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For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity - Konrad Raab - 04-09-2024

Team Desire vs. Cowgirls From Hell vs. European Fiery Nation vs. Marie Jones & "The Ronin" Chris Dumont vs. Body, Heart, and Soul vs. Twisted & Sadistic

4 RP limit for tag

No Word Limits

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Monday, April 15, 2024 (Show still takes place Sunday, April 14, 2024)

RE: For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity - The Matt - 04-12-2024

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April 4th, 2024
Cleveland, Ohio
Off Camera

The Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio is abuzz with excitement as SCW Breakdown continues. Many backstage are preparing for the matches still to come, others are tense, nervous due to the backstage assaults from Twisted & Sadistic, but one individual whose thoughts are far from tense is none other than “The Phoenix” Marie Annabelle Jones. Ever since she returned to Supreme Championship Wrestling with the goal of redeeming herself, with the goal of making things right, she has had sights set on big things. The road has been difficult but finally it appears as if her dream is coming to fruition. Tonight, The Phoenix became SCW Television Champion. This victory meant so much to Marie Jones; not only is it another championship to her already impressive resume, not only does this put her in the elite rank of superstars who have won three SCW Television Championships, but this title, the Television Title, it is the workhorse title. To hold it means you are defending it week in and week out. The fact that she has it is symbolically acknowledging that this time will be different, that Marie is back and she is not going anywhere. She intends to put in all of the hard work and the dedication necessary to be a champion in SCW.

Jones is walking through the backstage area, still dressed in her wrestling gear as her match against Colleen only just recently concluded. She carries with her the newly won SCW Television Championship title belt which she gazes at with a sense of pride washed across her face. It is yet another step closer towards redemption. This is what she needed at this very moment in her career, in her long journey back.

“Well you look positively delightful.” The voice is the familiar voice of her mother, Angelica Jones. Marie turns to spot her mother approaching from the left. Angelica is wearing an ankle length black skirt, black patent leather high heel pumps, and a black sleeveless top. Angelica is proud as well, proud of what her daughter has accomplished this evening. The Matriarch of the Jones family steps forward and gives her a brief hug before tapping the Television Title belt. “So tell me, how does it feel to have gold again?”

“I won’t lie…” she looks down at her title belt and then back up at Angelica “ does feel great! But I have to keep myself grounded. I cannot let my ego get the better of me as it has in the past. Winning championships is great. That’s what we’re here for, right? But this right here is not my finish line.”

“Are you thinking World Title?” Angelica asks with a knowing grin. Marie shakes her head.

“No, not the World Title…or even the Adrenaline Title, the two titles that I still have yet to win, the titles I need in order to become Supreme Champion. Although I certainly won’t turn down any opportunities CHBK offers me. My finish line is still a mystery to me. There is no one trinket or trophy I can win that says ‘YES, YOU HAVE FINISHED YOUR STORY!’ But I’m sure I will know the finish line when I reach it.”

“What is your finish line, Marie?” Angelica asks curiously.

“Being accepted again by the roster, by the fans, by my peers; the knowledge that SCW trusts me to be there when the chips are down. When I have earned that level of trust, then I know that I have reached my finish line.” She kisses the title belt. “But until then, this will do!”

“And unlike your last run in SCW you won’t thumb your nose at opportunities you perceive as beneath you?” Angelica taps the title belt that rests in her daughter’s hands. “Because if my memory serves me, you and Kim weren’t exactly thrilled with being in the Television Title chase. Kim gets a pass because she wanted to be in the Underground Division. But you…” her voice trails off. Marie sighs and nods her head before she finds a nice spot on a packing crate to sit down.

“Yeah, I know. I desperately wanted to be SCW World Champion. Hell, Kim didn’t even give a damn about the Frosts. She only tormented Deanna and Selena on my orders to make me happy. I literally used my own twin to further my goal of becoming SCW World Champion. And had Kim actually beaten Selena for the SCW World Title, she would have given it to me on a silver platter. That’s the kind of loyalty Kimmy has.” Marie shakes her head as a sense of guilt washes over her. “I never once returned that favor. I never once showed that kind of loyalty towards her. It has eaten away at my soul for a long time now. And one day I will repay her. I swear it.”

“That’s the silly thing about you two.” Angelica pats her daughter on the back. “You think you owe one another. She is just as fiercely loyal towards because when she was locked up in a mental institution you were the only person willing to visit her, despite the horrific things she did to you, you still reached out and helped her back into the light. She hasn’t forgotten and never will. Now you are saying you are going to be fiercely loyal to Kim in return because you feel guilty over something you did to her in the past? That’s not why family helps one another. We help each other, we are loyal towards each other, because we love each other.”

“I know, mom.” Marie nods her head.

“And before you go off doing something insane, remember that loyalty isn’t just blind loyalty. Kim would walk off of a cliff if you asked her to and I imagine you’re at the point you would do the same. Loyalty also means making sure our loved ones don’t go doing something stupid.”

“Did someone say insane and stupid?” As if on cue, Kimberly Williams comes skipping into the scene. She is wearing torn denim jeans, a black “Queens of Chaos” t-shirt, and black boots. She is carrying her beloved WASLEY penguin toy with her and she has her SCW Underground Championship wrapped around her waist. “I mean, some do think I fit both definitions soooo…”

“Crazy maybe.” Angelica smirks. “But stupid, absolutely not. Besides, you are my daughter, both of you are, and I don’t care what people say about you.”

“But crazy is what I do!” Kim whines. Angelica nods her head.

“Yes, that much is true. That is how you got yourself caught up in the damndest thing I’ve ever heard of in my wrestling career, The Long Road out of Hell.”

“Oh c’mon, mom, don’t start lecturing Kim about safety, not just because of what she’s been through during her five reigns as Underground Champion.” Marie points an accusatory finger at Angelica. “But you yourself have competed in a triple cage, haven’t you?”

“I have.” Angelica nods her head. “That’s why this particular match worries me more than most. Are you sure this is what you want, Kim? After two straight Underground Matches against David Striker. Haven’t you had enough?”

“We’re at one apiece!” Kim exclaims with a grin on her face. “We need the rubber match! My Kimmymaniacs need the rubber match!”

“Yeah, well, this Long Road out of Hell seems excessive.” Angelica shakes her head.

“At least Kim HAS a match for Taking the Leap.” Marie points out. “I still have no idea what I’m doing.” She casts a gaze at her title. “At least I have this!”

“Well I think I do have an idea of what you MIGHT be doing at Taking the Leap.” Angelica says with a knowing grin on her face.

“Oh really?”

“Yes. Before I got here, I spoke with CHBK. It looks like he’s paring you with ‘The Ronin’ Chris Dumont to be a part of a multi-team match to determine the next number one contenders for the SCW World Tag Team Championship.”

“Really? That’s a rather strange tag team pairing.” Marie shrugs her shoulders. “I get it. It isn’t like Kim is available. Still, there’s no history between us, no chemistry, nothing. Just a very random, very odd pairing.”

“Remember what you said.” Angelica points out. “No griping, no complaining. Be thankful for the opportunities you are receiving. You could become one half of the tag team champions. You could end up a double champion before all of this is over.”

“I know.” Marie forces a smile on her face. “It isn’t like I’m new to tag team wrestling. I can and will hold up my end of the bargain. If Dumont does his part, we can and will win this thing.”

“That’s the spirit!” Angelica proudly declares. “Now keep that attitude up. I’m going to talk to CHBK and confirm all of this.” She points at Marie and Kimberly. “You two behave.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Kim asks with a smirk. Angelica laughs.


And with that, Angelica Jones makes her exit. Marie checks the time and sighs as she hops up off of the packing crate.

“I should probably go too.” The Phoenix states. “I have so much to do now that I’m Television Champion. Plus I have to figure out how to work with this Ronin guy and possibly get a tag title shot.” Marie starts to walk away but before she can get away, her twin sister, Kim, reaches out and grabs her by the wrist.

“Whoa, where are you going?”

“What?” Jones looks a bit confused. “I told you, I have to prepare.”

“I know, I know.” Kim nods her head. “But I think you can hold your horsies for just one moment while I give you…” The Woman Scorned produces a document “…this!”

“What is this?” Marie asks as she takes it and starts looking at it.

“Read it, silly.”

Marie takes a quick glance up at her sister and then back down at this document she holds in her hands. Then her eyes grow wide as she looks back up at Kimberly.

“It’s a deed…” she says quietly with a hint of surprise “…a deed to my house…”

“Yup!” Kim nods her head excitedly.

“I sold…” Marie’s voice cracks “…I sold this to you years ago when I first joined The Inner Peace Enlightenment Retreat.”

“That’s right.” Kim smirks knowingly. “And as you can see it’s already signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered. Once you get that bad boy recorded at the Register of Deeds your home is yours again.”

“I don’t…” tears are forming in Marie’s eyes “…I don’t understand. You kept this from me, you kept it so that you could live with Sean, my son, giving him some semblance of normalcy. But now what about that? About Sean?”

“You can take care of him yourself at your own home, silly.” Kim winks.

“You mean…”

“Look, sis, you have more than proven yourself.” Kimberly insists, as she places her hands on Marie’s shoulders. “You have been very responsible lately, and not just to me, but to mom too. You proved to us that your days of lying and manipulating, most importantly your days of being manipulated by those Inner Peace goofs, all that is over. I kept the house and your son from you for your own good and for his good. But you have proven to me that you’re ready.”

“I don’t know what to say…” Marie grins “…I just…”

“Just be happy you buffoon.” Kim slaps her on the back.

“I am happy. But Kim, seriously…” Marie looks genuinely confused as she points at Kim “…are you sure?”

“Of course.” Kim grins and wraps an arm around her sister’s shoulders. “Look, I know about you and Julianne. And no, I don’t trust her.” She pats Marie on the chest. “But I do trust you and if that’s a relationship you want, then I will not stand in your way.”

“Thanks, Kim.” Jones leans forward and embraces her twin sister in a tight hug. This is what she’s wanted; the trust of her family. She also gets her son back. Still, there is one thing that bothers her. One thing about this whole scenario that still upsets The Phoenix. Marie breaks the embrace and then looks back up at Kimberly. “Uh, Kim?”


“I need you to do me a favor.”

RE: For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity - Braddock - 04-12-2024

Randy and me, joint piece
First of ?

April 4th, 2024
Cleveland, Ohio
Off Camera

Losing a championship bothers anyone and everyone in a competitive sport such as professional wrestling, and of course it bothers a second generation wrestler like Glory Braddock, someone who grew up in and around the business. Yet The British Bombshell had always known that championship reigns were never permanent, they would always come to their inevitable end at some point. What makes the loss of her tag team championship with Brittany Lohan so bitter and painful was due to several factors. For starters, this was supposed to be the culmination, the end of her journey towards achieving Supreme Championship status, but she never got a proper celebration thanks to Dark Fantasy. Ravyn and Syren interrupted their celebration by attacking Glory, Brittany, and Luz and Blythe. But instead of Dark Fantasy being punished, Ravyn and Syren were rewarded by being granted yet another tag team title shot. Furthermore, the newly crowned champions at the time, who were robbed of a proper celebration, had been punished by being forced to defend the tag titles at Retribution in a triple threat match without a rematch clause being included, all in the name of getting fresh talent and fresh competition in the tag team picture.

Now, conveniently enough, Light in the Darkness are once again champions and, thanks to the no rematch clause, Glory and Brittany find themselves on the outside looking in. Conveniently enough, Luz and Blythe no longer have to defend against the one team that they cannot beat. They only have to defend against a team that they KNOW they can beat, The Seekers. Very convenient, all because of a supposed agreement that Glory Braddock and Brittany Lohan had made. Braddock is a sixteen year veteran of professional wrestling on top of being a second generation wrestler, she knows that nothing is as ever simple or as black and white as an agreement like that. The British Bombshell was always opposed to the no rematch clause. She was always opposed to this nice, neat little deal Light in the Darkness had worked out for themselves in this scenario to “wipe the slate clean” as it were. But everyone from Dark Fantasy, to Light in the Darkness, and CHBK were all on board with the agreement. Glory herself felt bullied and intimidated into agreeing to terms she never felt comfortable with. Now she is being punished for doing what is right and the cowards are being protected thanks to their convenient no rematch clause.

Is it any wonder to anyone why Twisted & Sadistic have been on a rampage tonight on Breakdown, dismantling anyone and everyone in their path, all to make a statement, the clearest of statements that was done to them was unfair, unjust, and that they will not sit idly by while Luz and Blythe take advantage of the protection that the no rematch clause provides them; protection of having to defend against Twisted & Sadistic. Yet CHBK and SCW seems determined to protect their newly crowned champions. The Seekers will get the first crack at the champions, while Glory and Brittany will have to go through multiple teams to earn another opportunity at a team they’ve beaten on numerous occasions. Taking a Leap will certainly be a chaotic night for the tag team division and The British Bombshell and The War Machine are determined to make sure it is a successful one for them.

“God damn it!” This is the angry voice of none other than The British Bombshell herself as she and Brittany make their way out of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. The look on the blonde’s face tells the story of frustration and angst. She feels she should be getting the rematch she rightfully deserves, not having to fight through a herd of cattle to earn another title shot.

“Yo, Glory, calm down.” Brittany says as she rushes to catch up with Braddock. “I can’t believe I’m the one telling you to calm down, to be honest.”

“Yeah, well, there’s a first time for everything. Unfortunately me being screwed over by management isn’t the first time. The supposedly upright and moral people beloved by the fans being cowards and hiding behind contracts and loopholes, protecting themselves from me, that isn’t anything new, either. All of it is just making me sick!” Braddock exclaims as she kicks over a small trash can. SCW banners and signs hang over the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. The night sky is illuminated by vibrant lights that appear to dance and flicker in the darkness. There are few people outside right now to witness the tantrum currently being thrown by The British Bombshell. At this point she couldn’t care less who saw her. She is pissed off and, in her mind, rightfully so.

Glory Braddock approaches another small trash can and kicks it over. Her anger is boiling over. This is a side of Glory Braddock few have ever witnessed before. Many in the tag team division have already felt her wrath on this evening. Many more at Taking the Leap will fear her wrath as she and The War Machine attempt to earn a shot at the SCW World Tag Team Championship. Lohan watches on with a hint of pride, she had no idea Braddock had this kind of fury buried deep down inside of her. The War Machine then looks back up at Glory and smirks knowingly.

“I have an idea.”

“What’s that?” Glory asks, sounding rather frustrated but looking for anything at all, anything to help out her current situation. A sinister grin forms on the face of The War Machine.

“What’s stopping us from finishing the job?”

“What do you mean?”

“Light in the Darkness. The Seekers. Those clowns are all in that building behind us. Let’s go in there, put them in traction, make sure none of them are medically cleared and ruin SCW’s tag team title match at Taking the Leap.” Lohan shrugs. “Hell, while we’re at it, let’s wreck the rest of the meaningless field in our tag team contender’s match. I’m pretty sure most of them are still inside. Cowgirls from Hell? They’re new. They debuted tonight. Let’s make sure they don’t make it to their second match. Konrad’s pals like violence, let’s give it to them. Chris Dumont…” Lohan shrugs “...does he even do tag wrestling?”

“I don’t think so.” Glory shakes her head. “But Marie is my cousin, she needs a partner.”

“She’s got her sister.”

“Kim is a bit preoccupied.”

“Fine. We can leave him alone. Not like two strangers stand a chance against us anyway. We can still go back in there and wreck the rest of the opposition. Make them regret what CHBK and his pals did to us.”

“That does sound very tempting.” Glory sighs and then shakes her head. “But I think we’ve done enough damage for tonight.”

“Seriously?” Lohan asks with a bit of surprise on her face. “You and I wrecked the place but now you’re willing to stop?”

“CHBK is a prick and it is obvious he is playing favorites. It is obvious he is doing everything in his power to protect Luz and Blythe. We at least have a chance to force his hand by winning that contender’s match and earning another shot at the tag team titles.” Braddock shakes her head. “But we do not want to risk giving that bastard an excuse to remove us from the contender’s match at Taking the Leap.”

“That’s a good point.” Brittany smirks. “I guess we’ll have to wait and wreck everyone later. But that’s fine, all the more time to build up that anger and frustration.” Brittany balls up her right hand into a fist and smacks the palm of her left hand. Then she notices a slight change in her friend’s demeanor. Glory Braddock, at first full of rage and anger, now seems dejected and upset. “What’s wrong, Glory?”

“I just…” she sighs “...I just can’t help but feel that this is all my fault.” Lohan watches as Glory walks over to a nearby rod iron bench. Braddock sits down. The War Machine walks over and joins her friend on the bench.

“Don’t start with that bullshit now. You said it yourself, this is CHBK protecting Light in the Darkness. This is Light in the Darkness ducking and avoiding the one team that they know they cannot beat. If anything, this whole crap about the two of us having to jump through these damn hoops, it’s all their fault. You and I, we are justified in our actions.”

“Not arguing with you there.” Glory shakes her head. “And when we get our hands on those unfortunate saps at Taking the Leap, we’re going to tear them all to shreds. From old timers like European Fiery Nation to those kids the Cowgirls from Hell, we’ll beat them all down and earn that title shot. I have no doubt about it. But come on, Britt, we shouldn’t even be in this situation in the first place. We are in this situation right now, having to earn another title shot, because of me.”

“I honestly don’t follow.” Brittany shakes her head, looking on with a confused gaze. Glory sighs out of frustration.

“Retribution…we were defending against Light in the Darkness and Dark Fantasy. But those damn fools, Ravyn and Syren, shouldn’t have even been in the match to begin with.” She pats Brittany on the chest. “It was YOUR idea to take them out. It was YOUR idea to put Ravyn and Syren on the shelf, put them out of action, but I was reluctant to follow through. I hesitated. But looking back, Ravyn and Syren did not belong in that match. Two tyrants like them do not belong in this business anymore. We would have done SCW a favor by permanently eliminating them. But I was reluctant. I didn’t follow through. And who got beat in that triple threat? Who did Luz and Blythe actually pin to become champions? They didn’t pin you or me.”

“Dark Fantasy.” Brittany states. Glory nods her head.

“Right, they beat those clowns. Luz and Blythe couldn’t beat us to earn their first tag title shot, they beat Datura in a triple threat. They couldn’t beat us to win their second tag title shot, they beat Dark Fantasy. The only time Light in the Darkness ever gets one up over us is in a multi team scenario. It was your idea to eliminate one of those teams and I did not follow through. So yes, it is my fault we lost the tag team titles. It is my fault we are in this situation we are in right now.”

“Look, I can’t believe this is me AGAIN trying to be the voice of reason,” Brittany sighs “but this isn't your fault. We win as a team and we lose as a team.”

“It is my fault.” Glory says insistently, nodding her head. “You’re right, we win as a team and we lose as a team, but I haven’t been much of a team player lately. I haven’t done my part.” Glory grins knowingly. “But believe me, Britt, going forward I promise you…” she shakes her head “, I swear to you, that I will start carrying my weight. Going forward I will be a team player. Going forward, nothing will stop Twisted & Sadistic.”

Brittany Lohan has traveled the roads with The British Bombshell for years, both as a tag team partner and as an opponent, both as a friend and as an enemy. She knows Glory Braddock better than almost anyone else in the company. She knows when her friend has something on her mind, something she is holding back. Brittany can tell that Glory Braddock has a plan. The twinkle in her eye tells her that Braddock has a plan. But what is it? What does Glory have in mind that she thinks will help Twisted & Sadistic? Lohan can already tell that Glory has grown more aggressive than ever. Does that have something to do with any of this?

“Uh, Glory…” Brittany begins slowly “...what exactly do you have in mind?”

“Let’s call it a sacrifice.”

“A sacrifice, huh?” Brittany furrows her brow as she studies Glory for a few moments, trying to get a read on her. “You know I don’t like vague and cryptic. What exactly do you mean by a sacrifice?”

“It’s a sacrifice for the good of the team.”

“More cryptic bullshit.” Lohan shakes her head.

“Sorry, but that is the best you’re getting.” Glory smirks. “You will just have to trust me on this.”

“Give me more than just a sacrifice, ok?” Brittany asks sounding somewhat exasperated. “I mean, come on, you are Glory Braddock. You have given so much already to this business, to me even, you do not need to sacrifice anything else.”

“You say that and yet think of what I have taken from this business? Think of what this business has given me?” She pats Lohan on the shoulders. “Think of what you gave me. You returning helped me become Supreme Champion, you helped me achieve the goal I had, the dream I had been chasing was fulfilled thanks to you. I think I owe you something and I will make the sacrifice to give back to you. It is time, once and for all, that you and I, Twisted & Sadistic, we even the playing field. We settle all accounts.”

“The cryptic shit isn’t your style, Glory.” Brittany chuckles.

“Sorry, but just deal with it.” Braddock winks. “You will like this so-called ‘cryptic shit’, trust me.”

“You know I trust you. And I came back, I returned to SCW, just for you to help you become Supreme Champion, because those tag team titles were the only titles you had left to win. So I came back just for you.” Brittany places a hand on Braddock’s shoulder. “I do not know what you have in mind but whatever it is you don’t need to do it. You do not need to sacrifice anything for me, for us. I’m happy with what we have.”

“Now I’m going to be the one calling bullshit on that.” Braddock stands up. Brittany stands up as well. “You cannot tell me that you are happy with the current situation we are in? You cannot tell me that you are ok with a team that is NOT READY, like Chance and Kelsai, getting OUR tag title shot? You cannot tell me that you are ok with us playing with the second string tag teams and one randomly thrown together team, can you? It really should be the other way around. The Seekers should be in this damn tag contender’s match, we should have received the first shot at Light in the Darkness.”

“You’re right.” Brittany shakes her head. “And no, I’m not happy with any of it.”

“That’s why I’m making this sacrifice…” she says, her own voice fading off “...for the good of our team. And trust me, it will work out in the end. We will be SCW World Tag Team Champions again.”

The British Bombshell turns and walks back towards the arena. Brittany Lohan stays behind for a moment and watches. She senses that something is not right with her longtime friend. She just cannot put her finger on it. Part of it is obvious; she is far more aggressive than she used to be in the past. Much of what they did tonight in laying waste to anyone and everyone who got in their path, that was definitely a Brittany Lohan move. It is almost as if The War Machine herself is now leading this team. Glory Braddock and her level head used to keep Twisted & Sadistic steady and guided. Not anymore. These two are now a completely chaotic wrecking crew hell bent on regaining the SCW World Tag Team Championship. But there is more to it than just that. There is more to it than just Braddock’s newfound aggressive nature or her angst and frustration over being passed over for a rematch at the tag titles. Lohan just wishes she knew what it was, because she did return here to SCW for Glory Braddock. She came back to help her friend and she believes that her friend might need some serious help. That help might have to wait. Taking the Leap is fast approaching and there is no time to change strategy this late in the game. Brittany and Glory will just have to hope this newfound aggression and ruthlessness will help propel them to victory and earn them a shot at the gold.

RE: For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity - The Matt - 04-13-2024

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April 6th, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts
Off Camera

Marie Annabelle Jones has been absolutely astounded at how quickly her redemption journey, her rise from the ashes so to speak, has been. She is equally as astonished at how well her redemption journey has gone. First thing she needed to do was the face she turned her back on, but the fans received her warmly and with cheers. Next she needed to wrestle Deanna Frost, giving her and the fans the match she had turned her back on; she may have lost the match but the match itself was very competitive and the fans still supported her. Jones would continue winning, she would earn her first shot at championship gold since her return, becoming SCW Television Champion by defeating Colleen on Breakdown, achieving yet another milestone since her big return. Now The Phoenix finds it odd that opportunities are seemingly falling right into her lap. Taking the Leap is coming up and Marie is teaming with Chris Dumont to determine the next set of challengers for the SCW World Tag Team Championship. If Marie didn’t know any better, she would think that her journey of redemption, her journey back to SCW, is over. She would almost imagine that there is nothing left to accomplish in winning back the hearts, minds, and trust of SCW. But she knows better.

Still, beyond SCW there is also the issue of her personal life. Jones had betrayed her family, twice turning on them to join a cult known as Inner Peace. She had shirked her responsibilities to her family, to her own son, and as a result lost all of it. She lost all of their trust. But what hurt the most was losing her son. Even when she returned to the family after leaving Inner Peace, Marie’s mother and sister would not allow her near Sean due to her past history with the cult. She cannot blame them. She knew that earning her family’s trust back and winning her son back would be yet another difficult road ahead for her. While her wrestling career had been skyrocketing since her return, Marie’s family situation had been slow going; up until now. Marie’s twin sister, Kimberly Williams, and their mother Angelica Jones, have agreed to give Marie her home back and they have granted her custody of her son back.

It is hard to believe but it is as if Marie’s redemption journey is now over. She has her career back, her family back, and most importantly, her son back. Jones is excited and yet, at the same time, nervous, wondering about what might happen next to ruin everything. That one thing might be Julianne Buchanan, her lover. Marie’s family still doesn’t trust Julianne and with good reason; Julianne is the one who, on both occasions, convinced Marie to return to the Inner Peace cult. And Marie has recently learned that Julianne is secretly attempting to bring back Inner Peace. Marie’s heart tells her to trust Julianne, to be with her because she loves her. But Marie’s mind tells her that she has already manipulated her into joining the cult twice and both times she lost her family. Logically, Marie shouldn’t trust Julianne. This now may be the make or break decision for Marie, the final decision on her redemption journey.

This decision can wait. Marie’s tag team match at Taking the Leap, her attempt to work together with Chris Dumont, that can wait. For now, Marie’s singular focus is finally getting the one thing that she has been seeking for a long time; some one on one time with her son Sean Connor Jones at her home…their home…yes, their home. It makes Marie feel so good that she can finally have family time again, that she can once again be with her son. God how she has missed him.

Marie Jones enters the living room, it is an exquisite opulent place with lots of luxurious lavish furniture. Kimberly Williams had been living her for the past few months but this is definitely not Kim’s taste. Kim’s taste is definitely of the more run down variety. Marie is just grateful Kim, like the loving sister she is, kept everything exactly as she left it. The Phoenix finds her comfortable plush cream colored leather sofa right where she left it as well. Marie sits down and leans back. She sighs with a big grin on her face. Home. This is where she belongs. And yet there is still one thing missing from this equation, one last thing to make it perfect…

“Sean!” Marie calls out loudly.

“What is it?”

“Come here, please.”

“I’m doing homework.”

“Just come here.” Marie says.

“But I’m busy.”

“You actually WANT to do homework?” Marie smirks. “What kind of teenager are you?” She laughs lightly. A few moments later she hears footsteps coming from upstairs. Those turn into sounds of steps descending the stairs. Eventually Marie turns to see her son, Sean, walking into the living room. This is what she has been missing. This is what makes everything perfect. Jones pats the sofa. “Come on, Sean. There’s plenty of room.”

“Am I in trouble?”

“Can’t a mother want to hang out with her son without one or the other being in trouble?” Sean shrugs his shoulders and makes his way over to the sofa. He sits down and Marie immediately wraps her arm around his shoulders.

“So….what’s up?”

“Oh nothing.” She kisses him on his forehead. “Like I said, I just wanted to hang out.”

“Mom…” Sean sounds a little annoyed. Marie chuckles quietly.

“Sorry, kiddo, but I can’t help myself. I’m your mother and it has been so long since I have been around you.” She hugs him tightly. “I was so worried about you.”

“Thanks, mom, but you didn’t need to worry. Aunt Kim took good care of me.”

“I know.” Marie nods her head. “And yes, your Aunt Kim is a life saver, in more ways than one, she really came through for me and took care of you when I was…away…” Marie’s voice trails off. Sean furrows his brow.

“What was wrong, mom?” He asks. “Where were you?”

“I was…” she sighs “...I wasn’t well. I was sick.” She taps her head. “Mentally I wasn’t well. But your Aunt Kim, your grandmother too, they helped me get through my problems.”

“You’re better now?” He asks. Marie nods her head.

“Yes, I am better now and I will never leave you again. Ever.”

“Good.” Sean smiles warmly. “Because, I kinda missed you too.”


“Ok…I missed you too.” Sean smiles sheepishly.

“Sean, I want you to promise me something.”


“If you ever are in trouble, if you are ever having mental or emotional problems, if anything is ever wrong, please tell me…or even your aunt Kim, or your grandmother. Just tell someone. I am your mother, we are your family, and we just want to help.”

“I know, mom.” Sean nods his head.

That is a lesson Marie realizes that she needed to learn herself. She thought she could handle her problems on her own without relying on her family. She thought she could turn on her family and everything would be fine. She was wrong. She was dead wrong. But at least Marie has earned her family’s trust back. But now comes the big problem of Julianne Buchanan. Does Marie trust Julianne or does Marie trust her family’s gut instinct about Julianne being a problem?

On Camera

I could just start this with your typical rant about randomly thrown together tag teams getting opportunities to earn a title shot. Strange. In some ways I feel kinda sympathetic towards Twisted & Sadistic. They’re the only team in this thing to have actually beaten the reigning champions, the only team that the reigning champions have not defeated. But I digress.

Am I in one of those randomly thrown together teams? Are me and Dumont just being given this chance so we’ll have a spot on the card? Match filler! Hello!

No way.

For starters, to think of this match in that light is disrespectful to all of the teams in it who want the shot to be champions. European Fiery Nation. Cowgirls from Hell. Team Desire.

And yes, Twisted & Sadistic.

These people believe in tag team wrestling. They want the gold. And hell, I have a soft spot in my heart for tag team wrestling. Need I remind you lot that I have been SCW World Tag Team Champion before with my sister? Check the records. Twin Magic is for real. This is far from just a match filler for me. This is an opportunity to hold even more gold in SCW. This is a chance to be a double champion. I am grateful for this opportunity and I will do my best.

Secondly, I have to disagree with anyone who says that this partnership is random.

My tag team partner is Chris Dumont. His pal, David Striker, and my sister, Kim, are going to hell and back…literally. While they try to maim each other, me and Chris will be working together on a common goal. Trust me when I say that the irony of this is not lost on me.

The thing is that sometimes this business hands you an opportunity that you might not understand, you might not even agree with it, but I’ve learned to never look a gift horse in the mouth. Never act ungrateful in the face of an opportunity.

I will never reject an opportunity.

Chris, we may not have the chemistry that the others have, or the history that the others have, but we do have heart, determination, and a will to win. And we will do what we must to earn ourselves a title shot.

Let’s shock the world.

RE: For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity - Braddock - 04-14-2024

Another joint piece from me and randy
The promo is mine, obviously lol

April 9th, 2024
Orlando, Florida
Off Camera

Breakdown certainly was not an ideal night for Glory Braddock and Brittany Lohan. Not only did they learn that they would not get their automatic rematch for the SCW World Tag Team Championship, but they would have to earn that title shot by going through several other tag teams at Taking the Leap, many of whom they have already beaten. The combination of losing their tag team titles without being pinned, losing their right to a rematch, and then relegated to this multi-team match at Taking the Leap had definitely taken its toll on the psyche of both members of Twisted & Sadistic, but especially and most noticeably upon one Glory Braddock. The British Bombshell had led the charge for her and The War Machine to wreck anyone and everyone who got in their path, all in an attempt to send a message about their frustrations, about how they would settle for nothing less than a shot at the tag team titles. Dumont, Body Heart & Soul, Team Desire, the European Fiery Nation, all of them fell before Braddock and Lohan. All suffered their wrath, all paid the price for Twisted & Sadistic not getting their way. They will all meet again at Taking the Leap, and this time Braddock hopes to leave with a tag team title shot secured and guaranteed.

The destruction and mayhem wreaked by Twisted & Sadistic may not have been unusual for Brittany Lohan, but it certainly was unusual and out of character for her tag team partner Glory Braddock. While this change of pace, this transition from playing by the rules to being more ruthless and aggressive was certainly more comfortable and better suited to Lohan’s style, The War Machine also has not missed the fact that this is not Braddock’s style, that this is not typical Braddock behavior, and Lohan is slightly concerned as to what brought about this change. How did Glory Braddock suddenly go from being smart, strategic, and patient to being headstrong and very aggressive? What prompted her to being this ruthless? The simplest answer is the painful and stinging loss of the SCW World Tag Team Championship. She never got a chance to even celebrate her victory and her achievement thanks to Dark Fantasy, and then thanks to Dark Fantasy’s continued involvement the triple threat with the no rematch clause was made, Dark Fantasy lost and under triple threat rule Braddock and Lohan lost their belts without even being pinned, and now they are being forced to start all over. It is enough to drive anyone mad. But Lohan has known Braddock for a long time and she has suffered stinging losses before; never had she behaved like this after a title defeat. Something is certainly amiss and Lohan cannot quite put her finger on it.

Whatever the answer may be will have to wait; for now Twisted & Sadistic are on the same page and they will enter into Taking the Leap with this newfound aggression and ruthlessness, planning to tear apart everyone else in this contender’s match in order to earn their tag title rematch. Glory Braddock is still doing her part to ensure that the team will be victorious and Brittany Lohan plans to continue holding her end of the deal. Holding up her end means sometimes having to deal with Aphrodite Noel, a woman Lohan cannot stomach but with whom Glory has a very close relationship. The War Machine does not trust Noel nor does she like her but Braddock trusts her immensely and wants Noel to work with them. It has been Braddock’s idea for Noel to be a guide, manager of sorts, for Twisted & Sadistic. Against Lohan’s better judgment, she has allowed it, mainly because she does not wish to argue with Braddock. It is for this reason that Brittany Lohan is in Orlando, Florida on this day. She has been summoned to the home of Aphrodite Noel. She does not know why and, quite frankly, she does not care. More than likely this is just Noel trying to be annoying and boss her around. Lohan will hear what she says and then leave. She has better things to do, like catch up with Glory and make plans for Taking the Leap.

Brittany sighs out of frustration as she braces for what she expects to be a real pain in the ass moment. She rings the doorbell and waits patiently. After no answer she checks her watch and then rings it again. Lohan waits again but still no answer. She prepares to ring for a third time but this time she hears the door start to unlock. “Finally…” Lohan remarks coldly. She turns to face the door as it opens, expecting to stand face to face with Aphrodite Noel. Much to her surprise she sees Glory Braddock herself standing on the other side “...Glory?” Lohan’s eyes grow wide with shock. “What are you doing here?”

“Nice to see you too, Britt.” Glory says with a playful wink. “Oh and sorry about the lateness. I was a bit busy. But Mother told me to expect you.” She motions for Lohan to enter. Brittany is still surprised to find Glory here but nonetheless crosses the threshold and enters the home. She follows Braddock down the hall, through the home, and into Aphrodite’s opulent and luxurious living area. Brittany and Glory sit down next to one another on the fancy luxurious sofa.

“Not that I mind seeing you, Glory, but I was summoned here by Aphrodite.” She points out. “Where is she?”

“Mother is very busy but she will be around in just a moment.” Braddock states. “First I want to again apologize for what happened at Retribution, how we…how I lost us the tag team titles…” Glory’s voice trails off. Lohan immediately begins shaking her head vehemently.

“We already discussed this. We win as a team and we lose as a team. Besides, none of this is OUR fault anyway.” She snarls. “Blame CHBK for protecting Luz and Blythe. Blame Luz and Blythe for hiding behind the no rematch agreement. That’s who you blame.”

“Had I been more open to taking an aggressive and ruthless approach, we would not have been in a triple threat situation at Retribution because we would have taken out Dark Fantasy. And in a straight up tag team scenario we cannot be beaten by anyone, especially not Light in the Darkness.” Glory smiles. “But I learned from my mistakes. That is why I have become more ruthless and more aggressive. That’s why we’re going to wreck all of these other teams standing in our way at Taking the Leap and we will get our rightful tag team title rematch.” Glory smiles. “I won’t make the same mistakes again, Britt.”

“You didn’t make any mistakes…” Brittany sighs out of frustration and shakes her head “...look, who the hell put this idea in your head that you made these mistakes?”


“Great…” Brittany rolls her eyes “...she told you this was your fault? Is that what you’re here for, to listen to her put you down?”

“She’s not putting me down, Britt. She is helping me…and helping us.”

“How? What exactly is she doing to help? She has done nothing but cause problems since hooking up with us. Honestly, we were better off when it was just the two of us.” Lohan insists. “I know you love her but she is just a third wheel.”

“Are you sure? Before she came along we took one step forward and two steps back. She came into the picture and then we quickly became tag team champions. The only reason we lost was because of my reluctance to listen to you and your strategy.”

“Me?” Brittany asks. Glory nods her head.

“Yes, putting Ravyn and Syren on the shelf was your idea and I should have followed through but I didn’t. Mother is the one who convinced me that you were right all along. In fact, she liked your idea and was…” she sighs “...disappointed that I did not follow through. And that is why I am here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I moved in with her…temporarily.”

“Moved in?!” Lohan exclaims.

“Temporarily. I still have much to learn from Mother.”

“You are a multi-time champion. You are a Supreme Champion. What else could she possibly teach you that would help us, that would help this team?”

“How to be ruthless, aggressive, and more cutthroat.” Braddock states quietly.

Lohan takes it all in. Now it makes much more sense. She doesn’t ask Glory how long she had been living here with Aphrodite but she can guess it has been for at least a few weeks now. Her newfound ruthlessness and aggression has seemed to coincide perfectly with Aphrodite’s influence. There is no doubt in Lohan’s mind that Aphrodite Noel is the one behind Glory Braddock’s change in attitude and behavior. Aphrodite Noel is behind Glory Braddock’s path of destruction on Breakdown. Now Lohan has a target for her own wrath and anger.

“Where is Aphrodite?”

“I’m here.” Lohan turns her head to find Aphrodite Noel entering the room, right on cue. Noel turns to Glory and smiles sweetly. She approaches and Braddock immediately rises to her feet. Aphrodite presents her hand and Glory kisses it. “You did well, Gloria.”

“Thank you, Mother.”

“What exactly are you doing?” Brittany demands as she stands up, getting in Noel’s face. Aphrodite, to her credit, does not back down. She smirks.

“I believe my daughter already explained everything.”

“You know what I mean.” Brittany growls.

“Please don’t fight!” Glory insists as she gets in between Aphrodite and Brittany. “We are all on the same team, remember?”

“And I told you that we do not need her!” Brittany insists.

“But I do need her!”

“You heard my daughter.” Aphrodite says with a grin. “She needs me. We are on the same team, Brittany. Besides, I am doing this for you, as well. Consider it a gift.”

“What kind of gift are you talking about?”

“Oh come off of it, Brittany dear. You know exactly what I am talking about. Ever since you and my daughter started teaming together years ago, you two would constantly clash. You would always argue over the appropriate approach to use in your matches.”

“But we were successful.” Lohan points out. Noel nods her head.

“This is true but imagine how much MORE successful you would have been had you not had to waste so much time arguing over what direction you would take? Besides, you cannot deny that you had always wanted this…you had always wanted Glory here to take on a more aggressive approach like yours.” Noel can see in Brittany’s eyes that she is getting through to The War Machine. “I am giving you what you have always wanted; a Glory Braddock who is ruthless enough to do what is necessary to eliminate the enemies of Twisted & Sadistic.”

“Forgive me if I have my doubts.” Lohan remarks. “I know full well of the influence you hold over Glory. She would blindly obey anything you tell her to do.”

“Brittany!” Glory exclaims.

“It’s true.” Lohan glares at Noel. “So what do you get out of this?”

“Nothing.” Aphrodite insists, shaking her head. “My daughter wants to be tag team champion again and I am doing whatever I can to help her. I am also doing this for you, to give you what you wanted. You’re welcome.”

Brittany Lohan glares at Aphrodite. Part of her senses that something is definitely wrong with this, that letting Aphrodite influence Glory like this is not right. But practically speaking this makes sense. If Twisted & Sadistic were more ruthless in their approach, they could easily take down all of the competition at Taking the Leap. From there they could easily regain the SCW World Tag Team Championship. She hates to admit it, but it does make sense, even if the ethics of it may not be that clear.

“Fine…what’s the plan?”

April 13th, 2024
Newark, New Jersey
On Camera

We open on a balcony overlooking the city of Newark, New Jersey. Tall skyscrapers rise like sentinels, their glass facades catching the glint of the sun, while older, more weathered buildings stand as testament to Newark’s rich history. The iconic shape of the Prudential Center, home to both sports events and concerts and specifically to SCW Taking the Leap tomorrow night, dominates the skyline, its sleek curves juxtaposed against the angular lines of surrounding office towers. It isn’t long until we wear the sound of footsteps approaching. Then the lovely figure of Glory Braddock carries herself with regal poise as she steps out onto the balcony. Her figure is elegantly accentuated by a royal purple dress, tailored to perfection to hug her curves without being too revealing. The dress boasts a modest neckline, adorned with a subtle yet intricate pattern of silver embroidery. The hemline of the dress gracefully, flows down to her knees with a slight flare, exuding both professionalism and femininity.

“Before I take any leaps of faith here…see what I did there…I want to address the current SCW World Tag Team Champions, La Pequina Luz and Amelia Blythe, Light in the Darkness.” She chuckles and shakes her head. “Yeah, sorry, but the idea of you two being the best team in SCW right now makes me laugh. It is a joke. It is a joke because you know, I know, Brittany knows, the entire SCW locker room knows that Light in the Darkness cannot beat Twisted & Sadistic. Yes, I know, technically there are records of you two beating us, but you know what all of those instances have in common? All of them were multi-team matches, such as triple threats. And in all of those instances where you ‘beat us’ you never actually pinned or made me or Britt tap out. You always pinned or tapped out someone else. So am I really surprised that you two are hiding behind a convenient no rematch clause?” Braddock shakes her head.

“I am not surprised one bit. You cannot beat us and you know it. We have your number and you know it. So you will do anything you can to avoid having to fight us straight up because you know it, I know it, everyone knows that all me and Britt need is one fair straight up shot against you two and your title reign will be over just like that.” Braddock snaps her fingers. “It’s also rather convenient that in order for Twisted & Sadistic to earn that one on one rematch for the tag team titles, we are once again in a situation where we might not have to be involved in the decision to lose…” she shrugs her shoulders “...seriously, when the hell is CHBK planning on announcing the rules to this latest clusterfuck he’s booked? Is this elimination? Is it a gauntlet? Is it one fall to a finish? What the hell is this thing me and Britt are taking part in at Taking the Leap? Actually, I do what this is…” she smirks knowingly “’s going to be a massacre.”

“Let’s face facts here, ladies and gentlemen, Twisted & Sadistic has already run through the entire tag team division once before in order to become tag team champions. On that road towards our first reign we decimated Team Desire, we wrecked the European Fiery Nation, and we put down The Artists Formerly Known As Polly’s Playgirls.” Braddock chuckles. “Speaking of Colleen and Aisling, I want to ask, what were the other names on your shortlist of potential tag team names? Taking Hold of the Flame. Rise To Greatness. I’m asking for a friend. Seriously, you two make Gigi and Katie look good. At least Team Desire has been consistent and original. Consistently bad and original in how annoying they are, but at least they are consistent and annoying. Team Desire, you ladies keep trying to reach back in time and find that relevancy you once had but you can’t get it. You can’t quite find it. You wanna know why? Because your time has come and gone. Your time is over. If you think a match such as this is your perfect opportunity to sneak in the back door and steal a shot then your are more delusional than you look. Britt and I wrecked you several times already and we won’t hesitate to wreck you again.”

“Speaking of teams we’ve already beaten…the European Fiery Nation…” Glory snickers “...oh, Konrad, are you looking to make Europe great again by recruiting like minded violent bad guys like Dakon and Ludvig? Sorry, boys, but if you want to make Europe great again, a similar tagline is already taken by another doofus. But don’t think that your constant remarks about mine and Britt’s team name have gone unnoticed. You claim me and Britt aren’t TWISTED & SADISTIC enough? You wanna reevaluate that statement after the beatings we handed out on Breakdown to anyone and everyone who got in our way, yourselves included? But there’s another problem you two boys have. You cannot get any traction going. How are you going to promote Europe, the environment, or whatever the hell your big cause of the day is when you cannot even win a match? You are veterans in SCW now and yet you boys lost to the debuting Cowgirls from Hell?”

“Which brings me to Veronica and Cara…” she winks at the camera “...I actually like you two, ladies. You have no problems bringing the fight and, to be honest, I agreed with the fans on Breakdown. LET THEM FIGHT! LET US FIGHT!” She exclaims. “Taking the Leap you and I get the chance to fight. But I don’t care about your background, where you’ve been or what you’ve done. You are in the SCW tag team division now and Twisted & Sadistic have already run roughshod over everyone who has come before you. You will not be any different from the rest.” She shakes her head.

“But at least you ARE a tag team…more than I can say for Marie Jones and Chris Dumont…” Glory scratches her chin “...maybe we can call them Breakdown? How’s that sound?” Braddock laughs. “Sorry! Last joke, I promise! But point is, you two are not even a team! Hell, there is just ONE thing you have in common…” she holds up one finger “...your ACTUAL PARTNERS are trying to freaking kill each other in Underground Rules Matches! Now that’s what I want to know, who is the genius who thought it would be a great idea to put you two together as PARTNERS knowing that other little bit of information? Make no mistake about it, you are both individually very good. Marie, you are my cousin and I know you a lot better than anyone else in this match knows you. You are DAMN good. But together what can you do? Maybe you can beat Team Desire…everyone else has…I might even give you a fighting chance against Body, Heart, & Soul. But against solid tag teams like European Fiery Nation? Cowgirls from Hell?” She shakes her head. “No chance. And you have absolutely no chance of beating The British Bombshell and The War Machine. You have no chance of beating Twisted & Sadistic.”

“In closing…Light in the Darkness, or Seekers if Luz and Blythe screw up…understand that if you think that this is going to protect you from Twisted & Sadistic then you are wrong, you are dead wrong. This win will guarantee us the tag team title shot that should have been ours all along. We already ran through the entire tag team division over the course of a few months. Taking the Leap we go through the entire tag team division in one damn night.” She points a finger at the camera. “Then we are coming to reclaim what rightfully belongs to us, the SCW World Tag Team Championship.”

Cowgirls, Old and New Part One - CowgirlsFromHell - 04-14-2024

Strader Jet
Somewhere over the Midwest
April 4th, 2024

“I am so proud of them. They worked well together in the debut. Better than me and Megz debut. Dominant win. Megz will be sooooo proud of them.”

Tamika Strader, the Cowgirls manager and auntie, sits in her reclining chair with a tray over her lap where her MacBook sits. Between looking at the screen for motels/hotels for the Pay-Per-View and looking down on the fancy red carpet where Veronica plays with her daughter and Cara. Auntie Teebag can’t help but wonder where this team could be if they had started off on a better foot aka not throwing Cara off the top of the OCW Arena in Key West. But that didn’t matter now, what matters is the sisters have come together. Veronica looks at Cara, who is laying on her side, playing with some toy cars with the little one, and smiles to herself.

“That was fun tonight, Cara.”

“Yeah it was, bruh! And we be gettin’ a shot at a shot for the tag team titles!”

“Yeah, I honestly can’t believe it. I mean, I know how good we are individually, but to get this opportunity right away should tell us something.”

“It does: don’t get cocky, kid.”

Veronica, sitting cross legged, turns her head to look at her aunt.

“How long have you been waiting to bust out the Han Solo line?”

Tamika shrugs, and counts her fingers then at her watch.

“Depends which sun we are orbiting.”

“Wait, how many suns do we orbit?!”

Veronica smacks her forehead and shakes her head. She looks at her daughter.

“Punk, when you ever have a question, don’t ask your aunties, ok? The school system has failed them both. Mama is going to get you overqualified tutors and your Auntie Vee was Valedictorian, so ask her before Auntie Carebear or Auntie Teebag.”

The Baba Jaga feels a ball of paper hit her in the back of the head, and Cara casually flings what looks like a sock she was wearing for the debut match. It smells and drapes perfectly down over the top of her head, the big toe section on the tip of her nose. Tamika snorts while stifling her own laugh. Veronica shakes her head violently, sending the sock over near Tamika.

“Gross, Cara!”

“Hey! Whoever smelt it, dealt it, miha!"

“That doesn’t make sense. And you, don’t encourage her!”

“Sorry, just not the sequence of events I expect to happen. But oh my Yahweh, I can smell it from here! Cara, you need to see a podiatrist!”

“Listen bruh, there is nothing wrong with my ass, ok?”

Tamika cocks her head slightly and Veronica turns to look back at her and just shakes her head.

“It’s close enough.”

“Whatcha mean? My ass is amazin,’ homeskillet. Look!”

Cara pops up and Veronica quickly covers the Little One’s eyes just before Cara is mooning her sister and aunt.

“All this junk and toight likea tiger!”

“Cara! Impressionable eyes!”

She pulls up her pants and walks over to a candy dish by Tamika, grabbing a handful of big cola bottle candies. She casually counts them, shrugs and shoves them in her mouth. Cara successfully changes the situation from showing her ass to eating a ridiculous amount of edibles. Tamika closes her MacBook, and crosses her fingers together on top of it looking at her niece.

“How many did you just eat?”

“Bout ten. Why?”

“How much is that, milligram wise?”

Cara’s eye roll up and move side to side as if counting, her lips counting silently with it. She says “Carry the six to the parabola” and Veronica is laughing, holding her side as her Little One climbs on her, driving the cars on her.

“Roughly 1800.7565321 milligrams.”

“How do you even function? I eat two of those and suddenly Trevor Noah is funny.”

“Night Ranger starts to sound badass as well?”

“Hey, Sister Christian is an anthem!”

“Wait, Outcast is a sister?! Wasn’t expecting that one, bruhs.”

Veronica shakes her and stands up with her daughter in her arms as the little one plays with the platinum St. Christopher pendant around her neck. It was a gift from her very Catholic husband, Christian “Outcast” Cain, and it was for her travelling as the saint was the Patron Saint of Travelling. Tamika grabs a sippy-cup of chocolate milk from the fridge and hands it to her niece.

“Thank you.” She sits down on the brown leather couch opposite of the chair her aunt is sitting on as Cara sits in the one beside her. Veronica puts her little Punk down beside her, giving her the cup and makes content baby sounds. “So how did we end up getting this opportunity at the Pay-Per-View?”

“When I negotiated our contracts I requested that if management was impressed to give the team an opportunity to prove yourselves. You two did the hard part of that job and took it to the limits with a big win over a bonded and experienced team.”

“Carebear, we need to sit down tomorrow morning and get all the information we can on the teams we are facing. We know EFN now, but Team Desire, Ronin/Jones, and Body, Heart, & Soul we don’t know anything besides their names.”

“I’mma call my contact at the Pentagon and have some of those… what are those bruhs called… Drones! That’s it! Get some drones on their asses!”

“It’s Alice in Wonderland in that brain of yours isn’t it?”

“Not sure if bein’ rude or a compliment, bruh.”

“I’m not sure either, but I know it must be fun.”

“It really is, homeslice.”

Tamika chuckles listening to the sisters. It was almost like watching her and Meghan. The sisters were close and that is all they wanted for Veronica and Cara.

Victoria’s Childhood Home
Eldorado Avenue London, Ontario CA
February 5th, 2023

The last year had been tough for the Strader Matriarch and the family. She had been diagnosed with Pancreatic, Bone and Blood Cancer, all approaching Stage 3. It felt fitting to Meghan because whenever things have gone well for her, the universe likes to step in and say ‘not today.’ Her family had come together with her oldest kids. She was happily married and had beautiful twins with her husband. Veronica woke up out of her coma but Outcast was killed by his bastard son a month later.

Kristopholis Strader, the son of Ryan “Black Angel” Strader, felt his dad and their sect of the family tree were taken by Scott Nash Strader and his daughters with inheritance etcetera. Scott was the eldest and wasn’t born from an affair like Ryan had been. He was lucky Hannah Strader accepted the children fathered by her husband William and not of hers. The animosity had escalated to Kristopholis hatching a plan to kill his 2nd cousin and head of Strader Inc. This was done in order to swoop in, get the board to go public by paying them off and be voted in as CEO and COO.

The man hired was only known as “The Stalker” by Meghan and Tamika, as the rest of the family wasn’t aware of what was happening. Meghan knew Kris and his goons were dangerous and wasn’t about to let her husband or children get into the line of fire. Tamika only knew because she accidentally interrupted The Stalker the first time he tried to kill Meghan.

“Hope the babes aren’t giving you a hard time, Meeks.” Meghan looks at the screen of her iPhone 13-Mini that has a photo of her, and all her children and smiles. “Growing up without a mother… Thankfully the Twins will have Vee, Ronnie and Carebear plus Meeks, but what about them?”


Meghan knew all the sounds of the house. She had been living here for almost two years since her diagnosis at Victoria’s urging, and she watched over Veronica, who had been in a coma for six months, so she knew the creak she just heard was coming from the side door in the carport. Quietly, she pulls a filet knife from the wooden block on the counter.

“Not today!”

Meghan turns around, sending her right arm in a wild swing, catching The Stalker across his chest, slicing through the mechanic coveralls, piercing his skin. He grumbles loudly, and grabs her by the neck and runs the small of her back into the counter. He picks her up by the hair, dragging her into the front living room, and lawn darts her into the stone fireplace. He walks behind her, a small smile can be seen through the torn bottom of his mask. He goes to grab her again but Meghan still has the filet knife, and slashes at his throat. Enraged, The Stalker stabs her in a frenzy, thirteen times in total in her torso.

“See you in… Hell.”

One last slash across the neck before stabbing him in his Adam’s Apple. Meghan, bleeding profusely, manages to crawl, then stands to walk into the kitchen. She collapses in front of the sink. Not even a minute later, Tamika walks in through the side door and drops the bags of groceries she was carrying.


Tamika’s voice hits a high note not usually heard from the now Strader Matriarch as she bursts through the side door, up the three stairs into the kitchen that looks like a scene from a horror movie. Meghan leans back against the bottom cupboard underneath the kitchen sink. Her eyes open slowly, pulling apart from the blood covering her face. She looks up at her baby sister, and a smile appears across her pain filled face.

“Hey, Meeks. Sorry, you missed the party….”

“What happened?!”

Tamika almost slides into the cupboard Meghan is leaning against, taking her sister's blood filled left hand in hers, the diamond on her ring finger barely visible under the blood. Meghan closes her eyes for a few seconds, collecting her thoughts.

“Oh, that Stalker in the white mask decided to come by for tea. When I didn’t have crumpets, he decided stabbing me was the way to go… oh, well, I kinda lost count how many times he did.”

Meghan chuckles as Tamika’s face is filled with terror. She’s holding back tears, and gasping slightly.

“I’m gonna call an ambulance. We’ll get you hel- - -”

The body of the large man they had come to call The Stalker that had once tried to kill them when Tamika was defending the OCW Craze Championship against the monster, Sadie Ko, was now laying on the floor, a large filet knife sticking out of his neck. She shakes her head and looks at her sister in shock, but also not surprised. Meghan chuckles again.

“He’s having an issue swallowing and breathing. Quite the improvement, I would say….”

“Dumb bastard, he didn’t learn the first time. What can I do?”

“Grab the mercy kit from my nightstand, please.”

Tamika looks inside the living room at the large body of The Stalker, then heads to the master bedroom to grab the morphine kit provided by the family doctor. When Tamika returns, she pulls out her Italian 9mm, checking the clip before popping it back in and sliding back the chamber to cock her weapon. Kneeling down beside Meghan, she opens the kit and holds up the vile of the golden liquefied morphine, and takes a clean syringe out of its packaging.

“Megz, just hold on. We’ll take that pain away and get you medical attention.”

“Listen Meeks, I’m as done as a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving, without all the fixings because they are leaking out of these pesky stabwounds…”

“You’ve always had a way with words….”

“One of the better traits I inherited from the old man. But in all seriousness, I am not doing too well, obviously. I can feel my days are about up… and I need to say this while I can.”

“You can tell me anything. What is it?”

Tamika strokes the inside of Meghan’s left forearm until a couple of veins pop up. Her emerald green eyes are fighting back the tears, trying to stay strong for her big sister. Meghan strains a smile while she finds Tamika’s hand and clenches it in both her bloody hands.

“I wasn’t supportive of you when you were Craze champ. I was jealous you achieved something that I never could. That wasn’t fair to you at all. Deep down, I hope you know how proud of you I was and still am. You had a lot put a lot on you, having you take over at S.I.”

“And tasking you with raising my little ones and putting the proverbial crown on your head making you the Matriarch but I want you to promise me three things….”

“Anything, Megz.”

“First, you are gonna get the company back. As strained as my relationship with dad was, he built that company for grandpa’s memory and you need to get it back from that half-blooded prick Kristopholis. It’s ours, not the bastard son of the bastard ‘Black Angel’ Ryan Strader.”

“Already have a plan in place, I promise you. Hold still, I’m going to ease your pain now.”

“I love you so much, Meeks.”

“I love you, too. Just take a breath.”

Tamika injects the morphine into Meghan’s vein and she can feel the warmth of the opiate pick her body up in a gentle cloud of relief. Her icy blue eyes are fading, but she knows time is fleeting.

“Second, you are gonna get a hold of Marcus and get your gig back in OCW and you are going to do what I failed at, and be a successful singles competitor that I never was. We all believe in you. And last, I need you to always believe in yourself all the time, not just the 87.2% like you enjoy saying. Understand me?”

“I understand, Megz. How are you feeling? Megz? MEGZ!”

The Strader Matriarch’s eyes close slowly, and Tamika can feel her body going limp. She frantically reaches for her phone, hitting the speed dial.

“Dr. Wilheim, it’s Tamika Strader. I need your people at the Eldorado home now! Please, hurry!”

The Whitehouse
Strader-Estate Houston, TX
April 5th, 2024

Meghan Strader-Kelser sits up in bed, in a  cold sweat, Tamika’s words of “Please, hurry” rang through her ears. After swinging her legs over the side of the bed, she turns and looks at her sleeping husband, the legendary Dustin “Thunderwolf” Kelser, father of her youngest children, the twins Clay and Lizzie. They were named after his stepdad and her biological mother. He looks peaceful and content, something the family had said he hadn’t had when they all thought she died. Meghan knew Tamika had hated keeping it all from the family, but she didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, including her own that her big sister, best friend and lifelong tag team partner could come out on the other side.

It wasn’t until Tamika admitted to Veronica her mom was alive because a mortal enemy of Veronica and her identical twin Victoria had taken her. Veronica could dimension hop through an unbelievable set of circumstances and the cyberpunk style dimension is where Veronica became her own person, and a story that will be told over time.

Meghan grabs her empty Stanley bottle and seemingly glides out of the room, light on her feet as to not to wake up anyone else. In the kitchen Meghan fills her bottle with a large Fiji Water and takes a swig. She looks at her reflection in the window above the sink, and notices Tamika has come into the kitchen.

“Can’t sleep?”

“Still not used to sharing my bed again, ya know?”

Meghan nods, sitting down at the kitchen table where Veronica had forgotten her soft pack of Marlboro Reds and matches. The sulphuric smell fills the air as the match head hisses to fiery life and the crackling of the cigarette paper burning fills Meghan’s ears. Tamika sits down after grabbing a Caramilk Chocolate Milk bottle.

“I can’t believe you are dating Mark Evans, Meeks. How is that going outside of the poor sleep?”

“After Simon and me couldn’t work it out, I wasn’t sure I’d see anyone. There was Sam Tolson, and I knew she slept with everybody with a pulse and was up front but sleeping with somebody who actively tried to ruin my career and Ronnie’s in OCW, I was hurt. I swore it all off and Mark showed up. I hadn’t seen him since Daddy’s funeral.”

“He was always a good guy. When I was managing Scott and Mark in High Impact Competition, he was a sweetheart to deal with. His comedic energy evened out Scott which made daddy dearest easier to deal with. I can see your glow and the extra hop in your step.”

Tamika takes a swig of her chocolate milk, and proceeds to twirl the bottle in front of herself.

“He’s a great guy, ya know? Mark treats me right. He’s awesome with Lil’Scottie. Gran can’t get enough of him. Just getting used to his teeth grinding.”

“Teeth grinding? That bad?”

“Oh yeah, sounds like giant rubber bands rubbing against each other. It’s wild. Why are you up?”

Meghan sighs, taking a sip of her water bottle.

“The same dream I’ve had since I’ve been back…”

“February 5th last year?”

Tamika extends her open palm across the table and Meghan takes it. Both sisters squeeze at the same time.

“I can still taste the copper and iron in the air from all the blood.”

“Me too, but you got this Megz. You are back where you belong, and we are all here for you. All of us.”

“I really don’t deserve any of you, you know that, right?”

“Pfft. You have always made time for all of us even when anyone else would say they were too busy. You have been not only the head of this family for twenty years but you have been a sister, a friend, and a mom to everyone else.”

“Thank you for saying that. I saw our girls debut. They did very well. How were they after?”

Tamika smiles proudly.

“They keep on bonding and were talking about researching their opponents without me having to suggest it but they have successful singles records, so it’s not a surprise to know they would. But, to do it together as a unit, is amazing to see. I’m gonna head up to the Ranch in the morning and see what they have come up with.”

Meghan holds up her water and toasts with Tamika.

“Shhh… do you hear that?”

To Be Continued...

RE: For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity - PhantomTroupe - 04-14-2024

Location: Bullet train from Tokyo to Toyama

{The screen static jumps to the inside one of Japan’s famous bullet trains as it speeds through the Japanese countryside and we’re shown one row of seats in particular where current Supreme Championship Wrestling superstar was sitting in a seat next to the window, looking out at the beautiful lands of Japan as they sped by with a couple of bottles of Coca Cola Strawberry on the mini table next to him. It’s at this point that another man joins him and settles back in to his own seat}

Man: Penny for your thoughts, Chris?

Chris: Meh?

Man: So, you’re just going to sit there and enjoy the scenery all the way back to Toyama?

{Chris blinks a couple of times before he turns to look at the other man who was sitting across from him before running a hand through his short blonde locks as he tried to shake his inner thoughts out from his head}

Chris: Sorry Wil, just got a lot of things on my mind concerning my match at the upcoming pay per view, that’s all man.

{The other man, Wil, nodded in agreement as he listened to Chris before taking a pull from his glass of tea}

Wil: I know that all too well, especially at the start of your career like you are right now. I’ve been there too, but instead of internalizing everything…it does help when you’ve got a friend offering an ear, you dig?

{Chris turned and regarded the other man for a moment before slowly nodding in agreement}

Chris: I’m just trying to figure out something about this match at the next SCW pay per view to be honest. I mean I’m up against Colleen and Aisling with Marie at the pay per view for a chance at the tag team titles and those two psycho-idiots that attacked us all is also in the match…I enjoy a target rich environment as much as the next guy but where does it all start to go wrong?

Wil: What do you mean?

Chris: Well we’re supposed to be all cool with Polly and the girls right? I mean David believes in them and their potential, just like I do, but now all of a sudden we’re all put into one big tag team tornado match against each other…I mean I don’t know Marie from Hastur but that doesn’t mean that I won’t bust my oh so sexy ass to win the match for our team, but this also means putting that same violent work ethic of mine against Colleen and Aisling which doesn’t feel…right is the best word that I could use to describe it.

Feels like I’ve earned a person’s trust just to whack ‘em, you feel me?

Wil: I do, trust me boy do I know that feeling. But it’s the nature of the industry, I mean seriously sometime before the pay per view you should get ahold of your dad and ask him about the two thousand and four edition of the SWA Summit Games where the president of the Alliance at the time actually had to force the entire Dark Circle stable to go to war with each other.

Chris: Wait…oh four, wasn’t my dad running the DC at the time?

{Wil nodded, a somewhat silly smile crossing his face for the moment as he did so}

Wil: Yeah, when Broadbank demanded that the Dark Circle do none of that “Regression X bullshit”, your dad actually took a mic and publicly apologized to Devon Slayton and Zell Hunter before they really went to bloody war to the point where Broadbank actually thought he caused the DC to implode..even though the group went onto win the whole Summit Games that year.

Chris: So what you’re saying is that I shouldn’t be worried about what happens at the pay per view as long as the girls know that we’re still on the same side and everything?

Wil: Exactly….or is there something a little bit more personal to all of this that you ain’t telling me?

Chris: What’s *that* supposed to mean?

Wil: Well I tend to recall that earlier in the show when you went to go and talk with the girls, how you might have flirted with Aisling just a wee bit…

Chris: I was not flirting a wee bit with Aisling, Wil. I simply noted that Aisling was built kind of like me and should take full advantage of her kicking power and invited to teach her a few moves that could help her in the ring. I mean seriously, I think that if the Troupe could spend a few hours a week with Polly and the girls, we could improve their in ring work a shitload, that’s all.

{Wil gets a sly look on his face}

Wil:...then explain to me why you looked flushed and slightly nervous on tape when you brought that up to Aisling, hrm?

Chris: Because you, sir, are an *asshole* and enjoy every single moment of it. I don’t randomly go out and flirt with girls that I know that I don’t have a chance with for one…

Wil: Wait, where’d *THAT* come from?

{Chris shrugs just a little bit in reaction}

Chris: Just setting all my cards out there on the table. Aisling is like an eleven and at the very least, I’m a four and I’m fine with that because in order to be a wrestling god in the same vein as my father, I gotta give in some things like that right, true?”

{Wil didn’t say anything but instead simply rolled his eyes in reaction, instead choosing to follow a different path instead of getting caught up in his friend’s usual confidence issues}

Wil: So, everything else aside, are you ready to work with someone of Marie Jones’ level?

Chris: OH fuck yeah!!

{Wil winces a little bit and quickly looks around the compartment that they are in and sees the sharp looks that the two of them are getting to which Wil quickly offers up and slight bow of apology along with a low murmur of one before sitting back down and slightly glaring at a sheepish looking Chris}

Chris: Sorry about that, just a little bit excited about the match at least on that level.

Wil: Sheyah, tell me about it. So the whole issue about having to work against Colleen and Aisling aside, you’re excited about working with Marie Jones against all of the others in the match?

Chris: Yeah, I mean think about it. The daughter of the Firestar working with the firstborn of the man that Davis van Zandt once called the Anti-Christ of Professional’s going to be epic war to say the least and I’ve got every confidence that the girls are going to give just as as good as they are going to get in that ring at the pay per view, but Marie and I are going to strut our stuff and rock that town.

Wil: And what about Lohan and her little buddy who jumped you last week?

{The confident smile drops from Chris’ face and is replaced with something as equally nasty and when he speaks, his voice is a low and sinister sounding}

Chris: You mean Brittany Lohan and Glory Braddock?

{Wil doesn’t say anything but simply nods in agreement as Chris’ look becomes even more dark}

Chris: They are going to learn the most important of the rules that my father lived by during his entire run as a wrestler…they are going to learn the rule as they fucking *choke* on it as well..

{The screen then fades to black}

RE: For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity - The European Fiery Nation - 04-14-2024

Atlanta, Georgia. Thursday 11th April. (Offline)

Since the announcement of the match for the Taking The Leap PPV, both Ludvig and especially Dakon have been so busy attending their own business with the clubs they own and getting paid for doing so on the side on top of being professional wrestlers. Ludvig was planning to get celebrities from the electronic dance music world and planning to arrange a World Poker Series tournament to get into his night, casino, and strip club. At the same time, Dakon had four riders from two different teams from two other series, but associated with the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, Moto GP, in his motorcycle club the last two days due to the Moto GP race being in Texas this weekend.

On Tuesday, two riders from OnlyFans American Racing Team in Moto two, Joe and Marcos, came in. On Wednesday, two riders from Trackhouse Racing, Miguel and Raul, came in. All four riders signed autographs, posed for pictures, and even gave the motorcycle club either their helmets or their leathers to hang in the club. Today, that's where both Dakon and Ludvig are, inside the Blade Cycle club.

It wasn't the first time that Dakon and Ludvig came here together; it was only a few weeks ago that Ludvig visited the place for the first time. Since Dakon couldn't leave the Motorcycle Club due to Eitan Butbul and Justin Marks, the owners of the teams, coming in two hours today to discuss more business with Dakon. They sat at the table, drinking at a closed Motorcycle Club. He had those two hours with Ludvig to talk about wrestling, but Ludvig knew what went on at least yesterday and saw the mess the Motorcycle Club was.

Ludvig Eriksson: "Dang, did you party with Miguel and Raul? It seems like you had a blast, bro."

Dakon Theron: "Oh, and plenty of women, too, after the signings and meet-ups were finished. It was a little chaotic here the last two days."

Ludvig Eriksson: “Two days? But you said those two were only here for a day?"

Dakon knew some was explaining what Ludvig asked the question as he knows somewhat what goes on around the motorcycle club, but only some things and vice versa with Ludvig's clubs. Dakon drinks some of the beer before he discusses what happened on Tuesday.

Dakon Theron: "They were, but it was busy here Tuesday also. This guy I'm meeting later along with the other owner, Eitan Butbul, called me out of the blue two weeks ago, asking if they wanted the club to have a signing session with the team of his two riders, Joe and Marcos. Of course, I accepted the offer to bring business in."

Ludvig Eriksson: "Dang, it means you're doing excellent business if this Eitan guy contacted you. I guess it has something to do with the Trackhouse team coming in yesterday."

Dakon Theron: "Yes, and we said we want to do a signing session for your Motorcycle Club, too. We had a ton of motorcycle racing fans who said they didn't know this Motorcycle Club existed for Motorcycle Racing fans. Joe and Marcos also stayed behind and had a party with us motorcycle members after the autographs and pictures were finished. We got a piece of their merchandise on the wall of either their leathers or lids."

Dakon showed Ludvig the four new items being displayed in the shop, including the spare hero cards Dakon had left from both teams and riders. They were also signed for the club, and there was even a picture of the riders with Dakon on the wall. Ludvig widened his eyes on the stars Dakon met, and they blew him away.

Ludvig Eriksson: "Dang, and I thought my trying to get the World Poker Championship and electronic dance musicians was impressive enough, but you beat me to it with that. You were offered great stuff for the club. It looks better with those things on the wall."

Dakon Theron: “For sure. It's a shame we've not had a chance to hang around or talk with Konrad. Granted, he's a busy man with racing, but we need to speak to him about the Turkish kid at some point. These last two days have distracted me from missing Ginny with the wild parties we had here."

Ludvig Eriksson: “Oh, Ginny's fine man. I'm sure of it. Although I know it's understandable to be proud to have these riders in, that's not why you wanted me here."

Dakon uses his hands to apologise because although he was thankful for the owners who came to his workplace to promote the club and the racing in Texas, he and Ludvig were there for the wrestling business after all, which they've not discussed yet, which was important.

Dakon Theron: "Yes, of course, wrestling. Isn't it brilliant we've proven to everyone that we don't need to win random ass tag matches to get tag title contention match? That is what we've accomplished. All this earn title shots by winning matches is nonsense."

Ludvig Eriksson: "Cowgirls From Hell lived up to their name. To this date, out of all the teams we fought, they are the only ones that actually gave us a real fight, the only ones that weren't afraid of using weapons to beat the shit out of us, unlike all the other teams before them who don't live up to absolutely nothing with the team name."

Dakon Theron: "Well, in this match, they are our enemies, but not as much as the rest of that boring crew who kiss ass and respect one another. How dull all but us and Cowgirls From Hell teams will be the matches for the tag titles."

Ludvig Eriksson: "Not to mention we're the only team fully committed to the tag team division. Like the others are in it just to accomplish being fucking in the hall of fame nonsense just so they can brag of holding every belt in wrestling. No, we have Konrad and Kemal to do that."

They were still excited about the prospect of Kemal coming to Atlanta Wrestling Alliance to build up more wrestling skills, get some proper wrestling matches in front of a crowd, and win a title. They drink more of the beer they had each, although Ludvig, if the bar was open, wasn't legal to drink alcohol; it was on Dakon's honour, and he wouldn't tell anyone or get caught.

Dakon Theron: “I wonder when Kemal is coming in?”

Ludvig Eriksson: "I'm sure it will be soon, but Konrad needs to find time to fly to Germany to get Kemal to compete in the Atlanta Wrestling Alliance."

As they were discussing it, Ludvig received a buzz on his phone, a text from Konrad to state the situation with Kemal, and he smiled.

Ludvig Eriksson: "It looks like our question has been answered. Konrad texted to say that Kemal is going to come to Atlanta Wrestling Alliance and live in America permanently next week. He's flying to Germany on Tuesday and bringing him to Atlanta on Wednesday. I'm glad we finished the room when we did."

Dakon Theron: "That's awesome news, and it's awesome that we get to see this kid face to face next week and live with him as well. We're ready. I guess we better get him some Halal meat since he's got to stick to his religious rules after all to represent Turkey."

They were immediately over the moon as they raised a toast to their new arrival next week.

Dakon and Ludvig: “Cheers to Kemal Yilmaz.”

They drink well, and Dakon immediately returns to addressing the match.

Dakon Theron: "Getting back on topic, we'll wait around until there's only us and another team left. The other teams don't stand a chance because they never dreamt of being tag champions in their careers, like us."

Ludvig Eriksson: "Fuck the solos titles, we're going to show all the teams what we made off. If any teams attack us, we'll attack them right back with hardcore weapons because we are a target for all of these teams, including boring Glory and Lohan."

Dakon Theron: "We don't care they attacked us. Many teams would moan and bitch about it, but they know we're the biggest threat out of all the teams in the match because, unlike them and the rest. We're in the match for one simple thing, to win the tag titles."

Ludvig Eriksson: "The first time ever we legitimately want to win the match, the other matches were just a preview for us. I mean, let's face it, without us, they'd be having random ass tag matches a day in and out and switching back and forth on solo title quests. That's the downfall of the other teams and the advantage we have. We do a video on this match tomorrow before leaving for Newark, New Jersey."

They nodded and finished drinking beer as they thought about the tag title contention match they were in for a bit. Ludvig and Dakon wanted, didn't care for winning other belts that exist on the brand, they have Atlanta Wrestling Alliance for that and plenty of other companies to compete in to win solos titles but it won't be with Supreme Championship Wrestling at any point if they wanted to go for individual success.

As two hours were up, Ludvig left the Motorcycle Club business and returned to his own company to do some paperwork. At the same time, Dakon met with Eitan and Justin to discuss future business for the club, including more signings and autograph sessions later in the year.


This tag titles contention match is ours for the taking because it's the only thing we want in wrestling shoot. (Online)

Dakon Theron: “You know, you lot are so pathetic, needing to earn wins in regular tag matches to get a tag title shot or opportunity. What a ton of bullshit because those tag matches were a warm up for us. Yet, you lot care so much about winning matches that it hasn't got any of you very far. Yet me and Ludvig proven time and time again that amount of work we've done has got us this spot.”

Ludvig Eriksson: “Usually, we don't care about winning matches, but this one is far more important. So you see, while we enjoy wrestling and doing hardcore tag matches, this is truly the first time me and Dakon want to win a wrestling match.”

Dakon Theron: “The fact is we aren't going to address every single team because everyone is a god damn threat whether you've had wins or losses. It don't mean jackshit and just because we haven't won matches, doesn't mean we're not threats because we very much are. We are the most dedicated tag team in this entire division, while all of you seek for solos title glory half of the time. Maybe Cowgirls From Hell come close, but they are seeking individual glory too.”

Ludvig Eriksson: “Also I find all of you wrestlers pathetic when we're called Konrad's cronies when everything we've ever done to get ourselves a tag title match have been done by mine and Dakon's own hands. We've never had Konrad to attack teams for us like the rest of you jackoffs had to.”

Dakon Theron: “Glory is the most boing wrestler in this match. What's the entire point of you and Lohan being in this match and trying to prove your threats when you've achieved your stupid ass grandslam goal? You ended up attacking people and we're alright with that, we are because at least you aren't like Chris over there.”

Ludvig Eriksson: “Who's clearly incapable of attacking us from behind without leeching off Body, Heart and Soul to save them because they can't defend themselves. We're the only ones who give a damn purely to wrestle to win the tag titles.”

Dakon Theron: “We get to be thrown in random matches to get our numbers high, we understand we need to build a reputation here, but we certainly don't need to win every single match under the book. Heck, we haven't even hang around Konrad or spoken to him since he's returned because he's focused on his own goal and we're focused on our own goal.”

Ludvig Eriksson: “None of you are here to only be tag team champions, we've always clearly stated every time we only came to win the tag titles and that's the only thing me and Dakon want to do.”

Dakon Theron: “See, he's more the quiet one when it comes to wrestling discussions and I talk a lot because I'm the second leader for the time being. Every single match we've taken part in with all of you teams are just a warm up with brutality which the only team we respect in this entire match are Cowgirls From Hell and we didn't care what they said about us.”

Ludvig Eriksson: “Because unlike the rest of you stupid teams, they weren't afraid to get their hands dirty, they weren't afraid to use weapons and they weren't restricted to winning matches by traditional tag rules, unlike the rest of you.

Dakon Theron: “Also since when Twisted and Sadist became aggressive? Where the fuck was this nature when you fought me and Dakon? Body, Heart and Soul are currently occupied with Colleen being a TV champion, despite her dreams of being a tag champion, she doesn't care and that team is out already.”

Ludvig Eriksson: “I wonder if Chris is intimidated to face his stupid friends of Body, Heart and Soul, seeing they are kiss ass buddies to them?”

Dakon Theron: “Dang, you thought this ahead of me, forgot about that. This is exactly why we refuse to be friends with anyone in the business because Chris has to fight his friends. Such a shame that we're not friends with anyone, not even Konrad is our friend, believe it or not. We represent him to help him achieve the tag titles because he couldn't trust anyone else but us to succeed in the goal, plus bringing European talent is the goal too.”

Ludvig Eriksson: “One of those arrivals comes to us next week and sooner than later, you all will be introduced to a new member of our team, a guy that is going to be like Konrad when he retires and take over leadership of European Fiery Nation.”

Dakon Theron: “I think Konrad begins to understand how much this team means to him and what he has to do. I told you Body, Heart and Soul that he would say something completely different. Never judge someone unless they've said it than going back to the past. Idiots and I don't know what Marie Jones is doing with someone as useless as Chris. Has Chris even wrestled on his own?”

Ludvig Eriksson: “I don't think so, but he and Marie won't win either because of their alliance with Body, Heart and Soul would be too much for them. Cowgirls From Hell won't because they are too new to SCW. Team Desire certainly won't because they haven't done anything in months to warrant the tag title shot.”

Dakon Theron: “Twisted and Sadistic have already been tag champions before so they are completely off the game too. So you see, we're the only deserving team because we got nothing in our way, nothing that will stop us from being tag champions because that's all me and Ludvig want. I mean I find it funny how much boring Glory who has no charisma whatsoever thinks she and Lohan deserve tag titles because they were former champions.”

Ludvig Eriksson: “If you wanted to continue to be tag champions so bad, you wouldn't allow yourselves to lose to Light In The Darkness who to this date have yet to face us. Except for Cowgirls From Hell who are too new to get this chance, they have fought everyone else.”

Dakon Theron: “The point is because something is relevant on the line, it will make us work a lot damn harder and we want to become tag team champions desperately because we care for those tag titles and we'd be the only team in history to hold the tag titles without ever being solos champion first. When we become tag champions, Konrad will as well. We'll shock the entire world on winning matches where it matters like this one because we want them badly and we'll happily raise the stakes and do everything we can to win this match to get the tag title match we want and need. That's a damn fact.”

RE: For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity - CowgirlsFromHell - 04-14-2024


Brothers of Mayhem MC Clubhouse
Redwood City, California
September 21st, 2021

Jack can pinpoint the moment his “love” (unhealthy obsession) with Cara Strader, and it was completely by chance, and nothing to do with her being the fourth generation of the Strader Dynasty of Wrestling. Jack had lived in Redwood City most of his life, and it was big news when John Strader, twin brother to Tamika Strader and youngest of the Strader 3rd Generation siblings, was bringing a charter of his 1%er Motorcycle Club to the small city. John is lovingly known as “Uncz” by his nieces and nephews, and is close with all of them. They were all supportive of his relationship with Alexandra Calaway in the present time, but this was before they finally hooked up.

Victoria, Veronica and Cara all made it a point to visit their uncle in Redwood City whether it was by bike or cage (slang for car/truck/SUV in the biker world), all the family enjoyed the ride through the end of the Bible Belt into the bay area. Jack was walking his weiner dog named El Gordo (The Fat) when he saw Cara Strader step off Victoria’s ARCH motorcycle she borrowed, and when she shook out of her almost raven black hair from the form it took under the helmet. It felt like time slowed. “Dream Weaver” was playing in his head, and it began.

He spent a few days watching the clubhouse trying to get another look at her and got to witness her in form fitting LuluLemon yoga pants, and tank top covered by a leather jacket. He watched her ride off on the bike, and all he knew was he was gonna know this woman.

Almost A Month Later…

Jack had found an apartment in Houston, Texas, not far from I-45, which would lead you to the Strader Estate. He got himself a two-bedroom apartment and turned the second room into a shrine of Cara Strader. Pictures were taped or pinned to the walls, and on the wall his desk was set up and had a Fathead lifesize sticker of Cara in her skimpy wrestling tights of her early career.

But he wasn’t there right now. He had followed the Strader clan to Liverpool, England to OCW’s Masters of Macabre.

Private Air Strip
Outside Liverpool, England
October 13th, 2021

Cara Strader sat with her aunt and boyfriend (in the present he is one of her best friends( as she had been sitting on her phone, keeping a social media presence like her mom had asked her to. She was worried about Victoria, who had been taken by her uncle, her dad’s brother, and the past couple of days. She turned around her feelings towards Atara Themis. She figured hell must be freezing over, but she finally saw that The Goddess actually cared about her sister and best friend. That made Cara. All she ever wanted was for Victoria to find someone that could appreciate the strong and intelligent woman she is. That’s what made not knowing what was going on all that much worse. Uncle John had been by earlier with his good friend Spike, the BoM MC Liverpool charters president who was a black man. John had vowed to be inclusive with his club and not be another racist group of men on two wheels. No women were allowed but one generational change at a time. She knew the club had found the estate of Diogenes Knox, Victoria/Veronica’s uncle, and we were working on finding the original contractor to find the blueprints.

Cara felt useless, though; her Aunt Tamika, the quiet observer of the loudmouth group of Canadian-bred Texans, could see that. Cara stepped off the luxury jet onto the tarmac. The heels of her black knee boots clicked on the asphalt as she walked a few feet away before lighting a spliff she had rolled not long ago. She takes a deep drag and sits down on a cement block. She doesn’t realize her aunt has followed her until the elder Strader sits down. There was only 11 years’ difference between the two, so it helped “Auntie Teebag” relate and give advice to her nieces. Tamika was wearing one of her BombSquad BoM Mc support wear hoodies, black jeans, and new black Vans. She holds out her hand, and a shocked Cara passes her the spliff.

“Bruh, since when do you toke?” The young whipper-snapper asked with a bit of shock.

“When family members get kidnapped by the other family name.” Tamika takes a deep toke. She doesn’t even cough, telling Cara it isn’t her first time. “Here, that’s all I need.”

Cara takes it back and takes her own deep drag, pulling in what has to be ¼ of the spliff. She exhales a few O’s and sends a straight line shot of smoke through them.

“How’re you not freakin’ out?”

Tamika raises her eyebrows with a chuckle.

“Years ago, daddy did something foolish, so he had to fake his death, and your mom and I had to as well. We spent a year in Panama moving cocaine for daddy. Not my proudest moment. I was doing a side deal to make extra money to try to get us back to North America, but I was almost killed until your mom saved my life.” Tamika is sad, knowing if she hadn't tried to do that, Meghan wouldn’t have ended a man’s life. “So after that, I accepted the fact that bad things happen to us, but we are strong enough to persevere and survive. We are kinda like the Loki’s of wrestling; we never die, we just survive.”

“I guess that’s one way to look at it. I have this trio match on Tuesday, and my head is not in the game. Every time I close my eyes, all I can see is a helpless Victoria, and that sucks, bruh. I jus’ wanna help.”

Tamika’s eyebrows raise slightly with a nod.

“I get that… well, I am going to tell you something that your mom asked me to wait on, but I can see it will probably do some good if you knew.” She takes Cara’s right and covers it with both hands, holding tightly.

“What? What is it?” She takes a deep drag off her spliff.

“Your sister got her hands on one of the guard’s phones and was able to get ahold of Atara, who was able to get ahold of Matthew and your mom. Friday morning, we are getting her back, as Matthew is pretty sure he knows the location.”

Cara scrunches her nose in thought before she shakes her head.

“Why Friday? Why not today?”

“Because if we are wrong on the location and we go in guns blazing, they’ll move her just to be safe, and we could lose our window.” Tamika’s reply was quiet. She was keeping the worst of the worst thoughts out of her head.

Cara takes a final drag off her spliff, holding in the smoke as long as she can. She sighs as she exhales with speed.

“Thanks for tellin’ me, yo. I’ll keep my hopes to myself for now. I’mma not at all surprised she figured out a way to get ahold of Atty.” Normally that would’ve been Cara.

Tamika notices the look on the young woman’s face. She places her left hand on Cara’s right shoulder and gives a gentle squeeze.

“Victoria is in love, Cara.”

“They haven’t been together that long; how could she love that Greek-Irish bruh?”

“That’s the thing about love, sweetheart. While it’s fundamentally the same for most people in terms of definition, we all process it in our own way. You know I love your Uncle Simon, and I am very proud to be his partner, his wife, but I care for Samantha at the same time. I am not in love with her, but my feelings for him haven’t changed towards your uncle, either. Victoria has known Atara for a little bit, from working on the set of Ghost Fighter Boone, and they clicked. They are from two very different worlds in every way, but there's an acceptance and understanding between them. They can be themselves with one another, and we aren’t her heart, and we can’t (nor can she) say what it wants when it wants it.”

Cara sighed quietly. She knew her aunt was right; she just had become accustomed to having Vee around all the time and missed her. She knew someone would come along eventually. Victoria was a great young woman with a heart of gold, but she wasn’t ready to give her up just yet. In need of a subject change, Cara turns to Tamika with a question.

“Is there any moose tracks ice cream leftover? Love those little bruhs of caramel!”

From a distance on a small grassy knoll, Jack is pointing a listening device towards the small airstrip, listening to the conversation between aunt and niece very intently.

“You will be mine.”

Jack’s Apartment
Houston, Texas USA
April 8th, 2024

Jack sat looking at the package of edibles that were delivered by Cara’s Edibles. He was browsing the internet about wrestling, and his eyes went wide.

“Efeds? What the hell is an efed?”

Jack had stumbled across a top 25 list of electronic federations on Google. After spending some time reading through the definitions, different forums and websites learning all about it. The wheels in his head start to turn, and he gets an idea.

After Jack is finished, he gets up to go make some dinner, and what’s left on the screen…

Tara Slater

Tara Slater




145 lbs


Kitchener, Ontario

Dallas, Texas

Chaotic Good

Jack Redmaine



Tara is a carefree stoner that is always looking for a laugh and a good time. She's a diehard wrestling fan at heart as well.

Edible Queen

Maneater by Nelly Furtado

Maneater by Hall & Oates


~ The TitanTron goes blank and the lights drop in the arena. “Maneater" by Nelly Furtado begins to play. The lights begin to flicker cyan blue, white and silver when the beat gets going. ~

Announcer: Introducing first…

//Take it back, take it back\\

~ The name TARA SLATER in large font starts to flash in cyan blue and silver, with shots of her holding up a one ounce spliff and lighting it up, getting a definite happy reaction from the crowd. ~

Announcer: Weighing in at One Hundred and Forty-Five pounds…

//Everybody look at me, me
I walk in the door you start screaming
Come on, everybody what you here for?
Move your body around like a nympho\\

~Tara steps out on stage, walking to the edge of the stage to the right looking out at the fans, placing a spliff between her cherry red lips. She walks to the other side and lights it up before returning to the centre where the ramp begins.~

Announcer: Hailing from Dallas, Texas by way of Kitchener, Ontario Canada…

~Tara strikes a sexy pose, and lets out a series of pot smoke circles before sending a straight line of smoke through the centre of them.~

//Everybody get your neck to crack around
All you crazy people, come on, jump around
I wanna see you all on your knees, knees
You either wanna be with me or be me (come on, now)\\

~She does a quick step up the steel steps and wipes her boots on the apron before launching herself over the top rope doing a somersault coming up on her feet, spliff still hanging from her lips.~

//Maneater, make you work hard
Make you spend hard, make you want all of her love
She's a maneater, make you buy cars
Make you cut cards, make you fall real hard in love\\

Announcer: She is the Slater-Gator of the Slater Family…

~Tara takes a seat on far corner top turnbuckle, facing the hardcam, toking away.~

//She's a maneater, make you work hard
Make you spend hard, make you want all of her love
She's a maneater, make you buy cars
Make you cut cards, wish you never ever met her at all\\

Announcer: TARA SLATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~She sneers as she puts out her spliff, putting it in her bra for after the match.~


1. Weed Over Matter - She is usually so stoned that she doesn't feel anything until after the edibles wear off
2. Ring Psychology - Cara was a fan long before she was trained by her mom, the original Cowgirl From Hell, and understands how to get under her opponents skin for the advantage
3. Intellect - Cara is intelligent and doesn’t step into the ring blindly. She uses her intelligence to study her opponent to learn tendencies and scout how they will attack


Forearm Smash
Airplane Spin
Knife Edge Chop
German Suplex
Asai Moonsault
Swanton Bomb
Avalanche Facebuster
Belly to Belly Suplex
Spinning Leg Drop
Bull Dog

1. Dankity Dank
– Jawbreaker

2. Getting’ Stoned
- 450 Splash

3. Shotgun
- Sit-Out Gourdbuster

4. THC
- Flatliner

5. You’re gonna need CBD
– Inverted DDT.

1. Alan Parson Project
- Five Star Frog Splash

2. Green Out
– Texas Cloverleaf

Steel-toed boots.

5th Generation Slater

From an oil tycoon baron’s family, TARA SLATER is making her debut as a wrestler, the first in her family because no one is as great as she is. TARA is perfect.

RE: For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity - Jay Gold - 04-15-2024

Season 4 / Episode 40 / The Final Stand (Part 9 - Moonlit Helper)

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