Schedule changes post-Retribution
Hi all,

So I'm looking at the schedule (and my personal schedule) and I'm going to make some changes to allow me not only to get things done but also take some time for myself (even just a weekend to catch my breath).

I've judged most of Retribution at this point, but my challenge is getting my actual work done (along with some additional work I must do for good, personal reasons) and also finish the ppv to a high quality. So here is what will happen:

I am going to aim to get Retribution up by Sunday. Match notes will go out for most writers today.

The schedule will then be pushed forward by one week. Next Breakdown is March 31. This gives me that opportunity to have some break. The ppv build for the next ppv will remain 4 weeks. The ppv will move forward by one week. The reason for this is because I will be at a conference the weekend of April 24 and frankly, won't have a chance to do much work on things before then.

Finally, Taking Hold of the Flame will remain where it is. The May 5th Breakdown will be postponed. Taking Hold of the Flame will have a three week build.

Long story short - schedule is pushed back by one week for next ppv cycle. May 5 BD is gone. Rest of schedule the same.

This will hopefully allow me to recover from a very busy last month and get things back on track.

So adding a new update - probably going to be later in the week (for reasons I won't get into now. Again, it's more just I'm busy, but with some potentially good news. Just that plus teaching, essays submitted...yeah). But show is slowly coming along. Thanks for patience. If I can get through this week, things stabilize dramatically after.
One FINAL update - it's coming. Without getting into details, I had an opportunity I could not pass up in my professional life - that's one reason why I've been delayed. It required a lot of preparation, but it would massively (and positively) change my professional life. The good news, outside of visiting my father today, I've got most of this weekend to finish Retribution. Everyone has submitted everything else. It's now on me. And my teaching schedule will greatly subside in the next week or so.

Thank you for your patience. We'll be back to normal shortly.
Show will be up today. Was falling asleep finishing. Just need to do some actual work today and then can turn attention to finishing it.

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