Kimberly Williams vs. Konrad Raab
SCW Underground Championship

Steel Cage Match

2 RP Limit for singles matches

No word limits

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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May 14th, 2022
Boston, Massachusetts
Off Camera

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,” - Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven

It is a cold and rainy evening in Boston, Massachusetts.  The dusk has fallen and night is quickly approaching.  The home of Kimberly Williams is already a strange and eerie place to be, considering that The Woman Scorned and former SCW Underground Champion refuses to keep it tidy, refuses to clean, and actually prefers it to appear in shambles.  The deranged ginger grew up in shambles.  For the first eighteen years of her life she was raised by her legal guardian in a run down shack located in the middle of nowhere, a shack that would not pass any health or safety checks.  Williams has been used to living like this, in what most would call squaller.  Could she afford better?  Yes, she has inherited great wealth from her now deceased manager Sorinah.  Yet she still refuses to upgrade.  This is her lifestyle and this is the way she likes it.  Kimberly is used to the feelings of cold and loneliness.  But that cold and loneliness is taking on an added creepiness on this New England night as a storm is rolling in, with sounds of thunder heard in the background.  The dark clouds look menacing and the flashes in the background seem to indicate lightning is coming as well.

Bring it on.  Kimberly is not intimidated by storms.  In fact, tonight she expects to sleep very well.  She just received the news from her half-sister Jessica Lasiewicz that SCW general manager Shaun Cruiserweight…errr, that’s Shaun Cruze…has finally broken down and granted Kimberly’s request.  On the next Breakdown from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Kimberly will challenge Konrad Raab (or Oktoberfest as Kim prefers to call him) for the SCW Underground Championship inside of a steel cage.  Over the past few months she has been granted world title matches, television title matches, and finally when that was all done still she was made to jump through hoops and cut through red tape.  Yet finally the match she has long sought after is here; her fair one on one rematch for the SCW Underground Championship.

Kimberly is walking slowly through the hall of her small home and into the living room.  She is wearing a pink unicorn onesie and has a bottle of Sam Adams in her hand.  There is a ratty torn looking old sofa in the center of the room.  A small cage with her pet hamster named Caligula is on the sofa.  The Woman Scorned sits down on the sofa next to Caligula.  She takes a deep breath and then sighs.  What’s that smell?  Probably mold, mildew, and any other possible contaminants that are poisoning Kim.  But figuratively speaking Kim is smelling the sweet smell of victory.  One would think that tonight, after downing this booze, Williams would be able to rest easy for the rest of the night…

“Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.” Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven

Three loud knocks are heard at the door.  The fact that she can hear these knocks despite the rolling thunder and other sounds of the storm in the background is enough not to scare Kim but definitely put her on high and heightened alert.  Williams takes a quick swig of her Sam Adams and then places it down on the sofa next to her hamster Caligula.  It isn’t long before three more loud bangs are heard from her front door. The Woman Scorned sneers.

“Tis some visitor, tapping at my chamber door. Only this and nothing more.” Williams gazes back down at Caligula and smiles broadly. “I really should stop reading poetry before bed!” Kimberly’s focus is placed right back on the front door when she hears three more loud knocking sounds.  The Woman Scorned narrows her eyes in a look of anger.  She already has an idea of who this visitor may be, and that is precisely why she truly cannot get a good night’s sleep tonight.

Kimberly Williams has been the target of a string of attacks recently.  The first one was a few months back in Nashville, Tennessee shortly after an SCW event.  Kim and her twin sister Marie were attacked by a mystery woman outside of their hotel.  A few weeks later Marie’s home was burned to the ground.  While Marie thought it was a coincidence, Kimberly became convinced that the two were connected.  She was convinced that both crimes were perpetrated by the same person.

A month prior to the first attack, Marie had used a large sum of Kimberly’s inheritance to finance a very public legal defense of their uncle, Douglas Williams, who was in prison for a string of murders.  In Marie’s mind, getting an innocent man out of prison would make them look good in the public eye.  But Kim knows her uncle is guilty; and as soon as she and Marie were victimized by two crimes shortly after this began, Kim knew that the assailant had to be a member of the victim’s family.  The Woman Scorned even went as far as to track down who she felt was the most logical suspect: Carol Johnson, a woman who has been in trouble with the law for arson before and is also the younger sister of one of the victims. Kim and Jessica paid Carol’s mother a visit, where Kim threatened her to keep Carol away from her business. She was hoping a threat would do the trick.

Yet it appears that perhaps Carol Johnson has arrived on Kim’s front doorstep.  Three more loud bangs are heard from the front door.  Williams walks over to the fireplace and picks up a dagger that is lying on top.  Kim turns back to Caligula and flashes a warm, motherly smile at the hamster. “I’ll be right back, sweetie!  Mommy has to gut a bitch!”

The Woman Scorned happily skips over out of the living room and over towards the front door.  Three more loud knocks are heard.  This is getting annoying.  Kim may stab whoever it is regardless of if it is Carol or not.  Williams grabs hold of the door knob and pulls it open.  She rears back with the knife and starts to thrust forward but stops suddenly as she sees that it is not Carol Johnson, the suspected attacker and stalker, there on her doorstep…

…it is Kim’s twin sister, Marie Jones.

“Kim!  What the hell is with the dagger?!” Marie says, jumping back.  She is soaking wet from the rain that is now pouring down as a result of the storm.  Her long sleeve red sweater and denim jeans are drenched, possibly ruined.  Kim looks over at the dagger then back at Marie and shrugs her shoulders.

“What do you expect?  Some random stranger comes knocking on my door at night during a thunderstorm and you expect me NOT to be prepared to stab someone?”

“Kim, I’m YOUR sister!”

“Yes, and that means you have a key to my house.  Why the hell didn’t you just use it?” There is a long pause from Marie while Kim awaits an answer.  None comes and Marie just sighs and shakes her head.

“I wanted to make sure it was ok to come in…considering we didn’t part ways on the best of terms…”

Kim gazes deep into her twin sister’s eyes.  Looking past the drenched rat appearance of The Phoenix, Kim can see a look of repentance in her eyes.  Williams sighs and steps aside, motioning for Marie to step across the threshold.

“Come in out of the storm, Marie.”

“Thanks.” Marie nods her head in appreciation.  She steps across the threshold and makes her way over into the living room with Kimberly following closely behind.  Marie immediately goes towards the sofa but Kim quickly speaks up…

“No…Caligula is sitting there.”


“Caligula will get wet if you sit next to him.  Caligula doesn’t like getting wet.”

“Then we can move him to the floor.”

“No, Caligula gets to sit on the sofa. YOU sit on the floor.”

“I probably deserve that…” Marie sighs as she sits down on the floor next to the sofa.  Kimberly approaches and sits down on the sofa next to her hamster.  Williams folds her arms over her chest and frowns.

“Do you want something to drink?  Or maybe a towel?”

“No…” Marie shakes her head “...I think you know why I’m here.”

“Humor me.” Kim says with a playful grin on her face. She does indeed know why Marie has decided to come crawling up to her doorstep this evening.  Well, she has at least two ideas of why she is here.  She’s either here to try and manipulate her again or she wants to apologize.  Either way, Kim is going to work her emotions, torture her, make her work for it.

“Please don’t play games with me, Kim!” Marie says as she wipes her face down; it is unclear if she is wiping tears out of her eyes or just trying to dry her face the best she can with the sleeves of her shirt. “I just said it outside.  We did not end on good terms.  And…”

“And what?” Kim cups her hand over her ear, as if she wants Marie to speak louder.

“...and I just don’t want to let it end like that.  That’s all.”

“Why not, little miss Matriarch of the Jones Family?  Our mother retires and suddenly you declare yourself as the head of our wrestling family.  Our Aunt Kayla is still active but did you consider that?  No.  What about me or Jess or Kelly?  No.  Hell, you didn’t even consider our cousins who have Jones blood in them.  You just automatically assumed leadership position.” She sneers down at Marie. “Which is all you’ve ever really wanted.  You’ve always wanted to boss people around.”

“Kim, please…”

“Shut up!” Kim snaps back quickly with venom dripping from her voice. “I have taken a lot from you, Marie.  This has been years in the making, so if you really are sincere about making things right between us, then you are going to sit there on your ass and listen to me tell the truth about you!” Kim’s loud and sharp words pierce Marie’s soul.  She remains silent and lets Kim continue.

“Since the time I turned eighteen and was no longer bound to my legal guardian, I wanted to kill you.  I literally wanted to murder you, Marie.  And you know why?”

“Emma…your guardian.” Marie says quietly. “She lied to you about me, about our mom, about…”

“Yes, she did put lies in my head.  But Marie, you should know that even fairy tales begin with kernels of truth. And what I observed when I saw you, my twin sister, was a spoiled brat.  I saw the favorite.  And you can’t deny it, you used to be mom’s favorite.  Even Jessica sensed it and resented you and mom for that reason.  But unlike Jess, I was crazy so I decided to try and murder you. That’s why I got locked up in a mental asylum…” she points a finger at Marie “...because I tried to murder you.”

“I remember.”

“And the men in the white coats at the funny farm were trying everything they could to keep me locked up indefinitely.  They didn’t think it was possible to get through the anger, the rage, and the insanity to find the real Kimberly Williams.  And my half-sisters, my mother, they weren’t willing to try.  But you, my twin sister, you were willing to reach out.  You visited me many times and we spent hours talking.  Do you remember how those early conversations went between you and I?”

“Yeah…” Marie gulps, with a nervous look on her face, and nods her head “...mostly you were telling me I was an idiot for trying and that if you ever got out you were going to kill me.”

“Yep!” Kim says grinning from ear to ear. “But you didn’t give up, did you?  You kept trying and eventually you broke through.  You found Kimberly Williams the human being. That changed me forever. Was I still a little eccentric and deranged? Yes, but I had changed enough to convince the men in white coats to let me go.  And because of what you did for me, I was in turn loyal to you.” She chuckles nastily. “We may be twins, Marie, but we are sooooo very different.  It really is nature versus nurture.  And for the two of us it boils down to nurture.  You were nurtured in an environment of wealth and privilege and you never went without anything.  I was raised by sociopath who never gave a damn about me.  So I learned to become self-reliant, and whenever I actually DID need help…I learned to appreciate those who actually did give a damn about me.  Do you remember UWA?”


“Good.  That was one of the first placed where we worked closely together.  You were a tag team champion in UWA with Sophie James then and just like the spoiled brat you are, you didn’t appreciate it.  You wanted a singles title.  So you asked me to take your place as tag team champion, knowing full well how convincing I was at being you and knowing UWA would never figure it out.  So I took your place in order to let you keep the tag title but not actually defend it and at the same time pursue other avenues and singles success.  You’re welcome.”


“And then there was our first appearance in SCW.  You drank Syren’s kool-aid.  You bought her line of bullshit hook, line, and sinker.  And you helped her and Katya maintain control over SCW for quite a long time.  You even had me join in and help you.  I told you that Syren was a no good back stabbing bitch.  I know who the no good back stabbing bitches are because I was raised by one, and Syren is a no good back stabbing bitch.  Did you listen to my warnings?”


“That’s right, you didn’t.” Kim sneers. “You went and made a fool of yourself and me in the process.  You also nearly burned down a ton of bridges by siding with that whore.  But I remained loyal.  And then SCW Retribution 2020, I lost the SCW United States Title and you lost your bid to become SCW Adrenaline Champion.  That night you took your ball and went home, leaving me alone in SCW.  Despite my loyalty to you, you had no loyalty for me, but I didn’t hold any grudges. What you did was your business.  But then at last year’s End of the Year Special, you wanted to make a grand return.  And you promised me that you would help deliver to me the one thing I wanted most…my rematch for the SCW Underground Championship.  You were jockeying for tag title shots for us, and I remained patient, you managed to get me a Television Title shot that I did NOT want, and I remained patient, and I even took that lame ass World TItle Match you roped me into, because you promised this would all lead to an Underground Title Match for me eventually.  I was expecting you to use whatever magic you had to get me a shot at the Underground TItle that next Breakdown after Retribution.  Instead we were scheduled to face Selena and Deanna.  I had no problems fighting them but you convinced me to walk off the job.  I remained loyal and walked off with you.” Williams throws her head back and laughs.

“Being used and manipulated is enough to drive anyone crazy.  It brought back a little of that darkness, that darkness that I had buried deep down inside. I will freely admit to you that I was prepared to hurt you, Marie.” The Woman Scorned gazes down into her twin’s eyes.  Marie is clearly shaken by this admission.  Kim finally shakes her head after a tense few moments of letting that admission sink in. “But I didn’t want to leave my nephew without a mother…or leave his mother crippled.  So I gave you mercy and told you to just stay out of my life.  That gift of mercy was my last bit of loyalty for you that I had remaining inside me.” The Woman Scorned rises up off of the sofa.  She motions for Marie to stand up.  Reluctantly, and unsure of what Kim is about to do, Marie does stand up and faces her sister.

“I want you to look dead in the center of my eyes and know I am serious when I say that while I will never hurt you, this really is the last chance you’re getting with me.  All I ever wanted since walking out of the loony bin was a normal relationship with my family…but most of all with my twin sister, who you would think would be the closest relationship I would have.  I don’t want to be your sidekick, Marie.  I want to be your sister.”

Kim and Marie lock eyes.  They stare at one another for several tense moments.  Finally Kim stretches out her hand, offering a handshake.  Marie looks at the hand and then back at Kim.  Marie shakes her head and instead embraces her twin with a tight hug. “That’s what I want too, Kim!” Eventually they break the embrace.  Kim and Marie are both smiling now.  Though Kim’s smile quickly turns into a more stoic gaze.

“Good…but you had better not be manipulating me again.  In fact, after tonight you should know that you cannot manipulate me.  I’ve always known you were using me but I let you because I felt I owed you my loyalty.  You have used up the loyalty you had gained just for getting me out of the funny farm.  From here on treat me like I should be treated…like your sister.”

“Deal.” Marie says, nodding her head quickly and wiping some tears from her eyes. A soft laugh escapes her lips. “I’m glad we could have this talk, Kim.  And I really am glad you finally got that Underground Title Match.”

“You heard?” Kim asks.  Marie nods her head.

“Yeah, Jess told me all about it.  Go kick Konrad’s ass and take that title back.”

“That’s the plan.” Kim says with an evil grin.  A really loud clap of thunder followed by lightning echoes in the night sky.  Marie and Kim turn and look out the window.  Marie shudders.

“That storm is so awful.  I hate to get back out in it but I need to go pick up Sean and get home.”

“Home?” Kim shakes her head. “No, you need to stay.”

“But I need to get my kid.”

“Is he safe right now?”

“Of course, he’s with mom.”

“Good, then call her and tell her she’ll need to keep him overnight.  You’re staying here tonight.”

“Kim, what’s wrong?” Marie is looking nervous again, mainly because Kim is looking more and more frantic, her face is even growing pale.

“Look, Marie, there’s a reason I damn near stabbed you to death at the front door!”

“Yeah, because you’re jumpy.”

“That’s not it.” Kim shakes her head. “Do you remember Paula Johnson?”

“Uh…sort of.  Isn’t she one of the victims of Uncle Douglas’s alleged murder spree?”

“Not alleged, our Uncle Douglas DID kill those people, Marie.  You can be in denial if you want but he did kill them.  And he did kill Paula Johnson.  She had a baby sister named Carol.  Carol grew up and in her teens she was in trouble with the law for arson.” Marie’s eyes grow wide upon hearing this startling revelation.

“Are you suggesting she burned down my house?!”

“I’m telling you she did!  I practically confirmed it when I went and confronted her mother a few weeks ago.”

“You did what?!”

“Jessica didn’t tell you that?” Kim asks. Marie shakes her head. “Oh, well, she probably knew you’d overreact.”

“Did you threaten her?”

“I did not threaten her…” Kim shrugs her shoulders “...but I may have threatened her daughter THROUGH her mother…”

“Oh God…” Marie shakes her head “...Kim…”

“This woman was already off her rocker enough to be an arsonist.  Now she’s been provoked because you’re trying to get her sister’s killer out of prison, and she’s been further provoked by me intimidating her mom, I fully expect her to track me down and confront me.”

“And you had the knife to kill her, right?”

“Of course.”

“Kim…” Marie sighs and shakes her head “ can’t just go around killing people.”

“Why not?  It would end this.  It would end this problem that you started.”

“I started?  How did I start it?!”

“You started it by trying to get our murderous uncle out of prison.”

“But he may be innocent.”

“He’s not innocent!”

The back and forth argument between the twin sisters abruptly ends when a loud crash is heard throughout the house.  Kim and Marie are immediately hit with a wave of winds and rain, because the nearby window has been shattered and broken.  Kim looks down to see a brick has been thrown through the window.  Marie rushes over to the window to see if she can find the perpetrator.  But by the time she gets there she hears the screeching of tires, indicating that whoever it is just sped away.

“Damn it…” Kim snarls “ was Carol, I’m sure.”

“I hate to say it but you’re probably right.”

“See what I mean, Marie?  We HAVE to end this!  She will keep attacking us until she is stopped.”

“Let the police handle it.”

“They won’t be able to stop her.”

“How do you know?” Marie asks.

“Because I know that kind of rage she has…it is the same kind of rage I had once, the kind of rage I had when I was eighteen and wanted to kill you.  I would not have stopped had it not been for you.” Kim states grimly.  Marie is about to respond when a ringing indicates that her cell phone is going off.  Marie reaches into her pockets and produces her iPhone.  The caller ID says ‘mom’.  She quickly answers it.

“Hey, mom…I’m at Kim’s and I’m about to head home but…” Marie’s eyes grow wide and the look of fear across her face indicates to Kim that something bad has just happened “....oh no!  We’ll get there right away!”

“What is it?” Kim asks as Marie puts her phone away.

“It’s Jessica…her home was broken into about an hour ago.”

“It was Carol.” Kim says angrily.  She starts to storm away and Marie rushes to catch up.

“Calm down, Kim!”

“No!  She attacked you and I, she tried to burn your house down, she attacked me at my home, and she went after Jessica.”

“But why Jess?  She has no ties to Sean Williams.”

“But she is our half-sister, and Carol knows that Jess was there when I confronted her mother, and Carol knows that she can get to me through Jess.  You can’t convince me otherwise, Marie.  This has to end one way or the other.  It will be us or Carol.”
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SCW World Champion 1x
SCW Adrenaline Champion 1x
2019 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Regan Street & Kellen Jeffries)
2020 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Ace Marshall & David Helms)
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Serious concerns of Konrad getting a lot worse for the wear. Kansas City, Kansas. Friday 13th May. (Off-Camera)

Aaron Tyrone Konrad's psychologist knew he had to go to a NASCAR race. It's been hard times, at least in wrestling for Konrad; well, last week for his NASCAR career could be said the same, with Konrad getting increasingly worse. However, Aaron's concerned about Konrad's mental well being, especially since Konrad hadn't wanted to see Aaron talk about his mental health. Sure, Konrad walked away when the situation of his ex-wife kept coming up in the discussions all the time, but Aaron knew it did need to be discussed.

In this case, it was Aaron. Konrad and Aaron were at Konrad's motorhome in Kansas Speedway track as it's the only place they could have confidential discussions. Aaron stuck to his word on attending races should Konrad need him, although it was the other way around on Aaron needing to see Konrad. It was an early evening were; it was in baking hot conditions. It was well over sixty-five degrees, to a point Konrad had his shirt off. While his girlfriend went to college weekend courses in Chicago, so it was the first weekend, Konrad was on his own.

He wore only shorts because of how hot the weather was in Kansas. They were in a relatively large living room of Konrad's motorhome, sitting on chairs like the office chairs since the black leather sofa was only for resting and watching TV. Aaron had a brief look around when Konrad attended an autograph and pic session with the fans today, as he usually does the day before practice and qualifying.

Konrad shook his head as if he already didn't want to talk about his massive downside on things with himself. Aaron wasn't the only one concerned about Konrad's mental well being, which is why Aaron was at the race track. Konrad couldn't get comfortable, shaking as if he was already going to snap, which was something Aaron spotted last Monday in another company. Konrad closed the small black curtains so nobody could read their lips and what they were discussing. Aaron was in a suit, looking disappointed at Konrad, and he was not going to waste any more time as Konrad was still shaking, unsatisfied with what the discussion was going to be.

Aaron Tyrone: "Getting angry, are we?"

Konrad Raab: "What other emotions can I express these days?"

Aaron Tyrone: "Love you should be showing to your future wife."

Konrad Raab: “What the fuck are you on, Aaron? I love Luiza every day. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. She wanted to do a college course, and I allowed her because we did need space from each other."

Aaron Tyrone: "Let me guess, you two got in an argument, right?"

It was clear Konrad wasn't going to answer, not a single peep out of him as he sighed, knowing that he couldn't yell at her because of the situation they got themselves in that Konrad never spoke about to anyone. Konrad places his head across his hands, almost like he beats himself over the head with them, more he is angry with Aaron.

Aaron Tyrone: "I knew it; you're not answering my questions means you both have got into an argument about you and your refusal to talk about your nightmares and your anger feelings to Luiza."

Konrad Raab: "Because she has other things going on that are far more important. I get it, Luiza wants me to talk about the nightmares and feelings, but I don't want to scare her more than she is already."

Aaron Tyrone: "It's quite clear you do love her, but while I understand what you and Luiza are going through, it doesn't stop you from talking about how you feel about yourself. You are getting worse. I know you don't want to talk abo..............."

Konrad Raab: "Don't you dare bring my ex-wife's name up. The fact you think my anger comes from me not getting over her was ridiculous. Do you think I give a shit about her being with Ian? I don't even look her up or anything online cos I moved on."

Aaron Tyrone: "You're in mental pain because of it, Konrad. That's the problem. I saw how you did your illegal street fights, and that day, you wanted to do more than end the fight; you looked like you wanted to kill him."

Konrad Raab: "Maybe it's because my career life has gone to total shit. My anger has nothing to do with her."

He was shaking a lot now, trying to retain his anger. Still, he completely snapped and luckily for Aaron, he had security on standby as they quickly came into the motorhome and tasered Konrad for him to drop to the ground before he could lay a punch on Aaron as one of the security men stood in Konrad's bedroom. The other stood outside of Konrad's motorhome. He was seething so heavily and could barely breathe when he got up.

Aaron Tyrone: "Konrad, I know you don't want me to bring her up, but you need to discuss that point of your life with someone. It's eating you inside for not discussing it. I know you moved on, but it is the source of your anger. You rushed into a relationship, knowing you weren't fully over her."

Konrad Raab: "I needed to be to get over my pain. I'm still hurting to this day. I have not once ever thought about hitting Luiza. Never, but I have wanted her to cut me open, but she refuses to."

Aaron Tyrone: "Because she doesn't want you to do it. You are nearly covered with cuts on yourself, and some of those aren't all wrestling ones either. When are you going to realise that Luiza, when she's in bed with you, doesn't like seeing your chest covered with cuts on them.? When will you realise that you're putting Luiza in danger when you do these illegal street fights?"

Konrad Raab: "How when the fighters, nor does Darren know or even seen Luiza attend them? I don't have her watch them because for her protection."

Aaron Tyrone: "You don't think wrestlers or wrestling fans don't watch NASCAR? They know what she looks like, and they also know, despite you trying to cover up the future situation too."

It was clear Konrad had overlooked it, blind to all of it, especially since the cameras have shown Konrad and Luiza together a few times, even if she has begun to be Konrad's spotter majority of the races. For the first time in a while, Konrad was shaking for a whole new reason.

Konrad Raab: "Of course, I get scared every day if something happened to Luiza Doe, you fucking cunt. She is my weakness; she makes me drop my guard and sometimes does calm me down. She knows I'll be straight there and beat the shit out of someone who would even dare to hurt her. I get nightmares about it every other day. It does scare me and angers me when I think about it. You have no idea how much protection I give to Luiza."

Aaron Tyrone: "Now, are you considering stopping to do your illegal street fights?"

Konrad Raab: "No, because I told you I need to do them to let forty-five years of anger out. I held too much shit in. All I do is be angry because it makes me feel better."

Aaron Tyrone: "But Luiza has been crying to me because she can't talk to you about it in fear of you abandoning her."

Konrad Raab: "You motherfucker for telling me lies."

Aaron tries to crawl under a table, but Konrad pulls Aaron's leg and swings across the other side of the motorhome quite hard, as the security had to taser Konrad once again as he lays on the floor for quite a while this time around. Aaron picks himself up and sits back down on the rotating black chair as Konrad slowly gets up and sits back down, and Aaron holds his hands up to his face for protection.

Aaron Tyrone: "No, it's not a lie, Konrad. She may not have said it, but the tone of Luiza's voice says it all that you could be dumping her for someone else."

Konrad Raab: "I would never do that."

Aaron Tyrone: "You two need to talk because you told me stuff you haven't mentioned to Luiza. Luiza said things she hasn't spoken to you about. I know you two love each other, but when Darren told me the other day he wasn't aware of you showing other feelings apart from anger, that got me concerned because it does feel like each time we talk, you're always angry. You always want to make yourself bleed."

Konrad Raab: "I show Luiza how I feel away from everyone. She knows and sees it. She compliments me on how gentle I am with her. She compliments me on how much love I show her. I buy her presents every damn week, you know. But I won't lie that my brain is consumed with violence and pain. If anyone tried to break into my home or attempt to hurt Luiza, I'll have a baseball bat and smash the living shit out of them."

Aaron nodded; it was the first time Konrad had mentioned other feelings than anger and related mental pain. Well, only love, but it seemed to Aaron that Konrad wasn't happy, beyond getting married and their other role in life, which they kept a secret. Aaron nodded directly at Konrad with the issues he was combating with the anger and wanting to fight all the time to make himself happier.

Aaron Tyrone: "I wish you would find something more creative to do than doing these illegal street fights. Like drawing your fights on paper. That would be more constructive than beating people in the streets. You do honestly need to do yoga or Tai-Chi because you are consistently angry, and if you do one of those things, maybe your anger would be a lot more controlled.

Konrad Raab: "To be honest, Luiza has always wanted me to do Tai-Chi with her, and maybe I should. But I still have this fighting instinct in me to fight. I know the gym options of boxing and MMA practice fights are there, but it's too controlled for me. I want violence, and illegal street fighting is not controlled, and I like that. Wrestling can be controlled, but not with the Underground fights I've done, and I've enjoyed it."

Aaron Tyrone: "You need to think of other things to do psychically and mentally outside of the gym, racing and fighting related."

Konrad was a little calmer than he was at the beginning of the conversation, not as shaky, but still got them. He was beginning to sweat like crazy because of the amount of yelling he did earlier and the amount of fighting he did on Aaron. It did make Konrad tired and exhausted, but it was something he was used to, but illegal street fighting wasn't the only thing on his mind.

Konrad Raab: "I thought many times to do illegal street racing as well. Mostly because when I drive, I get my anger out that way too. I drive aggressively, or so Kyle Young and Brad Rogers say."

Aaron Tyrone: "Is it also true that you said you're willing to die in the wrestling ring or on the NASCAR track? Because it seems like you're quite happy to lose your life in the ring or on track. The way I heard you say that makes me think you're suicidal."

Konrad Raab: "Because I rather die in the ring or on track, doing something I love, than of cancer? That has nothing to do with me being suicidal. How dare you think of something stupid like that."

Aaron Tyrone: "You need to think of things to do that aren't illegal based. We still need to talk a lot more, and I expect you and Luiza to talk about things you've both said to me privately by the time I see you next because you both need that discussion without anger. I wish you stop cutting yourself to relieve yourself from pain. You need to think of other emotions you have instead of hiding them behind your anger."

Konrad nods, finding it acceptable to agree, mainly to get some sleep as he was tired before the practice and qualifying sessions he had tomorrow. Aaron and Konrad shook hands, and Aaron left Konrad's motorhome. Brad paid for Konrad's motorhome due to their consistent NASCAR tours around America. It was great for Konrad because he never used to get out of the house much beyond wrestling. Konrad turned all the lights off in his motorhome and headed straight to bed.
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[Image: uABMX60.jpg]
May 16th, 2022
Boston, Massachusetts
Off Camera

Despite her eccentric mannerisms and as deranged as she may come across to the public, the fact is that Kimberly Williams does have real emotions and real feelings. She may express them and deal with them differently from most due to who she is and how she was raised, but she still experiences the same feelings of guilt that any other human being would feel when they have done wrong. The Woman Scorned certainly felt extreme guilt when she learned that her uncle, Douglas Williams, was in prison for a series of murders decades earlier. The feels of guilt would only increase when she did some research and found out that her own father, Douglas’s brother Sean Williams, may have been involved in those murders as well but got away with it. And finally, to add the icing on the guilt trip cake, Kimberly’s identical twin sister took it upon herself to try and fund a legal defense for their convicted murderer uncle Douglas Williams in an attempt to get his sentence overturned on appeal.

Kimberly knew that stirring the spot the way Marie was would only bring about trouble. So she wasn’t too surprised when she and Marie began to be targeted by a mysterious stalker; first an attack in Nashville, Tennessee, and then an attack on Marie’s home by burning it to the ground. And furthermore, Kim was not surprised to learn that the perpetrator of both acts was none other than one Carol Johnson, youngest sister of Paula Johnson who was a victim of Kim and Marie’s uncle Douglas. In Kim’s guilt riddled mind, she had no problem taking whatever abuse Carol had to deal out. After all, Kim let Marie stir the pot. Kim let Marie open up pandora’s box by trying to get a convicted murderer out of prison. She and Marie should have expected cosmic karma to come and bite them in the ass.

Yet now just two days ago the attacks have resumed, only Carol targeted not Kim and Marie directly. Instead she targeted their half-sister, Jessica Lasiewicz. The guilty feelings of Kimberly Williams increased to the max when she learned that Jessica’s home was broken into. Nothing was taken, which is evidence enough that it is Carol Johnson behind it all. Lasiewicz had plenty of expensive items at her home. If it was a legitimate thief looking to make some quick money, they could have gotten a big haul from Jessica’s home. But the mere fact that nothing was taken, just the home itself was trashed and wrecked, tells Kimberly that this was intended to send a message; and only Carol would have reason to send a message.

Jessica Lasiewicz, Kimberly’s half-sister and someone who had no real connection to the Williams brothers' crime spree or the current attempt to get his sentence overturned on appeal, was targeted. Jessica is now involved with Kimberly’s problems through no fault of her own other than just simply being related to Kim.

The Woman Scorned is currently walking through the grasses of St. Augustine Cemetery. The nearby Chapel that goes along with the Cemetery is nearby in the distance. The sun is shining down bright overhead. Kim, wearing torn denim jeans, flip flops, and a ‘Fire Shaun Cruiserweight’ t-shirt, is walking side by side with her half-sister, “The Archangel” Jessica Lasiewicz, who is dressed a lot more appropriately for a cemetery visit than her eccentric sister. Jessica is wearing an ankle length black skirt, black high heel pumps, and a floral print orange silk blouse.

“I’m so sorry you got drug into this, Jess.” Kimberly says quietly as she shakes her head. That look of guilt is washed across her face. “It’s all my fault.”

“Shut up, Kim. None of this is your fault.”

“Isn’t it? Jess, I made you come with me to that crazy woman’s mother. I confronted her mother and threatened her right then and there. I should have known that Carol would retaliate.”

“You can’t control and are not responsible for the actions of another.” Jessica states firmly.

“And none of this would have happened had I just kept my damn nose to myself, had I just not bothered to look into my past. I never would have found out about how my uncle and my father were killers. But I just had to know about my past.”

“You have every right to know about who you are, Kim.” Jessica says soothingly as she pats Kimberly on the back. “You had your childhood and your true identity stolen from you, literally, when you were kidnapped at birth. You had every right to find out about your past.”

“Yeah…” Kim perks up suddenly, grinning from ear to ear as an idea pops into her head “...but Marie shouldn’t have tried to break my uncle out of prison! Yeah, that’s it! Let’s blame Marie!”

“Nice though,” Jessica chuckles softly “but I don’t think we can blame this entirely on Marie.”

“But it’s nice to blame things on her, isn’t it?”

“It is, I agree with you on that.” Jessica and Kimberly stops in front of a small tombstone. Looking down at it, in small lettering, the name ‘Sean Williams’ is engraved on the front. Lasiewicz points down at the tombstone. “It’s his fault.”

Kimberly looks down at the tombstone. She nods her head in agreement. If anyone can be blamed, it would be Sean Williams. According to Kimberly’s own research Douglas Williams confessed to all of the murders that occured around the Boston, Massachusetts area. But the witnesses that authorities spoke to only managed to finger Douglas for just a few of the murders. The artist rendition of the murderer did not even match Douglas, at least not for all of the crimes. Douglas himself even strongly implied when speaking to Kim that Sean was the perpetrator of some of the crimes, but he would never tell the authorities. Kimberly is convinced that her uncle Douglas took the fall for her father Sean. The loyalty between the two brothers was quite strong. In fact, the loyalty Douglas had for his brother Sean is reminiscent of the kind of loyalty Kimberly once had for her twin sister Marie. Kim cannot help but shudder as she realizes the striking similarities. If Marie had committed a murder would Kim have taken the fall for her twin? At one point, she definitely would have. Jessica notices Kim’s look of uncertainty and nervousness and quickly makes it a point to ask about it.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just…” The Woman Scorned sighs as she points down at her father’s headstone “...I look at this, his final resting place, and I realize how similar my story is to his. My dad and uncle, they were killers. They were cold blooded killers. And the only way I can finish this once and for all is to become a cold blooded killer myself and finish what they started…I have to kill Carol.”

“Don’t say that, Kim…” Jessica says, shaking her head.

“How else can I finish this? How else can I guarantee she won’t hurt this family again? First she attacked me and Marie. Fair enough, Marie did publicly tell the world she wanted to appeal her sister’s killer’s sentence. But then she went and burned down Marie’s home. My nephew could have been inside…Marie’s boyfriend could have been inside…” Kim points a finger at Jessica “...and then she went and targeted you.” Williams chuckles softly. “Ironic, either my uncle or my father killed Carol’s sister, now I have to kill Carol in order to protect you and Marie.”

“Kim, listen to me.” Jessica places a hand on her sister’s shoulder. “You can follow in your uncle and brother’s footsteps to fix this, but you don’t have to become a murderer.”

“What are you talking about, Jess?”

“You told me about the one time you visited your uncle. He told you that he was a model prisoner, he is repentant, and he does not want to leave prison. He wants to stay and pay for his crimes.”


“And your father…you told me that after committing those crimes he started training first in law enforcement and then began studying law, hoping to make up for his sins by helping others. You don’t have to become a monster in order to fix this. Your uncle is trying to pay for his crimes. Your dad tried to pay for his crimes.”

“The world doesn’t work like that Jess!” Kim exclaims. “And I don’t work like that! How do you expect me to diplomatically end this?! How do you expect me to talk Carol down from this crime spree she’s on?”

“First of all, you need to stop this appeal process Marie has going on. How is she funding your uncle’s defense anyway? Is it with her own money?”

“No, she’s using mine.”

“Then cut her off. Tell her and her attorney that the appeal is over. You said it yourself that your uncle doesn’t want to leave, that he understands that he belongs there.” Jessica points to the gravestone. “And after you do that, maybe it will be time to finally tell the truth about what really happened.”

“I dunno, Jess.” Kim looks down at her father’s gravestone and then back up at her half-sister. “I think that might make Carol even angrier. What if that doesn’t stop her and she keeps targeting me?”

“Then let the police handle it. This time SHE is the one in the wrong, not you or your uncle. You cannot just take justice into your own hands. That’s what Carol is trying to do.”

“I don’t know if I want to do that…” Kim turns and starts walking away. Jessica follows her.

“Why not?”

“My family has done enough damage to her family. We killed her sister. If I tell the police what I know, I’d put her Carol in prison for a long time.”

“But she deserves to be there! She committed a crime!”

“But does her mother deserve to lose another child?!” Williams walks back over to her father’s headstone and kneels down. She places her hands on the headstone and begins to weep. Jessica has never seen her half-sister so serious before. She has never seen her cry like this before. Lasiewicz places a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you going to be ok, Kim?”

“Yeah…I just wanna be alone.”

“Ok, Kim.” Jessica nods her head. “Call me if you need me.”

Jessica turns and walks away. Kimberly remains by her father’s headstone, weeping and thinking about what to do next.

May 16th, 2022, 1 Hour Later
Boston, Massachusetts
Off Camera

It has been an hour since Jessica Lasiewicz left her sister alone in St. Augustine Cemetery. Kimberly is no longer kneeling before her father’s headstone but instead finds herself sitting on a black iron bench nearby, staring across at it. The sun is still bright overhead shining down upon The Woman Scorned. She has had a great deal to think about since Jessica left her. All of her life Kim has believed the best reaction and best answer to any problem is through violence. Thinking back to her wrestling career she realizes that it took violence to finally convinced SCW General Manager Shaun Cruiserweight (aka: Shaun Cruze) to grant her a shot at the SCW Underground Championship. It took constant attacks upon the person and even friends and family of Oktoberfest (aka: Konrad Raab) to get that title shot she has desired and craved for so long. Violence has always been the answer to all of Kimberly’s problems.

Yet now her half-sister Jessica Lasiewicz offers a different answer to Kimberly Williams; try to handle it peacefully and diplomatically, try to talk Carol Johnson down. And if she cannot talk her down, then let the police handle it. Doing so would be a big divergence from who Kimberly Williams is deep down inside. In fact, it would be a big step away from who her family is. Her uncle and brother dealt in death. Kimberly herself has dealt in death before. When she learned that her guardian and kidnapper Emma had been lying to her all her life, Kimberly murdered her. When Marie’s abusive ex-boyfriend tried to win Marie’s heart back, Kim murdered him. When Kim learned that Sorinah Floreschu had been manipulating her, Kim murdered her. Death has always been a part of the Williams family identity. Can Kimberly be the one to break that trend?

Williams is pondering this very question as she gazes at her father’s tombstone. She realizes that he was trying to break that pattern himself. Her father, like Kim, felt extremely guilty when Douglas took the fall for his crimes. Sean wanted to redeem himself and his family. He tried to do so as a police officer and later he began studying to be lawyer, a lawyer who would help get innocent victims’s guilty verdicts overturned. But then he himself was killed. He never got the opportunity to break the pattern of violence within the family. Kim then came along and continued the pattern of violence. Is it Kim’s destiny to end that pattern of violence?

Before she can even contemplate an answer she feels a rope wrapping around her neck. It feels like a noose! Kim is gasping for breath as she feels it tighten around her throat. She can hear the sound of a female voice behind her, shouting with venom and hate.

“You are going to die! Just like my sister died!” Williams can indeed feel the air and subsequently her life slipping away. Kim grasps for whatever energy she has left to stand up. She can feel the woman leaping onto her back and the two fall to the ground. The woman tries to regain her grip and tighten the noose again but before she can Kim elbows her in the face. A second elbow finally forces the woman back. Kim turns around comes to face with the same woman who attacked her and Marie in Nashville. She is once again wearing all black and her rough looking dirty blonde hair is unmistakable. This is Carol Johnson.

Carol regains her composure and charges Kim but The Woman Scorned leaps out of the way. Kim then reaches into her pants pocket and pulls out a knife. She wields it menacingly, pointing at Carol.

“Get the fuck back, Carol, or I’ll…”

“Or what?! You’ll murder me like your uncle killed my sister?!” Carol shouts this with venom dripping from her voice. A part of Kim wants to just rush forward and do it, she wants to plunge that knife into her throat or chest and end this right here and now. “Do it! Do it!” Carol commands, almost daring Kim to finish the job. But Kim shakes her head.

“Just get out of here or I'll call the police!”

“That’s funny…” Carol sneers “, using the law for your twisted gain. How ironic. But you won’t get rid of me that easily. I know who you are and where you live and I will not stop until I stop you!”

Carol turns and jogs away. Once again Kimberly feels a strong urge to chase after her and finish the job. She knows she could easily kill Carol and hide the body somewhere no one would ever find it. And no one would even care to find her, either. Her mother, Joan, would care but police recognize Carol as a delinquent and it is doubtful that they would put much resources into finding Carol. Kim could murder Carol right now and end it. Yet another voice in Kim’s head seems to talk her down from the ledge. Kim, for the first time in a very long time, perhaps the first time in her life, has chosen mercy over violence.

Kimberly places the knife back in her pocket. She turns and walks away.

May 18th, 2022
Los Angeles, California
On Camera

The cameras begin to roll as we open up in bright and sunny Los Angeles. The immediate view we are presented with isn’t the beauty and luxury that one typically attributes to Los Angeles. Instead the camera picks up images of ratty looking tents along the side of the road. Even cardboard boxes are set up in such a way to be utilized as a ‘home’, if you can call it that. The pans around to catch the sights and sounds of the homeless in and around LA, and eventually it catches sight of none other than ‘The Woman Scorned’ Kimberly Williams and her loyal friend the drone lovingly known as Dalek. Kim is riding on top of the Dalek as it wheels through the area. Kim is wearing torn denim jeans, black boots, and a black t-shirt that reads “Proletariat” on the front in red lettering. Dalek comes to a stop and when it does The Woman Scorned hops off and then motions to the tents, cardboard boxes, and other ratty looking shelters behind her.

“Hello, Kimmymaniacs, and welcome to the slums of LA!” She takes in a deep breath and lets it out, sighing deeply with a big wide grin on her face. “I feel at home right here in the slums because this is how I grew up! I grew up in what most would consider a slum. Hell, I got so used to that kind of lifestyle I still live in squalor; but I do so because I choose to, not because I have to. I choose to because I don’t want to forget where I came from. The people of Supreme Championship Wrestling, they are full of wealthy good looking snot nosed punks who live the life of luxury. Definitely NOT your typical wrestler, am I right? Your typical wrestler knows what it means to scratch, claw, and barely survive day by day, week by week. That’s just not my lifestyle, and that’s one thing that sets me apart from the rest of SCW.” She points a finger at the camera.

“But that kind of luxury isn’t you either, is it Oktoberfest? You’re not the kind of guy who rides on private jets and limousines and that shit. You are real. Despite the many things I can and eventually will say about you today, I can at least give you credit for being REAL and not some phony fake. And I will give you credit for one other thing, Oktoberfest; so far you are the only one in SCW who I believe understands me and buys into my philosophy of the Underground division. You can see the state of SCW and realize that everything I have said about it is true. They make rules and then refuse to enforce them because it’s inconvenient. Shaun Cruiserweight talks of EARNING title shots yet Syren has been a losing streak going on damn near a year, dating back to when I last beat her ass, and yet she’s still near the top of the world title contender’s list? She’s ahead of me on the Elite Top 15? Seriously, how the hell does that make sense? And what’s more, how is that fair?” Kimberly shakes her head.

“The answer, of course, is that it is NOT fair. They speak of EARNING title shots. Hell, I beat Syren. I beat Autumn. I even beat you, Oktoberfest. And what I wanted was a shot at the Underground Title. Yet I got stuck in a world title match I never wanted. If I was deemed worthy of a world title shot but I wanted an Underground Title Match instead, you would think it logical to just take me out of that stupid ass Double Jeopardy Match and grant me an Underground Title Match. But instead I was told I had not EARNED a shot at the Underground Title. So let me get this straight…I had earned a shot at the SCW world title but I was not deemed worthy of an Underground Title Match? Yet I’m supposed to believe the SCW World Title is the more prestigious title?”

“That’s THEIR rules, Oktoberfest and their rules is nothing more than bad comedy. Just like how the elites of LA want to just ignore the slums and pretend that they do not exist, SCW and Shaun Cruiserweight like to pretend that their way of thinking and doing things works when in reality their system is flawed. And I exposed their flaws to the whole laughing world. That’s why Shaun Cruiserweight hates me. I proved that the Underground Division is truly the most FAIR division in SCW. Because the only fair way to compete is to compete without rules and the Underground Division is a division without rules.”

“I could point out how you could not beat Lucas Knight on your own, how you needed help to beat his ass, but everything that went down in that match, that night when you became Underground Champion, it was all perfectly legal. It was fair. At least you understand me, Oktoberfest. In fact, I would dare say that between the two of us we have made the Underground Title the most prestigious title in SCW. Is anyone really talking about Juneau Frost, Joshy Washy Hudson, Ci-Dees Nuts Turners, Facial Hair, or the Happy Slappy Farmstead Freaks? No way! They’re talking about you and me, you old wrinkled up Wiener Schnitzel. And who is in the main event of Breakdown? None of those clowns. It’s you and me! We’re in the main event of Breakdown. The people have damn good money to watch us tear each other part inside of a steel cage for the Underground Championship. We elevated the Underground Title. We did that, Oktoberfest. In a small way, I am proud of you.” Williams sneers nastily.

“But that is where the compliments end, you German Chocolate Cake eating weasel. Because as fair as I believe the Underground division is, the one thing that was NOT fair is you jumping ahead of the line. Shaun Cruiserweight wants to emphasize earning title shots but what exactly did you do to earn that title match against Lucas Knight? All you did was rant and rave endlessly about him until you got banned from social media. I suppose SCW thinks getting banned from social media is reason enough to grant you old German ass a title match? And while you were off ranting and raving, bitching and moaning, I was busy beating everyone SCW put in front of me. I beat Syren, I beat Autumn to become Television Champion, I defended the TV Title successfully against Polly Playtime, but was that enough in the eyes of Shaun Cruiserweight to make me worthy of an Underground Title Match? Apparently not.” Kimberly chuckles nastily.

“Then at Holly-Wood of the South, I went and humiliated you. I kicked your ass all over Atlanta and proved to the entire world that you are nothing more than a paper tiger of an Underground Champion. I proved that you are nothing more than transitional champion, a place holder, keeping that title nice and warm until the day I finally get my rightful rematch for the Underground Title.” She holds up two fingers. “That’s twice now I’ve beaten your ass, left you lying, and left you humiliated in front of the whole damn world. Yet you continue to make threats about what you’re going to do to me? You have yet to do anything to me, Oktoberfest! I humiliated you, I attacked your friends and family, I humiliated you again, and still you have managed to absolutely nothing to me. Yet the SCW fans are supposed to believe you are a worthy Underground Champion?” Kimberly shakes her head.

“You are a joke who got lucky and managed to win the Underground Title. You only kept the Underground Title because SCW has fed you weak ass competition. The moment I came calling you had to know that your reign as champion was over. That or you’re just as delusional as you are old. And knowing you, that may be a very good possibility. Maybe you are delusional enough to think you are a worthy Underground Champion? On Breakdown live from LA you are going to face the reality that your level of violence will never reach the level of yours truly, The Queen of the Death Match. And best of all, there will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no excuses inside of the steel cage…”

“ DO remember how I resurrected the Underground division, right Oktoberfest? If not, I will remind you; I kicked Jordan Major’s ass inside a steel cage and became the new Underground Champion. Steel cage matches are MY specialty, Oktoberfest. And I am going to win my second Underground Championship by beating your old Volkswagen driving ass all over that cage! And your laughable reign as SCW Underground Champion will be over!”

Kimberly hops back up on top of Dalek. Dalek then begins to roll away. The camera fades to black.
[Image: qyA5u6K.png]
SCW World Champion 1x
SCW Adrenaline Champion 1x
2019 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Regan Street & Kellen Jeffries)
2020 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Ace Marshall & David Helms)
[Image: tbBT7sA.jpg]

Konrad and Minerva spent time together, talking to one another. New Orleans, Louisiana. Friday 7th April. (Off-Camera)

After his match against Owen Lee, one person shocked him out of the blue, a secret he didn't know anything about until the last minute last night, Minerva. She was in the VIP box, along with his kids and Luiza. Minerva wanted time alone with Konrad as they hadn't seen each other in months. It was in agreement that Konrad could only sleep with Minerva other than Luiza, something nobody, not even Aaron, knows anything about. Everything happened quickly last night and even this morning as they kissed together in bed, knowing that Minerva was the only person willing to cut Konrad if he requested it.

Konrad had missed Minerva terribly because it's been so long since he last saw her. He briefly spoke to her, but nothing other than that. He kissed her as their bodies were covered under the duvets them lying next to each other. It was like in the good old days with Konrad having a smile on his face, knowing that Konrad did need to talk to Minerva, even with a smile on his face, the only other person in his life that knew Konrad well. Who understood Konrad better than even Luiza could.

Even Minerva had a smile on her face, just like the good old days when they were together for a small number of months and had always been right by her side. Konrad still was, but differently now, even if she would be his sister in law when he marries Luiza Doe. At the same time, Konrad had a lot on his mind, and it was nothing wrestling-related at all. Even if he felt angry all the time, it was a different story with Luiza and Minerva, especially with Minerva.

Konrad looks into Minerva's icy blue eyes, which always attracted Konrad's attention because of his mind, the most beautiful eyes he's ever seen because he loved eyes looking like ice. Especially his body art was covered with ice-related. Minerva kisses Konrad back, with Konrad exhausted, especially since they have not long finished what they had to do.

Minerva: "You honestly think I wouldn't miss seeing you wrestle in your ten years of being a professional wrestler, my sexy schnitzel?"

Konrad Raab: "I didn't know you knew about that, to be honest, and besides, I didn't expect you'd be free to see me wrestle my tenth-anniversary match against Owen Lee."

Minerva: "I'm glad Luiza didn't tell you then. I wanted to surprise you. The way you looked at me, you looked like your balls were about to drop mostly because you were so surprised, and that was sexy."

Konrad Raab: "I'm also glad you're willing to cut me when we have sex. Luiza won't do that to me."

Minerva: "Because she loves you. She doesn't like you demanding her to cut you open."

It did occur to Konrad how very different Minerva and Luiza are from each other. However, they were different anyway because of their personalities. Minerva digs her nails into Konrad again on his chest as he smiles, loving the pain he feels and especially the blood pouring from his chest as Minerva licks his chest.

Konrad Raab: "Well, maybe it is because of the other thing too, but I want her to make me feel better. I got to be honest, Minerva, I'm always angry. The more I loved cracking someone's head open with a weapon, I felt better. I got to let out forty-five years of anger, and violence is the best way. You understand, right?"

Minerva: "I do, but I also understand what Luiza is saying to me. She wants you to stop because she wants you to be the best husband you can be for her. I don't mind the illegal street fights you do, but you realise that Supreme Championship Wrestling will catch you doing them sooner than later."

Konrad Raab: "So be it if they do, and I'll handle it if they even know about it. But I do them because it's the only combat sport I can do whatever I please without restrictions placed on me. Even wrestling is not enough. I did them so I could unleash the real animal inside of me. I am a fucking animal that won't stop beating people for blood. I love the drips from other people."

Minerva: "I'm glad you're honest. I made you be this vicious animal. When she first met you, Luiza loved the violence you portrayed, but now unexpectedly, I must say, she fell in love with you, and her fear is you being dead or in prison. She's committed to being with you for the rest of her life."

These were things Konrad hadn't acknowledged. He knew how right Minerva was on why Konrad should stop doing the things he did. She didn't before because there was no romance involved and went from Luiza serving him to being Konrad's loved partner. It was a different story now, and she, along with Minerva, is Konrad's most significant weakness in life.

Konrad Raab: "Yes, you're right. I wish she's like you, cutting me whenever you want to and being able to talk about how much violence I think about, which is every single day. I love beating the fuck out of people with and without weapons. It was pure enjoyment for me to see people hurt and be bloodied all over the place."

Minerva: "I understand, I well and truly do, but I want you to care for my sister because she needs you more than you think. I'll be there at the wedding and the other thing when that comes closer, which I believe is pretty soon, right?"

Konrad Raab: "Yeah, and to think that well, we could've had the same thing if you weren't so scared of commitment to love."

Minerva: "It's just my past that prevents it. I can't even love myself, let alone someone else. I know you miss dressing up as a GIMP and how I loved to beat and torture you. Luiza told me you both haven't done that because she told me it would encourage you to be more violent."

Sure, Luiza had changed since being Konrad's lover. To some extent, Luiza living with Konrad had effectively worked because he had been barely on social media since then, giving him something to do. Konrad scratched his head as he breathed a little heavier, relieving the pressures of having to hide his violent feelings in his words. However, Konrad sat up, although he quickly grabbed a pair of his boxer shorts.

Konrad Raab: "I don't know how that would encourage violence more in me."

Minerva: "I don't either. I enjoyed seeing you fight last night; you improved greatly on your tenancy of anger and violence. I also loved how Luiza allowed us to be together because you needed this. I can handle you being violent, cutting yourself and everything. I think you and Luiza need to talk about this. I'm also aware you got a psychologist to talk to now."

Konrad Raab: "He pissed me off last time we spoke. He stated my anger was because I hadn't gotten over my divorce from my ex-wife. I left the building after that because that's ridiculous of him to say."

Minerva: "Oh fuck that. I'm glad you've moved on, and it's clear you love Luiza just from that alone. If anything, I bet Fizz might be the one jealous of you. She's always been that type."

Konrad Raab: "I don't give a fuck if she dies."

That was a massive low blow from Konrad, he had never said something so evil before, but he reminded himself who to thank in that situation. Konrad gets back in bed with Minerva raising a smile on her face as they kiss like wild animals, digging her nails in Konrad's back as he sighs like he was already turned on.

Minerva: "I loved everything you did last night, from wrestling Owen to having sex on the beach. I've not seen you smile for quite some time. I've been watching you, and you seem to enjoy being violent and angry. I'm not really into the whole NASCAR thing, but I understand you wanted to do something different than being an actor making movies."

Konrad Raab: "I suck as a movie actor. It was never for me, to be honest. I love watching films with Luiza on the sofa; it's one of the downtimes we have, but I've always loved racing, and the fact Brad took the risk of signing me on was a dream come true. Also, I gave Luiza a job being a track spotter."

Minerva: "That is the one thing I love you for is you went and did that; although she admits she needs to go on a college course to learn more about the sport side of things, it's quite clear you care and love her a lot. You need to talk to her about the cutting and needing to fight daily sort of thing. I mean, you can hit me all you want."

Konrad Raab: "No, I never want to do that to you either. I got Dakon Theron for all of that. He's the only guy I have as a friend that's a professional wrestler. Luiza got me to meet with him because I did need someone to talk to about wrestling and other issues I have like my nightmares I still get."

Instead of using her as beating bait, he has Dakon to beat up and discuss wrestling stuff with and although he does talk to Dakon quite a lot, even about his wrestling progress.

Minerva: "Know you can if you need to if Dakon isn't around. I will always be around. I'm glad I came anyway to talk to you. Happy tenth anniversary of you being in the wrestling business. You are certainly getting better with sex and not as afraid as you were to have sex in public. You embrace it, if anything."

Konrad Raab: “Thanks to you and Luiza. She has changed me on that side of things. But yes, I do need to find time to talk to her about things we've spoken about. Thank you for coming to see me wrestle. I knew Luiza would've told you to see me wrestle."

Minerva: "No problem, and if Luiza still refuses to cut you, give me a call, and I'll cut you because I know how much you love to make yourself bleed. Well, others as well, but seriously, I understand your violent thoughts and understand you may not want to talk to Luiza about them. Give me a call if you want to dress up as a GIMP."

Konrad Raab: "Yes, it's nice we met up and did our usual shit, but I got to go. I got to head to Martinsville for practice and qualifying for the Xfinity series later today."

Minerva nodded, knowing that something different from their everyday life was Konrad being a NASCAR driver. It seemed as if Konrad did more races than he thought this year, with barely any PPV clashes with the matches. Konrad got out of bed and placed his snickers shirt, jeans and trainers. Konrad kissed Minerva on her cheek, feeling a lot better about what he had discussed with Minerva and the concerns Luiza expressed with Minerva regarding Konrad. He gets everything he needs and places everything in his case before going down to reception, getting the taxi to the airport, and flying to Martinsville, Indiana.


Luiza and Konrad need to talk about a variety of things. Chicago, Illinois. Monday 16th May. (Off-Camera)

It was clear as day for a while; Luiza and Konrad needed time to talk mainly about Konrad's mental well being. They were happy together, that was clear, and there were barely, if any, arguments between them. But there was a bit of a conflict. Konrad wanted Luiza to cut him, and she always disagreed with it. It was time that although Konrad did come home from an intense gym workout and also some illegal street fighting, it was seven at night, where it was a perfect time in Konrad's mind for a chat.

So everything was quiet, and no neighbours were living near them, despite living in a city, but the nearest neighbours were a couple of blocks away. Konrad also did some NASCAR simulator laps for the Texas Motor Speedway track he had to learn, although his most challenging test after Charlotte was coming up on him doing another road course track. However, that was for another day as they sat down with Konrad, not even looking at Luiza, mostly because he didn't want to talk about it in Luiza's current situation.

At least nobody in wrestling, unless they watch NASCAR, knew anything about their future situation in a few months apart from them getting married. Luiza is a little frightened of Konrad as she yelped because his violence is getting worse, especially the cut on his cheek from fighting in the streets. Luiza frowns, folding her arms.

Luiza Doe: "You need to stop."

Konrad Raab: "I can't. I must fight everyone around me, well, except family."

Luiza Doe: "I know you want to be violent, but can you stop fighting illegally, please? Because I'm worried that if people find out about me, I will get hurt, especially when I'm on my own. Do you have any idea how scared I am on my own here, knowing some thug can come in and attack me?"

Konrad Raab: "That won't happen because I will always be here to protect you, no matter what. I know it will be a problem for you to be here on your own in the next few months, but I have other people in hand that will protect you."

Luiza Doe: "But that's not the point is it? What you are doing is so dangerous. Even after our situation, I'm still consistently worried sick about you being dead or going into prison. I know you enjoy it, but can you please hear me out. I understand you're angry all the time, but there are other ways of combating your anger and letting the frustration out."

Konrad shook his head, he thought of the other things, but the problem was Konrad would easily break the rules. He would love to find somewhere like his illegal street fighting the world that legal and no rules to do anything he wanted. Konrad covers his head, trying not to shout in her face because Konrad didn't want to. Luiza, along with the rest of his and her family, are the only people he will not lash out at.

Konrad Raab: "No, there's nothing like what I do. If you tell me boxing and MMA are good options, you must be out of your mind because they are restrictive sports and have certain rules to follow. Granted, wrestling does as well at times, but with boxing and MMA, they have rules, and I would break them."

Luiza Doe: "Have you ever thought of doing what you do with wrestling, but it'll be legalised, and you can do them when you're in Chicago?"

Konrad Raab: "Oh, you mean with restrictive rules?"

Luiza Doe: "For fuck sake, Konrad, no, I meant to run like a small wrestling facility here in Chicago and have wrestling matches like an illegal street fight, but you won't get arrested. At least then I know you won't be at risk of getting killed."

He nodded his head, knowing it was something certainly to think about, one that was a lot more legal and one people know about. Still underground and still have untrained fighters proving their worth, but in a way that they won't be killed or go to prison for doing so. It was a solid idea from Luiza, one Konrad could agree with.

Konrad Raab: "That's not a bad idea. I don't want to run the promotion because I won't be able to fight, but I know someone pretty good at shit like that."

Luiza Doe: "I just want you to do something more constructive. Maybe spending time with me would help things. When we have time together, you're the best man anyone could have, but you seem to do a lot less of that lately. I'm so in love with you, so much so that I want you to stop the one thing you consistently bother me about, cutting yourself. Please do not ever make me want to do that."

Konrad Raab: "Babe, I ask you because you're going to be married to me, and I know you vomit when you see me cut with a knife, but I keep telling you, it makes me better, and I don't feel pain."

Luiza Doe: "I don't want to see you do it. I don't want you to come home and let me see your scars from cutting. I certainly do not want you to do it. No, while I loved you being violent, I love you more now. You have to understand, I want to be close to you all the time, and I just can't when you cut yourself and tell me to."

It was one thing for Minerva to tell Konrad about this, but another when it came from Luiza's mouth as for the first time, Konrad took a moment to shut up, mainly because that cut him deep to know Minerva had been right; she does love him and how much she wants to be around Konrad. At that point, Konrad realised why Luiza was so worried, more than just because of the situation they put themselves in. Luiza places Konrad's hand on her stomach.

Luiza Doe: "This is why I don't want you to do illegal street fights anymore. I want us to be a family, and the shit you're doing is making me think you don't give a shit; you're willing to die in a fight?"

Konrad Raab: "Yes, I am because I would rather be killed doing something I love than dying because of cancer or other illnesses. I don't fear death anymore."

Luiza Doe: "But I do, and I do fear you dying because I want you to be around when the babies are going to come into the world and for you to be a father. It's also why I do not ever want to cut you."

Konrad Raab: "I'm sorry for pressuring you to do it. I don't know how else I can maintain my god damn anger and violent streak. My life except for you has gone to total shit with my dad still attacking me, along with you in my dream and people still calling me a god damn joke. I need to fight because when I don't, I will break the god damn law. I won't lie, Luiza, I've nearly been a part of a drug gang, but not me selling drugs, more for me to fight."

Luiza Doe: "Thank god because I would dump you here and there if you ever joined one because you know about my parents in a car accident? They were druggies as well, on top of that. So don't you dare think about joining one."

It was clear Konrad got the message, although there was something in that sentence that had been on his mind for quite a bit, Sebastian. He had been taking drugs in the past, and it was something he hadn't told Luiza, although Sebastian had stopped doing drugs for a while, going through rehab with Fizz with him.

Konrad Raab: "I won't trust me, especially with Sebastian before I adopted him used to do drugs; it would set a bad example to him."

Luiza Doe: "Fighting illegally is also setting a bad example to him as well. Although he doesn't know, imagine when he does find out you have; also, cutting yourself isn't doing you any favours."

Konrad Raab: "It helps me with emotional pain. I don't hold my anger in anymore, and if I were not to be violent or cut myself, I'd have to hold it in. It hurts more than breaking my damn leg and sipping blood. I even drink my blood now. Because I'm a vampire."

Luiza Doe: "I can't believe what I'm hearing. You cut yourself because you're a vampire? You cut yourself because it heals you from your pain?"

Luiza shook her head, almost covering her head, tears running down to the ground, and Konrad didn't care. He flicked his wrists in and out because it was in his nature when he got angry, but in this case, it was not the anger he was feeling. If anything, he thought, while it made him feel better, it only made things worse for Luiza. Konrad was scared.

Konrad Raab: "Oh shit, I should've kept my mouth shut."

Konrad places Luiza in his arms; all he can do before Luiza immediately pushes him away with her hands, not by hurting him, more she could breathe for a bit. It was the first time that while Luiza yelled, Konrad could not scream at her because she had been pregnant for six months now.

Luiza Doe: "No, you should've told me this earlier. I figured you didn't because of me being upset. What do you think about how I reacted, happy, over the moon? No, I'm afraid of you more than I should be, but I love you."

Konrad Raab: "That's why I didn't want to say anything. Because it wasn't a good idea."

Luiza Doe: "Not to mention, you keep wanting to dress up as a GIMP again, but I can't risk that with our babies on the way. I just want a normal family life. I won't lie, I loved you being violent and wearing a GIMP leather costume, but things are different now. I can't stop you from being violent in wrestling or life, but while I wish you could only be violent in wrestling."

Konrad Raab: "The problem is I can't. Restrictive wrestling sometimes isn't enough for me. But I will take you up on getting someone to host an underground wrestling fight. I don't know why I didn't think of it."

Luiza sat up; at least they could agree on something; although it was one thing out of everything else they had discussed, everything wasn't sorted in agreement. Luiza looks at Konrad and knows while it was tough for the debate they've had, it was certainly better than the arguments he had with Fizz that turned violent.

Luiza Doe: "I want you to come and do Tai-Chi with me, and even Aaron said it would benefit you if you do. After giving birth, I also want you to go skateboarding with me. I want you to take me out for the day again, but doing it three times a week where we can be just us as a couple something you neglect."

Konrad Raab: "As of late, I have, and I need to sort that out. I also know I've not held my end of the bargain. The truth is, Luiza, I am scared something will happen to you all the time, and it's why I don't take you to illegal street fights stuff because I keep you safe. These dreams are turning as if it could happen of you being attacked by an illegal street fighter."

Luiza Doe: "Anyway, that's not the only thing. Even if you think violent thoughts, you need to tell me. I was scared when you wanted to be a vampire, drinking blood, but that's me. I know you feel cutting yourself makes you feel better, and I wish I could stop you, but I can't. Never ask me to cut you ever again. If you need someone to cut you, get Dakon to do that."

Konrad Raab: "I can agree with that, although Minnie said she'd cut me if I need someone to do it. I can't and won't stop because it's better than holding my feelings back and putting up with what I feel. I will be open more to you, I promise."

Luiza Doe: "Now, let's go out as a couple and play video games with me in public. That's what I want you to do. Admittedly, you're opening up to the younger generation things, and most men would be stuck in their old days. That is one thing I love about you, accepting these things. I love you."

Konrad Raab: “I love you too.”

The debate was over and done with, for now, that they got things out in the open, and they kissed before they got up from the sofa. Konrad went upstairs to grab his keys and some coins in his wallet, covered with skittles sponsors. However, Konrad is permanently looking for new sponsors within climate change or vegan organisations for next year with NASCAR. Konrad came down. He and Luiza left their house and held hands to a video games place. They were there until midnight before coming home to sleep.


Now, this is a match I care about winning, Kim. Chicago, Illinois. Tuesday 17th May. (On-Camera)

All the same, stuff was in the warehouse. Still stained floor and chair from gold and red paint. Also still blood-stained windows, something Konrad always felt comfortable being in. He had a smile on his face, knowing he was back in his videos home as it's been a couple of weeks. Nothing changed as he heard screams from out of nowhere, but they have died down a lot since Konrad kept coming to the house. Konrad sat down also on a gold and red paint stains on the wooden chair, looking at the cameras which unless Konrad holds one, never moved them.

Konrad had always loved coming back to his abandoned warehouse, his safe space of saying anything he liked, within his blood-stained warehouse and his blood wall of fame of collection of some top wrestlers in the business. The list is going to grow a lot more in the next few weeks as he had snapped in another company as of late. He has a smirk, being relaxed on his chair with two tins of paint next to him.

Konrad Raab: “Oh Kim you stupid bitch. I mean seriously, all you keep talking about is oh, I beat Konrad. Like so fucking what? None of those wins you beat me in was legit. In fact, if anything, I beat you both times and the fact you were ranked for that PPV match was complete bullshit because you didn't legitimately win. It seems the only thing you care about is winning, not beating the living shit out of me. It's funny because I don't recall you even caring about violence. You say it, but your mind is polluted with wins all the time and that makes me sick.”

Konrad pretends to vomit because he actually brought the title back to where it was meant to begin on the violent perspective side of things and he had to do the one thing he always hated, give out respect where it was due.

Konrad Raab: “Apart from Justin who since lost to me, has taken his boot out of the business, you were the only person who gave a damn about facing me. I never saw anyone else wanting to leap forward, despite Owen's claims, but he only wanted to face me because of the title. He wasn't violent enough. OK granted you are, granted you're the only person on this roster now that can back up the violent streak in you. Fantastic because there aren't enough violent wrestlers around here, even Datura has become soft of wanting to be violent. So I have a small amount of respect.”

Konrad gives a mock clap to Kim, knowing that while he had some semblance of respect for her and he had no choice, even if he hated to admit it. He already looks at the paint and gets back to where he left off.

Konrad Raab: “However Kim, you could've made the SCW title the most seen division the world has seen instead of you letting others win it. I would die for another SCW title shot and I certainly would fix it by putting out violent matches with that on the line. The fact is you can't live without this belt. You need it for some reason. For me personally, I proved to be a violent maniac unlike you overlooking this like a stupid bitch. It's also stupid of you to think I've done nothing. I've done more than your stupid ass has. The fact people are rooting for you makes me sick as well. You obviously care for the approval of fans. I don't and I do shit only for me and nobody else.”

A big glob of spit landed in front of Konrad from his own spit as he fires himself up and pours paint all over him as he smiles.

Konrad Raab: “I accepted because unlike fucking Lucas Knight who rejected me, I wasn't going to reject anyone from getting a shot of it because I know what it's like being rejected and it hurt more than you think. But the point is you're consistently bitching and moaning still about it and it's about time you shut the fuck up. You bore me with your bitching of Underground title shot. You can say I had a helping hand, but at least I beat him, unlike your ass and I don't recall you ending any wrestling careers either. You have done nothing to be violent. Hitting people that can't fight back doesn't count. Makes you a coward. At least when I kidnapped people, they were former champions and legit bastards you couldn't beat.”

Scoffing at Kim's comments on Twitter and for once, Konrad wasn't the one starting the fights and he hadn't forgotten the match situation he was in for the underground title which raises a smile on his face.

Konrad Raab: “A cage match suits me perfectly, especially ten years ago, I won my first ever match inside of a steel cage. I had to force myself way into the business because unlike America and UK which have wrestling schools all over the place, Germany didn't have that, something I'm currently fixing because other nations are getting ignored an opportunity to wrestle. I can't wait to batter the living shit out of you because this is my life and me curving you up and making you taste your own blood is what I aim to do. You can keep bragging about beating top wrestlers, but I don't give a shit because it's irrelevant.”

Shaking his head, although he didn't care at all who Kim had beaten. Especially the number of matches she had gone through.

Konrad Raab: “Fact is Kim, you can go and blame Shaun all you want, but effectively, no matter what amount of stupid excuses you had and no matter what Marie did to hold you back, you had more than enough of a chance to find me and beat the shit out of me. I can beat the holy fuck out of you because you may have crowned yourself a queen of deathmatch, but you rarely ever take part in them. Heck, it's funny you've never once challenged me for a deathmatch. You're a joke with that name and it's ironic you never did have a deathmatch when you were champion. I have had more deathmatches in SCW than you have had. That's sad and laughable to think about.”

Konrad laughed really hard, even if he fought Cassidy Carter at the time of her being proclaimed the deathmatch queen at the time. Konrad did need to show a violent streak in him at the time of the challenge because he lived and breathed it. He always had but kept it back because he was afraid of using his powers.

Konrad Raab: “Sure you may have fucked me up, but you didn't win that PPV match. I won because I was the only one that actually cared about violence, putting a fucking beating on you and I did, no matter how much you deny it because I see the woman you are. Fake as sin and I know I broke your robot, which by the way is the most stupid thing anyone can bring to a wrestling event. That will be nothing to what I'll do to your thick-headed brain. I will bring weapons into the match and still be the first to hit you with a weapon because you are incapable of beating me and you are incapable of beating me for this title.”

As he relaxes, looking directly at the camera, Konrad pours another tin of paint all over him, even if he admitted wanting to use paint on Kim more than once, well striking her with a paint tin can as Konrad knocks it with his fist on the paint tin can.

Konrad Raab: “Funny thing is when I busted you open, it was a joy to my face and I got your blood on the blood wall of fame right here next to all the legends and that list is still going to grow because I can prove who the fuck you're dealing with. While you can proclaim your moral victory because that's all it was. For me, that was a joke and that's as far as you're going to go. All that bitching will be for nothing as you prove to be a bug easily squashed. A bug that can easily remove the deathmatch queen out of your stupid system. I will leave you laying in the ring, covered with your own blood. I don't fear death and I don't fear losing this title because it's not going to happen, no matter what your useless ass has done.”

Breathing in and out, shaking because he's angry like a Pitbull ready to knock Kim off her throne.

Konrad Raab: “See, nobody in the company has come at you with such a vicious streak of wanting to destroy you until I came along. Your fights with Jordan, Datura and Lucas will be like a bug compared to the fights you've had against me. I will make sure that this time, you will be too fucked to get up. You will forever be weak because while I never cared for winning matches, I do this time due to this title on the line, being the best Underground champion this company has had since its existence because you failed so miserably with the belt. This time, the win I will get will be worth bragging about because I'd retain it, unlike the fake wins you've had over me. You will then wish you had never gone up against a violent vampire. Oh yes Kim, I embrace blood every time I get in that ring. Heck, when I come to the arena, I always think about fighting the first person that I see. Do you have thoughts like that?”

Konrad let that sink in for a bit as he allows people to answer the question before responding to it, even if he had a brief drink of water.

Konrad Raab: “No of course not. It's simple, I'm going to climb out of that cage or make sure you're down for good and be pinned for the three count because while we're violent animals wanting to tear each other apart, hence why we're locked in a steel cage, I will be the one that will become the most violent and I will prove that every single time I wrestle in the ring. I will always raise the stacks with this title and even represented this company with it, you haven't. You are fucked Kim and you'll prepare yourself to be Iceinated by The Ice Blood that will be retaining this Underground title.”

Konrad laughs as he looks right into the camera, holding the Underground belt before the cameras went black.
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