Alexis Quinne vs. Konrad Raab
While Alexis Quinne tries to deal with the fact her former friend Datura seems to be fully with the Brand, she will face a tough challenge in Konrad Raab who is set on action. What will that action be when he gets his hands on a former World Champion and looks to rebound from losing the Underground Championship?

2 RP Limit for singles

3500 word max per RP

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I love AJ Allmendinger.
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Lebanon, Tennessee. Saturday 25th June. (Off-Camera)

I managed to win the Xfinity race and celebrated with a burnout that all drivers do to celebrate. Still, suddenly, because the temperature was one hundred and thirty-five Fahrenheit, I collapsed out of the car. Because being a guy that loves ice, I wasn't used to these temperatures. Medics came out to pick me up from my feet. Instead of driving my car to the podium, which I heard the team say for Ty Gibbs to do, I had to go to the medical room, which is usually for being checked after crashes. I removed my helmet as the medics told me to, and I had already vomited in there.

Luckily, I wasn't the only one who had problems with the heat; a couple of guys in the series had the same issues. One of them, Noah Gragson, one of my rivals in the Xfinity class, needed a ton of fluids into him after also vomiting in his helmet. There was another guy I needed to talk to and a guy that beat me clean on the line at Circuit Of The Americas. AJ Allmendinger. The doctors placed me in bed in my room as they did with Noah, with so many wires attaching to me with water fluids pumping into my system. I can barely keep my eyes open, blinking so many times.

Medical assistance: "You aren't celebrating your win until you also get fluids down. Because of heat exhaustion, you must lie down, have ice water poured all over you, and get fluids in your body."

I didn't get at all why I felt like this. I drank a lot before the race and always ensured I did, but it was too hot for me to handle. AJ Allmendinger's problem was different to mine and Noah's. I saw AJ's feet covered in blisters, badly swollen. I felt so sorry for the guy, but at the same time, I needed to talk to him after what Kyle Busch said to me. Somehow, he knew that I and AJ were friends, but he was one of the few guys besides Denny Hamlin, David Starr and Greg Biffle that were closest to my age. AJ saw me lying in the room as the doctors poured water over my head and walked over to me.

AJ Allmendinger: "What happened?"

Konrad Raab: "As I got out of the car, I collapsed. I felt so weak. Fuck I got a headache too."

AJ Allmendinger: “Jesus Christ. Well, I better leave you to rest up."

Konrad Raab: "No. I want you to stay with me because I want to talk to you about something affecting me that you could help me out with."

AJ nodded as Noah eventually went to the other room, still getting fluids pumped into him, and there was a moment I thought I would throw up again, although I got a headache which the doctors heard me say. My head was beating like a god damn drum at the FC Koln football match. The doctors told AJ to leave, but he shook his head.

AJ Allmendinger: "I can barely walk, but Konrad told me to go in with him as he wants to talk. Bring me an ice bucket of water, and I'll sit down and place my blistered feet in them."

The medical team nodded to AJ's approval. I had never experienced this before, never gone to medical for anything, not even when I fought Kimberly Williams for the Underground title where I was covered in blood. Still, even that didn't make me collapse from losing a ton of blood; well, more, my body was used to it now. The doctors gave AJ double buckets of ice water to place his feet in, and they also gave me a bucket in case I needed to vomit again. The doctors closed the curtains from the windows and put air conditioning on. I slowly closed my eyes as a form of relaxation as I jumped into it as soon as the doors closed with fluids pumping into me.

Konrad Raab: "Kyle Busch told me that you got suspended from racing and said you got a story to tell on it. Can you tell me more about that?"

That only made AJ Allmendinger uncomfortable as the nerves spoke right through his body language, refusing to want to talk to me about it. Still, I had to know how the fuck he managed to get out of this so I could work the skills to get back on top and at that point, I didn't know who I was going to be facing next. I have to tell Luiza about my Rapid Eye Movement Disorder sometime in the week.

AJ Allmendinger: "I rather not. I put that life behind me for a reason."

Konrad Raab: "I understand, but I need to know how you come back from being suspended to gaining success. I need to know how I can get myself back on top again."

AJ Allmendinger: "You're already on top in NASCAR. I doubt you'll be suspended from them."

After finally remembering what I was going on about, without me saying a word, AJ snapped his fingers at me.

AJ Allmendinger: "Oh, now I understand why you want to ask me the question. Well, I don't want to admit this to you because I find you'll not be my friend anymore."

Konrad Raab: "I promise you won't lose me as a friend. I'm more scared of losing Luiza with something I have to tell her unrelated to this than you losing me as a friend on whatever you have to say. So go for it."

AJ was finding it hard to tell me the story. I could tell he always wanted to refrain from talking about it. I continued to close my eyes on the bed as I needed to for the doctor's sake of recovering from Heat Exhaustion. I felt like shit. I felt like I was going to vomit and feel so weak. It's pure hell for me; this was worse than the pain I got from Kim battering me for the Underground title.

AJ Allmendinger: "Yes, Kyle Busch wasn't lying. I was suspended from racing back in two thousand and twelve when I raced for a team that Joey Logano races for and that same car. Because they found out from my urine sample that I was positive for drugs, the drug they found in my A and B samples were Amphetamine. Had I not agreed to be on NASCAR's Road To Recovery program, I would've been banned for life."

Wow, I never expected a guy so down to earth to be doing drugs, but I knew what he had said; it made me want to tell Sebastian all of this; nobody in NASCAR knew before I adopted him that he took drugs. Nobody knew much about my family in wrestling because I kept that shit away from those weak, pathetic idiots in Supreme Championship Wrestling. I had a feeling AJ wanted to talk more about it.

AJ Allmendinger: "But I was told it was an energy pill which, my former friend told me, was that. I cut ties completely with him for trying to wreak my NASCAR career. When I came back, the team fired me. It still grinds my gears every time I think about it. It was only a two months suspension because I did their recovery program. However, back in October, when I thought nobody would hire me again, I was when Dale Earnhart Jr got a concussion. I didn't do well, but coming back was like breathing light again."

I only wanted to listen more to what AJ said and didn't want to interrupt him, even though he might've felt I was ignoring him. I'm glad AJ cut ties with a friend who nearly fucked his NASCAR career up. I was starting to feel a tiny bit better, with the anti-headache drug they put in my fluids while AJ was resting his blistered feet in the bucket of water.

AJ Allmendinger: "Then the next year, I came back with a ton of fire that I got a couple of wins in Xfinity at Road America, Mid-Ohio and a win at Glen Watkins race in the Cup Series race."

AJ was well and truly remarkable, getting the sense of helping me somewhat here. However, it was nothing like my situation in wrestling; it made me realise how lucky I didn't have anyone threatening my wrestling career by using drugs. If I found out anyone did that with me, they'd be in a hospital with the beatings I gave to that wrestler. In a way, I saw what AJ was trying to get at; having friends outside a workplace was a bad idea and the same within work too. I was almost better now but was more fully relaxed by listening to AJ. But as I flicked my fists, I was ready to fight, even if I passed out from heat exhaustion. AJ had something to say to me as his feet slightly improved.

AJ Allmendinger: "Just because you lost the Underground title, it doesn't mean your career is over. If anything, it's a restart of you being a better wrestler and seeking new goals for yourself. I know you're lost on who you want to face in the ring, I glimpsed through wrestling from time to time cos we're friends, but there will be someone you eventually want to face. That was why you wanted me to tell that story. I fully get it now. I was more motivated than ever to prove people wrong in two thousand and thirteen and win three races."

Konrad Raab: "I wanted to face Owen Lee, but that goal is fucking blocked, same with Sarah Wolf, Ducky, The One and Datura, who have no interest in showing their violence towards me or at least so far anyway. Apart from Josh Hudson, The One and myself, everyone else on the entire roster wants to get together and attack other wrestlers with another wrestler. Fucking pussies, nobody wants to attack wrestlers by themselves anymore and rather play games with other wrestlers towards other wrestlers. Even Kimberly is making the Underground title a sideshow. Why don't wrestlers like Wolf, Ducky, The One and Datura want my head to beat down with how much I portray violence?"

I knew AJ would understand me; it was why I got him to tell me that story because I needed to hear what he went through and coming up the field to win three NASCAR races is an absolute determination for you. I've already got one win; although it wasn't against anyone special, it was still a start. Maybe AJ is right; I need to get used to slowly developing myself instead of everything happening simultaneously. What if I was being booked on the Pre-Show again, something I hadn't told AJ about yet.

AJ Allmendinger: "What about forming a team together with someone?"

Konrad Raab: "No, wrestling teams are fucking worthless. It wouldn't resolve anything, and I don't trust any wrestler to team with me, not even Dakon. I still can't get over Drake, Tommy and Kandis stabbing me in the back in November, stating I'm dead weight. I'm not going through that again. I even told Brad Rogers to put me on the list for the Indianapolis race. The truth is, I rather race in Indianapolis than wrestle on a pre-show for the third year in a row on Supreme Championship Wrestling's biggest PPV show of the year, Rise To Greatness. Ever since two thousand and nineteen, all of my matches have been on their Pre Show, and I deserve better than being on that piece of shit show. I need to be on Rise To Greatness main PPV."

AJ Allmendinger: "Wow, I can fully understand both you not trusting anyone and not wanting to wrestle if it's on the Pre Show as opposed to the main PPV again if it's been two years in a row, going onto three. I think you should attack the targets you want head-on to send them a message. I know, coming from down to earth guy myself isn't something I'd usually say, but it's what I'd do if I were a wrestler that got stabbed in the back by a team before and wanted to do things by myself. However, Cidney Turner being Adrenaline title would be another goal to target, too. You said you wanted that title. Go for it."

He was right; I should be targetting these names if I wanted them to face me in a match and also targeting Cidney Turner if I wanted to win the Adrenaline title. Talking about this with AJ made me feel better, so I could sit up after cooling down in a room for a few minutes. At the same time, while facing Owen was blocked, the others weren't. I needed to beat the shit out of them by myself and get them to know that ignoring me was the worst thing they could do.

Konrad Raab: "Yeah, you helped me a lot, as did Kyle Busch the other day. It was better to talk to someone than lie in the room alone. If I'd go to sleep and have a bad dream, I'd attack the doctors with something I have to tell Luiza about, and I'm fucking afraid of losing her over it. Having this discussion has made us closer as friends than the opposite you were concerned about."

AJ Allmendinger: "I feel we are closer as friends from talking about this, and I didn't think that was possible. Ah, now I understand. You have Rapid Eye Movement disorder, don't you?"

Even AJ, much like Dakon, knew about what I was going through, so I nodded at him as he was checking his feet, and they were swelling down a lot now to the point that his feet were a lot better after the talking that he almost forgot why he came here. The doctors came in and saw I was sitting up. They checked over everything and saw I was fully recovered from heat exhaustion. They removed all the wiring and gave me a massive water bottle as I drank some of it. I told the doctors to leave me for a while in this room with AJ alone.

AJ Allmendinger: "That's rough. I've seen the two of you together, and you both seem to love each other. I doubt Luiza will leave you because she loves you so much, but I understand the fear of not being able to sleep because of attacking her, especially when she's carrying your unborn children. You have to tell her, and I come to your home for you to tell her as support."

Konrad Raab: “You know what? That would be great because even though my psychologist and Dakon said they'll be there, to have a guy from NASCAR supporting me would be more than helpful. I've not even told Kyle Busch about this; you're the first NASCAR guy I've told. Anyway, we've covered everything we needed to talk about."

AJ Allmendinger: "You can go and celebrate on the winner's circle now because after what I've seen, you deserve that win today, especially after heat exhaustion."

Konrad Raab: "While you have some courage, continuing to drive with your feet covered in blisters. It must've been uncomfortable. Right, I'm off and thanks for the chat we had. I'll talk and hang around with you more often. See you off and on the track tomorrow, and good luck."

AJ was a good friend to talk to; even telling him about my sleeping condition was relieving, especially he said he'll be there for my support in telling Luiza about my Rapid Eye Movement Disorder. Luckily, I don't share rooms with other wrestlers after discovering that problem, and I wouldn't want to share a room with them anyway. I was let go by the medical team and did an interview on TV about my win and how I passed out from heat exhaustion. 

Afterwards, I went to the winner's circle and celebrated with the team. I sprayed champagne all over my team and gave the champagne to Brandon Young since I needed water more than alcohol. After that, I did some more interviews in the press conference, which every driver who won races do, and then I went to the motorhome to rest up. 

Supreme Championship Wrestling staff will find out about my heat exhaustion incident. NASCAR medical team legally had to tell them and other wrestling companies I work for regarding my health what they've done with me. Even the drugs test side of things NASCAR has told me they'll randomly do with drivers relating to Supreme Championship Wrestling at some point. It was on TV too. 

Still, it only gave me a perfect chance in the time away that I could tell Luiza about my Rapid Eye Movement Disorder because I did need to say it to her, and I've been delaying it because of my fear of losing her. But I should be OK with Aaron Tyrone, Dakon Theron and AJ Allmendinger being there for my support. I almost died after I did a race in NASCAR from heat exhaustion; that's got me closer to death than wrestling had ever taken me before since I became a sports athlete back in two thousand and twelve.
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I love AJ Allmendinger.

[Camera pans open. It's nightfall. Alexis Quinne stands on top of an undisclosed building. Black and white varsity jacket, with an AQ badge on the left, black jeans and a baseball cap on her head. Her eyes spot the camera and remain on them.]

Alexis: I use to fear death, you know?

Somedays I would wake up and something in my brain would tell me, you're a day closer to death.

[Alexis presses her lips together.]

Alexis: That shit puts you in a spiral. It's true. And knowing it can happen, anything, any place, anywhere. It's all random. I'll never forget, 2006. I'm like 16. One of my friends, we were super close. We would skip class, talk shit about everybody. We were not popular kids. Not at all. Absolutely not. So you can imagine the people we would hang out with. But, you know, we wouldn't admit it, but we wanted to be accepted and be cool. Deep down we feared judgement and people calling us freaks.

There was this girl that we just hated. Blonde. Rich. Thought everyone was like the gum under her shoe. You can imagine the type. Would always give us shit. Worse, one day, she stole my friend's boyfriend. Just shamelessly, really.

So it was always fuck her.

[Alexis yells a bit.]

Alexis: But whenever they threw a party, guess who was there, looking for attention. There we were. There was some boy, he was a senior. Don't even know his fucking name but I knew I wanted him. And so we went down to the basement. We're able to fuck when, there's all this yelling and screaming. I immediately realize it was her. I knew her voice anywhere. I run upstairs and my friend and that blonde, they're just yelling at each other. Going crazy. My friend told that bitch she could have her sloppy seconds.

[Alexis' eyes remain on the camera.]

Alexis: My friend got a bucket of piss thrown at her in response. In front of everyone. Lot of people recorded. The blonde and her friends told her "you could die tomorrow and no one would miss you." My friend ran out the house, ran away. I went after her. Didn't know where she went.

That was the last time I saw her.

[Alexis rubs her face with her hands.]

Alexis: Couldn't sleep. I was blowing up her phone up night. No answer. I finally go to sleep. It's morning. I blow up her phone. No answer. Then her Dad calls me. Crying. Can barely speak.

My friend went on a bridge, stood on the ledge, jumped off in the freeway. Semi truck hits her. Dead on impact.




[Alexis lets out a sigh and briefly covers her mouth.]

Alexis: Doesn't make sense for a 16 year old to die in the life cycle. It's not she woke up that day knowing it would be the day she died. Shit like just think about the things you could have done. Like what if I didn't go down in that basement? Or shit what if they threw the piss on me? Would I have done the same thing?

Those spirals, you know. One day everybody dies and we're all one day closer. That's what's on my mind usually. If I died today, all the things I didn't do...

That's the shit I think about. I know there's been talk about why I've been talking to Datura, speaking up about the Brand and whatever. I'm not her Mom or shit like that. She's an adult. She makes her own decisions and it is what it is. But, I don't know, shit like calling people out doesn't scare me like it would other people.

[Alexis tightens her face.]

Alexis: I look at the Brand, I see Holly and Aries. We know who they are. We have history that shows us who they are. How many people Holly screw over? This whole Nirvana thing? What happened to Alice Ames?

[Alexis extends her arms and narrows her eyebrows.]

Alexis: Huh? What happened to Alice Ames? Where she at? Where's Cain Adams? Wonderland won Stable of the Year, right? Where are they now? I think of them when Aries was mentioning to me what he's doing for Sammy Davis and Clamyida. What he wants to do with Datura.

And it' not even that I'm anti units. I mean it's fucking me we're talking about her. And just in general, no matter if we all admit it or not, we're not where we're at in life if it wasn't for our friends who were there with us, helping us keep going. So it's not even that.

You saw what happened with Owen when he got with Aries. You saw how fucked he was? This whole payments shit, like it's a service? It's like QAnon, it's like a pryamid scheme. They tell you they can make your life better only if you give something up. I think about Alice, Cain, Owen and I see Datura going with them...I gotta say something. I can't change her mind and this is not even me being that person. But I know where this Brand shit goes. I know what the end is. I got history on my side.

Datura, you're my friend. if nothing else I'm going to speak on it. Because I'm not that person to just let stuff like that pass, you know?

[Alexis pauses.]

Alexis: That's not me. Datura, you can do what you want but if nothing else, I'm going to speak up when my friends do things that look questionable. What's the worse going to happen? The Brand is going to jump me? They're going to kick my ass? Like I've never taken a beating?

[Alexis scoffs..]

Alexis: What's going to happen? And Autumn, it's been a long time. Yeah, you're right, I'm not going to let you sneak attack Datura. Maybe I'm bias because it's you. And given my history, especially all the times I would do the same to do Autumn, I'm sure this sounds really funny coming from me. But we all got blood on our hands and maybe I am bias. Since it's you. Maybe I am. Maybe I would feel differently.

But it's you.

And while there was shit that I did to you that I probably wouldn't do now, there are no overs. There's no take backs. I was childish back then with you Autumn, but what's done is done. And, to me, whenever I see you, you're just someone I gotta fight. Especially when you try to go after my friends. I don't know. That's how I'm wired.

We're in this forever.

I hope you fucking win that Addy title too, Autumn. Because if you do, I'm coming for it. Just because you have it. I lost a couple of weeks ago to Datura so I don't have any grounds to immediately challenge but trust me, I'll work my way up to get to you. It's not correcting anything or righting my wrongs. I never look for redemption. I don't bullshit. I don't run away from the good, the bad and the ugly. I've always been honest with the people because I have nothing to hide. I am who I am and I don't fear what anyone says about me. And I don't fucking fear anyone.

[Alexis bawls up her fist.]

Alexis: I don't fear you. I don't fear Konrad Raab. Yeah i know I see him in the ring tomorrow. I know this man said, on video, he's willing to die in that ring just to hurt someone. Something that I always tell people, you want to know the truth about something, it's all in the eyes.

The eyes don't lie.

And when I saw you say that Konrad, I saw your eyes. I absolutely believe you.

[Alexis crosses her arms.]

Alexis: I believe that you can fuck me up. And I'm expecting, when I get in the ring wit you tomorrow, that I'm leaving outta there with bruises all over. I might even spill some blood. That's what you do. With your fist, your elbows, your knees and don't let you get a weapon in your hands. I believe it because I've seen it.

I was watching on the side of the arena, like I do for every main event that I'm not in, and I watched you and Kimberly Williams kill each other in the ring. I saw you grind her face against glass and I saw the blood pouring down your face, Konrad. And the smile you had on your face. People talk shit about you. You know, you were a gimp. Shit like that. People make jokes and I get it. There's not many jokes you can make about a man who goes through glass just so he can hurt someone, you know?

I believe that I'm walking in the ring tomorrow with a meat grinder

[Alexis' pupils grow wide.]

Alexis: And I'm going to do it anyways. It's funny, some people say that I've changed or I'm more hopeful and yet, I'm pissing people off just like I did then and now I'm beefing with Autumn Valentine again. Old habits die slow and I guess I do too.

And I guess it's true. I will die one day.

If Konrad has his way, he won't admit this on camera because he wouldn't want to snitch on himself, but deep down, if something terrible happened to me and it was because of him, he would love it.

People have died in the ring before, you know?

[Alexis glares.]

Alexis: That's morbid and I don't know if SCW loves me saying me saying that. But it's true. This is a violent sport. Konrad come jump me in the parking lot. He's got that in him.

Of course I always walk into the arena with a screwdriver in my pocket so trust me, if it comes down to it, I have no problem stabbing out an eye.

[Alexis exhales.]

Alexis: So I know tomorrow night Konrad, i got a beating waiting for me. But this is the life I chose as a pro wrestler and this is what I choose to do. It's not about survival. I've head threats thrown my way for years and everyone has struken out. No one has put me down for the count. I don't fear death anymore because I know it comes for everybody. But that won't stop me from going out there and doing what I do. So you're going to have to really, really, kill me to put me down Konrad.

You're ready for the challenge?

Because I am. And as everyone knows, I'm not exactly a goodie two show. Whatever I have to do to win and survive, that's what I will do. like everyone else in life.
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Chicago, Illinois. Tuesday 5th May. (On-Camera)

It's one at night, a time I always do my videos in my special abandoned warehouse, although I have two abandoned places now. Still, one was an abandoned supermarket due to my lack of trust in every wrestler I see in all companies I go to. There were a couple more blood victims on my blood wall of fame from me wrestling in other companies, including a few from my one-off appearance in GCW. It's something I'll talk about, along with why I wasn't at Breakdown, problems with the SCW company as a whole, my victim of this week, and all her problems going along with it. I sit on a wooden chair as usual with red paint everywhere on the chair and the floor. I have two red paint metal containers next to me as normal as I look directly at the camera.

Konrad Raab: "So for those of you who don't know, unlike you cowardly pricks who prefer to be in your comfort zones, I did something that no SCW star has done since this company existed, stepping into GCW. Kimberly Williams was demanding people to face her for her unsanctioned title. Of course, I accepted because it was a deathmatch invitational, something we both never got in SCW. I loved beating the shit out of her and other wrestlers because I loved the feeling of being brutal again since I wasn't getting it from any of you weak fucks here that I get onto a bit in this video. Still, I loved the feeling of it, but that wasn't why I wasn't at Breakdown; this match happened way before this incident even occurred."

I bit my tongue pretty hard at telling people this story because it would make me look weak and pathetic, but sometimes, you have to say the truth about the situation.

Konrad Raab: "I'm sure many of you know that I do more than one sport by now, but for those who don't, I'm also a part-time NASCAR Xfinity and Cup Series driver too. It's the sport I've always wanted to do on my days off. Anyway, the reason I wasn't on Breakdown was that, at the Nashville Xfinity race on Saturday, I almost died after I won that race. With temperatures of one hundred and thirty-five Fahrenheit, I collapsed after doing a burnout because of heat exhaustion. I came closer to death in a sport I do part-time than I've ever come close to death in wrestling. I vomited while driving in that heat, just like my fellow Xfinity rival did as well, and my good friend had blisters all over his feet. But I'm all good now, not that any of you would've given a fuck, but it made me have less fear of death, knowing I almost died doing something I love."

It was death I much prefer to have, and while I was done talking about the two subjects I had, there was another thing on my mind I've been watching for the last three shows now, and it wasn't funny. It made me want to vomit in my helmet again.

Konrad Raab: "What the fuck is wrong with you wrestlers in SCW? Apart from Josh Hudson, Christy Matthews, myself and The One, the rest of you rather hold hands with another wrestler and attack other wrestlers on the roster. Where's the time that wrestlers dared to fight other wrestlers by yourselves and not work with other wrestlers to attack other wrestlers involved? Most importantly, where's the time when wrestlers didn't play stupid mind games? This whole oh, I need help, where's my assistance from other people when I need it is pathetic."

I can't believe so many wrestlers weren't like me anymore, dealing with problems yourselves without involving other wrestlers in their shit or wrestlers getting involved because they don't want them hurt. I won't give a fuck if wrestlers hurt my opponent before the match begins. I drank some water before I continued with pure anger.

Konrad Raab: "If you were all tough as you were, you'd deal with your problems yourselves, you weak-minded pricks. I attack wrestlers all on my own without people doing shit with and for me. I never have or will demand assistance from other wrestlers because I prefer being attacked, taking a beating from a wrestler than some wrestler rescuing me. I prefer to attack wrestlers on my own to make me a tough bastard than being a coward of doing it with someone or someone doing dirty work for me. Plus, you can't trust anyone in this company, and I don't trust any of you. Kimberly is making the Underground title a sideshow at this point that she forgot she's not only a champion but forgetting to also defend her fucking Underground belt because she rather fuck about with the biggest joke wrestlers I've ever seen in those zoo animals, playing stupid games with them with Sarah Wolf than actually seeking challengers for her Underground title, making the belt fucking worthless."

It's a shame how much value has lowered since Kimberly became champion and it made me sick because I put that title first before doing anything and it only made me a better champion for it at this point.

Konrad Raab: "Jenni has made Tsunami even more pathetic to do your dirty work cos you can't do shit yourself like a pussy you are, and Tsunami is as well which I explained in the last video that he's a joke of a monster and those are just a few examples why SCW is going down the plug hole. You wrestlers will regret working with each other someday when they stab you in the back. Being on your own is better than working with some cowardly pieces of shit's that you'll eventually face in the ring and view as an enemy someday. Do your own dirty work, don't rely on some piece of shit doing things for you."

I've gained more from not being with The Jackals than I did when I was with them, and that's the truth; nobody can convince me otherwise. I took off the lid of the first red paint metal tin and poured it all over my body as it always got me fired up, especially when the victim of the week is next to be spoken about.

Konrad Raab: “Alexis Quinne. Wow, you've had some enemies onto you as of late, haven't you since the rumble, and you're one of the weak, pathetic wrestlers I was speaking about; things are entirely different in that regard. Oh well, fucking done; you were the top four wrestlers in a luck-based rumble. That's all it was, luck-based, but that doesn't take away about you being a threat; well, I would say that if you didn't have targets in your way and I believe you'll give me a good fight, but I'm fucking pissed off about that, and I'll go into details why I am."

Shaking my damn head on what I was about to say next that needed pointing out, I loved the red paint. I imagine blood dripping down on me.

Konrad Raab: "Because I should be getting the targets you're currently getting. Why aren't I having anyone take my fucking head off? Because I'm too much of a threat for them? Because they are scared of me? Well who could blame Lexy's crybabies squad, they always have something to cry about. Imagine crying about your phone being stolen? Pathetic, and do we believe in the bullshit of Lexy and Autumn being in a relationship and married? Do we believe in Lexy's bullshit of being a professional wrestler? Because nobody's seen Lexy compete in the ring, apart from the rumble, but she always scared of wrestling me for some reason despite her so-called wrestling experience."

I paused for a minute, gathering that everything I've said had been spot on at this point, and I shook my head.

Konrad Raab: "Don't believe in Lexy's crybabies squad; they tell some awful lies as Lexy made on her never starting shit with me on Twitter, and worst of all, Lexy uses Autumn to promote herself than Autumn. I don't believe in the bullshit of the positive squad either; they haven't helped anyone other than plaguing their minds with their filled-up bullshit of helping wrestlers. You're pathetic if you're a wrestler who has to seek help from fake positive therapy they bullshit about. I'd rather get help from legit psychologists outside the sport than from wrestlers themselves. What complete garbage these delusional wrestlers fill them up with. I've never seen them help any wrestler at all, just making them worse, especially their false payment system."

It speaks for itself that I have to put up with not being targeted by anyone, and it makes me sick because I can take punishment more than these weak idiots are.

Konrad Raab: "All this because you're trying to chase after Datura to get your friendship back? Are you kidding me? Seriously, instead of being committed to chasing your own goals, you choose to chase Datura? Friends are fucking worthless in this sport. Why do you need to have a friend? I think you should give up being in teams and be an individual wrestler, especially how many times you've tried to team with people and failed. Go out there and beat the shit out of wrestlers on your own. You told Lexy to hold Autumn back because you didn't want to be attacked from behind? What a joke. I want to be attacked from behind, I want to be attacked overall, and I want to attack wrestlers to show them that I don't need assistance to get to my goals and show them my love and taste for violence and blood, just like I did with that other dude two weeks ago. I want Owen Lee's fucking head, but that goal is blocked, and all the violent fucks they say they are refusing to face me for some reason. Maybe you'll give me a proper fight, unlike the rest that would give me on this roster."

I said maybe because I don't know Alexis Quinne's ability to be violent, and I don't care. I poured the other red paint all over my body as I tensed up a lot more.

Konrad Raab: "You can unleash all the anger you have at me, and I prefer you do since I'll be doing the fucking same, considering it looks like once again, I'm going to be wrestling on a garbage pre-show. I don't fucking want to be wrestling on there. I want to be on the main PPV show and beat the shit out of Cid, Autumn, and everyone for that Adrenaline title, showing everyone I don't need to work with other wrestlers to get the job done or cause them to suffer in so much pain. I do it all on my own, and I've been way too patient, but if I end up working with other wrestlers, I'd be a hero, and I'm not a fucking hero. I'm everyone's enemy, including yours, Alexis Quinne, so don't think I'll be attacking wrestlers with you because I beat the shit out of you and the rest of your enemies because I have no friends; I have no frenemies. I have only enemies."

Even Kimberly, I consider myself my enemy because God knows if I thought anyone my friend or even trust them around here. I loved the smell of paint dripping on me, and I continued.

Konrad Raab: "That's why it's more than likely I'm winning this match because I've got all the focus in the world to tear your fucking head off, making you bleed and make you be in so much pain that SCW staff will regret ever putting you against The Ice Blood. I will enjoy making you taste your own blood; I will enjoy making you feel pain psychically and emotionally because I feel emotional pain every day. I'm angry every day to the point my mind is only consumed by the violence and pain I give to wrestlers every time I step into this ring. Something I'm good at. I've not bullshitted about anything, and I'm only focused on beating you. If I'd get put in a match on the pre-show again, I will piledrive someone's fucking head to get myself out of it. I'd rather be racing at NASCAR Xfinity and Cup Series Indianapolis races that are on the same weekend as Rise To Greatness at this point than wrestle on Pre-Show for the third time in a row."

It makes me angry each time I see that fact about my Rise To Greatness career in SCW that I was going to end up being on the pre-show, especially since I've earned the right to be on the main show this year.

Konrad Raab: "If I have to beat Cid down to get myself on the main Rise To Greatness show or his other enemies, including yourself, so be it because I'm willing to die to get a shot for the Adrenaline title, the only belt that's looking like it's not been announced. I will end up being in that match, win or lose, and I will leave you bleeding. If you want to make me bleed, go right ahead. Because I want you to make me taste my own blood and go ahead, break my body to pieces, but know this, I will always come back and wrestle with injuries I get. On Thursday night, I will end up beating the shit out of you and pin or submit you for the three count, putting myself in contention for the Adrenaline title. I'll get Cid's fucking head and embrace the positive squad to beat the shit out of me because everyone's afraid of getting the job done themselves much like your fear of being alone since you're reliant on friends. I'm winning because I have nothing in my way, and I wish I did. It only motivates me to put a target on my fucking back and not be forgotten. Pinning or submitting, you will do just that. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Ice Blood."

I got up from the chair with paint dripping all over my body and wrestling clothes, and I left the room, being pent up with energy to wrestle as I went back to my own home in Chicago.
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I love AJ Allmendinger.

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