News & Notes - June 19, 2020
We are have some further updates on matters that took place on Breakdown:
  • Shortly after the shocking display by Giovanni Aries and the Wonderland, Mr. D was found unconscious in his office by security. Medical help arrived shortly after and they noticed Giovanni Aries and his henchmen had long gone, leaving the mannequin they had thrown from the office window in the parking lot. In the time since, Mr. D is recovering in a local Toronto hospital and is in stable condition. Neither his daughter, Sasha, nor his younger daughter, Katya, who serves on the SCW Board of Directors, have commented as of yet.
  • Who is the fan that has now twice attacked Infamous members? We don’t know, and while event security was planning to put staff on high alert, Asher Hayes has demanded a ticket, out of late releases, be reserved for the man, should he arrive at the next show in Little Rock. But we’re told Infamous has gone one better. They’ve requested a backstage pass be granted to the man. Will he show up? Or is Infamous trying to turn the tables on this whole situation?
  • Finally, we can announce, on Breakdown this week, Matt Hodges and Alistaire Allocco will sign a contract for their match. Some insiders believe Matt Hodges, who is scheduled to compete on Breakdown in a tryout match more to test his knee, could be coming to the end of his career.
More news and notes when we have them.

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