Request for Deanna Frost
Hi guys,

So, I finally created a profile account for Deanna and was wondering if I could make a request for a banner for her. I don't really have a preference in terms of ideas or concepts. I think people know enough of her character. She's a face, wife of Selena Frost, very protective of her, loved by fans, overall good-girl, etc.

I've included links to images if anyone would like to try and take a stab at this. Very much thank anyone that tries. Smile

Character Name: Deanna Frost
Pic Base: Elizabeth Lail (with red hair)
Any color preference?: None, I leave it to the discretion of the creator. 
Blended: Yes
Taglines: The Queen's Guard (her nickname)/ Checkmate, bitches! (Her catchphrase)


Really, guys, I'm just looking for something simple that can decorate this account. Many thanks guys Big Grin
The Queen's Guard

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