Request for Deanna Frost
Hi guys,

So, I finally created a profile account for Deanna and was wondering if I could make a request for a banner for her. I don't really have a preference in terms of ideas or concepts. I think people know enough of her character. She's a face, wife of Selena Frost, very protective of her, loved by fans, overall good-girl, etc.

I've included links to images if anyone would like to try and take a stab at this. Very much thank anyone that tries. Smile

Character Name: Deanna Frost
Pic Base: Elizabeth Lail (with red hair)
Any color preference?: None, I leave it to the discretion of the creator. 
Blended: Yes
Taglines: The Queen's Guard (her nickname)/ Checkmate, bitches! (Her catchphrase)


Really, guys, I'm just looking for something simple that can decorate this account. Many thanks guys Big Grin
Deanna Frost

SCW World Tag-Team Champion
SCW United States Champion
SCW Underground Champion
SCW Television Champion
2x Winner of Elimination Chamber (2023)
Winner of Last Woman Standing Match (2023)
SCW Rookie of the Year (2022)
Match of the Year (2023)

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