Konrad Raab in action
Konrad Raab demanded a match after last week’s Breakdown to allow him to showcase the “action” he claimed others weren’t showing. What will that action entail? Where does Konrad see himself going heading into Rise to Greatness?

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Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Friday 17th June. (Off-Camera)

After that interview I did with Jessica Winters on Breakdown, I wasn't going to stay there and watch people beat the fuck out of each other, although I have been enjoying Josh Hudson beating the fuck out of Owen “Living Rent Free In My Head” Lee, I wanted to leave straight to Wisconsin to do some Toyota parts testing with my Brad Rogers team from NASCAR Cup Series. The team mentioned I still need a lot more work on corner entry, corner exiting and not to brake so early. Brad wanted me to get better at those things along with testing new parts of engine and other bits and bobs.

I was at Road America road course where we have a limit of finishing five in the afternoon because you don't race at night at road course tracks. So all five of us drivers went into a meeting room to talk about the events of today, along with Brad Rogers, mostly at me to tell me I still need to get braking correctly. He said I got better at corner entry and exiting, but the braking areas is where I'm slow. He suggested for Denny Hamlin, a guy who was the most experienced out of everyone to allow me to follow him tomorrow so I can improve areas where to brake.

On the other hand, when the meeting between me and my NASCAR Cup Series team was over, Kyle Busch, a guy who's a close personal friend of mine, the only guy who knows me in and out of NASCAR and in wrestling too stood in front of me, not allowing me to go anywhere, kind of scary when I didn't say or do anything wrong to him.

Kyle Busch: “I heard what you said last night on Breakdown and I think we need to discuss that a bit, along with the history about me you need a reminder of.”

Konrad Raab: “Where can we do it, considering you got to go soon for running your tracks series team.”

My good friend was a great inspiration for the sport, he's building young talent for the future of NASCAR racing. He let me use his truck he especially made for me to race in Bristol dirt this year for me to gain some laps. I will never ever do that race again, racing on dirt wasn't good for me at all with the amount of times I crashed and slipped all over the place. Kyle scratched his head and then had an idea.

Kyle Busch: “Ah, we can go to your motorhome.”

I nodded and headed him towards my motorhome. Every NASCAR driver you ever know have a motorhome to travel with them. Brad was the one who brought me this motorhome for me since I basically spent a lot of money to get a spot in NASCAR, on top of doing testing at Daytona track back in two thousand and nineteen. The Xfinity series however, Brad needed a driver from our team to race in the series and he picked me and I quite like being in that division as well, gaining experience in NASCAR.

Anyway, I got to my motorhome and unlocked it before Kyle Busch steps in as do I. I closed the doors of my motorhome and Kyle was sitting in the living room of my motorhome as I took a seat, sitting opposite of Kyle and I was kind of nervous what Kyle had to say to me, considering it was rare he wanted to speak to me, than the other way around since I have no friends in SupremeCW to talk to since nobody gives a fuck about me and I don't want them to either. 

Kyle Busch: “So I watched the Breakdown show yesterday and heard you say you got so many targets that you need to figure out who you want to destroy next. Am I right in saying you don't know what your next plan is?”

Konrad Raab: “You're correct. Ever since I lost that Underground title, I have no god damn idea what to do. Also it doesn't help that for the third year in a fucking row, I'm looking likely to face someone at Rise To Greatness Pre Show as well. I've not been on the main Rise To Greatness show since two thousand and nine. It would be like you not being allowed to compete in NASCAR for a year.”

It was another problem I recently discovered when I looked at my match record for Rise To Greatness PPV's was the fact I've been wrestling on the pre show two years in a row. Considering I'm looking likely I'll be there for the third time, I'm tired of being fucking there. I'm tired of not getting an opportunity to be featured on the main show and allowing wrestlers to take over me. 

Kyle Busch: “Well I think you need to talk to your friend AJ Allmendinger about that because that has happened to him. But I have a story to tell you that might want to kick-mode your lack of ideas out of you and how you can find a way to compete on the main Rise To Greatness show.”

Konrad Raab: “Maybe I will talk to him next weekend. I really like to hear your thoughts because I don't fucking know what the hell to do.”

Kyle Busch: “So there was one point of my career in NASCAR where I thought everything was over. Two Thousand and Fifteen. In an Xfinity Daytona race, I had the worst crash in my NASCAR career. With eight laps to go, Kyle Larson and I battled for eighth position and suddenly, he swerved into me and I hit the wall very hard and back then, there was no safety barriers to protect me. I couldn't move to get out of the car.”

Sure, that Chris Buescher crash did kind of scare me at Charlotte this year, but to think NASCAR was in a worse place than it is now. To hear that makes me glad I came in the sport at the right time with how safe it is today. It did change my outlook on the sport a bit. Kyle took a breather as I gave him a cup of water.

Kyle Busch: “They had to get the medical assistance to get me out of the car and take me to the hospital via a stretcher as I hit the wall head-on. I wasn't thinking of anything, other than my NASCAR career was over, I'll never win that NASCAR Cup Series title. It turned out I had a massive compound fracture in my lower right leg, a small fracture in my left foot, and a sprained left finger. I was on crutches for many months, crying because I really wanted to get back out there and race.”

Konrad Raab: “Just like how SupremeCW staff tried to stitch me up with injuries, but I refused. So what happened after you were able to come back?”

Kyle Busch: “After I fully recovered and stopped being depressed because I thought I'd never get behind a wheel again, I announced on social media, I was coming back for the All-Star race in Charlotte because back then, we had them there and I had some up and down results, but my first win that year, came in form of Sonoma race. I was absolutely dominant that year and it won me the NASCAR Cup Series title that year.”

I was gobsmacked, more on hearing Kyle's story about his underdog come back from a serious crash he had. Amazing in those least races he had out of everyone, he managed to win everything. It only made me want to step my game up, but my addiction to whoever I wanted to hurt grew, that was the difference. I don't want any of my opponents to have moments like Kyle's. He had to drink after that as so did I with water of my own.

Konrad Raab: “That's one hell of a comeback. I couldn't believe how dangerous NASCAR was to now. It seemed like Chris could've had all of those problems if he raced in two thousand and fifteen.”

Kyle Busch: “For sure. I hope this story will make you want to beat the fuck out of everyone in your sight and claim your way on the top. Also, I heard what that prick Owen Lee has said about you. He really is living rent-free in your head. What is his problem with you anyway? There's one target already.”

Konrad Raab: “No doubt I'm enjoying watching Josh beat the fuck out of Owen Lee because that prick had it coming. I have no reason to face Josh though, apart from his US title. I could give less of a fuck about Cid Turner. He's not done anything interesting or impressed me to even be concerned about him when it comes to the Adrenaline title. Maybe I should go for that as a reason to come back, as a way for me to not be stuck on the pre-show again.”

Kyle Busch: “It seems you don't really have many options when the targets you really want, have other plans with other people. Man, that sucks to lose the Underground title and have no idea where you go.”

Now Kyle was getting it, he must watch wrestling more than I thought. Well, I know Denny and Brad do by attending my matches, although Kyle did attend the 10th Anniversary match. I nodded my head at him and knowing he was right that it did suck to have no sense of direction of where to go. I wanted Owen Lee's fucking head more than anyone at Rise To Greatness, but that will have to wait.

Konrad Raab: “It's fine because I'll find someone backstage and beat the shit out of them. I'm going to do all the actions and make this more than just a boring old regular match. Ricky James can have a regular match to prove himself. But I'm making mine a hardcore match because I'm ready to snap and since barely anyone, apart from The One who I don't even know who the fuck they are, some other personality Ducky had and Wolf, nobody else wanted to come at me with weapons, nobody wanted to fight me, apart from Owen.”

Kyle Busch: “You know how I piss off the fans? Piss off the wrestlers by beating the shit out of them, beat people like the names you've said and take the bull by the horns is how the saying goes. Use your next match as a way to show you've not lost the style of being a hardcore wrestler. Use the style of you being a brutal bastard. Show them that you aren't someone to be messed with.”

Konrad Raab: “I aim to do that because I don't have a choice, do I? I wish I could be the one facing Owen Lee and have Josh Hudson face someone else, but that's not going to happen and I don't have other options. I guess I have to think over the people I mentioned over the past few weeks and see who really wants to face me. I hate every single member on this roster, but there are people who are worth facing and people who aren't.”

Kyle Busch: “It's one you can only make my friend. Anyway, I better take off, I got practice and qualifying to attend to with the truck race in Knoxville this weekend. Keep up the good work in wrestling, I love how your an asshole and want blood of people. I'll see you tomorrow.”

Kyle and I shook hands before he goes to leave my motorhome as I go to my bedroom because Luiza couldn't be with me, as much as I wanted her to, but she's due to give birth pretty soon and couldn't travel anymore, while I would like Frankie to be around as well at times, but he's still getting trained by a special dog psychologist trainer that can make me happy and have him understand my issues cos Luiza brought me that dog for me to discuss my problems to. I'm pretty knackered from doing so many laps on a road course that I cooked myself creamy vegan pasta with lots of salad on it. Then I watched TV throughout the entire day.



“So today, I'm doing things differently. Instead of talking in an abandoned warehouse which I will do for every match I have after this one, let me talk about why I wanted this match. Because none of you wanted to give a fuck about me. The only one who did is facing Josh Hudson for the US title. The only fucking one in the entire match. The rest of you, couldn't be arsed to mention me. The rest of you don't want to be violent towards me. 

The rest of you can well and truly fuck yourselves. Adam Allocco got lucky and he didn't need to win that rumble match when he's been SCW champion before, nor did Syren who I still don't understand why she wants to go for the same goal over and over again. It seems to never get boring for her. It seems it's the only thing she gives a fuck about. Not you know, being a grand slam champion. Anything other than the SCW title is worthless to that bitch. I think it's absolutely pathetic and stuck in the box motive of her to be chasing for the same belt, more so that she's won it seven times. Why can't you go for the TV, Adrenaline, Tag, US or even the Underground title? Are you too scared to face those champions because you don't like change?

There is a problem I noticed when I looked up my records for Rise To Greatness and I have a feeling it's going to happen again. Being on the fucking pre-show. Why should I have to put up with staff, putting me on the pre-show once again for the third time? I should've been on the main Rise To Greatness show last year, but I wasn't. I'm better and beyond that trash now. I'm not going to allow Shaun Cruzeship to place me in that trash show once again. No, I'm going to make this action a hardcore match, not a boring regular match because that's overdone.

Nobody apart from Owen Lee wants to face me. Not even Cidney who's the only guy holding a title if he does against Beard hasn't got anyone challenging him for the belt at Rise To Greatness. The problem is Cidney is a boring generic piece of crap who acts like he saves people, but does none of it. Of course, I always wanted Lexy Chapel in a match, but she got too scared and ran from me, despite her starting to talk shit about me in the first place. That wolf chick who caused black mist from her mouth didn't seem bothered to face me, wanted to go for Kimberly instead, not even Ducky wanted to face me, despite beating me with a weapon either. She's afraid is most likely why with her.

I almost forgot about Deanna Frost that could be another victim I could beat up to show her the true ice machine around here, but I just have no interest in winning the TV title, I've been there and done that twice, but she is someone I'd love to get my hands on as well, beating the fuck out of her to get to Selena Frost for her SCW title, well that's if Adam doesn't win it first. It's beyond a joke that he won that rumble match after overcoming his alcohol demons, not like everyone else goes through those problems in the world. Not like my friend in NASCAR who broke his right leg along with a fracture to his left foot and a sprained finger to come back that same year to win a god damn championship.

That's more inspiring to me because it means I can get back on track and beat some worthless scrub in a violent filled match, hoping that someone in SCW, especially people like Wolf, Ducky, Deanna, Owen and even Cidney to be forced to face me. I'm going to make you fuckers remember why I'm the most dangerous guy in SCW, not Tsunami who is a weak-ass monster who needs his teacher telling him what to do. He can't stand up for himself, he can't speak for himself and he certainly cannot beat the shit out of his peep teacher because he's too weak to do that. You guys have been too weak to put Tsunami in a corner, forcing him to be in a situation where he loses by pinfall or submission only, no count-outs, no knockouts exist and I like to be the one to do that because why should I be afraid of a so-called monster who can't stand up for himself and is only a monster because of his size?

Newsflash, Monsters can lose by pinfall and submissions you know. My twin brother has lost plenty of matches as a monster by pinfall and submissions and hasn't affected his persona. He talks on his own too by beating the shit out of people so I have no idea what you're getting at Lester Damron. I'm a really horrible bastard that can speak for myself, stand up for myself, and isn't restricted by some teacher telling me what to do. Fuck that nonsense, I don't need anyone to be in the way of my goals. I will show you all how I aim to get the job done and leave my opponent/s blooded and beaten hardcore style to give your fucks one hard look of facing me on the main Rise To Greatness show, not the pre-show. 

As I said, I'm going to let my actions do the talking of beating the hell out of any wrestler SCW staff have selected in a hardcore match, collect their blood and make them suffer from all the mental pain I've been feeling. Make them feel the pain I've been suffering for two years of being on a god damn pre-show. Making sure I will be on the main show this year because I'm not wrestling on there for the third time and if I am, I'm going to force my way into a title match and beat the fuck out of someone on it. I will show you actions that the majority of you failed to do for me when you refused to eliminate me with weapons, some of you couldn't be fucked to hit me with weapons at all. I show you how much all of you should step up and want to blast me with a weapon with new goals to reach."
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