Clive Jabobsen

Wrestler's Alias: Sergeant Clive Jakobsen
Wrestler's Real Name: Clive Jakobsen
Twitter Handle (if applicable):
Pic Base: Ewan McGregor
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 189 lbs
Birthdate: 2/17/1988
Birth Place: Cardiff Wales

Current Residence: Reno, NV but is billed from London

Physical Description: Comes to the ring with in a Royal Marine style BDU. Under that he wears only a pair of British flag styled shorts.

Wrestling Style: Ground and Pound MMA/Technical
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 7 year 
Theme Song: "Unknown Soldier" - Breaking Benjamin

Shell Shocked (Tree of Woe into by a Olympic slam finished up with a Muay Thai clinch
Flat on the Mat (Roundhouse kick to the side of the head followed by a Pentagram choke)
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): 
Signature Moves: 
Tree of Woe

Pentagram choke
Olympic slam

Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed): 

Common Moves:

1. Figure Four
2. Roundhouse Kick
3. Guillotine choke
4. Muay Thai clinch
5. Tonga death grip
6. Shining Wizard
7. Mudhole Stomps
8. Lou Thesz press w/punches
9. Swinging Neckbreaker
10. Release German Suplex
11. Sidewalk Slam
12. Emerald Frosion
13. Russian Legsweep
14. Knee drop to the temple
15. Running High Knee

Strengths: Is great when it comes to team based contests. 

Weaknesses: His smaller size is often seen a disadvantage when compared lager opponents. 

Entrance: The starting notes of "Unknown Soldier" begin to echo through the arena as Clive Jakobsen walks out from behind the curtain. He was wearing a Royale Marine style BDU jumpsuit with the designs of every medal he has earned on the chest. He stands at the top of the ramp and salutes the fans before walking down the ramp. As he heads towards the ring Clive shakes hands with fans. Once at the ring Clive walks up the steps and then turns peels off the BDU to reveal a British flag style fighting shorts. he then slides into the ring and poses for the minute in the center of the ring before going to his corner to await the start of the match.

Biography: Formers British Royal Marine who moved to the US to start a new life. Trained with James Jefferson and was briefly part of the IWF. After that stint ended Clive has been working as trainer at the Pure Wrestling Enterprise Academy. [Full Details To Be Revealed via RP (aka you will learn it as I do)]

MMA Record: 21-6-8 (W-D-L)

Sample RP:

Handler's First Name: Kris
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