The Golden Boys vs. Frozen Hell
SCW World Tag Team Championship

4 RP limit for tag

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Saturday, September 12, 2020
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The Dark Side of the Sun

"Fences to Mend"

Frankfurt Prison III
Frankfurt, Germany
September 11, 2020

The cold, fall find whipped her thick braid and a few strands of her hair back, causing to Selena to uselessly tuck some of them back behind her ear, only for them to be picked up by the wind a second later. She could feel the cold through the thick leather of her jacket, the thin maroon t-shirt, down the the bones in her spine. As usual with her, the cold didn't bother her, but it did not invigorate her like it normally would. For that, she had her overactive mind to blame.

Once more, for the second time in a row, she had arrived at this foul prison on her conjugal visit day with Deanna, only to be rejected at the door. Despite the heartache of the rejection, it had hurt a little less than the first time, for the Snow Queen had expected it when she had tried. For over a month, Deanna had refused to see her. Over a month, she had been denied to seeing her wife, by her wife. For over a month, their children - hers and Deanna's - had wanted to see their mom, and Selena had to break their hearts each and every time.

It made the progression of her feelings far more...natural? Selena wasn't sure if that was the right word. But she had certainly stopped being sad about Deanna's rejections. Now? Now she was angry.

That was why she stood outside of the prison, near the "fence visitation" area. This was an area that was usually meant for inmates that were deemed "too dangerous" to have conjugal visits or even visits in the "visiting room" inside the prison. It was a small square area of the lot, surrounded by thick, metal-ringed fences, the spaces between them only larger enough for maybe two or three fingers. There was also a uniformed guard standing at the door that divided the inside of the prison to this little lot - the Snow Queen figuring he was there to observe any interactions and interfere where necessary. From his place leaning against the wall, his eyes met Selena, the latter realizing that she had been staring at the guard while she had been wondering about his job. Quickly, she jerked her head so her gaze shot to the grass below her black runners as she continued her pacing, a hand reaching up to run across the course metal. She felt a few of the sharp metal spurs along her fingers and palm as she walked back and forth, changing hands when she changed her direction. She knew what she was doing was unfair, but if Deanna was going to be unfair to her and their children, then she needed to be unfair too.

Because, even if she and Regan had been right all the weeks ago on the beach. Even if the worse-case scenario - Selena's worst fears - had been realized, it was unfair of Deanna to keep this from Selena. To just shut her out and make her think the worst! It was unfair to their children, who missed their mom. It was unfair to the people that cared about them, cared about their family. From Regan and the Helms family, to Kelcey, to Kennedy - so many people had asked about Selena, and while she had only been able to tell a few of the people she trusted with all her heart (her sister Regan coming at the top of that list), she had at least been able to say... Well something! For the past month, her answer had been "I don't know...", causing some ugly rumours to spread in the circles of SCW roster. Some believed that the Frost wives were on the rocks. Some believed that Deanna had disappeared or 'had an affair'. Even uglier rumours had been along the grounds of Selena "looking for someone to keep her bed warm". Regan had always been there in case Selena was too tired from it all to give a good tongue-lashing or a punch to the face, but even the Hellcat was getting frustrated with how these events were playing out.

Because she knew, as Selena, that the Snow Queen shouldn't have been there in Germany, dealing with this. This was Pay-Per-View time. There were no house shows leading up to Apocalypse. Sasha D. had decided, it seemed, to allow her roster, many of whom were in this packed Pay-Per-View, to rest up and prepare for a good show to kick-off the new SCW season. And that's what Selena was supposed to be doing. Going over strategies with Regan. Yes, Adam Allocco was an arrogant prick, but he had grounds to be. He was still a competent and dangerous wrestler, but what Regan was more concerned with was that wildcard of his, Bison Jones. The large man was the dark horse in this whole match. In many ways, he reminded Selena of Xander Valentine in his toughness. The man had taken a punch from Regan Street - a woman that could knock someone out with that shot - and had still been standing. It reminded Selena of how Xander had taken multiple kicks to the head from Selena, blows that had knocked out other superstars, and still kept fighting.

Bison is the most dangerous... He's the unknown... Selena rationed, lifting her hand up to bite at the nail of her thumb with her teeth. She was supposed to be with Regan, coming up with a strategy to not only take care of Adam, which Regan (and Selena, for sure) REALLY wanted to do, but also to deal with Bison's resilience and strength. But instead, she had to be here - had to get some answers - not only for her family but also for her, because she was sick of being distracted for weeks, fearing the worst!

Feel the wind again, Selena took a deep breath and exhaled. She knew that, even if Deanna came out, she would be angry with Selena. Of course she would be. Selena was playing dirty and she knew it. It had actually been Regan's idea - a whim of a concept that the Hellcat had said in passing. An off handed joke that had sparked something in Selena, leading her to this moment.

Hearing the sound of a bolt being unlocked from the door, the platinum-blonde's head snapped towards the door. She stopped her pacing and held her breath as the door slowly opened, her brain working a mile a minute with a mental war game of tug-a-war!

She's coming...
She's not coming...
She's gonna kill you...
She deserves this after what's happened...
She won't be there...
You need to show her kindness! Not threats!
It's just an officer...

That last one made Selena's heart plummet as another guard, a short woman with black hair came from the door to say a few words. But as she moved to the side, Selena's eyes spied a whisp of familiar red hair from behind the second guard's shoulder. Hair that she would know anywhere.

She felt her breath hitch in her throat again and he heart skip a beat as the guard moved fully out of the way, revealing the slightly taller redhead. Her eyes were cast down and her hands were cuffed in front of her, which the officers refused to remove as she walked forward towards the fence. The dark blue of her prison outfit stood out against the dull gray of the building's wall. Her hair was long and it looked like it had been washed recently because it was rather luscious and full.

The young woman stopped a few feet from the fence, her eyes still on the ground, her cuffed hands in front of her.

"Deanna." Selena whispered as she stood at the fence, Regan's advice echoing in her ear.

Don't appear desperate. Remember, even if she comes out, she could just walk away and back into the prison.

Deanna did not respond to Selena's calling of her name.
"De?" Selena tried again, a little louder. Still, no reply came from the redhead. "Okay..." She sighed, stuffing her hands inside the pockets of her leather jacket and leaning with her back against the fence, casting her eyes up at the clouds above, some white and others a dark-gray.

The pair stood like that for several minutes, only the sound of the wind, traffic, and creature of nature breaking the silence. As a cold gust flew around them, Selena was sure that she heard a shiver-gasp escape Deanna's lips and when she turned her head to the side to spy her, she saw the redhead, with her head still down, rubbing her arms for warmth.

"Don't blame me for being cold." Selena said simply, shrugging her shoulders. "You didn't want me in a warm bed or a warm prison, so this was what was left."

Again, Deanna did not reply, but Selena saw her wife's hands clench around her biceps. Shaking her head and casting her glance up back at the clouds, Selena bit her lower lip - hating her next set of words.

"So..." She tried to keep her voice from trembling. "Greta and I are talking about going back to Manhattan with the kids." She couldn't bring herself to look behind her at Deanna, because the redhead would see the tears prickling behind the Snow Queen's sapphire eyes. "I mean..." She choked down a tremble in her voice. "She misses Kai and the kids don't get to see you. Elsianna misses her friends and David wants to go back. And I'd like Ami to feel like Manhattan is her home."

No response, no sound, came from the Deanna, forcing Selena to continue, each word like throwing up a thumbtack in her throat.

"Talia'll keep working your case, but that's on her end. She can't leave here until she figures out how to do that.... Oh, and Gunther and Magaret said that, when you get out, you can stay with them... Personally, I..."

She stopped herself. She couldn't say the next part. Every fibre of her being rebelled against her orders to maintain the deception. Her stomach was in knots. She felt sick. None of this was right. Not one part of it. This isn't supposed to happen! I'm supposed to be training with Regan! I'm supposed to have a wife that understands me! I'm supposed to be focused on making her proud and getting her out of prison! I shouldn't be here! I shouldn't be hurting her! Nobody should be hurting her!

"I think that would be best for you." She managed to choke out, her voice squeaking a little. No it's not! What's best for you is to have me climb this fence and take you into my arms and kiss you breathless!.

No response again, causing Selena to angrily bite her lower lip to try and keep from giving in. From breaking - even if she was on the verge of doing so. "If you want..." She choked out. "If you want to see them - I'll leave my number with Gunther and we can discuss that when you get out." She paused, allowing the silence to fill the small space. "Any objections?"

This time, she allowed herself one glance over her shoulder. Her wife, cold and almost shivering, had not moved from the spot she occupied. Had not lifted her head or made a sound. "Deanna." Selena finally said. "If you don't say something, then I'm just going to walk away." Her voice was cold, trying to hit the hurt and fear that waged war within her. She was certain that her wife was going to remain quiet.

"I'm sorry..." The voice was barely a whisper but Selena heard it clear as day. "I'm sorry I wasn't the wife you deserved."

Slowly, the redhead lifted her head, allowing Selena to see the trail of tears that stained her cheeks. She felt her knees shake beneath her, small movements that felt like they were ready to collapse, but in actuality, they wanted to move. They wanted to run the short distance to the fence so Selena could reach out and try and touch her wife. Try and take those tears away.

But she didn't move. She just stood there, watching her beloved. "I..." She couldn't lie. Not seeing her wife like this. "I would have forgiven you anything if you had just told me."

Emerald eyes widened at those words and a small mouth tried to speak, shaking as it did. "E-even this?" Deanna asked.
"Even this." Selena answered, even though she still couldn't confirm what this was.

"How did I find out?" Selena asked, shrugging her shoulders. "It didn't take much. Especially after the first time you turned me away. to start putting all the pieces together." She didn't add that that what she thought this was was entirely a hunch. The her and Regan had a conjecture at best.

"No." Deanna shook her head. "How could you forgive me? Knowing what I did - what I've done... what I am?"
"Because I love you that much." Selena answered honestly.
"No!" Deanna spat back. "That's too much love. That's- I don't deserve that! I CHEATED on you!" She cried out. "I didn't want to! I didn't want it - or her..."

Her voice trailed off, the redhead shaking her head uncontrollably. The guards made a few steps towards her, concern etched into their features, but Selena raised a hand to them, casting a glare that told them not to take another step forward. Instead, she did, taking a step towards the fence, placing her hands on the metal. "Keep going." She whispered.

She wasn't sure her wife had heard her as Deanna shook her head a little more. "The first time... I fought her with everything I had... But I couldn't win. I couldn't... After you forgave me with Fredrick..."
"He raped you!" Selena spat in a hiss. "That isn't cheating!"

"I had sex with someone that wasn't you! Yes, it was!" Deanna spat back, shrinking away from Selena by a few steps. "And this time, I was conscious! I wasn't strong enough to stop it! I wasn't strong enough to fight for you!" Her voice was mix of self-hatred and broken blubbering. "And then after..." She had to stop to try and calm her shaking.

"After?" Selena quietly urged, her mind reeling at the information being laid bare before her.
"After..." Deanna continued. "She told me that you'd never forgive me...and if I didn't...she'd tell you."

Selena's spine went stiff, her eyes widened but she only felt two things: cold running down her spine... And white hot rage in her gut. "So you..."
"I did whatever she asked." Deanna's head sank once more, staring at her cuffed hands. "You see?" She whispered. "I made a choice since that day. And every day after that."

Selena didn't need to hear anymore. She didn't WANT to hear anymore. This was worse than what she had imagined. Worse-case scenario? Yes, she had feared Deanna being...being...she couldn't even think the word. But she had only thought it happen once. How many times had they... In the last two months?

"How many times?" She whispered.
"What?" Deanna asked, lifting her head in confusion on instinct.
"How many times did it happen?" Selena spoke slowly, her eyes never leaving Deanna's.
Biting her lower lip, the redhead, exhaled her answer. "Thirteen times..." Deanna sighed. "And it never got any easier." She half-cried. "And it never stopped hurting."

Her hand lifted, still cuffed, to press against her chest, as if she was trying to shrink into oblivion. "Walk away." She suddenly said after taking a deep breath, her eyes returning to Selena's - emerald eyes that were cold...dead... Defeated. "Walk away and don't look back." She ordered. "Don't look back. Don't think of me. Let our...the children forget about me."

It was Selena's turn to have her jaw hang open. Never, in the years of their marriage - through every trial and tribulation - even being torn apart by the courts of Germany, had she seen her wife so... So...

Broken? Defeated? Lost?

The words assailed her mind over and over again as her wife gazed at her, the tear tracks still staining her cheeks but her eyes had long since dried in her sheer surrender.

"Come here." Selena whispered in a quiet order.
Deanna gazed down at her feet, but otherwise did not move.
"You owe me this much, Deanna." The Snow Queen added, keeping her eyes locked on Deanna.

Slowly, the redhead took a shaky step forward. Then another one. Then another one. Until she was standing right at the fence, close enough that Selena could slide her fingers through the metal spaces and poke her. Without breaking eye contact with the redhead, Selena slid her two fingers into the space between the fencing until she felt the blue of her wife's prison uniform. Grasping it as best as she could with those two fingers, she pulled Deanna closer, an extra step towards her so her wife's body was up against the metal of the fence. Without a word, Selena lowered her face to push her lips into the right space, meeting Deanna's shocked lips in one of the most awkward kisses of the couple's lives.

She felt Deanna's body go rigid in shock, but then it was like a dam burst inside the redhead and she was suddenly pressing herself into the kiss. Her hands, still cuffed together, reached up to push four fingers into Selena's coat, desperately trying to pull the platinum-blonde closer. Selena heard soft cries and whimpers and felt fresh tears mix in with the metal and flesh of the kiss. But neither moved away. Neither stopped for what felt like several minutes - until air became essential for survival. Breaking the kiss, both women simply breathed, resting their foreheads against the fence and against each other.

"Why?" Deanna whispered. "How?"
"I already answered that question." Selena simply replied. "Do what you have to do to stay safe and alive. You understand?"
"But, Queenie-" Deanna inadvertently let the name slip without realizing - or maybe she had assumed Selena already knew. Either way, the revelation did not shock the older Frost woman as much as it perhaps should have. Who else had haunted and harassed her redhead all this time? Who else had kept talking about the 'one-year anniversary'? Who else wanted Deanna but that rotund bitch?

Before letting Deanna continue, though, and perhaps letting her own thoughts run away with her, Selena pressed a single finger over Deanna's lips and some of the fencing.

"Do what you have to do." She repeated slowly, the command evident in her voice. "Do you understand me?"

Slowly, Deanna nodded. "I don't deserve you." She whispered.
"No." Selena shook her head. "You deserve so much better." She answered, the truth clear in her voice. "But Deanna..." Her tone changed to far more raw and exposed tone. "Never shut me out again." She whispered, her eye boring holes into Deanna's emerald-green ones.

Slowly, almost too afraid to speak because words would break whatever there was between them, Deanna simply nodded her head.

"I will be back in one week." Selena stated before leaning in for one quick kiss. "Make sure you let me in when I do."

Without another word, Selena turned on her foot and walked away. Like Deanna had told her to do, she didn't look back. Not because she was casting Deanna out of her mind. Quite the opposite. She didn't want Deanna to see the emotions raging across her face and eyes. Because then she would know what Selena was starting to plan. She would see what Selena was going to do.

Because she had fully, easily, with all heart, forgiven Deanna - because there was nothing for her to forgive other than shutting her out. Deanna couldn't see that, but that didn't make it any less true. Selena still felt that undeniable, unbreakable love in her heart for the redhead. And she understood Deanna's position. So, she had forgiven Deanna.

But the same could not be said of Queenie.

I warned you, bitch. Selena's mind growled as her eyes grew dark and cold. I fucking warned you...

[Image: tetXUW1.jpg]

After the graphic fades from the screen, the screen then fades in to reveal the interior of the Roger's Place in Vancouver, BC. The familiar Arctic blue and white lights shine down upon the near empty arena, illuminating the ring that will be the home for a star-studded, pack SCW Pay-Per-View, one that could rival Rise to Greatness in matches and stakes. SCW has hit the ground running for the beginning of its new season and the world, along with every superstar and member of the SCW Universe, is more than aware and more than eager to witness it!

Slowly, the camera fades to a closer shot at ringside, moving between the ropes to film the inside. Sitting in the center, sits the Snow Queen, Selena Frost, but her new wrestling attire cannot be ignored, for the dark purple, cold-shoulder top with blue-green triangles raining down the front, neck and parts of the sleeves, which matches the wrestling tights and boots, are a dark contrast to the bright lights that shine down upon her. Nearby, the United States Championship sits on top of one of the turnbuckles, while the tag-team title sits on another.

Perception determines your reality. That's what they say... the young woman speaks, her accented voice rather sharp as she lifts her head and stares into the camera. That if you can see it, or how view it, it makes it real. Self-help books, gurus, media, everyone's seen or used that message in some form of fashion. Hell, it's a form of 'believing', isn't it? How you see the world is what the world is to you, right? It's not a far throw from seeing the future or world or life you want and making it so. But... Flicking her head a little, causing her iconic platinum-blonde braid to swish a little. It's very easy to take someone's idea and twist it into something ugly. Something...wrong.

Taking a deep breath, the dual champion pushes herself to her feet, her sapphire eyes take a quick glance at the tag-team title that sits on the turnbuckle, the metal plates shining a little amidst the white and blue lights. Take Regan and I. When my sister and I began our journey to become tag-team champions back in December, that became our goal. We knew it wouldn't be easy. It would take time to reach a level of ability as a tag-team that would allow us to truly compete with the veteran tag-teams of SCW. And, in the beginning, that was a harsh reality for both of us. We came up short several times. We failed several times... that last comment, Selena winces a little as she reaches a hand onto the nearby top rope, just a few steps away from the SCW World Tag title, her eyes still on it, almost in her own world.

There were highs and lows - many of which you all know. But Regan and I never lost sight of the goal. We perceived a world where she and I could be tag-team champions. That she could join her husband and I on the list of Supreme Champions as well as explore the division she never truly has for long. For me, not only was it the chance to help my sister and best friend in achieving her dreams, it was also redemption. After my last, and only tag-team reign with Dawn Lohan as 4Saken, I was always afraid to return to tag-team wrestling for too long. Not because I was afraid of being a champion of that division again, but... Well, you saw what happened between Dawn Lohan and I. Again, the Snow Queen has to flinch at the memories, some are still dull pains in the tapestry of her near seven-year career.

I always wanted to redeem myself as a tag-team wrestler, but after failing with Kelcey Wallace and Platinum, I had believed that just wasn't in the cards. That my reality was that of a singles wrestler only. And I am beyond grateful for being a singles wrestler - a singles champion. But I always wished to go back to the tag-team division, knowing now what I know and... Just try and make a difference. she sighs, her spirit a bit lighter.

When Regan chose me, she also worked to change my perception of myself. She believed that I wasn't a jinx in the tag-team world. That I could redeem myself and we could become tag-team champions. And despite everything that was thrown our way. Despite the antics of the then tag-team champions, the nay-Sayers, and everyone else that has a problem with us and SCW, at Rise to Greatness, what Regan and I saw - what we perceived: A world where we were the tag-team champions of SCW - became our reality.

Reaching out a pale hand, Selena traces her fingers along the engraved designs along the center plate of the championship belt, a kind smile gracing her lips. That's what I mean by a message being powerful. Being an inspiration. If you want something enough and believe in it enough, you can achieve it through hard work and always getting back up when obstacles knock you down. Can it be scary? Yes. Can it be hard? Certainly. But, as my father would tell me: "Nothing worth having in this world comes easy."

Which is why such people like Adam Allocco and his cohorts infuriate me.

Lowering her hand, Selena turns from the tag-title, once more facing the camera. I mean, on some level, I can understand and respect Allocco and Bison's desire to become tag-team champions. I mean, I'd be a hypocrite if I chastised them for it. They met up one day and decided "we want to be tag-team champions" - I may be using the G-rated version of that meeting, but still... And they became number one contenders at the pre-show of Rise to Greatness, so they have earned their shot at the tag-team titles that Regan and I hold.

You're not going to hear me deny any of that, boys. From a talent perspective? From a wrestling standpoint? You guys have checked all the boxes to be the number one contenders, as far as I am concerned. And I fully understand that hunger for gold, because Regan and I have had that for the better part of this year. It was our driving force for most of 2020. But despite my understanding, and even relating, Adam, there is one thing that still puzzles me.

And that is what the hell happened to you, Adam?
Selena shakes her head.

Let me share a story with all of the SCW Universe. And now, this isn't a story about Adam Allocco, the business man, who's family brought us Majestic Wrestling. This is a story about Adam Allocco, the wrestler. The year was 2012, and for some time, Adam Allocco wanted to become World Champion. Well, at Taking Hold of the Flame, he got his shot against the then world champion, Shilo Valiant. And keep in mind guys, this wasn't the glory-hogging, rusty Shilo that's been harassing Aaron Blackbourne. This was Shilo in his prime! And yet, Adam - the same Adam that's been harassing Regan and I for weeks and making outrageous demands - took on that Hall of Famer and nearly beat him! Hell, Shilo won that match by the skin of his teeth with an inside cradle.

Do you remember that, Adam? I was stunned when I watched that match. Not because you were fighting for the World title, but because you were wrestling on your own. No cheap gimmicks. No cheap shots. It was just you and your wrestling ability, fighting for what you had wanted for so long.
Again, Selena sadly shakes her head. Why can't Frozen Hell face THAT Adam Allocco? A man similiar to Frozen Hell in beliefs. In working hard and making your 'perception' into your 'reality'? We both know your hired hand, Bison, follows your orders. He'd follow you down that direction. I'm sure he would appreciate it. Actually proving his worth in a tried and true wrestling match. The old Adam Allocco, much like your son Alistaire, would have wanted that.

So what happened to you, Adam? Because that isn't the man that's been in SCW the last few months. That isn't the man that's coming for that tag-team titles. Sure as hell isn't the man that is supposed to fight us. And make no mistake about that, Adam. You may not want to have another hurt jaw or sores and aches, but a fight is what Regan and I WILL be bringing. Because, unlike you, we have refused to be handed anything by anyone. We will earn our place in this division, inch by inch, team by team, as we move on to more historic moments like we experienced at Rise to Greatness.

The young woman takes a deep breath, exhaling through her nose quietly. But that is the future - that is the upcoming Tag-team league round-robin tournament. I need to be here, in Vancouver and in the present. So, getting back to you, Adam, and Apocalypse. And the truth is, Adam, it doesn't matter to me what changed for you since 2012. I don't care about the how's or the whys when it comes to your 'logic'.

Because, presently, you are nothing more than a damn coward. A snivelling little cretin that has done nothing but cling to whatever scheme you can concoct. Cling, like a parasite, to whatever meal-ticket you manage to latch onto. From your son to Bison Jones, a man that could easily become an amazing wrestler in the ring with his size and power. I know this, Regan knows this, and we know that you know this. But, much like how you were with Alistaire, we see the parasitic activity that you are incorporating, Adam. We see how you hide behind Bison and your jokes. And, to be honest...
Selena shrugs. That didn't bother me. Your little insults, your jabs towards us? Banning us from your 'future tournaments'? Didn't bother me. Hell, Regan and I have dealt with a whole lot worse.

But we all know that this has grown far beyond simple attacks with fists and feet, hasn't it, boys? Silent as you often are, Bison, you can see it. Because Adam couldn't keep it to wrestling, could you, Adam? No. You had to make this personal. You had to try and trample on my sister's legacy. On her hard work. On her Hall of Fame worthy career. And maybe it was funny to some for a bit, but now? With your cheap imitations and snippets of your little porn-movie?
Selena shakes her head, her tone cold. No more.

Because you gave us a stark remainder of our reality, Adam. Regan and I? Maybe we were a little 'honeymoon-drunk' as it were, after winning the tag-team titles and being part of David Helms' celebration as the World Champion. Maybe we were a little 'too optimistic' in thinking that the tag-team division could change as soon as we got the belts. But you? You reminded us that that wasn't our reality. There were still people like you in the world, Adam. Men who think that women like us don't deserve to be champions. Men who think it's okay to humiliate women with your parodies and your antics. Men like you who think those tag-team belts can be bought or acquired without earning them.

Selena quickly casts a glance towards both her titles. She points to the United States title. I won that title by winning a damn tournament and- she gestures to the tag-team title on the other turnbuckle. Regan and I, women of wrestling, won those belts after months of hard work. You? You wanted us to hand them to you and kiss your feet. Why? Because Regan socked you in the jaw after you harassed her for weeks? After you told the world week after week that 'Frozen Hell would NEVER beat the Ass Connection and become tag-team champions'? After you sullied our celebration and continued to guarantee that you would 'win the titles at Apocalypse and the 'wicked witches' didn't stand a chance'?

She refocused back on the camera. Your perception, Adam - or rather, what it has decayed into - the perception that you are owed everything. That you are entitled to whatever you desire... Is the ugly side of this belief and is what SCW fights against. The Siennas, the Brees, the farce that is The Silent Majority - all demanding something because they don't want to put in the time and earn it. It's all a farce - a cheap imitation of what Regan and I believe in! What we try to show the SCW Universe each and every time we step into that ring to wrestle.

As I said: No more.

Because why would you need to do that if it was 'so easy', Adam? Bison? Why would your 'coach' or 'mentor' or 'partner' or whatever you want to call him, if he truly believed in you as a tag-team together, believed in his 'premonitions' of the future, need us to give him the titles? Why, if he was truly a 'visionary' or some 'fortune-teller', believe for weeks that we would never face?

A knowing smile comes to Selena's face.

I think you're smart enough to know why, Bison. It's because, at every turn, in that ring, Regan and I have proven your partner, Adam Allocco, wrong. We have defied his 'visions' and shoved his entitlements where they belong. Where the sun doesn't shine. Because your partner's 'perceptions'? We refuse to let that be the reality of the tag-team titles! We refuse to let that be 'the standard' once more for this wonderful tag-team division. We are on the cusp of a tag-team tournament that SCW has never seen before! A tournament that will highlight and define the SCW tag-team division for years to come. And... Selena pauses, casting one last glance at the tag-team title she and Regan fought like hell to win. And I refuse to have it defined on the terms and sexist views of Adam Allocco.

Turning her gaze back to the camera, the Snow Queen's eyes narrow. You think that because you make jokes about Regan that you know her, Adam? You think that because you do easy parodies of whatever is own the surface, like Weird Al Yankovich, that you have us figured out? Funny... Because if you did, Adam, your parodies wouldn't be missing something.

A cold smile comes to Selena's face. It wouldn't be missing me, would it? See, you've always underestimated us, but you've completely ignored me. From your jokes, to your parodies... And that will be your biggest mistake. Because I am the game-changer. I am the the other half of Frozen Hell. And while you may think you now Regan, which I can tell you, you barely have an inkling of an idea, you know nothing of me. And when we fell your behemoth? When I get my hands on you? You're not going to have a parody or a cosplayer or a joke to fall back on. You're not going to know what to do. She pauses for a moment.

What I will know what to do. Kick you in the face. Knock you out. Then send you to Hell and Cat.

That will be your reality, Adam, at Apocalypse, as Frozen Hell sets the reality of the Tag Team league tournament as the reigning Tag-Team champions of the world. And perhaps you, Bison, will have your perception cleared to the reality before you. And you'll understand, Mr. Jones, why Adam Allocco's company turned to ashes, why his tournaments lead to nothing now, and why his own son has forsaken him.

Because Adam Allocco, the man who promises you a world of gold, can only lead you to a world of lies and ruination. And the chance of that ever changing... Is a snowball's chance in hell. Believe it!

The camera fades as Selena stands in the center of the ring, the two titles she champions in the background as it fades to black.
[Image: hffOaUZ.png]
SCW Supreme Champion
6x SCW World Champion
4x SCW World Tag-Team Champion
2x SCW United States Champion
3x SCW Adrenaline Champion
SCW Television Champion
Longest Reigning SCW World Champion (234 days)
Winner of Shot of Adrenaline Tournament (2016)
Winner of Best of the Best Tournament (2016)
Winner of Trios Tournament (2018)
Winner of U.S. Championship Tournament (2020)
Winner of World Championship Tournament (2023)
Winner of Tactical Warfare (2014, 2019)
Winner of Elimination Chamber (2015)
Winner of Roofed Cage Match (2019)
Winner of Last Person Standing Match (2019)
The Unbelievable Main Event (2021-2023)
Winner of Double Jeopardy Match (2022)
Winner of EOTY Invitational (2023)
Female Wrestler of the Year (2016, 2021, 2022)
Tag-Team of the Year (2020 - w/ Regan Street)
Match of the Year (2018, 2019, 2021, 2023)
Feud of the Year (2014, 2019)

[Image: 34zetxl.png]
OOC: Again, started off slow, picked up some steam, happy with the Rp and sets up future angles, good luck Adam.

The Views Expressed by “The Hellcat” Regan Street Are That of Her Own and Do Not Reflect Those of the Publisher. Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

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- SCW Supreme Champion
- 2x SCW World Champion
- 1x SCW United States Champion
- 1x SCW World Tag Team Champion
- 1x SCW Adrenaline Champion
- 1x SCW Women's Champion
- 1x SCW Television Champion
- 2012 SCW Rookie of the Year
- 2016 Feud of the Year Winner Vs. Ace Marshall
- 2019 SCW Trios Contract Winner
- 2020 Tag Team of The Year (Frozen Hell)

Singles Record - | W - 099| L - 13 | D - 06|
Overall Record - | W - 133| L - 29 | D - 08|
[Image: scwforumbannerforadam.png]


-14th SCW Supreme Champion in SCW History
-SCW Adrenaline Champion (10/19/23 - ??/??/??, ?? Days, 0 Successful Defenses)
-SCW World Champion (07/31/22 - 09/08/22, 39 Days, 0 Successful Defenses, Let's Not Talk About It....)
- 2022 Taking Hold of the Flame Battle Royal Winner
- 2022 SCW Co-Male Wrestler of the Year (shared with that ungrateful asshole...)
- 2022 SCW Shocking Moment of the Year (because aforementioned asshole punked me...)
- 2022 SCW Return of the Year (because I came back from death to win it all..)
-2009 SCW Top Stable of the Year (Greaternity)
-2009 Feud of the Year (Infection vs. Greaternity vs. CHBK/Greg Cherry/David Miller/Asher Hayes)
- SCW United States Championship (10/28/21-02/20/2013, 115 days, 3 Successful Defenses, Unbeaten)
- SCW Televison Championship (03/09/2021-04/22/2021, 49 Days, 3 Succesful Defenses)
- SCW Tag Team Championship (05/02/2021-06/13/2021, Days, 0 Successful Defenses)

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