Konrad Raab vs. Mystery Opponent
Konrad Raab vs. Mystery Opponent
Death Match

2 RP Limit; Word Limits in effect

Deadline: Wednesday, December 29, 2021 at 11:59:59 pm ET
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Konrad tells Luiza his secret. Montreal, Canada. Friday 3rd December (Off-Camera)

It was a tough day for Konrad yesterday with losing to Bison Jones and then meeting with Dakon with being his buddy he can vent out his frustrations on. The hired apartment was modernised with everything a guy who eats vegan food would have, even with space that led them to have more time in bed than hotels would've given them. As he was holding Luiza Doe close to him in his arms, Konrad's mobile phone vibrates and rings while they are sleeping. Konrad slowly gets up as he kisses Luiza's neck and turns over to the bedside table to pick up the phone. Because he didn't want to wake Luiza up, he went to the living room and pressed the accept call button.

Konrad Raab: "Hello, who's this?"

Man on phone: "It's Brad Rogers."

Konrad goes for a bit of a stretch as he raises his arms in the air like he won a wrestling match as he growls before going back on the phone.

Konrad Raab: "Hey Brad, what's up?"

Brad Rogers: "I need for you to get down to Nashville, Tennessee tomorrow. It's NASCAR week here. There's going to be burnouts in the middle of broadway, and well, you're on the list to do them. Not only that, but you got an award to collect. I can't tell you what, but you'll find out when you get here. Also, bring or buy a suit while at it."

Konrad Raab: "That's no problem, you know I'm up for that. Would you mind if I bring my girlfriend with me?"

Brad Rogers: "Of course, Kyle Young will be there to do burnouts too and bringing his wife. Also, make sure she wears something nice as well. I'll see you tomorrow."

Konrad Raab: “We will indeed.”

Then the phone connection dropped as Konrad nodded for the first time in a while, with a smile on his face, but there was another problem: he hadn't told Luiza he had been doing this for quite a bit, not even Minerva knows. Konrad went back upstairs and saw Luiza was awake as he kissed her on the cheek while standing behind her as she kissed him right on his lips back.

Konrad Raab: "Good morning, my sexy tiger."

Luiza Doe: "Same to you. I was worried something happened to you."

Konrad Raab: "I'm fine. However, I do need to tell you something you don't know about me."

Konrad felt nervous about telling Luiza what he was about to say to her, but at the same time, there were no secrets between them, and Konrad felt good and ready to tell Luiza. Although the first thing Luiza thought was something had been going on with Konrad, something terrible as she clinches her teeth and has her hand across Konrad's throat.

Luiza Doe: "You better not been sleeping with anyone besides Minerva behind my back, you German bastard."

Konrad's shock at Luiza's anger towards him showed that Luiza had almost the same kind of anger as Minerva did. Those memories will always live on for Konrad. Luiza lets go of Konrad as he puts his hands up, feeling a little shocked, and that's before Konrad could get into the story of what he had to tell her. Luiza always told Konrad she would never stop him from having sex with Minerva; there was a connection. Other than Minerva, it was clear Luiza wouldn't allow him to sleep with anyone else. Luiza got worried and frightened of losing a man she sincerely cared about.

Konrad Raab: "God no, I'd never do that. I did what I had to do with Minerva to seek revenge on Fizz."

Luiza stood back away from Konrad for a bit, knowing she got the wrong idea of Konrad possibly cheating on her with someone else. She places her hand across her mouth, although Konrad removes it as he had to take things easy with Luiza since it was still all new to him.

Luiza Doe: "Oh, sorry for assuming you'd cheat on me besides Minerva. So what have you got to tell me?"

Konrad places his arm around Luiza while sitting on the bed with their pyjama bottoms on. He kisses her once again on her cheek, but Luiza understandably doesn't want to return the kiss from Konrad because she wants Konrad to tell him what secret he has.

Konrad Raab: "I've been doing another sport outside of wrestling for quite a bit now, and I get paid for it."

Luiza Doe: "What is it?"

Konrad Raab: "I'm a part-time NASCAR Cup Series driver. I drive a red skittles car with number eighty-three."

Luiza hugs Konrad pretty hard before kissing him on his cheek, with a smile on her face for Konrad to open up more about himself. Konrad smiled, knowing she was the first person outside of another company he works with, he's told, and it made him feel better about not hiding it anymore.

Luiza Doe: "Wow, I had no idea you were doing that; that's so cool."

Konrad Raab: "I tell you the story all about that tomorrow. I want you to come with me to Nashville, Tennessee and experience sitting inside of a NASCAR next to me while I do burnouts in front of a crowd."

Luiza Doe: "That would be amazing. Of course, I'll come. I want to see you in those red overalls and want to see the car too."

Konrad Raab: "Oh, and we got to dress smart as well because my team boss, Brad Rogers, said I'm getting a reward for my efforts on the track this year. I got plenty of suits to wear, and I'm sure you got plenty of dresses to wear too. You'll meet my awesome teammate, Kyle Young, who's been helping me with my NASCAR career. He has a wife, so you won't be left out on that front."

Luiza nodded, loving every minute of Konrad's other sport secret he hadn't told anyone in Supreme Championship Wrestling. Konrad knows they will find out sooner than later, but it isn't something he could hide anymore. Despite that, Luiza had a particular concern about the whole thing.

Luiza Doe: "What if SCW PPV's clash with NASCAR races?"

Konrad Raab: "Brad knows wrestling always comes first, so unless the races aren't far from where I wrestle, I never do a NASCAR race that clashes with them. Obviously, if the races are at night nearby, I won't do those races either."

Luiza Doe: "I think we better get home now then, well after what you told me. Be nice to go out again as a couple."

Konrad Raab: "Indeed."

Before leaving the hired apartment, they get themselves breakfast before taking two hours to get everything together to put in their suitcases. They left the hired apartment and took a taxi to the airport to fly straight back to Chicago for a day before travelling to Nashville, Tennessee for the NASCAR week of Konrad doing burnouts and getting his reward for his efforts in NASCAR this year.


Konrad needed to let out his anger on Dakon away from Luiza after Breakdown. Charlotte, North Carolina. Thursday 16th December. (Off-Camera)

Because Konrad had a critical task in another sport tomorrow, he had to leave Miami, Florida, right away. Konrad had no time to let out his frustrations on the situation that had happened and everything else around him in that location. Konrad took Luiza to his motorhome to rest for a bit; he left her there. He walks with Dakon so they can talk in private. Dakon managed to get a hotel room in Hilton Hotels close by, where Konrad would do his other sport. 

As Dakon got himself checked in with his hotel key, they went up the elevator and went a few corridors away from the elevator to get to room three hundred and seventeen. Dakon used his hotel key to get in the room, and Konrad followed him before closing the door behind him. As soon as Dakon was about to sit down, Konrad grabbed hold of him, seething through his anger; luckily, nobody was in any rooms besides them and violently threw Dakon across the other end of the room.

Konrad Raab: "That motherfucker, why won't he tell me who I'm facing at End Of The Year PPV?"

Dakon saw Konrad's desperation to let steam off since he left the arena. Dakon knows Konrad could never let his anger out in front of Luiza due to his concerns about her leaving him, and that's something that couldn't happen, especially he had been a lot calmer since he was off from Twitter. Dakon saw how explosive Konrad was.

Dakon Theron: "I know, it's indeed garbage of him to not tell you who you're facing, making you in distress about it as if you need more stress in your life."

Konrad Raab: "I needed to know so I can prepare for my opponent in the ring. I'm sick and tired of shit Cian keeps hiding from me. He tried to hide that I was fighting in a deathmatch, you know. Luckily, Luiza pointed it out to me, so I responded to it on another social media platform."

Konrad went down and laid some punches just because he was so angry and couldn't contain himself when he exploded on his friend that he'll likely regret later, but Dakon was not going to hurt Konrad. He was more someone who could take a beating. Not hard punches, but enough to let out his feelings.

Dakon Theron: “What was al...........................”

Konrad Raab: "I know, that cunt stopped from finishing me off, despite her attacking me in the first place. I was right; she was a shit faced coward. She now plans to bring her sister back to team with her. What's with everyone wanting to do tag-team shit? Am I the only person who wants to fight the whole company myself?"

Dakon Theron: "I wouldn't say that with Jordan, Tsunami, Bison and Owen all fending for themselves."

Konrad shook his head, disagreeing with Dakon because he knew the truth that nobody sees with them as Konrad growls at Dakon, showing how serious he was at him. Konrad felt more power to throw him at the wall again; instead, he gets right up in his face, more because Konrad's still not resisting letting go of his anger. He needed to let it out.

Konrad Raab: "Tsunami has Martin talk for him and does everything Martin says because Tsunami is incapable of doing shit for himself, Jordan has Dawn, but doubt she'll be coming back to wrestling, but she still has friends who support and defend for her ass, much like with Owen as well and Bison well, Lexy wants him to team with her crybabies squad."

Dakon Theron: "I wasn't aware of Jordan and Bison, but I understand. It seems everyone is scared of being on their own and you, admitting you have a fear of loneliness, wants to prove people wrong about that. It's truly shocking how scared some of these wrestlers are."

Konrad nodded; the one thing that came out of the agreement, but the problem was Konrad's anger boils up again and throws Dakon around again; it was the anger he needed to let out, especially the other thing that was causing him bother was his lack of sleep. One of the main signs of Konrad's anger was his lack of sleep.

Konrad Raab: "Every time I go to sleep, my dad appears in every single dream I have. I feel he's becoming more real than when he was alive. It scares the hell out of me, and I don't know how much longer I can keep everything together. I avoid sleeping altogether. It's driving me fucking mental."

Dakon Theron: "There has to be a reason these dreams of your father keep happening. I know the stuff he did when I looked into your past, it's sickening, but I got to be honest, you're becoming a lot like him."

Konrad Raab: "Oh, if I was my dad, do you honestly think I'd be beating my kids and Luiza instead of you? Fuck you, Dakon."

Suddenly, Konrad decided to kick Dakon pretty hard. Although Dakon usually would fight back, it was a source of anger Konrad needed to let everything out on, even with violence and his anger and frustrations out. Konrad felt a little better, but not enough as he turned away from Dakon and breathed in and out like nothing will calm Konrad down. He needed this.

Dakon Theron: “OK, I'm sorry. I don't know or care what you do when you're away from me, but you have to admit, aside from not beating on your kids and your girlfriend, everything else you're doing is acting exactly like your father. I even heard rumours you've joined a gang."

Konrad Raab: "Just like Kim's statement about me having dozens of sexual harassment lawsuits, that's bullshit, although I've had offers to join a gang in Germany because of beating a guy so brutally. I've been offered to be in a gang in America too, but I rejected it because of being a pro wrestler and well, you'll figure out tomorrow what I do as well."

Dakon Theron: "Have you nearly said yes to be in a gang in America?"

Konrad nodded, admitting he had offers from criminal gangs in America, but he wanted to point something out to Dakon.

Konrad Raab: "Not for drugs, only to beat the shit out of people. Outside what I do tomorrow and with Luiza, violence is all I want to do. I got a fetish for my anger and my violence of beating people. Because I enjoy seeing others suffer. I enjoy hearing people scream when I trap them in submission holds."

Dakon Theron: "Like tonight?"

Konrad Raab: "Yes."

Dakon wanted to get to know Konrad a bit better, and he had so far, although more letting Konrad's anger out because god knows how long he held things together in his life and well, Dakon was partly right about Konrad, turning into his father. Still, Konrad would never hurt his kids or Luiza. Konrad was trying to keep his eyes open because of the sleep deprivation he was going through. It was one of the causes of anger and violence.

Dakon Theron: "About your dad, did he do the things you're doing, despite you hated him?"

Konrad Raab: "Yes, and ever since Minerva embraced that into me, I followed her path, and it wasn't like me being a goody-two-shoes was getting me anywhere. If anything, as she said to me, it held me back from what I want to do."

Dakon Theron: "Ah, that's understandable. I had no idea you were a good guy, but I assumed the anger was because of you not getting title shots."

Konrad scratched his head, blinking his eyes to keep himself awake without the attempt of falling asleep. He still had anger in him, shaking his fist, more because of how important Minerva was on changing his outlook of wrestling he never had before. Sure he was enjoying the violence he was giving to people. It still wasn't enough for him, and it is down to his lack of sleep.

Konrad Raab: "It was partly the reason, yes, but I also wasn't getting noticed, and wrestlers treated me like a doormat, mocking me, and I had enough of it. Minerva told me it's fine for me to be violent and cause pain to people who have caused me pain. It did make me feel good about myself."

Dakon Theron: "I can relate to that quite a bit. Because I get so ignored, I also want to beat people in the streets, but I don't because I don't want to be sent to prison. But in your case, you need to because I sense you've held a lot of anger in yourself, and that's why it's so destructive."

Konrad understood what Dakon was saying, although in very different situations. Konrad could also relate because nobody could understand his German accent at the beginning of his career, but everyone now can, so it's no longer an issue.

Konrad Raab: "Yeah, a lot like when I started, people had trouble understanding me. But over time, people got used to it. I held a ton of anger in me, and it's getting worse, but I love it. I love hitting people with weapons to hear their heads smashed with one."

Dakon Theron: “I could tell. There is something else I noticed in your last outings. You've weakened a lot of wrestlers as of late. Weakened Katsumi with her love for fire, weakened Autumn by baiting Lexy to fight you, weakened Bison when you dominated him, and you weakened Kim by you crippling and being more violent than her."

Konrad didn't think that was a possibility. Even though he lost all but the Katsumi fights, what he has done was weaken the strengths of a wrestler. He didn't even pay that to mind that everything he had been doing has caught a lot of wrestlers off guard, and he smiles.

Dakon Theron: "It's made you so dangerous, especially with anger. That brutality name suits the school name nicely. I'm curious, though, why were we such in a rush to get here?"

Konrad Raab: "Because I'm also a part-time NASCAR driver, and tomorrow, I'm doing testing here, but I'll discuss that more with you tomorrow."

Dakon nodded, understanding that NASCAR discussions weren't something Konrad wanted to do tonight, understandably because of events that happened today in wrestling. Konrad shook his head and still had a violent streak in him to do something, but he had no idea of Charlotte's illegal street fighting scene.

Konrad Raab: "I'm still fucking pissed off on me not knowing who the fuck I'm facing. Do I want a fight? Of course, I do, and I make sure I'll cause one with anyone backstage and make sure deathmatches happen way more often. I'm fucking excited to curve some poor bastard up and make them taste their blood along with mine as well. Nobody can hold me the fuck back."

Dakon saw how much of a struggle Konrad was keeping his eyes open, and he closed his eyes for a few seconds until he woke up. Dakon shook his head on how badly Konrad needed to get some sleep, even if he was afraid of it.

Dakon Theron: "Seriously, Konrad, this sleep deprivation is killing your body. Go to Luiza right now and get some sleep. You need it, especially all that driving you're doing in testing. I'll see you at the track tomorrow."

Konrad Raab: "I hate and fear of fucking sleeping. I hate seeing my dad in my dream. I'm going to have sex with Luiza before I go to sleep. I need some happiness in my fucking life. I'm going, don't you worry."

Konrad had a smirk as he felt a lot better, venting out everything he had to say towards Dakon as he left the hotel to head back to the track. Konrad shows a special pass to get back to the motorhome Brad brought for Konrad to use when he's racing to go in and see Luiza patiently waiting for him.

Konrad does have sex with Luiza before he peacefully falls asleep with her. Konrad woke up at seven-thirty in the morning, where he had vegan breakfast. After he had, Konrad puts on his underwear and NASCAR overalls to leave his motorhome and go into Brad Rogers racing garage to discuss plans in testing today to go out on the track and test parts of the car.
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
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A surprise awaits Konrad. Chicago, Illinois. Saturday 25th December (Off-Camera)

Already at nine in the morning, both Konrad and Luiza were up from their bed after their cuddling, kiss and touching nights they occasionally have. Last night, they had a German-style Christmas Dinner due to Konrad having his children over to stay at his home for a couple of days. The kids went home with the nanny to spend it with their mum at home in the evening. However, today was a different day. They went to the living room to open their gifts with their presents under a tree. 

The first one was a big present as Luiza gave to Konrad, and he opened it to see it was a helmet for his NASCAR races. Painted with a skull with both his blue and black face paint on the left and his red and black face paint on the right with pieces of ice, blood with iceman from X-Men on it. Konrad nodded his head as he puts it on, fitting the straps around it, fitting perfectly on his head. Konrad took the helmet off. 

Then he picked up a small envelope that he hadn't opened as he gave it to Luiza and she opened it and pulled out tickets, it was for a gig in a few weeks to see Fit For An Autopsy. She hugged Konrad, delivering on his promise he made a few months ago when they were servant and slave to take her to a metal gig.

They opened all kinds of presents relating to what they liked and did in their careers. Konrad then placed a blindfold on Luiza as he held her hand and guided her outside before removing the blindfold to see a skatepark built in their garden. But Luiza puts the blindfold on Konrad with a giggle.

Luiza Doe: "Now you will see one last present I got for you. I'll guide you to it, no peeking."

Konrad nodded his head, not anticipating anything, being guided by Luiza back into the house as they went to the back of their home, taking Konrad downstairs, and Luiza unlocked the door as Konrad walked in with Luiza behind him. When they were inside, there was Minerva. She nodded her head at Luiza and took his blindfold off, and saw Minerva right in front of his eyes. 

Konrad Raab: “You sneaky bitch.”

He pointed Luiza to leave the sex dungeon, and Minerva nodded before closing the door. He suddenly went all over her, kissing with the passion he always had for Minerva. They got very busy with clothing coming off and feeling each other's genitals before they got down and dirty together like the good old days.


Two hours later.

They had their clothes back on and laid in bed next to each other inside the sex dungeon as Konrad had a massive smile on his face, but he knew he had a lot to talk about with Minerva, as so did she. Konrad sure has been happy with Luiza, but not as happy as he was right now. He couldn't stop staring at Minerva, how lucky he was to be with her. Both of them glaze into each other's eyes, especially the icy look in Minerva's eyes, something Konrad's always been attracted to, feeling their bodies, still out of breath from the time they had together.

Konrad Raab: "You have no idea how long I've been waiting to see you again."

Minerva: "Same here. You'll always be my sexy Schnitzel, my GIMP and part of my life."

Konrad nodded, loving every minute of hearing that, knowing he feared losing Minerva, but they always will be friends and fuck buddies at the same time. Konrad knew simultaneously; he had to let himself go, telling the truth of his situation and how hard he was taking things since Minerva left wrestling.

Konrad Raab: "Everything has gone to pot since you left. I realised I didn't care enough for you, and whenever Chris Cannon returns, I will beat the living shit out of him, despite his cheap tweet stating he wanted to patch things up with you."

Minerva: "I know you feel bad, and you're struggling a lot without me. However, I admired you didn't forget about me, especially in your video with Kim, stating you wanted to do things I used to do. However, this anger, yes, I'm aware you're dishing out pain to others that have hurt you in the past, and I did tell you to do that, but you're going about it the wrong way."

That was hard for Konrad to hear; incredibly, he did not want anyone to forget the legacy of Minerva, the first-ever female wrestler he ever trained. Tears were forming in his eyes, knowing he was doing it wrong. Minerva slapped him, shaking her head on Konrad trying to cry in front of her, which has caused him some weakness in his wrestling.

Minerva: "Come on, Konrad, I know you're outraged, and you still can be; it helps you become more violent and dangerous, but you need to stop blowing everyone off as if they aren't a threat. Also, tone the swearing down. Make your points, achieve the goals you want. Granted, you're not allowing yourself to be a doormat anymore, but you're not focused; you've not even been sleeping."

Konrad Raab: "Because each time I sleep, I dream of my dad, and every single person said I'm becoming him. I don't be..................."

Minerva: "I know your nothing like your dad, but you need to be a lot smarter. I know you're also pissed off at Cian for not telling you who your opponent is but think about it. Beating people viciously is your chance to prove that. Be happy you're getting the opportunity of being a violent and ruthless bastard with everything I've done on top of it. But don't resort to saying things you can't do."

Konrad knows now the threats went too far. Primarily because of the anger he processes, it made him lose complete control of himself. Konrad only had to take advice from Minerva. Minerva was a great friend to Konrad; that was the only person that could give Konrad help and advice. While he told Luiza about this a few weeks ago, he was about to tell Minerva the same thing.

Konrad Raab: “I have bipolar. So all this rage, I can't help myself. Hurting and giving people pain is the only thing that makes me happy. You're right; I'd be glad to prove what a vicious son of a bitch I can be. Unless you or Alistaire comes back, I will never team with anyone else again. I want to be a guy that can destroy everyone on my own without a team or manager to do shit for me."

Minerva: "No, I refuse to come back. Chris Cannon wreaked my fucking life, and I'm still in pain. I cried when I lost Tombstone."

Konrad Raab: "I know, I'll do something about him. How can I make everyone fear me?"

It was good Konrad was asking Minerva questions, knowing he would take every advice he could, the only person Konrad trusted. Dakon doesn't know enough of Konrad's issues in Supreme, more using him to hurt when Konrad vents his anger out on someone, not on his family or Luiza.

Minerva: "By doing the shit you say you'll do without going too far with the insults. I loved seeing you beat Cid and Vihaan on your own. I want to see you do more of that. You've even made your opponents weaker with Katsumi with no longer using fire, stopping Bison's dominance and proved to Kim or Marie they weren't violent to you or crippling you."

Konrad Raab: "I'm beginning to feel that, and whoever this poor bitch or bastard is, I'm going to show the world how dangerous I can be, and this match will signify how serious I am and will be a better wrestler, especially with the advice you've given me."

Minerva: "Oh, you better make your opponents taste their blood and hurt them. You can do it. Make more backstage attacks and show who the dangerous motherfucker is."

Konrad listened very carefully, knowing Minerva had been spot on everything she had said to him. Hopefully, it was taking a massive effect on him, taking notes from the one girl he had enormous respect for and never trashed her once since she left wrestling.

Konrad Raab: "I also need wrestlers not calling me a fucking weak link either. I'm sick of being called that."

Minerva: "You have so much potential to be a much stronger wrestler, and you'll shut up people who call you that in no time because you're not. We still have a lot more to talk about things that can be useful in a deathmatch."

Konrad nodded their head, and that's all they've done all of Christmas Day. Also, the day after it, spending the day how Konrad can be a better and a more violent wrestler on top of his goal of being a PPV title contender and being a lot more like Minerva with his motives. It certainly helped him spend the two days alone with Minerva, even giving Konrad a hypnosis to help him sleep.


Time to make this match to prove who the violent bastard is. Chicago, Illinois. Wednesday 29th December. (On-Camera)

It's an odd situation for Konrad to be in when it came to the deathmatch. Indeed, he was happy to be in a deathmatch, but Konrad had no idea who he was facing. As usual, the cameras are located in Konrad's abandoned warehouse with the red and black face paint, sitting directly in front of the cameras with blooded windows, collection of skulls around the room and the screams from nowhere, only made him laugh evilly.

Konrad Raab: "I knew Kimberly was full of shit before the match began. I was the real winner because she did nothing on the shit she'd do to me. Look at the stuff I've done on my own since Under Attack. I've attacked Cid and Vihaan successfully, causing Cid to lose the title and caused Vihaan to be injured cos of me. I stopped Katsumi from using fire ever again. I stopped the dominance of Bison by destroying him, even without a win, and I'm the only one to have weakened Kimberly, leading her to team with Marie. See, this is the problem all but Shilo Valiant have. All of you who have managers or being part of a team makes you all pussies."

A snare appears on the reaction of it all. Konrad looks at the paint and the blood-stained windows and walls.

Konrad Raab: "Mystery opponent? That's like the most tired old trope of this business since there is a ninety per cent chance it's someone I know or someone I have beef with. This deathmatch signifies something that I've been meaning to do a lot more of because, in all my years of being a wrestler, I've never been violent and giving someone else pain for the hell I've gone through in and out of wrestling. I've got forty-five years of anger to let out, and it's why I'm explosive with it because I'm out of control."

Konrad took the cap off and drank water before looking directly at the camera again.

Konrad Raab: "So much so that it's given me a fetish for violence and blood. Of course, I'm angry about not knowing who the fuck they are, but does that mean they could be a threat? Yes, but I wouldn't care if you cripple me, cause me to bleed because, after the match with Kim, I want someone to do every ounce of damage on me, causing my head to split open and fucking cripple me."

Konrad licks his lips, looking at the blood around him, feeling already sweaty, mainly from the excitement of the match he has, but also stressful because of lack of who.

Konrad Raab: "I can do anything I damn please without anyone telling me what to do. I still would've been held back if I was a part of The Jerkoffs. I will prove that I never needed those weak link pussies to succeed. I fight anyone any damn day of the week. I want everyone, regardless if you're in a team or have a manager, possibly a manager who wants to face me, to invest in the true power of someone who can be the biggest threat in wrestling without a team or a manager to be a threat. There's nothing I won't do in and out of the ring."

After looking at the blood, thinking of the dripping of his opponents before he pours red paint all over himself, licking a bit of it with his tongue as he laughs once again, hearing the screams.

Konrad Raab: "Nobody has ever been able to stop me from being violent so far, so why would that change? Also, I respect Minerva so much that I will continue to do the stuff nobody has the guts to do. Because being with her, has made me the happiest guy on earth. I loved everything I did with her because it made me realise, why the fuck was I wasting time pleasing people all the time? It got me nowhere with that. I've not had a one-on-one PPV title shot for six years, and I'm sick of waiting for one, so could this match lead me to face Lucas Knight for his title? I fucking hope so because I need the opportunity way more than anyone in this company."

Giving himself to breathe in and out due to the anger he had in himself, knowing he needed to be taken a lot more seriously, which still bothered him. Of course, being off Twitter has turned things right around lately for Konrad to be a lot calmer.

Konrad Raab: "But yes, I'll prove to whoever my opponent might be in this deathmatch because I'm looking forward to taking wrestling by the throat and choking it and the wrestlers themselves not only in wrestling but also by making you all me being dead serious when I want to take this path of a whole new world of violence and pain I'll give to my opponent who again, is hiding from me, afraid to identify themselves, in fear I'd beat their ass so bad that they'll choke against me."

It had been a while since Konrad swore, and it was the advice he was given on Christmas Day to not go over the top with it. He scratched his head until he looked at the blood around him, something Konrad hadn't spoken about and stood up from the chair.

Konrad Raab: "I can do anything I want on my violence that needs to be let out in the ring. The story is I've been waiting for a long damn time to use a weapon by my orders. I want to crack someone's skull and want to crack a bone in someone's body, seeing trickles of blood at first come out before masses of it comes out. I'd even use a weapon to crack a bone as well. Imagine a world where you're on your own and without anybody to help you that you can become dangerous? That's the situation you will see because everyone should want to see this match purely to shut you up, calling me a joke and calling me a weak link. I'm going to destroy all of you for thinking that it is the cause of forty-five years of anger and makes me sick after that. I will show how much blood I sacrifice of this being a start of The Ice Blood's moment to shine."

Konrad paused as he had a drink of water, hearing the screams once again as he poured a bit more paint on himself. He moulds his hands together like he's crafting something. Konrad has a smirk on his face.

Konrad Raab: "I will showcase the world of what The Ice Blood can do because even though it's stated End Of The Year PPV, to me, it's already a beginning of two thousand and twenty-two, a year that I will certainly have will be better than the last two years have been. I will gain improvement, and after ten years since I had my first ever match in wrestling, it will be a cracker. This match will mean a damn lot as a chance for me to showcase all the violent skills I'm capable of doing, and curving someone open with barbed wire, tearing the flesh of their skin is going to be enjoyable. More so, you thick bastards think you can say the shit you want about me, but I will prove how stupid you fucks are."

It was a rough blow, but at the same time, Konrad had never really had opportunities to be in tag teams, and it certainly wasn't going to change his mind.

Konrad Raab: "All of you will be watching to know who will be beating the fuck out of me as a special showcase to know I can and will stand from being crippled and bleeding. Why, you ask? Because I have a high pain tolerance. The goal is simply this, showing you fucks I'll be taken seriously and whether it'll lead for me to get a title shot, but the main importance here is you'll be praying for my opponent not to be severely hurt. Saturday night in front of a live crowd, I will show you everything a certain someone told me to do, and you all will be forced to see a new Ice Blood and one you will fucking hate to the core of your bodies."

One last pause as he pours another empty tin of paint on himself after taking a quick drink to finish off what he had to say.

Konrad Raab: "The mystery opponent is a threat, but I'm bigger because this match is for me to showcase the pain all of you have caused me, and I will dish it all out on a mystery opponent to show you all how ruthless I can be. It won't be by words anymore; it will all by my actions I will deliver without fault. It can turn out to be one dangerous night for my opponent and one for me because my opponent can easily put me in a hospital. Only, I won't because I'm prepared and focused on using all the weapons and everything in my arsenal to beat my opponent and end them. I will be more effective in doing stuff Gio and Xander couldn't do by themselves. That's what will serve a god damn purpose. I will make them bleed so bad that I will make sure to cripple them to tap out because that's the mood I feel. Whoever you are, you will be prepared to be Iceinated by The Ice Blood because it won't be a nice look you'll have the next morning."

Konrad got up from his chair and turned off the camera as it went to black.
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I love AJ Allmendinger.

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