Konrad Raab vs. Kimberly Williams
2 RP Limit for singles

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April 25th, 2022
Salem, Massachusetts
Off Camera

It has been nearly one month since Kimberly Williams parted ways with her identical twin sister Marie Jones. The Woman Scorned felt as if she was forced into this decision. She has an unwavering loyalty to her twin, for it was Marie who first took a chance with her, the first person in her family to reach out and try to help her when she was stuck in an insane asylum. Everyone has their breaking points; even Kim’s loyalty has its limits. Marie was brought back to SCW to assist Kim achieve her goal of once again becoming the SCW Underground Champion. Instead Kim found herself tied up with the SCW Television Title and the SCW World Title. Thanks to Marie, some of Kim’s fans even turned on The Woman Scorned. Kimberly had a feeling that Marie was trying to use this and use her to worm her way into the SCW World Championship, but Kim did not want to believe it. She wanted to give her twin a chance, she wanted to believe that Marie would eventually get her an Underground Title Match. But the opportunity never came. Instead of an Underground Title Match she made enemies with the SCW staff and lost some of her loyal fanbase.

Now The Woman Scorned has done the unthinkable. She ditched Marie and has struck out on her own. Kimberly decided to get her Underground Title Match her way. Thus far her methods have worked far better than Marie’s and it has proven fruitful. It may not be a championship match but at least Kim is facing the Underground Champion Konrad Raab at Holly-Wood of the South. This is all part of Shaun Cruiserweight’s silly notion that Kim should “earn” her title opportunity. This is despite the fact that Lucas Knight, Konrad Raab, and Justin Davis all got shots at the Underground TItle without actually earning it, but why bother with facts right? Williams has no issues with “earning” her title match. She has already begun the process by defeating Diamond Steele in impressive fashion. A victory over Konrad (her second straight victory over him, actually) would force Cruiserweight’s hand. He could not deny Kim her rightful Underground Title Match then.

Finally getting into the thick of the Underground Championship picture isn’t the only Marie Jones screw up that Kimberly must fix. There is still one loose end that The Woman Scorned must tie up, and that loose end is by all rights a dangerous one to say the least. In the build up to SCW Retribution, Kimberly and Marie had faced several attacks from an unknown assailant. One was a physical attack from a mysterious female outside of a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Another was a more direct and threatening attack when Marie’s home was set on fire by an arsonist. Marie doubted that the two attacks were related, let alone perpetrated by the same individual, but Kim is convinced that it is the same person and that person, that mysterious woman, has it out for Kim and her twin sister.

Why would anyone have it out for Twin Magic? The answer is simple; Kimberly and Marie are the children of Sean Williams and Angelica Jones. It was Sean Williams and his brother Douglas Williams who perpetrated a series of murders in the Massachusetts area. Sean is deceased now but he was never charged with the crimes as Douglas plead guilty to all of them and convinced authorities that he acted alone. Not all of the victims families agreed and the mere fact that the children of a murderer, the nieces of a murder, are walking free and happy, is definitely enough to drive someone off the deep end. Especially if they already have a propensity towards violence.

In the past Kimberly would have had difficulty pursuing this loose end, because Marie would have tried to stop her. Now that she has ditched Marie, The Woman Scorned is free to pursue this investigation. Lucky for her, she does not have to pursue it alone. Kimberly now is being assisted by her half-sister, the daughter of Andreas Lasiewicz and Angelica Jones, the Polish-American Jessica Lasiewicz.

The siblings are walking down the sidewalk in Salem, Massachusetts. Well, Jessica is walking, dressed in a red sun dress, matching red high heels, and a black leather jacket. Kimberly is skipping along, whistling happily while dressed in torn denim jeans, black boots, and a black t-shirt that reads “Oktoberfest Is My Friend” in red lettering. The Woman Scorned has a wide ear to ear grin on her face in anticipation of the meeting that is about to take place. But Lasiewicz, in contrast, looks very hesitant to say the least.

“You’re insane, you know that?” Jessica remarks stoically.

“Everyone says that but I’m beginning to think I’m the only sane one around here and its the rest of you who are nuts!”

“Nie. Jesteś szalony.”

“I do NOT suffer from insanity.” Kim turns and winks at her sister, letting her know that she did understand what was voiced in the Polish tongue. “I enjoy every minute of it!”

“So you’re learning Polish?”

“Uh-huh,” Kim says nodding her head “I have to since I’m gonna be spending more time around you. I can’t have you talking about me in Polish and me not knowing what you’re saying.”

“Is that so?”


“...Twoja matka jest dziwką.”

“Yeah, but so is yours because we share the same mother!”

“Just wanted to check and see if you really did learn Polish and you weren’t just guessing.”

“I love guessing games! Can we play Guess Who when we get done? Only I wanna play Strip Guess Who with the Dalek!”

“Sure we…” Jessica frowns “Strip Guess Who?”


“With The Dalek?”


“There’s a problem with that Kim. Your stupid robot doesn’t wear clothes.”

“He can remove his plunger. He’s practically naked without it.”

“I’m not fond of the Strip Guess Who idea and I don’t think my husband is, either. Besides, we’re here.”

Jessica and Kimberly come to a stop near a small home. It isn’t grandiose, it isn’t even very modern looking. But it is good enough for a small family. The looks on Lasiewicz grow more nervous but Kimberly, on the other hand, seems giddy with pleasure. Jessica can sense that Kim is about to make a run for the front door so she grabs her half-sister by the arm and holds her back.


“Awwww, why? I can’t wait to meet the mother of the chick my daddy or uncle killed!”

That’s right, Kimberly and Jessica have arrived at the Johnson family home. Paula Johnson, a nineteen year old victim of the killing spree Douglas Williams was convicted of, lived here. According to Kimberly’s own research, Paula’s mother still lives here. Kimberly is convinced some member of the victim’s families is responsible for attacking Kim and Marie in Nashville and burning down Marie’s house in Boston. Marie was never supportive of Kimberly’s plans to track down this person and stop them. Jessica, on the other hand, is supportive; but she is still cautious.

“First of all, this is why I said you’re insane. Only someone thoroughly insane would get joy out of meeting a relative of someone that their uncle murdered.”

“Insane or a sociopath. Pick one!”

“Look, Kim, I support your plan to try and find out who has been stalking you and Marie. I support it because I agree with you. I think Marie’s little plan to try and get your uncle’s sentence reduced or overturned has drummed up too much spotlight, and the victim’s families are noticing. I think one of them could be behind the attack and the arson. But this is a situation you need to approach very delicately. You can’t run in with guns blazing.”

“I have no guns.” Kim says grinning like a Cheshire cat. “I left them at home!”

“Good because…” Jessica pauses to think about what Kim just said “...wait, you have guns?”


“Ok, that’s another discussion we’ll have. But first let’s talk about this house and who lives here.”

“Fine.” Kimberly laughs softly. “Uh, yeah, I did my research and that is the Johnson home. Paula Johnson, the nineteen year old and final victim of my uncle’s killing spree lived there.”

“Who lives there now?”

“The mother still lives there; her name is Joan and she is seventy-seven I think.”

“You know damn well a seventy-seven year old didn’t attack you in Nashville and I doubt one would have committed arson against Marie.”

“Perhaps not but she might know who did.” Kim smiles knowingly.

“Fine, but that’s all we’re here for; information. Nothing more and nothing less. And for the love of God do not tell her you are related to Sean or Doug Williams in any way!”

“Party pooper.” Kim sticks her tongue out at Jessica. The Woman Scorned turns towards the house and continues her march towards the front door with Jessica following closely behind. They reach the door and Kimberly knocks. While waiting for an answer, Kim turns towards Jessica.

“Since you don’t want me to be Kim Williams can I be Kimlock Holmes? You can be Watson!”

“Do you realize how dumb that sounds?”

“Indubitably, my dear Watson!”


“The fair sex is your department Watson.”

“Just act normal. If you want information, act normal.” Jessica snaps at her half-sister quietly. That is the last thing she can say before the door slowly opens. She can only hope Kimberly is going to listen. Standing there is an elderly woman with hair as white as a sheet. She is short, no taller than five foot two, and walks with a slight hunch.

“May I help you young ladies?”

“Yes, ma’am, are you Joan Johnson?”

“I am.”

“I am Kimberly Jones and this is my sister Jessica. We’re journalists doing a report for a newspaper about a recent event and we would like to talk to you, if you have the time.”

Jessica is actually surprised that Kim is able to perform so well and act like such a perfect young lady. No doubt the elderly Joan Johnson. Still, despite the act and using a different surname, Jessica is unsure if this woman will buy Kim’s story. Kimberly isn’t exactly dressed like a normal reporter. Kim and Jessica wait for what seems like an eternity, but is actually just a few seconds, but eventually and surprisingly the elderly lady nods her head.

“Of course, please come in.”

Joan turns and begins to walk inside. Kimberly and Jessica follow her inside. Kimberly cannot ignore the irony of this. Kimberly’s uncle, or perhaps even her father, murdered this woman’s daughter. Now here she is about to talk to Joan about the incident, hoping to get more information. Jessica, meanwhile, hopes that Kim can keep it together and continue to act normal. The siblings follow Joan into a small but nice living room area. Joan sits in a rocking chair while Kim and Jessica sit down on a plaid patterned sofa.

“I have to admit, you two young ladies are not the first people to come wanting to talk.”

“Oh?” Kim asks, seeming intrigued.

“Reporters have spoken to me, lawyers have come to speak with me, detectives and private investigators have come to speak with me, even some of my own family who I have had little or no contact with in years have come to speak to me.”

“So you were expecting us?” Kim asks. Joan nods her head.

“Yes. Is this about my daughter’s death?”

Yes, ma’am, yes it is.” Kim answers with a nod of her head.

“I have had so many people approach me about that horrible event.” The woman is not fighting back tears, she has already shed enough of them. She is just angry. “I have tried so hard to forget and move on but now everyone who was involved in the original killings is once again pestering me about it. And it is bringing back horrible memories, all because their prime suspect is possibly getting a sentence reduction.”

“We had no idea so many people had been bothering you.” Jessica speaks up. “We should just leave, I’m sorry for bothering you, Ms. Johnson.”

“It’s ok, young lady. You are just doing your job; I’m not mad at you. If anything I am more angry at the lawyers and the detectives.”

“Why is that?” Kim asks out of curiosity.

“They threw the book at Douglas Williams…as they should…but in all honesty I do not care what happens to his sentence, whether it gets reduced, increased, or stays the same. I do not care because I do not believe he is the one who murdered my daughter. I believe it was his brother Sean.”

“But they have so much evidence pointing to Douglas…” Jessica points out. Joan shakes her head.

“Flimsy evidence at best. The artist sketches of the murderer doesn’t look a thing like Douglas Williams. Of all the witnesses, only about half pointed to Douglas as the killer and those half weren’t even certain of what they saw. Douglas just confessed to it all and police were willing to accept it and run with it, closing all of the cases without even bothering to check to see if they were right.”

“Just like Son of Sam.” Kim says with a smirk.


“Now we know what happened to Paula, but I do want to ask about your other daughter.”

“Kim!” Jessica is shocked when her sister brings this up. Kim never bothered to cover this with her. Jessica never knew that Paula had a sister.

“What do you want to know about Carol?”

“Carol, eh? Nice name. Nice name for someone who has been in trouble with the law for arson.”

“I think you two need to leave.” Joan says with tears forming in her eyes and anger washing across her face. Kimberly stands up.

“Not yet. I want to know where Carol is? Is she still living with you? Cause if so I may just stay with you until she comes back home. I’d like to have a little interview with her!”

“Kim, stop!” Jessica rises up and grabs Kim by the arm. “We’re leaving!”

“Is Carol still living with you?” Kim asks again, despite Jessica trying to drag her away.

“She was…” Joan sighs “...but she left at the beginning of April and I haven’t heard from her since.”

“She’s in trouble with the law again, isn’t she?”

“Ye…yes.” Joan stammers as she nods her head. “She told me she had to go on the run, to stay under the radar. I knew she must have done something, I just wasn’t sure what.”

“Well let me fill in the blanks.” Kim shakes free of Jessica’s grip and approaches Joan. “I am Sean Williams’s daughter. And I am deeply sorry for what my father did. He and my uncle did horrible things. My uncle is where he deserves to be for what he did and my father should’ve been there with him. I cannot fix anything they did. But your daughter, Paula’s sister, attacked me in Nashville and burned my sister’s house to the ground in retaliation.”

Joan’s eyes grow wide with shock and disbelief. She is about to speak again but Kimberly won’t let her. “I won’t turn her over to the police. I have enough evidence I could turn her over the authorities, press charges, and get her in prison for a very long time. But God knows my family has already hurt your family enough. So I won’t turn her over to the police, but the next time she contacts you, you tell her that this is her one and only opportunity at mercy. She needs to back off. I am not guilty for my father’s sins or my uncle’s sins. Are we clear?”

Jessica isn’t sure whether it is out of fear and intimidation or genuine sincerity, but Joan nods her head in agreement. At this point Jessica is able to get another grip on Kimberly and finally drag her back through the house and out the front door. Once outside Jessica slaps Kim, hoping to slap some sense into her.

“Are you NUTS?!”

“What? Was I too subtle?”

“You were too blunt!” Jessica says, nearly shouting. “What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking…” Kimberly sighs deeply “...I was thinking about what my dad or uncle would probably have done. And I wanted to do the opposite. I wanted to show mercy and that’s what I did.”

“You nearly scared that poor old woman to death!”

“What would she have done? Called the police? She knows I’m right. I have all the evidence I need to press charges against her precious daughter, the only child she has left. But like I said, my family has done enough damage to her. My family took her oldest child, I’m not going to follow in my dad’s footsteps and take her remaining child away. As long as Carol stays away, I will keep my word and show mercy.”

“And what if she doesn’t?” Jessica asks. “If Carol IS the arsonist and she tries to retaliate because you got so damn close to her mother, what will you do then?”

“No mercy.”

April 30th, 2022
Atlanta, Georgia
On Camera

We open in front of the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. It is bright outside as the cameras roll, catching sight of “The Woman Scorned” Kimberly Williams riding her trusty robot friend The Dalek onto the scene from stage right. The Dalek rolls to a stop dead center of the screen. Kimberly then hops up off of the Dalek and turns to face the camera. The playful psychopath waves at the camera.

“Greetings to all of my loyal Kimmymaniacs out there! I want to take this time to address certain accusations made against me…for starters, Oktoberfest among others have accused me of being a coward.” Kim snickers nastily. “Me? The crazed bitch who literally chased Jordan Majors all over the damn nation just to finish a match; I’m a coward? No, no, no, you got me all wrong there you Wiener Schnitzel. Ever since you got your decrepit Jurassic era hands on my Underground Championship I have been trying to convince someone, ANYONE, in SCW management, namely Shaun Cruiserweight, to give me the opportunity to kick your German Chocolate Cake eating ass all over the arena and leave your Volkswagen blood all over the ring! So am I coward? No, am I insane? Maybe. Maybe I am? What is insanity anyway? Do you know, Oktoberfest?”

“Sane is the insanity most call normality put forth by society. Do you need me to unpackage that for you, Wiener Schnitzel? Ever since losing the Underground Title I have beaten the likes of….well…YOU for example, and Autumn Valentine, and Polly Playtime, and Diamond Steele. I was deemed worthy enough for a World Championship Match I didn’t even fucking want but NOT worthy enough for an Underground Title Match? Explain that to me! And the same braintrust who made that decision thought that Lucas Knight getting all teary eyed about the return of the Underground was enough to warrant him getting a title shot. Justin Davis still being able to breath was enough to make him worthy of an Underground Title shot. And you, Konrad, the only reason you got an Underground Title Match was because you keep shrieking about blood this, violence that, and get your stupid self banned on twitter, and by the way, the only reason you are still drawing breath right now is because I didn’t deem it worth my time to cave in your damn skull. I guess humiliating yourself and not dying is enough to make yourself worthy of getting an Underground Title Match.”

“People think I’m insane?” Kimberly shakes her head. “There are only two people who I can honestly say are out of their freaking mind insane. First of all, I point the accusatory insane finger at Shaun Cruiserweight. If that idiot thinks that his decisions make any lick of sense then he truly is out of his damn mind. Shaun, you wanted me to EARN a title match? This is despite the huge list of successes I have already pointed out. This is despite the fact that I probably gave Diamond Steele a damn concussion and damn near broke her legs all WITHIN the standard rules of wrestling. Yet all of that isn’t enough to make my match against Oktoberfest at Holly-Wood of the South a title match? I still have to beat his dumb German ass for a second straight time.” Kimberly nods her head. “That’s right, I already beat him once but you conveniently forgot about that, didn’t ya? But like I said, I have no problem doing whatever it takes to get a title match. Even if it means fighting Oktoberfest again. Because I am not a coward, I do not run from a fight. That was Marie and her shtick. That’s why I kicked her to the curb. Marie made me forgot who and what I am. I am the Queen of the Death Match and I always give the fans exactly what they want and what they want from me is violence galore!” A sinister grin forms on Kim’s face.

“And what YOU want me to do, Shaun Cruiserweight, is to commit murder. Seriously, I mean, you booked the match. Me against Konrad, NON-TITLE! Well I’m going to force you to crown a new champion because I am going to hurt that old man. I am going to injure him. I already proved to you that I could do it. What happened to Diamond Steele? I was showing mercy. I’m not going to show mercy at Holly-Wood of the South against Oktoberfest because I sick and tired of being jerked around.”

“The other person who I can honestly say is certifiably insane is none other than the pretender to the throne himself, Oktoberfest. Your old German ass actually thinks you are as violent as me? You actually think you can hang with me when there are no rules? You are living in a fantasy world, my friend. Or maybe your age has finally caught up to you? Maybe you are finally going senile? And the fact that you walk around claiming to be the Underground Champion is an offense to me and everything I have done to resurrect that title. If Shaun Cruiserweight were going to hold everyone to the same standard that would be one thing, I’d have no problem earning a rematch for that title. But the mere fact that I had to watch as Lucas, Justin, and YOU all got title shots for doing jack shit is pissing me off.” Williams smirks.

“But whining about it and crying about it is what Marie wanted me to. I kicked her bitch ass to the curb because I know I am better than that. What gets results in SCW is action. So I am going to take action at Holly-Wood of the South. We are going to paint the town red in each other’s blood, Oktoberfest. If you truly get a hard on for violence then I am about to give you the thrill of a lifetime as I butcher your ass!”

Williams hops on top of the Dalek. It turns and rolls away. The camera fades to black.
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SWC Southern Heavyweight Champion 1x
MWA Turmoil Champion 1x
GCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
HKW Bloodlust Champion 2x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
SCW Underground Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 1x
SCW United States Champion 1x
MWE Chicago Way Champion 1x
Queen of the Death Match

[Image: mariejonesnew.png]
UWA World Champion 1x
UWA X-Class Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
GCW World Champion 5x
GCW Heritage Champion 1x
GCW World Tag Team Champion 4x
SCW United States Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 2x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
IWC World Tag Team Champion 1x
MCW X Division Champion 1x
GDW International Champion 1x
GDW World Tag Team Champion 3x
ICW Shock Champion 1x
SWC Tag Team Champion 1x

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Konrad's illegal street fights and Konrad's psychologist watching them. Chicago, Illinois. Wednesday 27th April. (Off-Camera)

It had been a tough week since the losses for Konrad, but he didn't care; incredibly, he did become violent towards his friend or friend he once had in wrestling. At the same time, he had to do what was best for his career and to out violent Kimberly Williams. Konrad wasn't satisfied with fighting just inside a wrestling ring; he had a passion for fighting outside.

Heck, he even fought in NASCAR as of late with a couple of drivers. His lust for violence had grown a lot, especially being the Underground champion. Darren was still hosting the illegal street fights in the street. However, it had become more extensive than the last time Konrad fought when he wasn't so drunk. However, his psychologist, Aaron Tyrone, was watching Konrad fight.

He had to see what Konrad was like in the illegal street fights area. He sees there were more fans in attendance, more willing to fight than ever before. Konrad smiles as he's already in the small octagon cage Darren could afford with the money he was making. Konrad licks his lips as there's a big guy with a bald head and big hands, looking like he could knock anyone out. Konrad didn't care.

When the fight began, Konrad was so ready when Darren finished the introductions that he, with all of his force, took the big guy down immediately, laying down the punches and kicks onto the man, even to the point of him choking him out. It was more or less Konrad being fully ready to fight as he hadn't done illegal street fights in some time, but it was like Konrad knew what he had to do.

On the other hand, Aaron gasped and was horrified at how dangerous Konrad was outside of the ring. Suddenly, Konrad saw blood on the big man's face pouring down as he smiled, placing his hand on the cut of the man's cheekbone. Konrad places the blood on his chest before licking some of it. Konrad had his hands in the air, laughing about it. Aaron wrote everything down, seeing that Konrad was right; he had grown addicted to violence and fighting.

Darren notices a guy writing down what was happening in the fights going on, and as Konrad took a seat in the octagon, having a rest after the consistent fights, he had tonight. Darren walks straight over to Aaron and slaps the papers to the floor.

Darren: "What's your business being here?"

Aaron Tyrone: "I'm sorry?"

Darren: "What's this shit you're writing down, giving it to the journalists or the police, are you?"

Konrad couldn't relax as he stood up and left the octagon to see what was going on. Konrad rushed over; especially he knew Darren was very protective of his business and pulled Darren, who nearly grabbed hold of Aaron.

Konrad Raab: "I told this guy to come, Darren. He had to watch me fight. Aaron Tyrone here promised that he won't get the police to come or get journalists to write this stuff."

Darren: "What the fuck, Konrad?"

Aaron Tyrone: "He's right; I wanted to check up on what was going on as I'm Konrad's psychologist. I'm trying to help him overcome his awful past. I said to him I needed to see him do illegal street fights. You're secret is safe with me."

Darren: "As long you're keeping records only for Konrad to see and not anyone else, you're welcome to stay since Konrad did allow you access here."

Aaron Tyrone: "I won't trouble you anymore."

Darren and Konrad returned to the octagon, and Aaron was shaken by what he saw. Not because of Darren, but because of Konrad's explosive fights. Konrad's fiancee had never seen him fight illegally because Konrad wouldn't let her. One guy from the audience had a steel chair with him and threw it in the ring, completely missing Konrad. Konrad looked at the man who was more significant but smaller than the guy he fought in the cage. The man had tattoos everywhere, short black hair, and muscle on him. He snatches the microphone from Darren.

Big guy: "I'm Kevin, and I don't want some punch and kick down; I want to challenge this fucker to a hardcore weapons fight. I don't care if it's against the rules, but if Konrad wants to prove how vicious he is, he can prove it right now."

Konrad Raab: "Fine with me; I'll show you how dangerous I am in this environment. Not every day do I get challenges like this. Bring it on, bitch."

Konrad passes the microphone back with Darren nodding his head at both; especially, he knew there would become a point that Konrad would fight someone in a hardcore wrestling rules style. The only difference was there were no rules, and everything was off-limits in this situation.

Darren: "Kevin here challenged Konrad to a hardcore weapons style of a beat down, and since Konrad accepted, I see no reason why this match can't happen in the world of an illegal street fight. Let's do it, boys."

Darren immediately got himself out of the octagon cage. He closed it before the horn went, and they went to beat the hell out of each other, even when fans were throwing weapons over the octagon as Darren went to sit next to Aaron and saw how much Aaron had to look away at Konrad's fighting style at times.

Darren: "Glad you came?"

Aaron Tyrone: "I am and not at the same time. I am because I needed to see how dangerous Konrad is, and I'm not because I don't like this sort of thing, and I see why Konrad loves to fight."

Darren: "I was surprised to see Konrad come down like almost last year and want to do illegal street fighting. Today, I see he's even more violent than ever before; even when he fought drunk, he wasn't this bad."

Aaron Tyrone: "Has he ever spoken to you about his past before?"

Darren: "Never. He told me wrestling in the ring is not enough and needed to let more of his anger out, but nothing other than that."

Konrad threw the man across the cage, even with a light bulb across his head, as he pierced his head with a sharp point multiple times, laughing. Konrad's enjoying the moment; he could be reckless without anyone telling him to stop, even with the same old thing of wiping blood on his chest and even licking his face to bite his face.

Darren: "Jesus Christ, I didn't know Konrad loved blood. He seems to be victorious when he bled someone and enjoys it."

Aaron Tyrone: "He loves blood so much that he tempts to beg people to cut him, even cuts himself at times. Did you even know he had a fiancee he loves?"

Darren: "The way he fights, I thought he was incapable of feeling or being loved. Wasn't aware he was engaged."

Aaron Tyrone: "Oh, trust me, if you say one bad word about his fiancee or his kids, he'll beat the shit out of you. I've had the beat down to prove it."

The evidence showed Konrad begging the guy to beat him with a weapon to cut him open wildly when someone threw a barbed wire at Konrad, and he immediately picked it up, screaming for his opponent to cut him. His opponent did just that and cut him open, leaving Konrad with a smile on his face.

Darren: "Now I see what you mean."

Aaron Tyrone: "Yes. He has terrible nightmares, you know. He says it makes him feel better due to the beatings he got from his father and people bullying; beating him all of his life, too, didn't help things. That man is mentally very sick."

Darren: "I can see he needs a lot of help. I guess what you told makes perfect sense why he needs to be angry and fight every day to make him better."

Konrad's done everything to beat the guy down so bad that he could barely get up. Still breathing, leaving everyone to applaud, but scarcely any cheers, especially how extreme he got, mostly because he enjoyed himself way too much. Aaron wrote down everything, even shocked the man was crawling. Konrad got out of the octagon, covered with cuts and bruises, sighing with relief of the happiness he had.

Konrad Raab: "I'll never give up doing this. I love every single minute of this."

Aaron Tyrone: "So me and Darren can see. I hope you leave people alive than trying to kill them."

Konrad Raab: "I told you, Aaron, I don't aim to kill people with my beatings. I might love violence, but I wouldn't kill people. That guy was at a point I could have, but I made sure he was left breathing. Fuck."

Darren: "We won't allow that, and I'd stop it before it gets to that point."

Aaron Tyrone: "I'm just concerned about Konrad, is all. I respect what you do and get young men from breaking the law, but what happens if you lot do get caught?"

Darren had always wondered about that, although he had been caught before, not to stop the illegal street fights, mainly because they were always far away from police stations, fighting in the middle of nowhere in Chicago. Konrad licked his lips from the blood running down his cheek, wanting to be a vampire due to his love for blood.

Konrad Raab: "I will still fight, regardless. Nobody can stop me."

Darren: "Then other people around can host fights. I got someone in place in case that comes to action. Anyway, that's not the point. Not everyone has the money to go to gyms and beat people. This is a place where people can do it for nothing."

Aaron Tyrone: "Oh no, got nothing against that at all. Konrad's mental illness is worse than I originally thought, and it's not helping him. I know it's something he loves, but he does need to talk more about what we c.........."

Konrad Raab: “Oh fuck off Aaron. I wanted you to talk to me about my fucking issues with my life,  not stop me from fighting. I've tried to do other things, but it does nothing. Thanks a lot for telling Darren about my past issues, by the way. Don't think I didn't catch you speaking to him about that. I'll fuck off now."

Konrad walked away as he was done fighting for the night, even if it was because he was pissed off, but at the same time, it wasn't going to stop him from fighting in the streets outside of illegal street fights. He was a fighter, and if Konrad could, he'd fight in his sleep. Darren went back to the octagon arena, and Aaron followed Konrad. Konrad shoved Aaron to the wall, gritting his teeth.

Konrad Raab: “What the fuck?”

Aaron Tyrone: "You needed to hear the truth that this fighting stuff is not benefiting you. It's making you worse. It's making your fiancee cry on the phone to me because of the danger of you either being killed or you killing someone. I didn't even tell Darren about the situation you got yourself into with your fiancee either, being so irresponsible."

Konrad Raab: "If you dare tell anyone about that, I'll fuck your ass up. What my fiancee said will not be discussed with anyone, even if the signs are there. I hid as much as I can from me..........."

Aaron Tyrone: "You can't, you can't hide that from media or anyone. It's right there, so I think you should stop fighting."

Konrad Raab: "I'll never change because I don't fight in front of them. Unless someone provokes my kids or my fiancee or tries to hurt them, they'll be dead. Fuck off and leave me alone; I want to get home and spend time with Luiza before facing the so-called queen of deathmatches on Sunday."

Konrad pushed Aaron before he walked back to his home, while Aaron walked in the other direction to head back to his home with the data he had written down with what he witnessed regarding Konrad and his illegal street fights. He was concerned that Konrad could get into more fights but left him to his own devices.


Your bath of blood awaits you, Kim. Chicago, Illinois. Friday 29th April. (On-Camera)

Back to where he brought his abandoned warehouse, with windows covered in blood, flooring covered in red and gold paint, the blood of victims that has grown as of late on the blood wall of fame, especially the matches he had elsewhere. Also the skeletons around the room as well. Konrad goes to sit in the wooden chair, covered with paint as he wears the suit, but exposing his chest a bit with a knife along with red paint laying next to him. His chest unveiled a lot of cuts from cutting himself due to how much he loved blood right now. Konrad licks his lips, widening his eyes.

Konrad Raab: “Kimberly Williams is the only wrestler right now that's just as violent as me in this entire company. Yes, we get it, Kim, you beat top wrestlers before, something you consistently brag about and brag about how much better you are than some wrestlers here. We get it, but do you honestly think I give a shit who you've beaten? The answer to that is no because it doesn't mean a damn thing coming into this match and being nothing more than a whining bitch to be frank and you've done it for no reason. You haven't proved how violent you are at all lately. Not since you lost the Underground title. While I have been violent and trying to bust people open every single one of my matches I've had.”

In a way, Konrad did have respect for Kimberly, but the problem was nowadays, there were many violent female wrestlers in the company, compared to the guys which there were none. Konrad picks the knife up and cuts himself across his upper chest as he sees the blood coming out of him.

Konrad Raab: “Kidnapping weak people don't count. Unlike you, I kidnapped former SCW champions here with and without Jackals. Heck, I was the one who sent Lucas Knight packing because you didn't do a good job and you had more than a perfect opportunity to get the Underground title back. Instead, you switched your motive to go for the SCW title. Like you could've been a violent SCW champion, something this place needed. I would die to get another SCW shot and I wouldn't reject it because, in your words, you've already proven to be the top wrestler. But why do you need the Underground title if you're the queen of deathmatches and queen of hardcore wrestling then?”

Although it was a short point, it was a valid one as Konrad breathes in and out and he takes off the metal tin paint lids and he sniffs the red paint, imagining the red paint being Kimberly's blood all over his body. Konrad shakes as he always does when he starts to get angry.

Konrad Raab: “Do you know why I wanted to become violent? Because unlike you who prefers to be stuck in a fucking box all the time, because you're scared of getting yourself out of your comfort zone, I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and be a vicious maniac. I became a bully that nobody wanted, but I needed to be. I needed to become violent, unlike you who have no reason to be violent. All of my life, I've been beaten, bloodied, burnt and bruised by my dad, bullies in and out of wrestling. I wanted to let out forty-five years of anger and I loved it. I loved when I caused bleeding on other wrestlers. I loved the match I was put in against Cassidy in the deathmatch to prove I can be violent.”

One moment in his entire career that bothered Konrad a lot was a particular match Kimberly was in as he drinks some water, before then picking up the tin of red paint and pouring it all over his body, dripping with paint from head to toe as he even licks some of the paint.

Konrad Raab: “Also, who the fuck you think you are, walking away from the match against Selena and Deanna because you act like your better than them? In my ten years of being a professional wrestler, despite me not liking to take part in some matches I've had, I've never disrespected the wrestling business by leaving the arena like that. I hated the living shit out of that tag match I had against Justin and Spencer, but instead of being a pussy to walk away, I knocked the referee down on purpose, just like you could have done to have the match ruled out because that match meant fuck all to me.”

Konrad pours more red paint on himself, smiling as he got a lot of his anger out, relaxing on the chair, feeling he had more to say which he did and continued to use a knife to cut more deeply into his body, relieving the mental pain he always had and made him feel a lot better.

Konrad Raab: “Let's discuss that match we had shall we? You didn't beat me Kimberly you stupid cunt. I lost because I used a weapon, something you were too afraid to do, not by pinfall or submission. You've never beaten me. You could say I won actually on being the most violent in that match. You hesitated and you should've hit me with a weapon because I beg for people to hit me and make me taste my own blood every match. But I also make my opponents taste blood too because that's the kind of psycho I am and I'm ineffective at feeling psychical pain because I feel pain mentally and that hurts a lot worse.  Bet you never want to make yourself bleed at any point to make yourself better, do you?”

Konrad laughs evilly, knowing he may have gotten into Kimberly's brain by knowing that while she did win, Konrad always felt he won a much bigger award. Of course, he rubs his hands, flicking his fingers from making a fist to releasing his fists consistently, seething like he's exhausted, but more excitement of the thought of violence always hit on his mind, consistently.

Konrad Raab: “Who gives a fuck about earning title matches anymore? In my whole career, I have earned a PPV title match and I didn't get one until Holly suggested putting the Adrenaline title on the line last year. So I went from two thousand and sixteen to two thousand and twenty-one without a PPV title match and all of those times, I've had wins. I was ignored and got tired of it so I had to become violent to get there. Six months to wait for a title shot is nothing compared to waiting five years for a PPV title match. Earning title matches is outdated and Shaun was stupid for stating that, couldn't agree with you more.”

It's something that had weighed on Konrad's mind, but he knew he had to move on and plot what he was going to do to Kimberly Williams, although it wasn't something both he or Kimberly wanted at all. Konrad grits his teeth at how much more he wanted this match to be.

Konrad Raab: “Do you know something else Shaun completely overlooked? How he makes us two violent wrestlers wrestle in a regular match. How is that proving who the most violent wrestler is? No weapons, no fancy exploding deathmatch where someone will literally die and I would be happy to die in a sport I love competing in, beats dying from cancer or some tragic disease that awaits us in the future. I would love to bleed to death. Heck, bring that tactical warfare cage down for us to beat the fuck out of each other because that's what we want. We don't want a boring regular match that serves no purpose for us violent wrestlers.”

Konrad gets super excited as he drinks more water from the metal bottle he carried with him and he goes over to the blood wall of fame and smiles at the collection of what he had picked up.

Konrad Raab: “Also Kimberly, you may not know this, but I've actually represented Supreme Championship Wrestling in an Elimination Chamber in Asylum Wrestling Society a few weeks ago, a rumble type match where pinfalls, submissions and knockouts are the only way to win and I was the second-best wrestler in that match. I carried that SCW Underground title with me to that company to promote the company I hate. I've done more to represent this Underground title than you and Lucas Knight did as champions. Heck, if there's a place to have violent fights apart from wrestling, I'd do it because that's my life.”

Smiling growing on Konrad's face, knowing that while he didn't win, he represented himself in a violent company where he almost won the entire match, against other wrestlers coming across from other companies.

Konrad Raab: “I eat, drink, sleep, breathe violence. My brain is so consumed by it that I can't stop thinking about it, even when I race against the other NASCAR drivers, I think of the violence I'll cause. Even consumed of your bath of blood, waiting amongst you. I know, far fetched, but that's how pissed off I am that I have to wrestle you in a non-violent match that's pointless because you can't use weapons to beat the shit out of me. But I guess I'll use my fists because you've never gone against the most violent man in this company, never fought violent men since you've adapted the queen of deathmatches and we won't count Lucas Knight because he was a joke of being violent.”

It was clear Konrad had a lot to say, but at the same time, time was getting short and he had to get back to his fiancee. He still had a few more words to say as he still love to taste paint and blood mixed into one. He sliced a bit of his upper arm and placed the dripping blood in his mouth.

Konrad Raab: “When it comes to it, Kimberly. Shaun will have made a big mistake not changing his mind about the match not being a violent type and there's no room for error, but I don't give a fuck if I get myself disqualified again for beating you to the punch of beating the fuck out of you with a weapon. Wins and losses don't matter to me because I enjoy beating you senseless, with blood pouring from your skin, blood pouring from your skull, placing your blood along with the poor wrestlers who had to suffer from my own hands. You better get ready for the most violent fight of your life because you will get it. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Ice Blood because you will very well be completely blooded all over your sickening body with and without weapons to hit you with.”

Konrad hadn't cared about winning since he won the Underground title because it didn't appeal to him at all. He stood up and the camera went black before he left his abandoned warehouse and leaves to head back home.
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