James Jefferson

Wrestler's Alias: Captain James Jefferson
Wrestler's Real Name: James Jefferson
Twitter Handle (if applicable):
Pic Base: James Marsters
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 225 lbs
Birthdate: 7-20-1984
Birth Place: Reno, Nev
Current Residence: Reno, NV

Physical Description: Spike from Buffy

Wrestling Style: Submissionson Brawler
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face 
Weapon of Choice: Lead pipe
Match of Choice: Submission
Years Pro: 13 (Hasn't been in Pro match since 2013)
Theme Song: "I'm Alive" by Disturbed

Finishers: Lights Out 
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): Release German Suplex into an Omoplata
Signature Moves: Dragonsleeper
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):

Common Moves:

Brawling Moves:

   Shining Wizard
   Mudhole Stomps
   Lou Thesz press w/punches
   Swinging Neckbreaker
   Axe Handle elbow drop
   Guillotine Leg Drop
   Release German Suplex
   Sidewalk Slam
   Double Arm DDT
   Running Powerslam
   Kitchen Sink
   Handspring Back Elbow
   Tornado DDT
   Diving Double Foot Stomp
   Cradle Piledriver
   Dropkick to Knee
   Roundhouse Kick
   Imploding Senton bomb
   Shooting star DDT

Submission Moves:

   Dragon Sleeper
   Abdominal Stretch
   Emerald Frosion
   Inverted STF
       Three quarter
   Spine Crack
   Guillotine choke
   Muay Thai clinch
   Cross-legged STF
   Pentagram choke
   Figure Four
   Tonga death grip
   Tree of Woe

Strengths: Military combat and tactics trained. 

Weaknesses: His family can be used against him as they tend to be ringside 

Entrance: "I'm Alive" by Disturbed starts to play and James Jefferson comes out in an Army uniform with all of his medals. He slowly walks down the ramp towards the ring shaking the fans hands. He gets to the ring and slips into the rings between the top and second ropes. Once in the ring he moves to the center and snaps a salute towards a near by handing American flag. He then quickly shrugs off his military uniform to reveal a pair of American flag styled shorts. He bounces around his corner of the ring while he awaits his opponent.

Biography: Former US military turned wrestler. Spent some time in the Fantasy Wrestling Federation as well as Fearless Championship Wrestling. He took some time off to raise help raise his daughter before joining an indy fed known as the New York Wrestling Alliance. The place closed down and again James returned to being a family man. Then he went to the XWCWF to again step into a wrestling ring. Once the place closed down he returned to his job as the founder and president of a wrestling training school, Pure Wrestling Empire Academy. This keeps him busy when he isn't on the road wrestling himself. Now he has come to the IWF as part of a brand new wrestling group. After only one match in the IWF James return to his training school and the raising of his now two daughters. He is now ready to get back into the ring and has come to SCW. 

Career Accomplishments:

Fantasy Wrestling Federation

   2 x FWF Cruiserweight Champion - never defeated stripped due to injury then regained to become the last holder as title was retired

Fearless Championship Wrestling

   1 x FcW Cruiserweight Champion


   1 x ROW Tag Team Champion
   1 x ROW Extreme Title

Sample RP: 

Handler's First Name: Kris
Discord: Yes I am there already

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