Owen Lee
Wrestler's Real Name: Owen Lee

Pic Base: Lio Rush
Height: 5’11
Weight: 195Ibs
Birthdate: 15th February 2000 (21 years old)
Birthplace: Newquay, England
Current Residence: To be Revealed

Wrestling Style: Technical / Highflyer / Submission
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face searching for redemption for past sins
Years Pro: 3

Finisher 1: ODE 
Finishers Description: Heart Punch (Taught to him by Daisy and delivered with deceptive power and devastating accuracy)

Finisher 2: Deceit
Finishers Description: Triangle Choke

Finisher 3: Redemption
Finishers Description: Curb Stomp

Signature Moves: 
Rehabilitation (Step Up Enziguri)
Truth Hurts (Spinning Super Kick that can be executed in most vertical situations, offensively or defensively)
Lee-Lock (Kurt Angle style Ankle Lock submission)
In Memoriam (Missile Drop Kick from the top rope. A nod to the formerly named Cruze Missile, that name now dead to him.)

Common Moves:
Michinoku Driver
Figure four Leglock
Chicken Wing Armbar
Float over DDT
Flip Senton
Yakuza Kick
Second Rope Double Knee Drop
Frog Splash
Zig Zag
Sleeper Hold (Usually applied with his legs wrapped around opponent due to his size)
Lifting Inverted DDT
Spinning Heel Kick
Suicide Dive over the top rope.


Although he no longer has the surname, he still maintains the ‘Never say die’ attitude he is known for. There is also now a visible difference, his aggression upped during matches.

With his signature moves he can finish a match out of nowhere. His speed allows him to lock in submissions with the same efficiency and have his opponents in trouble before they can react.


His high-risk, quick impact style will sometimes lead to him being caught, and against power wrestlers could be definitive.

Theme Song: Chris Classic ft. Eminem – ‘Here we go – SCW Remix’


The opening rifts to ‘Here we Go’ by Chris Classic blasts through the PA, as mist fills the entranceway. The music stops, a huge explosion rocks the entranceway and Owen jumps, seemingly through the floor and landing on his feet, dropping to one knee and punching the floor

“I been more than ready
Preppin' heavy
For this day to come”

Owen gets to his feet, and looks left and right at the reaction he is getting, a look of focus and determination on his face as he takes in the crowd.

“And so now nothing can stop me
I just grind and work
Yeah yeah, you know the motto
You know we goin' hard cause we might never see tomorrow”

He begins the walk down to the ring, slapping the hand of anyone who offers, before sliding in and under the bottom rope, before standing in the middle of the ring his arms outstretched.

“I keep my eye on the fakes and got real from it
Mastered patience and free will from it
That's the real motivation some people kill for it
I keep reachin' for greatness because I'm built from it”

Owen points to the turnbuckle and then runs towards it, bouncing on the middle ropes and back flipping backwards, landing on both feet.

“Here we go
Give it a 100 never nothin' less
Here we go
We comin', you already know the rest
Here we go
We never settle 'cause we know it best
Who wanna test? Who?
Leave you outta breath”

Owen pulls on the top rope a couple of time, applauding the fans as his music fades

Biography: Born into the Cruze legacy, Owen never really wanted to be a wrestler till at the age of fourteen he realized the effect his Father had given to the industry. His Mother and Father didn’t want him to tread that path, but Owen was adamant that it was what he wanted to be, a feeling further solidified when his Father tragically died in late 2016. Graduating from the AnteUp Academy in New York, which was built in his Father’s name, Owen joined perhaps the toughest nut to crack in the wrestling world, Supreme Championship Wrestling. For three years, Owen was a beacon of light, fighting the good fight best he can whilst winning the World Championship, the second youngest of all time, adding to that a tag team reign. But the cracks started to show, and Owen became darker, angry with his situation and perceived lack of opportunities. He saw himself as a ‘cash cow’ exploited by the company that he once loved. After attacking Olek Drachawych he was suspended, refusing to apologize for his actions. Eventually after paying his fine, he bought out his contract and disappeared from the public eye altogether, not to be heard of, or seen for six months. What happened during those six months, only he knows but now he is back, no longer known as a Cruze, but having taken Daisy’s surname and now a Lee, after it was revealed that Orlando Cruze wasn’t Owen’s blood father, his whole life, in his eyes, exposed as a lie. 


1 x SCW World Champion
1 x SCW Tag Team Champion (w/Blake Mason)
2018 End of Year Battle Royal Winner
2018 SCW Rookie of the Year
2019 SCW Male Wrestler of the Year
[Image: 270041540-258425806375597-7033161467703002046-n.png]
Slight amendment to the entrance as Daisy no longer comes to the ring with him
[Image: 270041540-258425806375597-7033161467703002046-n.png]

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