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Wrestling Name: Minerva
Real Name: Siobhan Destiny Vladislav
Picture Base: Priscilla Kelly
Current Nicknames: "Gypsy Moth”, “The Princess Killer”, “Black Rose”
Height: 5’, 9’’
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: Long, Blood Orange
Eye Color: Blue
Tattoos: One, Behind the Neck, Black Rose on Forearm
Birth-date: 2.13.97
Place of Birth: Bucharest, Romania
Current Residence: Florida Everglades or  Anywhere She Feels Like It.


Disposition/Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: Minerva is the daughter of John Goddard, a nomad pack of Gypsies known as Tombstone who are legendary lore that have ran carnivals for years. She is ruthless, sociopathic and very charming. She tends to be an outsider, looked down upon the bourgeoisie of society. She has no allegiance, very unpredictable and will hurt anyone that stands in her way whether face or heel, Minerva simply can’t be trusted for she only has one side, her own.


Theme Music: “Blood, Milk & Sky" by White Zombie

Special Entrance: The arena goes dark, the sounds of “Blood, Milk & Sky” by White Zombie plays, echoing when a lone spotlight is shown where Minerva is on the stage, kneeling and licking her lips, looking around wearing her hat and Glasses, carrying her gypsy chain hooked to the neck of a leather covered Konrad Raab sporting his zipper mask. The Gypsy is wearing an intricate black jacket, carrying a black rose. She slowly looks around with a smile on her face before crawling a little and slowly standing on her two feet where she unzips his mouthpiece and places the rose in his mouth. 


The crowd boos, as she starts to laugh, biting down on her pierced lips before looking around wide-eyed and making her way to the ring pulling Konrad in tow. She stops and gets close to some of the fans before backing up and licking her lips again. Turning to the rampway where she points to the ceiling, her eyes roll to the back of her head, not moving, making the signal of the cross as Konrad crawls up the steps like a four-legged creature. Minerva starts to laugh before she hops on the apron, hanging upside down on the ropes for a moment as the crowd continues to boo.

Konrad opens the ropes for her as Minerva slowly gets back into the ring and stands in the middle, looking around, Konrad on his all fours positions himself under her legs as she straddles him, pulling out a small whips and striking him on the buttocks, before walking to the corner and leaning against the turnbuckle in a seated position, unhooking the chain as Konrad kisses her feet, then taking off her hat and glasses as she is licking her lips with a smirk on her face, waiting for the match to begin, while Konrad steps outside in her corner, holding the rose.


What are your character’s motivations for competing? To make her father and kin proud, finally bring some order to the gorgers who have looked down at their family.
Tendency to Cheat: Often, she just doesn’t care about the rules.


Wrestling Debut: August 2017
Favorite Match Types: No preference, she doesn’t care long as she is hurting someone.
Least Favorite Match Types: Minerva doesn’t care, she will fight in any match, anytime and anywhere.
Favorite Weapon: Gypsy Chain
In-Ring Achievements: EAW Unified Tag Team Champion and Universal Women's Champion. EAW Iconic Cup Winner. GCW Sole Survivor at Survival of the Fittest 2018, Ten-Person Elimination Co-Branded Main Event. GCW 2019 Civil War Winner and World Champion. GCW 2019 Wrestler of the Year.

Common Moves:

Short arm clothesline
Running clothesline
Corner clothesline
Baseball slide dropkick
Closed fist punches
Trapping head butts
Lou Thesz Press
Eye gouge
Eye poke
Back Rake
Low blow (with any limb she chooses to use)
Hitting with a foreign object
Handful of tights for the pin
Feet on the ropes for the pin
Snap powerslam
Scissor Kick
Basic scoop slam
Fisherman's suplex
Swinging Neck-Breaker
Release German suplex
Sambo Suplex
Spine buster

Signature Moves:

The Dark: Minerva spits a black mist into the face of her opponents, blinding them and taking advantage, this is a usual favorite of Minerva before she finishes off an opponent with one of her finishers or just to send a message. (Illegal)
Owl of Minerva: Minerva dedicates this move to her pet Owl, Calibos. Also referred to as a "bridging grounded double chicken wing" or a "cattle mutilation". Minerva approaches a prone opponent facing down, lying on their stomach. Minerva then stands over their back, tucks the opponent's arms under her armpits. From this point, Minerva then rolls or flips into a bridge, pulling the opponent's arms and applying pressure on them causing the submission. (Submission Finisher when needed)
Twilight: This is any elbow drop which is performed after applying a headlock, the most widely known variation is an inverted face lock elbow drop in which Minerva puts her opponent into an inverted face lock and then turns 180°, dropping the elbow across the opponent's chest, driving them down to the mat. Another variation of this move sees Minerva use their whole arm as a lariat instead of just the elbow.
Seeds of Evil: This is Minerva’s version of the fisherman buster, a variation of the brain-buster in which she will hook the opponent's leg to aid in lifting them off the ground. With the opponent elevated, Minerva will perform a fisherman suplex, driving the head of the opponent into the ground, knocking them out for the easy 1-2-3 or stunning them and used as a momentum shifter.
Hell’s Bell’s: Is a variation of the split-legged moonsault is the Arabian Press, which involves Minerva’s thighs both landing on a single top rope, and she then continues to use the impact of their thighs on the rope to flip themselves over, executing a moonsault onto a prone opponent.

The Devil’s Touch: Sees Minerva delivering a stunning super kick with the lead of her foot to the opponent's face, chin or neck usually preceded by a sidestep, but Minerva prefers getting a running start before performing it to get extra force behind it. Another slight variation of the super kick where Minerva performs the attack on an opponent who is on a lowered position, as in a seated or kneeling position. This move can quickly turn the tide of the match or can finish it with a quick count if delivered right.

Finishing Moves:

Atlas Falls: This is the name of Minerva's new finisher, the Twisting Brain Buster, where Minerva picks up her opponent after stunning them, quickly hoisting them up into a suplex position before twisting to the mat head first into a Brain Buster on the opponent knocking them out for the 1-2-3. She can do this to anyone her size, smaller or slightly bigger as Minerva is stronger than she appears. (Primary Finisher)

The Last Lick: The Last Lick is Minerva's version of the Float Over Spike DDT, where she grabs her opponent, bends them backwards with their head tucked by her hip and body behind, she then licks the opponent before adjusting them into a vicious Spike DDT, knocking them out instantly for the easy 1-2-3. This move she can hit on anyone at anytime. (Secondary Finisher)

Paradise Lost: Minerva applies an inverted face-lock to the opponent, swings her legs for momentum and head, snapping back violently for added pressure and impact to the DDT falling backward driving the back of the opponent's head into the mat and knocking them out for the three-count. (Quick Match Finisher)

Ultra-Finisher & Illegal Finisher (SCW):

The Black Wedding: A slight variation of the reverse STO, this move sees Minerva perform exactly the same set-up but instead of falling backward immediately, they lift the opponent before dropping them face-first into the mat, making it similar to a flapjack. It knocks an opponent out instantly for the 1-2-3. (Also Known as the “End of Days”)

TPK: Otherwise known as “The Princess Killer” is Minerva’s version of the Tombstone Piledriver in where she puts a spin and twists while jumping in mid-air landing hard on the mat and knocking the opponent unconscious for the easy 1-2-3. After she executes the move, Minerva will lick the side of the opponent’s face after the pinfall. (Illegal Primary Finisher)

[Image: Priscilla-Kellytumblr-84e7fe791c2c5b2d5d...9-1280.gif]


Physical Description: Minerva is slender, athletic and gorgeous. She has a dark, almost goth look to her as she likes to wear mostly black and white clothing. She wears dark make-up, sometimes will go out of her comfort zone, she comes from a family of gypsies and wanderers, so she fits the bill with her long black hair and fair skin.
Strengths: Minerva is dangerous, blood thirsty and borderline psychotic in the ring. She uses her beauty and charm to weaken defenses. Minerva also has outstanding speed for her size and is a contortionist, able to escape moves, twist her body to add extra pressure or leverage to her holds and maneuvers. The young prodigy also has a very high pain tolerance and stamina, she can go the distance. Minerva is also a student of the game, always looking to expand her arsenal, chain wrestle if need be and go hardcore if it calls for it, for a rookie, she is well-diverse with a strong will and mentality.

Weaknesses: Inexperience, Minerva is still considered a rookie with only a year in her belt, she is new to the game and is learning, prone to make rookie mistakes in the ring. Rebellious, she tends to have no regard to the rules or the referees. Minerva can find herself in disqualification situations or put in matches solely based on her antics and disrespect for authority. Size, though she is tall and lanky, she is under 130 pounds and can be overpowered easily.


Siobhan Destiny Goddard is the youngest of three children to the mysterious Jon Goddard, a prophet in the likes of Jim Jones and Charles Manson and someone who was known very well in the circles of IWC, a very familiar figure in the Cartel of wrestling. His youngest daughter has now decided to take on the sport, coming from a compound simply known as Tombstone located somewhere near Laredo, Texas in southern part of the state close to the border of Mexico.
Tombstone are a lot like gypsies and Siobhan has taken to that lifestyle. The Goddard family has dealt a lot with the occult, being behind the force that stopped New Eden in the IWC but somewhere along the line, Goddard and his compound changed their direction, they have felt the talents and methods that were displayed to help other wrestlers were taken for granted and now Tombstone has unleashed war on the sport. What purpose do they have and why has Siobhan Destiny Goddard suddenly come with such an evil demeanor? Named Minerva after the Goddess of strategic war and with her pet Grey Owl, Calibos, the woman now known as the “Gypsy Moth” has come as the “Anti-Diva”, “The Princess Killer” and the woman who will wreak havoc on all of wrestling.

Minerva found out that her father was behind the injury to her then tag team partner, Constance Blevins of Heavenly Hell, by doctoring her boot. After this information came to light, Minerva left Tombstone and Coyote Flats. She told Constance but after what Minerva did to Raven Roberts and Rex McAllister by breaking into their house and revealing sensitive material that had no business being made public, Minerva seemed to take a darker path that even worried Constance, prompting The Gypsy Moth to go on her own, receiving a text from a very mysterious man, which she undoubtedly went to see, a masked man known as Mr. Gunari, who has ties within her family especially her mother and the Gypsy community bringing Minerva closer now to her Romani heritage and teaching the gorgeous and young Gypsy that she is more than a Moth, she is The Last Queen. Mr. Gunari is behind her madness...

...and the dark half of Minerva.
First WWH, GCW, EAW, EMERGE and now finally SCW.

With many titles and accolades won along the way, the eccentric International well-known star and very odd Minerva comes to test her skill in the biggest platform of them all.

And it's about to get Supreme.

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-Coming Soon

Singles Record - | W - 45 | L - 09| D - 04|
Overall Record - | W - 58 | L -13| D - 06|

Will be debuting after RTG, thanks.
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-Coming Soon

Singles Record - | W - 45 | L - 09| D - 04|
Overall Record - | W - 58 | L -13| D - 06|

Updated Finisher to fit SCW Regulations.
[Image: Minnie-EAW.gif]

-Coming Soon

Singles Record - | W - 45 | L - 09| D - 04|
Overall Record - | W - 58 | L -13| D - 06|


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