Precious Pepper Vain

Wrestler's Alias: “Fortune’s Favourite”
Wrestler's Real Name: Precious Pepper Vain
Twitter Handle (if applicable): @PreciousPepperV
Pic Base: Cindy Kimberly
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 126lbs
Birthdate: October 12, 1999
Birth Place: Naples, Italy
Current Residence: New York, New York

Physical Description:
Matches base. Very typical for her to be seen with a lazy expression.

Ring attire: Short-shorts, sports bra-esque top, and stylized high boots stylized. Wears catching colours that match well. Crimson & Silver, Scarlett & Black, Azure & Black, etc.
- Matching kneepads and kickpads
- Black wrist tape
- Two lines of eyeblack
- Wears a snazzy eyepatch during her entrances

Wrestling Style: Dirty/Technician 
Alignment: Heel
Years Pro:1
Theme Song: “Bad to The Bone” - George Thorogood & The Destroyers

RED RIOT -  Forcing the opponent to the floor, PPV wrenches both of their arms behind their back, doing her level best to dislocate her victim's arms. To make it absolutely filthy, PPV applies a crossface to also wrench the back. Tap or snap. (Rings of Saturn with an added crossface element.)

COLLAPSING STAR - PPV leaps off the top rope, emitting this ungodly, high-pitched,  otherworldly shriek: a death call that announces your demise by way of two falling feet. When PPV jumps off the top rope, she jumps, getting a lot of height off of her leap, building up more speed as she tucks her knees to her chest. On the descent, PPV extends her legs right before impact, driving her feet into the heart of the victim.

Signature Moves:
- Killing Stroke - Straight-Jacket Suplex
- Frankensteiner
- Senton Atomico
- High angle, bridging German suplex
- Mudhole stomping

Common Moves:
1. Dirty Bag of Tricks (Eye poke/rake, low blows, scratching, choking, tights, etc)
2. Missile Dropkick
3. Diving Knee Drop
4. Backhand Chop
5. Shoulderbreaker
6. Elbow drops/stomps to the shoulders
7.Monkey Flip
8.Chop Block

The Dirtiest - Do not underestimate her. She lives and dies by the phrase “By Any Means Necessary”. 
Very Lucky - Fate. Destiny. Luck. Karma. Whatever you wish to call it, it regularly sides with her in all things. 
Outrageously cunning - She is the golden opportunist. If a massive chance appears, she’ll grab it like clockwork.
Guts - She can show a daredevil streak that would leave even her fiercest enemies silent in frank admiration, however brief that might be.

Unbelievably cowardly


Biography: PPV is a strange one. When all is said and done, Precious Pepper Vain will go down as a coward, a traitor, a liar and all round despicable little shit. Yet, she’s also a total dreamer, awe-inspiring and a risk-taker who unfailingly shoots for the top. She displays courage when times are good, and cowardice when things look bleak; she is deceptive and strategically cunning, yet also overconfident and reckless. 

She’s had great successes in the ring. the longest reigning Anarchy champion in Liberty Pro & the longest reigning Dragonweight champion in REBELLION. 

Sample RP:
With all those glittering New York skyscrapers hugging the skyline, we dive into one of Manhattan’s finer dining establishments. Judging by the amount of champagne corks you can hear popping around here, it's fair to say that this New York resort is ever so slightly glamorous. Richly-clad gentlemen and ladies, sparkling with jewels, were abound.

The atmosphere grew merrier by the minute. The first toasts were being raised, and already becoming less and less coherent.

Yet, as the evening went on, even the lingering taste of an afterdinner brandy couldn’t dispel the dreadful boredom of one blonde. She subtly watches her associate with a sense of weary resignation and vague disgust.

He’s not pleasant. Lip curled in a perpetual sneer. A grunt for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when the waiter comes to the table to offer him something. In his left hand he holds a sandwich. Something meaty. Dripping. Thick globs of sauce run down his fingers. Streaks of brown-and-red-something which he doesn’t bother to wipe. It smears his lips and jaw. Through a mouthful of grease and meat and sticky, dripping sauce, he speaks into the phone in his right hand, belching.

Just when when the blonde decides to cut this meeting short, a young waiter approaches her table. Her dinner date doesn’t notice the napkin and pen the waiter places before the blonde. It has a game of tic-tac-toe penned in, with an X at it’s centre. She quirks an eyebrow. The waiter smiles reassuringly.

Waiter: “Another patron. They invite you to play to relieve your boredom. I’m not to tell you who it’s from.”

Curious, the Blonde takes a glance round to see if she can find this mystery patron. Of course, they wouldn’t be that easy to find. She smiles and draws in a circle.

Blonde: “Game on, I guess!”

When the waiter leaves with the napkin to the kitchen, the blonde keeps watch, trying to find who started this game. 

For a moment, her gaze falls on a willowy beauty dining at another table. She is Italian, has wicked eyes, Angelina lips. She unhurriedly treats herself to freshly prepared spaghetti alla bottarga, served up with a side of oven-baked porcini mushrooms with wild Alaskan scallops. 

It’s the title-chasing Precious Pepper Vain. And the insolence of her smile has its own charm as our cameras hone in on her. 

The girl had spent a big chunk of her earnings from last week to be here, and to wear a suitable dress… but there was a point to this.

PPV: “Mmmm! Spaghetti alla bottarga is my favourite dish. And when you eat it with mushrooms and scallops. Oh! It’s sooo good! It’s… well, it is something to be experienced, not explained. 

But it feels like your mouth is discovering moment by moment surprises, it’s something that caresses every cell lining the inside of your mouth, and on your tongue. My compliments to the chef. I love me some good good pasta. In fact, good pasta makes me think of Liberty Pro. And I’ll tell you why. 

I remember the first time Grandma Giada made me spaghetti bolognese. I tasted it…. And I swear to God…. Her’s is the best bolognese I’ve ever tasted. Better than this. Spaghetti Bolognese!”

Even now, Pepper throws up her hands, ber eyes almost bugging out at this.

PPV: “So I was asking her, ‘how the heck did you do this’? To be quite honest with you, I was JEALOUS. I love cooking. And I’m pretty damn good at it. But Grandma always runs rings around me.”

Our dear waiter returns, napkin in hand. Pepper scrawls in an X. He leaves.

PPV: “So I said to her, “what on earth is in this? It tastes phenomenal!” And she proceeded to tell me the ordinary ingredients for bolognese: tomato sauce, vegetables, etc. 

Something wasn’t adding up. I’ve made a lot of bolognese in my time… using these exact same ingredients…. but I’d NEVER made a bolognese that tasted this good. 

So I drilled her for more information until she finally told me the secret…”

As if she is about to share one of life’s darkest mysteries, she beckons us closer.

PPV: “‘Time’. As she explained, she had cooked this bolognese on a low heat for six hours. And THAT’S why it tasted so goddamn good. It WASN’T different ingredients. It WASN’T some special trick or technique. The magic ingredient was simply…. TIME.

Time… and, by extension, PATIENCE.

And that… is the problem with Liberty Pro. Luminaries such as Ana Hayden, Tyson Gregory, Mel Reeves and Becky Balfour are nowhere to be found after Liberty's return from the dead. They've left behind a dish that was good. But good is the enemy of great. It's too easy to be satisfied by good when it could have been so much more. If only they invested more TIME. More patience. But no. They had their fill from the top championships on offer, and went elsewhere. Investing, at best, just one year. Just like anyone else with shiny object syndrome. 

Not me. Going place to place, collecting titles, isn’t my style. I won’t set my eyes on dwarfed victories. Why would I let my environment define me when it should be the other way around? I'm going to make titles mean something. Not merely chase after the next one.

I want to write my own history.”

The waiters stops by. Glancing at the napkin, PPV smirks, seeing victory in her sights. She draws another X, laying down the trap.

PPV: “When it comes to wrestling, I want to be a Tiger Woods. A Federer. Men who carved out new eras in their sports, sweeping up major titles and seeming to redefine, physically, what it took to be great. They became rich and famous on a level far beyond what 'ordinary' elite sports people tend to achieve. Dominating their sports like no other ever has. Not only did they defeat every opponent, they crushed them. Woods became the most famous sportsman on the planet. They weren’t just plain old champions. They became Super Champions. Heroes. That's the sort of weight I want the name Vain to have. With me at the centre, there will come a time where, in order to be rubber-stamped as a great wrestler, you have to test yourself in Liberty Pro. It will become a place where securing even a single title would already be enough to make a wrestler's reputation skyrocket. I mean to turn Liberty Pro into an international gathering of champions. 

However…. the skill to actually accomplish such a feat can only come from "time", patiently invested by me into my endless training. But it’ll happen. Might be two years. Five years. Whatever it might be. I’ll be here, making Liberty more titillating than they ever thought it could be. I can say this in countless ways, but really there's one core truth I want to communicate to you from my core… I am a woman worth a thousand others.”

The waiter came back to her table again, although this time, the circle had a sad face drawn in too, seeing the impending loss. PPV draws in the X that confirms her win

She daintily takes her last few bites from her plate. Licking her lips, satisfied, she gives us her full attention and rises to her feet.

PPV: “We’ve witnessed so many iconic moments here at New York - the historic heart of wrestling. Who will be adding their name to the legend of the ring this weekend? Ethan McCall has a prime opportunity. 

Don’t you think so, Ethan? I've seen your quality. You've made a habit of beating former Anarchy champions. Kendrick Kross and Warren Corbett both. How very, very cool.

Nathan Callaghan said he’d use the first show to decide who the contenders for Liberty’s titles are, but he’s been been stretching it out. Giving it TIME. But staying unbeaten would put you in contention, Ethan. You could almost say job done... but I have other ideas. How about if I walk out the victor in this match?”

An ominous smile curls her lip.

PPV: You have a good understanding of wrestling. You have several titles to your name. You have been trained by greats. But I…”

She flamboyantly gestures to herself.

PPV: “...have stars. I've always had the devil's luck. I landed in New York, curious where to go to begin my wrestling career. And in just a few short hours, by chance, I met my girl Ari. She... "knows" a guy... and ta-da! I was signed and confirmed for my debut lightning quick. And I made a cute, spunky friend to boot. Her guy even put in a good word for me to REBELLION. And as you might have heard, I won my debut there. Against the boss's nephew no less. You could well say i'm unbeaten too.

Ethan, do you have stars? Stars to bring you victory and luck. Who, me?”

Her smile becomes brighter than the noonday sun.

PPV: “I've got them! And probably more than you've got. The match can go however it wants to go. Back and forth. One sided. Sloppy and frenetic. I win at the very, very end of a match.

There’s a lot on the line tonight.I hope you're prepared, Ethan. I am. You'll quickly find I have my own way of winning.”

With that, PPV makes a beeline for the table with the blonde. She looks up, pleasantly surprised. Pepper smilles.

PPV: “I hope you talk better than you play.”

The blonde comically scrunches her nose, and jabs PPV's arm. She rose, gathering her coat. Her associate is stunned by these developments. And with a flash of white teeth, they're gone, only whiffs of their perfume remain.

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