Shilo Valiant
Wrestler's Alias:

- Present -
The Man Who Laughs (Most used)
The World's Greatest Showman
The Entertaining One

- Past -
The Necro-Merchant
The Blood-Stained Joker
The Pale-Faced Jester
The Clown-Prince of Crime (or Entertainment)
The Showman of the Spotlight
The Hobgoblin

Wrestler's Real Name: Shilo Mythias Valiant (billed as Shilo Valiant)
Pic Base: Graverobber from Repo! The Genetic Opera (old) / Shane West (present)
Height: 6'
Weight: 196 lbs
Birthdate: March 13, 1986
Birth Place: Vancouver, B.C, Ont
Current Residence: Toronto, Canada
Associates: Marina Trent - Soul-Mate, partner

Physical Description: Shilo has a lean frame but is not a bulky person. A little over six feet tall and just over 190lbs, he has medium length black hair. He has a long black dragon tattoo that begins on his right shoulder/pec and spirals down his right arm to end on the part of his hand where the thumb meets the index finger. Within the black dragon are bones that make up the skeletal frame of the dragon, showing an open skull with long fangs on Shilo's hand. On the other arm, stretching from the shoulder to the wrist is a black tattoo of a scorpion.

His wardrobe is usually black pants and wrestling boots, long sleeve shirts and black gloves covering his hands (basic street wear). His wrestling attire is a black and green leather-zipper vest with a hood (think Cody Rhodes) and black matching black pants and boots (entrance attire). When wrestling, he will wear a dark crimson shirt with the words “HA! HA!” decorated in yellow-green over the right side and leather black pants and boots. Also, black wrestling gloves. Shilo wears a half demon skull mask on the right side of his face for entrance/segments.

Note: Shilo will do live-promos/segments with the hooded-short coat (hooded or hood off) or long coat with no hood. Mask is optional.

Wrestling Style: Technical, Middle-weight, Aerial, and medium power
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Entertaining anti-hero
- Shilo has no true alignment. He is an entertainer in every sense of the word. And throughout his career, he has adapted his style, attitude, gimmick to whatever fulfills that end. He can be the heel or the face depending on the opponent, scenario, storyline, etc. His style reflects that to a degree. He can taunt, mock, and even do a few heel – like tendencies if the situation calls for. One thing Shilo will never do is cheat purposely. He feels the entertainment is tainted by going such a route. In other words, he’ll sure as hell bend the rules but rarely will he ever break them.

Years Pro: 11

Finishers (primary match enders):
- The Inside Joke
- The Broken Smile (favored primary)
- Laugh-Out-Loud (or the L.O.L) (favored submission finisher)
- The Last Laugh

Finishers Descriptions (If Needed):
- Cross-Rhodes
- Judas Effect (spinning elbow): Shilo strikes the jaw of the opponent. Can dislocate or break jaw (hence the name “Broken Smile”)
- Cobra Clutch submission. Shilo will laugh loudly as he applies this hold.
- Snapmare Driver

Signature Moves: The Morning Star, The Necromantic, The E-Factor (aka the Entertainment-Factor), The Roach Motel

Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):

The Morning Star: Cobra Clutch Slam

The Necromantic: The Tarantula (Tajiris rope lockup trademark)
E-Factor: Sliced Bread (Shilo grabs the head of the opponent, runs to rope/turnbuckle, flips over the head of opponent and slams opponent's head and body into mat- can also be done without ropes or turnbuckles: Visit to see variations of the move that Shilo can do)

The Roach Motel: Modified Sharpshooter (Edgecator)

Theme Song: The Man Who Laughs by Rob Zombie

Common Moves:
Snap suplex
Jumping swinging DDT
Running dropkick
Ten punch
Suicide Dive over the ropes to the outside
Split legged moonsault
Rolling Thunder

Shilo is light for a middle weight contender, making him fast and hard to catch in power moves. His life has also pushed him to be able to jump high and far.

Being of a smaller frame, Shilo's speed comes with a drawback. He does not favor extreme power moves, usually as he is unable to do them.



The voice echoes as the main riffs of "The Man Who Laughs" by Rob Zombie is heard, a spotlight shining down on the ramp
From the back walks Shilo Valiant, walking straight into the single spot of light. He slowly locks his arms in the X pattern of "Necro" before thrusting his right hand up to the spotlight, looking up at the raised palm that faces him. As he does, a shower of red sparks rains down upon him, seemingly from the spotlight. He slowly lowers his arm, the colors of his attire and mask glowing among the red of the rain and white of the spotlights
The eternally smiling one slowly walks down the ramp, the spotlight following him. He walks around the ring and up the short stairs, climbing under the middle-rope to enter the ring. Standing within its center, the spotlight still cast on him, Shilo Valiant slowly raises his arm once more to the source, his spotlight, looking up at it as his fingers reach for it.

With a one last look at such an image, Shilo commanding the spotlight on him, the lights return to normal. Shilo removes his mask and coat, placing them in the corner.
[Image: hffOaUZ.png]
SCW Supreme Champion
6x SCW World Champion
4x SCW World Tag-Team Champion
2x SCW United States Champion
3x SCW Adrenaline Champion
SCW Television Champion
Longest Reigning SCW World Champion (234 days)
Winner of Shot of Adrenaline Tournament (2016)
Winner of Best of the Best Tournament (2016)
Winner of Trios Tournament (2018)
Winner of U.S. Championship Tournament (2020)
Winner of World Championship Tournament (2023)
Winner of Tactical Warfare (2014, 2019)
Winner of Elimination Chamber (2015)
Winner of Roofed Cage Match (2019)
Winner of Last Person Standing Match (2019)
The Unbelievable Main Event (2021-2023)
Winner of Double Jeopardy Match (2022)
Winner of EOTY Invitational (2023)
Female Wrestler of the Year (2016, 2021, 2022)
Tag-Team of the Year (2020 - w/ Regan Street)
Match of the Year (2018, 2019, 2021, 2023)
Feud of the Year (2014, 2019)

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