From Ringside Dirt: Spencer Pryce Exclusive!
Ringside Dirt: Spencer Pryce Exclusive!
3/2/2022 - 9:44 PM

Earlier this evening, current SCW United States Champion Spencer Pryce was seen in an altercation with SCW Commentator (and legend) Simon Lyman, as Pryce's manager and SCW Hall of Famer Amy Chastaine stood by. Our source says the three were in a hallway at The Westin Hotel in Seattle, WA, where SCW Breakdown will take place tomorrow night. The three travel together, along with Jaina Lancaster and Marie Caedes, although the two young women were not present.

Our anonymous source states they heard yelling in the hallway, and as they stepped out of the elevator, saw Pryce shove Lyman out of his way, causing Lyman to stumble into the wall. Pryce then stormed off, brushing past our source, on his way to the elevator. Chastaine called out after him, but then turned to assist Lyman in regaining his balance. Our source could not make out anything said in the yelling, but stated that all three SCW stars looked angry, none moreso than the US Champion.

Spencer Pryce competes on Breakdown tomorrow night in a tag bout, teaming with Justin Davis versus Tsunami and Konrad Raab. The 2021 SCW Rookie of the Year has been a fan favorite since his debut, and until now been widely regarded as a respectful and polite rising star. One has to wonder what exactly this altercation was about, and will this create any problems for the US Champion heading into Breakdown, as well as Retribution on March 13.

We reached out to all three stars as well as SCW, and have yet to receive a response.

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