Ace Sky confessional promo vignette retrospective
Ace Sky retrospective interview.
Ace is seated in a confessional interview setting.

          Ace Sky:
" Early on in my life I knew what I wanted to do, I had two goals , to explore outer space and be a professional wrestler, the pipe dream being the first wrestler to compete in outerspace. I was born gifted intellectually, athletics wise I really feel I just had energy therefore I used that. Choosing between the two became easier when I found I could be free in wrestling more. Becoming an astronaut, you have to be prim and proper, I can’t do that. I’m more of a free spirit.    I grew up undersized in a place in this country where everything big is beloved, Texas. Not just to fit in even to survive I had to become big in other ways, I did so in spirit, in sticking up for myself and standing my ground. I was not going to be small in action or attitude, you just get stepped on then so at five years old I began training in martial arts, five years after that I’m a black belt at 10 which is really rare, given the age of achieving that is 15-16 years old. At six years old I added amateur wrestling, I never became team captain , I was the top of the lightest weight division. 10 years old I’m a junior in high school , I’m a multi-sport athlete amateur wrestling, soccer, gymnastics, martial arts and I’m even a backyard wrestler by then. I’ve got life by the throat saying “ look at small fry here, now eh?”. I graduated high school the next year, I go to college, the state university not just as  a student, in my major course I’m an assistant professor.
 I’m training to go pro as a wrestler, I become pro at 15, on my 15th birthday I impress the local state athletic commission. With my time spent between wrestling and college I do not have time for a job, I sell some weed and magic mushrooms to students. Now I’m not just the  16 year old teacher’s assistant, annoying second teacher. I’m this cool 16 year old pro wrestler , 16 you have a desire to be cool especially when your peers are older. I get caught, I get the boot out of there, could’ve been much worse. I go full into wrestling, I’m at that five year mark again, what’s next? International gigs , five years after that I’m wrestling for the top promotion in the world, I stand out because I’m way a head of my time, wrestlers my size are an anomaly. I become  a cog in the machine, my passion and love for the business is drenched out of me, I get suspended a couple times due to drug tests for weed, on my 29th birthday I get in a motorcycle accident which causes me break my foot in several places, permanently injured.
Now I’m 29. I’ve been beginning to look more into spirituality, organized religion does not fit, I don’t fit in with rules ( chuckles), organized religion has commandments and sins, I go for a deeper connection to the universe. Buddhism, eastern philosophies that include psychedelics in a medicinal, shamanistic way. I go on this trip to the Peruvian Jungle able to go on this spiritual journey .
Now I have this risk, I take these plant medicines , they’re legal but still psychedelics , their side effect, the purpose is to make you realize your true dreams, MMA fighters take it and realize they are actually pacifists. I could lose my love for wrestling the same way, I take that risk but it’s the complete opposite effect my love for pro wrestling increases by ten-fold. I have this enlightened path I’m on.
Enlightenment is not a fix-all, you have to keep working with it. Within this vessel of this body and mind of mine, we are all living as human beings where as we are driving the car of our bodies and with me the windshield has been fogged all my life and career by inferiority complexes, body dysphoria due to height and size. Enlightenment has cleaned the windshield. "

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