-out. So, she did finally ditch Samantha Hodgson and she hired Silas Mason on as her agent. Now, as a part of Silas World in SCW, she has been working Brittany Lohan to take apart his enemies. Meanwhile, in Frontier, Silas managed to negotiate a rematch against Chandler Scott for the GFC World Championship, this time with a no count-out stipulation. Angelica would defeat Chandler Scott, ending his historic run as champion and becoming the first female to hold the GFC World Championship. And in GCW, Angelica still reigns as Global Heavyweight Champion as she heads into the Break Down pay per view to defend against Sylar. She defeated Sylar on that night but the next week she lost the title to Katelyn Buehler due to interference from a masked ninja woman. She vowed revenge, even as she continued her reign as GFC World Champion. That reign came to an end after losing the title to Sean Sands, but that was ok with Angelica, as she bought FRONTIER from CJ Osborne, becoming even more powerful than the champion himself and gaining more powerful for Silas World. Angelica now seeks out her revenge against Abigail Lindsey, the woman revealed to be under the mask who cost her the title against Katelyn Buehler. To help her do this, she enlisted the aid of Pierce Manning, Michael Bauer, and Steven Bauer, forming a new incarnation of Apocalypse. Within a month's time, this new incarnation of Apocalypse had won every championship on the Livewire brand, including the Global Heavyweight Championship around the waist of Angelica Jones.

Meanwhile, in Supreme Championship Wrestling, Angelica Jones had been in a slump and contemplated leaving the company. Her agent, Silas Mason, convinced her to stay, at least long enough to compete in the inaugural Shot of Adrenaline Tournament. In the round robin style first round Angelica won five of her seven matches, via nefarious, controversial means of getting her opponents disqualified, thus earning enough points to advance into the semi-finals where fell short against Selena Frost. That loss has not hurt her spirits. If anything, Angelica Jones is now more confident than she has ever been.

Angelica Jones had been with Silas Mason in Silas World for quite some time. She even helped bring her oldest daughter, Marie Annabelle Jones, into Silas World. Angelica knew, though, that she could not trust Silas fully, and yet she remained. Angelica's sister Kayla Jones as well as Angelica's middle child Jessica Lasiewicz both tried to intervene, trying to convince her to abandon Silas Mason. The aforementioned Mason took great offense to this and went after Kayla and Jessica, attempting to break their necks. That was the breaking point for Angelica as she finally turned on Silas Mason and left Silas World. From there Angelica went on to defeat Silas World member Katie Steward and competed with Jessica Lasiewicz and Harmony Fisher in a six person tag at SCW Rise To Greatness against Silas World members Sienna Swann, Regan Street, and Katie Steward.

Meanwhile, in Global Championship Wrestling, Angelica had negotiated her way to a new contract that allowed her to book her own matches. That wasn't all. Kayla Jones, Angelica's younger sister, returned to GCW. The two agreed to team up again, reforming The Sisterhood. The pair went on to defeat every team placed in front of them and they even won a tag team Global X to earn a Global Tag Team Title Match. The Sisterhood continued with their reunion, even reuniting in SCW as a tag team. Their first tag team match, against Dawn Lohan and Kordy Price, ended in count-out draw but they were impressive nevertheless and are aiming for the tag gold. In GCW, where The Sisterhood already had laid claim to a tag team title shot, they would go on to challenge and defeat Seek & Destroy to become the new GCW Global Tag Team Champions. And the Sisterhood reunion did not end there. In Supreme Championship Wrestling, after helping Angelica obtain her freedom from Silas Mason, Kayla Jones began to tag team with her in that company as well, fighting Blood Grove to a standstill, defeating Adrenaline Rush, and eventually earning an SCW World Tag Team Championship match against defending champions Standing Room Only at Under Attack, where they defeated SRO to become new SCW World Tag Team Champions. For several months The Sisterhood held both the GCW Global Tag Team and SCW World Tag Team titles simultaneously until eventually The Republic team of Julia Braddock and JaMarcus Avery defeated them for the GCW titles and Autumn Valentine and Gable Winchester defeated them for the SCW titles.

The Shot of Adrenaline Tournament came up and Angelica Jones made certain to enter herself in the tournament. She had a rough start, with a draw against Jake Starr and then a DQ loss to Tyler Tucker. Eventually she got a win, defeating Felicity Lansing. Meanwhile in GCW Angelica and Kayla learned that the woman known as Crimson was actually their adopted sister Anastasia Jones, who wants revenge for what she claims is the Jones sisters abandoning her. It was difficult to balance the crisis outside of the ring with her inside of the ring performance and yet Angelica still managed to go on a five match win streak in the Shot of Adrenaline Tournament, which earned her a spot in the semi-finals with James Evans, Selena Frost, and Christy Matthews. The Shot of Adrenaline Tournament Semi-Finals and Finals would take place at SCW Retribution in Kansas City, Missouri. Once again, Angelica Jones came up short in the semi-finals, losing to James Evans.

Angelica and her sister Kayla, The Sisterhood, had not received a rematch for their SCW World Tag Team Championship ever since they lost the belts to Gable Winchester and Autumn Valentine. The fact that the Sisterhood was not even pinned or made to submit in the match and yet still lost the belts also did not set well with them. And despite all of this, SCW kept Angelica and Kayla away from the tag team division, choosing instead to put them in singles competition. The sisters had enough of it and chose to protest Supreme Championship Wrestling. The #FreeBotswana campaign had begun, a slogan inspired by Sophie James, who protested with them. Angelica and Kayla refused to participate in any singles matches, going as far as to send jobbers to the ring to wrestle in their place against their singles opponents. But finally, just as they thought they were granted a rematch against Autumn Valentine and Gable Winchester for the SCW World Tag Team Championship, their hopes were dashed as Mr. D, frustrated with their games, made them earn it. They would have to defeat the champions in a non-title match in order to get the title shot. Angelica and Kayla put away the jokes and the games. They marched in and defeated Gable and Autumn to earn a shot at the tag team titles.

After dropping "Free Botswana" gag, and the other jokes, and after earning an SCW tag team title opportunity with her sister Kayla, Angelica quite literally turned a corner in her career, not just in SCW but in GCW as well. In GCW Angelica went on an impressive winning streak which culminated in her challenging cousin and longtime rival Glory Braddock to a match at For Glory & Gold. This was done in an attempt not only to prove that she still had what it took to beat anyone, but also to perhaps knock some sense into her delusional cousin. Unfortunately for Angelica, this was all a trap. Right as the bell rang, Glory's allies, which included Sophie and Mark O'Brian, Caitlyn Perry, Derek Powers, and Glory's husband Kurt Logan, attacked and assaulted her. Angelica would win via disqualification, but Glory escaped having to wrestle Angelica. Angelica, though, is not giving up on her quest to get Glory in the ring one on one. She is going to face Sophie O'Brian and Caitlyn Perry in a two on one handicap match and if she wins, she gets to face Glory Braddock one on one in any type of match she wants. Meanwhile in SCW, Angelica and Kayla were scheduled to challenge Autumn Valentine and Gable Winchester for the World Tag Team Titles at Taking Hold of the Flame.

Unfortunately, Angelica and Kayla failed to win back the tag team titles. The Sisterhood then chose to pursue singles careers in SCW. Angelica fought David Miller to a draw in a vicious, bloody, fight. Next, Angelica and Miller fought Ace Marshall in a triple threat match for the SCW Television Championship. Angelica is scheduled to go to SCW Rise To Greatness to face Justin Davis in a Boston Challenge. Meanwhile, in GCW, Angelica has continued her impressive winning streak as she attempts to get Glory Braddock into a one on one match. Now she is scheduled to face Glory at GCW Deadly Dreams in an empty arena match. Angelica Jones, though, felt that her match against Justin Davis lacked something. Fighting for mere pride wasn't enough to satisfy her. Jones defeated the Adrenaline Championship #1 contender Tommy Valentine and that victory convinced SCW officials to make her match against Justin Davis at Rise To Greatness a number one contender's match. With the newfound motivation, Angelica would go on to defeat Justin Davis at Rise To Greatness to become the number one contender to the SCW Adrenaline Championship.

After Rise To Greatness had come to a finish, it was announced officially The Sisterhood had reunited. Angelica and Kayla were united in the Uprising Wrestling Alliance as The Sisterhood and, now in SCW, The Sisterhood was riding together again, this time booked for a tournament to crown new number one contenders for the SCW World Tag Team Championship. And in the Empty Arena Match at GCW Deadly Dreams, no one knew quite what to expect from Glory Braddock and Angelica Jones. What happened was Angelica Jones decimating Glory and leaving her a bloody mess. But, in a shocking turn of events, after she knocked Glory unconscious, Angelica turned to the referee and forfeited the match. Her reason was simple: She wanted to humiliate Glory and make her remember that she could beat Glory any time she wanted anywhere she wanted. This also allows Angelica to reunite with Kayla Jones on the GCW Shotgun Brand, reuniting The Sisterhood there as well. Despite a loss to the Honour Code in the tag title contendership tournament in SCW, Angelica and Kayla maintained their eyes on the top prize; the World Tag Team Championship. Meanwhile, Angelica would go on to SCW Apocalypse to face Christy Matthews for the SCW Adrenaline Championship and against Victoria Salinas in a first blood match at UWA Sectioned.

At Breakdown, Angelica and Kayla continued with their quest for tag team gold as they did battle with Donovan Kayl and Rocky O'Reilly. While this was going on, Jones was not so secretly dealing with a mental/emotional battle within herself to get rid of the demon that had been a part of her since her early teenage years: The Dragon. With the help of an old friend from the past, as well as her sister Kayla, Angelica managed to rid herself of The Dragon and, for the first time since her mother's death, was happy and content with herself, with life, and no longer considered herself the irredeemable monster she once believed herself to be. Meanwhile The Sisterhood picked up some steam as they defeated the teams of Gavin Taylor & Clarence Whitman in UWA and Derek Adonis & Manvel in SCW. Now Angelica and her sister Kayla are scheduled to face The Heartbreakers to determine the number one contenders for the UWA World Tag Team Championship. The Sisterhood won that match to earn a shot at the UWA Tag Team Championship. In a close, hotly contested match, The Ginger Nation managed to retain their championship after defeating Angelica and Kayla. In SCW The Sisterhood fought Vixen Cain and Merrick Wiseman, Tainted Justice. Wiseman and Cain manipulated their way to a cheap disqualification victory, tricking the referee into thinking Angelica had used a chair. Angelica and her sister got revenge at Hazardous Envy pay per view defeating Tainted Justice and Team Desire in a three way tag match. Meanwhile in GCW, due to her sister Kayla's third place finish in the Civil War Match, she and Kayla earned a tag team title shot at Resurrection against Matty Graves & Darian Andrews as well as the team of Ginger Nation for the Undisputed GCW Tag Team Championship. Angelica and Kayla would prepare for their mutual title shots, a title shot at Resurrection in GCW and a title shot in the future in SCW against Honor Code. Along the way, it was revealed that Lindsey Carter, Angelica's wife, wanted divorce. Later she went missing. Angelica was the first suspect but was cleared of any wrongdoing. Still, the event had a big impact upon Jones, as she once again questioned her goodness. She questioned whether she was destined to live in the darkness, despite having just got rid of The Dragon. Then on an edition of Breakdown, The Sisterhood defeated Honor Code to win their second SCW World Tag Team Championship.

Angelica and her sister Kayla would go on a roll in SCW and GCW as they attempted to make history in GCW as the first ever Undisputed Tag Team Champions at Resurrection. Their momentum was halted momentarily when The Honor Code defeated The Sisterhood to win back the tag titles at the SCW Broken Beliefs pay per view. Angelica, however, would not let that loss get her down. At the Fatal Fortunes Breakdown event in April, Angelica won a fatal four way hardcore match against Jake Starr, Rachel Foxx, and Rikali. The very next week Angelica defeated an old GDW rival in the form of Samantha Raine on SCW Breakdown. Angelica would be granted a shot at the SCW Adrenaline Championship, then held by Christy Matthews, but Angelica would fail to capture the gold.

After her brief stint as a singles wrestler again, Angelica reunited with her sister Kayla in another attempt to recapture tag team glory. Unfortunately their first match back was not successful as they lost to Tommy Valentine and Jake Starr. Now they look forward to facing a pair of old rivals in Adrenaline Rush, hoping a win over Stacy Kissinger and Craig Thomas will help them rebound. The truth is, there are deeper seeded issues within Angelica and Kayla, issues that have a personal feel to them, and Angelica wonders if they will be able to get back on the same page. Things were seemingly completely different in GCW, where Angelica with her sister Kayla became the first ever Undisputed GCW Tag Team Champions at Resurrection VI, defeating the teams of Ginger Nation and Darian Andrews & Matty Graves. They would defeat Chantelle Chambers & Christy Hightower in their first title defense at For Glory & Gold. They were not as successful at SCW Rise To Greatness, failing to win Scaffold Scramble. Meanwhile in GCW Angelica and her sister Kayla are focusing on defending their Undisputed GCW Tag Team Championship against all comers in a tag team turmoil match at Survival of the Fittest. In another SCW failure, Angelica and Kayla lost to Kennedy Street and Amy Chastaine at Apocalpyse. Now they are scheduled for a ten person tag, teaming with Dante McAffery, Autumn Valentine, and Edward Adams against Kennedy Street, Katelyn Buehler, Thirteen, and The Resurgence.

The Sisterhood seemed to be doing better in GCW, but the announcement of the Tag Team Turmoil did spark some challenges from the likes of Nirvana and Fame, Fortune, & Pure Class. In the case of the latter, Angelica Jones herself became distracted from the added difficulty of knowing that her daughter, Jessica Jones, had been brainwashed by the group. That distraction helped Fame, Fortune, & Pure Class defeat The Sisterhood once and then Jessica distracted her mother a second time, allowing Summer Newman to defeat Angelica one on one heading into Survival of the Fittest. Angelica and Kayla's luck seemingly turned around, despite a loss at the SCW Under Attack event. They picked up a win on the following Breakdown and in GCW they defeated the Soviet Gingers in non-title action, and Angelica defeated Sophie O'Brian,Hannah Myers, and Karina Lysenko in a four way to continue to build up tons of momentum heading into the Tag Team Turmoil at Survival of the Fittest.

Despite a monumental and very impressive effort, lasting nearly thirty minutes in the match and eliminating two teams, Angelica and Kayla lost the Undisputed GCW World Tag Team Championship to The Soviet Gingers in tag team turmoil at Survival of the Fittest. Shortly thereafter Angelica and Kayla received some shocking news; their mother was, in fact, still alive. The revelation would startle Angelica, rocking her mentally and emotionally to the core. After much deliberation within herself, Angelica eventually made the decision to abandon the Jones name altogether and embrace her mother's Russian heritage. Angelica now goes by Angelica Kurensky, going by the last name her mother once had before her family moved to the United States. The bad luck of the sisterhood seemed to snap with victories over Team Desire and The Network in SCW. Angelica would even pick up a singles win over Konrad Raab on the January 17th edition of SCW Breakdown.

Angelica would go on to defeat Bill Barnhart in a Television Title Eliminator on the next Breakdown, earning an opportunity to compete against Torsten Voigt for the SCW Television Championship. That night, Angelica Jones would defeat Torsten Voigt to become the new SCW Television Champion and, in her mind at least, completing her own "legacy revival" that began back nearly a decade ago when she made her return to the squared circle. She lost the Television Title to Donovan Kayl in her first title defense. Then the Sisterhood announced their retirement from SCW. Their final tag team match would be a loss to the Red Empire. Then at Retribution Angelica and Kayla gave the fans one last treat as they fought one another. Kayla defeated her older sibling.

Angelica was still seething over Glory Braddock, in Angelica's mind, trying to upstage her and one-up her at every turn. This led to Angelica distracting Glory Braddock at GCW Civil War, thus costing her the world championship in a match against Chantelle Chambers. In turn, Glory would distract Angelica's sister Kayla, causing her to get eliminated from the Civil War Match itself. Angelica had enough to reformed the group known as Apocalypse to deal with Glory Braddock and her allies once and for all. Angelica and Kayla would lose a tag match to Glory and her sister Julia but shortly after the Apocalypse reunion, Angelica would win an eight man tag with the rest of Apocalypse. Angelica and Kayla, with Myra Lynwood as their partner, would defeat Total War and Victoria Salinas. That same night Angelica Jones would attack Glory Braddock and use a hammer to break her hand, giving Angelica a decided advantage heading into a tag team match at Resurrection, pitting Angelica and Kayla against Glory Braddock and Sophie O'Brian. Angelica would defeat Glory Braddock in the finals of a four on four elimination match heading into Resurrection. Glory and Sophie would get their win back, however, by defeating The Sisterhood at Resurrection. Angelica would get her win back at The GCW Draft Show by defeating Glory Braddock one on one.

Later that night, Angelica Jones led Apocalypse to the ring and viciously assaulted the new GCW Global Champion Jazmyn Rain. She would then make her intentions known that she wanted to reclaim the GCW Global Championship. Apocalypse lost to Jazmyn Rain, Andrea Hernandez, Isabella Harker, and Alan Monroe in an eight person tag. Angelica would bounce back by defeating Jazmyn Rain in a non-title match at GCW Purgatory to earn a shot at the GCW Global Championship. The following Livewire Angelica Jones and her sister Kayla, as The Sisterhood, defeated Isabella Harker and Brittany Kayl, earning even more momentum.

Rumblings are now going around that Angelica is looking to return to SCW.  Are these rumors true?  If so, why?


I mentioned three different personas, The Golden Goddess, The Dragon, and Firestar. Well to assist results writers in understanding exactly what I mean, here is an explanation of that. First of all, understand this is NOT a multiple personality disorder by any means. This is just a difference in how she acts, if that makes sense.

GOLDEN GODDESS: Acts very refined and elegant outside the ring. Inside the ring she's extremely focused and all business. This persona is marked by her blonde hair and is the persona she sports most of the time.

FIRESTAR: Street smart, tough as hell, sadistic, and extremely focused on the one thing most important to her...winning.

DRAGON: A monster. That's as easy as I can describe it. At this point she throws the rulebook out the window, choosing instead to hurt her opponent, try to seriously injure her opponent, rather than win.


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