Imanov Chovsceh

Wrestler's Alias: Sgt Major Imanover Chovsceh
Wrestling Monikers: Perun, The Beast
Wrestler's Real Name: Imanov Chovsceh
Twitter Handle (if applicable):
Pic Base: Beau Brasseaux
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 249 lbs.
Birthdate: 5/27/1982
Birth Place: Warsaw, Poland
Current Residence: Las Vegas, NV but billed from Istra, Russia

Physical Description:  A one piece red camouflaged uniform with a red beret. Under the camo is a pair red and white spandex pants (left leg is white, right leg is red) and a randomly colored arm band with a dog tag inside of it over his right bicep. On his left pec he has a tattoo of a Wolf in front of a full moon. On his back he has a Russian Bear tearing at the skin.

Wrestling Style: High flyer/Submission/MMA [Submissions and High risk maneuvers (Think Samoa Joe/Del Rio/Kurt Angle)] Reach: 46”/ Goes for a submission at every opportunity
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 7

Favorite Specialty Match: Steel cage match
Specialty Weapons: Kendo stick and brass knuckles
Quote: "It is only impossible in your mind."

Theme Song: "Jekyll And Hyde" - Five Finger Death Punch


Perun's Embrace (Standing side rear naked choke while bending the victim backwards causing their back to bow. The grip tightens the longer it is held forcing the victim to drop to their knees while fighting to breathe.)

YGKTFO [You Got Knocked the Fuck Out] (Well placed knockout punch)

Risplex (Inverted Snap Suplex)

Finishers Descriptions (If Needed):
Signature Moves:

Tree of Woe
Figure Four

Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):

Common Moves:

Dragon Sleeper
Spine Crack
Guillotine choke
Muay Thai clinch
Pentagram choke
Tonga death grip
Flying Forearm
Missile dropkick
Diving Double Foot Stomp
Dropkick to Knee
Imploding Senton bomb
Shooting star DDT


Weaknesses: Anger issues and alcohol addiction problem 

Entrance: The opening notes to the Polish national anthem starts to play as Imanov comes out from the back in a red camo jumpsuit. He snaps a salute at the top of the ramp before beginning a leisurely walk to the ring as "Jekyll And Hyde" plays while he shakes out his body in a show of intimidation and confidence. Once at the ring he walks up the steps and fixes his opponent with a predatory stare before climbing through the middle ropes. As soon as he gets in the ring he makes an Atlas style pose while a set of red and white pyros cross the ring. Before the smoke fades Imanov moves to his corner cracking his neck while waiting for the bell to ring. As he waits he strips off his uniform to reveal his red and white spandex wrestling pants.

Biography: An accomplished high school wrestler who has been hot on the Russian Indy scene as part of the Red Star Wrestling company. Imanov is now looking to make it big in the US as he works to live up to his father's legacy. Recently underwent a major stint in a rehab center and had met an American war hero who reminded him that he should embrace his past. So now he has come back to the IWF to get his life back on track and show that even a troubled man can be a hero. His stint in IWF last only a few months after which he returns home. After a few months he joins the Snow Maple Grappling company out of Canada where he works for a nearly a year and half working through the ranks. He leaves the company to return home in where he rejoins the Red Star Wrestling Roster where he worked until receiving an offer he couldn't refuse to join the EHWF. After a six month stint in the EHWF Imanov returned home to work as trainer at Red Star Wrestling. 


Red Star Wrestling*

2 x RSW Elite Title (fed top belt)
4 x RSW Brutal Intentions Title (hardcore belt)
6 x RSW Domination Title (submission belt)

Snow Maple Grappling*
1 x Snow Maple Grappling Bloodshed Title (hardcore belt) 
3 x Snow Maple Grappling Tapout Title (submission belt)

Amatuer MMA record of 28-6-9 (w/d/l)

*Not real efeds but rather part of my expanded character universe

Sample RP:

Handler's First Name: Kris
[Image: 0e5f5b4d27d5c6c0b21eddb959eb83be.jpg]

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