Indefinite Leave
Now that I've spoken to everyone this affects directly (obviously including Olek), I thought I'd let everyone know.

I'm stepping away, effective as soon as Olek can write my people out.

I haven't had an extended break from this game since I came back to it in 2014, only a month here or a PPV cycle there. There are a lot of things going on at once (here and IRL) that sort of piled up over the last week or so and the end result is I just can't make myself want to do anything for this. It's pretty telling when I have one title, am about to challenge for the World Title... and seeing the match thread go up gave me a pit of dread in my stomach.

I saw my doctor today and told him some things and I now have a shiny prescription for Lexapro. So anxiety likely has something to do with my lack of enjoyment, motivation, or care, and most definitely causing a match thread to stress me out. So, I'm going to let you guys have all the fun while I watch from a safe distance, and see how this medication works. There's a chance I may feel like coming back after some time, a few months... maybe after RTG. We'll see how things go. But for right now I don't have the mental capacity to put in the effort needed to stay competitive here.

I'll still be around, I'll read shows and whatnot, I'll even keep cleaning out the RP forums (So don't worry about that, Fizz, lol). If anyone wants to bounce ideas, get RP feedback, use any of my people for whatever reason, I can do that. I just can't write.

Those of you I spoke to in the last few days, thanks for listening and being supportive. Olek, thanks for Kandis' opportunity, I wish I could take advantage of it. And thanks for being understanding.

Not gonna say bye cause I'm here, just not playing, for the foreseeable future.

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Hope the meds are nothing but a positive helpful experience and you feel better soon. Take care.
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Hit up the pharmacy, pick up that script, and take some time to yourself to sort this out. If you let this stuff build up, it can be absolutely debilitating, so make sure that you look after yourself.

That said, kick some ass during your newfound free time and keep working on your book. Give yourself that creative outlet to keep your brain strong and active. Writing the bullshit that I do has really helped me through some tough times and I'm confident that you can push through just the same.

Plus, someone has to knock Josh off his published author pedestal. His head has gotten too big.
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