Drake Hemingway
Personal Details

Name: Randy
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Does your character have a twitter? If no, whats the id: @themarkofdrake

Character Details

Drake Hemingway. 






Town of Birth:
Salem, Massachusetts 

Picture Base: 
Aleister Black

Body Type: 

Alignment (Face/Heel/Neutral): 

Entrance Music:
"Exciter" by Judas Priest

Wrestler Entrance:
The lights go out. "Exciter" by Judas Priest plays from the loud speaker. Steam rises from the stage. Out walks Drake Hemingway. The spotlight shines on him as though he is an angel being given to us from the heavens, his aura tells a different story. He walks down to the ring. Drake walks up the steel steps, walks across the apron. He walks to the center of the ring as the lights come back on. He stands there stoically waiting for the match to start.  

Gimmick/Personality (NEEDED): 
In a nutshell... 

"Nobody is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart, for his purity, by definition, is unassailable."
— James Baldwin

He believes in his own purity. He believes he is an agent to cleanse the world of filth... like any well intentioned crusader, he is an extremist to the highest order. The ends justifies the means, the usual. 

Drake is the half brother of Blake/Cassie/Victor Mason by virtue of sharing the same mother. His mother gave him up. Bouncing around throughout life, Drake's life changed when he found Loretta Inglewood, a woman consumed with purity. She worships Athena, the Greek Goddess. Drake took his lead from her. His 'purity' is more centered in Christian/Catholic mythology. Both share the same desire, to lead a pure life. He is more an equal with Loretta these day, in the end, Loretta is the one who "pulls the strings." 

Drake is stoic. Focus. Allows little to no distractions to stand in the way. Mostly has an aversion to outsiders aka people who do not share his concept of purity. He is prone to anger on occasion, is mostly able to hold up the stoic persona. 

Finishing Moves and description:
The Mark of the Beast: Heart Punch

Signature Moves and description:
Delayed hangman's neckbreaker 
Savate Kick. 
Running big boot to a cornered opponent
Spinning back suplex, sometimes lifted into a spinning side slam ** the original Mark of the Beast. No longer called that. **

Please list at least 15 moves in your characters move set: 
Double knees. 
Discus Big Boot
Electric Chair 

Scissors Kick
Ax Kick
Knee to the face. 
Snake eyes

Scoop slam. 
German suplex
T-bone suplex
Standing elbow drop
Leg drop. 

Wrestler Biography:

Drake Hemingway is the half sibling of Blake, Victor and Cassie Mason. This fact wasn’t known to The Mason family until later in life when Blake learned that his mother had an affair on his father when he was younger, had the baby. Opted to give the kid up for adoption. And this fact would have remained a secret, all secrets come to the light of day. The family Drake was brought up in, religious extremist. Hence where he got his holy mission of purity from. Over the years he has wrestled. His most infamous stint was with Loretta Inglewood as Purity of Purpose (P.O.P). Also served as a member of the Murder of Crowes, hence the current look he carries to this day. Gained a “brother” in Slade Merriman. GCW run ended. Loretta watched her evolution of POP, Pure Class, burn in flames. Reconnecting, Drake has reunited with his ‘maiden.’ Giving each other what they need, a purpose, Drake comes to EMERGE to purify the place before it becomes a cesspool of sin like every other company he has competed for in the past...

In his one full year in EMERGE he had a solid run. He formed a "cult." Became RUSH Champion on the Rise to Greatness, Pre Show. Had an epic rivalry with Gavin Taylor. At the end of Season 1 he opted to move on to explore his options, now, he is here in Supreme Championship Wrestling. What does this mean for the roster? Only one way to find out...

He debuted in SCW in 2019. Had a good stretch. He vanished for unknown reasons. His time away has made him less stringent on being overaly preachy about his belief. How has he changed? He'll show SCW how.

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