Christy Matthews vs. Alexis Quinne
The match was scheduled to kick off the route to Rise to Greatness. Now, it will be the last stop before Matthews and Quinne go to their separate matches at the biggest event of the year. The former friends will be each other’s tune-up, just over a week before Rise to Greatness XIX.

2 RP Limit for singles

3500 word max per RP

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm Wednesday, July 20, 2022 (RETURN TO NORMAL DEADLINE)
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I love AJ Allmendinger.

Saturday, July 16th, 2022

San Francisco, California

9:41 P.M.

[Alexis leans forward on her couch inside, arms crossed together, lip curled, eyes narrowed. A piercing stare straight ahead at her TV screen in front of her. A quick zoom from the side and her expression was even clearer.]

“I stepped inside that structure for you, because you needed me. Do you remember that, you self-absorbed little bitch? No. You don’t. Nor do you remember everything else I’ve done for you over the last year!”

[She snickers harshly, gritting her teeth, A shot of the TV revealed the voice to be Christy Matthews, speaking with a raising tone in her voice. The video in question was hers leading up to Rise to Greatness 2017, the three way between her, Alexis and Dante McCaffery.]

Another shot follows Alexis flaring her nostrils while Christy's voice continued to rise in anger and rage. Alexis removed her arms from one another and started jabbing her chest with her left pointer finger.]


10:23 P.M.

[Another shot abruptly appears afterwards. The TV was now showing Christy Matthews wrestling Datura from May 19th.]

Sharper: “Datura going for the legs. Driving Christy Matthews’s knee and shin into the ringpost!”

[Christy yells is pain. Alexis is then seen on her couch, hunched over, head down, her hands covering her face; finger tips rubbing up against her forehead.

The match could be heard in the background as a later shot then captures Alexis's face, covering her mouth with her hands. Her eyes were widen, staring down at the wooden floor beneath. Her hands rested on her knees, shaking.]

??: Alexis?

[Angela's voice didn't seem to register as Alexis remained unmoved.]


11:12 P.M.

[Alexis stared intently at the screen, eyes hardened, body remained hunched. The Christy Matthews promo was currently playing on the TV again.]

"His betrayal I can accept....But you, Alexis? You I don’t understand. You I CANNOT accept. Not after everything I’ve done for you!"

[The shot moves away from Alexis and towards Christy on the TV.]

"You think I didn’t care about what we had. That’s your excuse, isn’t it? That’s what you want people to think. You want them to believe that you’re the victim. You want them to believe that I’m heartless and cruel and that I never valued you. Tell them that. Tell them how much of a victim you are."


[Alexis suddenly grabbed the remote from the table and shuts off the TV. Alexis remained in her seat, clenched jaw and with her fist bawled up.]


[Alexis pressed her lips together, biting her bottom lip as her hands shook again.]



The Next Day

7:00 A.M.


Angela: I knew the night before knew. Just looking at her. way she looked. The way...the way she..her body language, there was something different about this.

[A shot is shown of Angela, sitting down in a beige furniture chair in an undisclosed home with a purple curtain behind her.]


[From a distance, the camera shows Alexis on her couch, staring straight ahead; a notebook resting on her lap. The camera zooms in. She doesn't have a pen or pencil in her hands.]

Sharper: “Matthews fighting out. Can she now get back on offense?”

Knots: “She better figure it out. Or Datura is going to keep tying her up in knots!”

Angela Voice Over: She had been watching the same thing just over and over again the night before.

[Alexis' eyes remain on the TV, not a muscle moving.]

Angela Voice Over: Full disclaimer I'm still new to pro wrestling and everything the nuances and everything. I met her through, we're both artists. And we're both from the same area and of course we do different things. She does art. I do photography, movies.'s through those junkies and different things where we've been in the same place that we started talking and just...the way she expresses her art. The meaning behind it and the details, she's really thoughtful and...and really sharp.

[Another shot shows Alexis repeatedly punching her right fist into her left palm.]

Angela Voice Over: Ever since we started doing this..just getting a peak into her world and wrestling and everything. She just takes so many notes. Whenever we're at the hotel or if it's a flight, there's sme wrestling that she's watching. And I'm seeing her pause it. Write something down. Rewind it. Play it again. Write something down. The notes she takes sense.

For this one, I just remember her just watching the match. No notes.

[A closer view of Alexis is seen, showing the blank notebook. The Christy/Datura match remains playing in the background audibly.]

Angela Voice Over: She would pick it up, drop it. Then stand up, walk around. Then do again. Same thing. Um...the plan was that she would take notes, then start her day with the usual. She likes running 1K and then watching her train. But what was interesting was...she couldn't write anything down. And when she woke up that morning, she couldn't write anything down.

[Alexis is then seen tossing her notebook on the ground and leaning back on the couch. Then another shot is shown, behind Alexis. Once again the Christy Matthews promo was playing.]

"You always want more. I should have known that. I shouldn’t have been so goddamn stupid. But I was. After what happened with you and Autumn I should have known what you were. How many times did you rant at her for ‘betraying’ you by not being there every moment of every day that you wanted her to be? You thought a few kind gestures should be rewarded with a lifetime of aid. She called you a DELUSIONAL BITCH for thinking she cared that much about you. And she was right. That’s what you are.”

[A close up of Alexis is shown. Her face was red.]

Angela Voice Over; But..she kept playing this other video. And it's Christy. Just really yelling and just going after her.

[Alexis covers her mouth again with her hands, now rocking back and forth. The camera is once again viewing her from a distance.]

Angela Voice Over: I think she played it at least 20 times. That night. That morning. She may have watched it like 10 times. She would just loop it. Keep playing it. and I'm just watching this. Watching her and I'm was like watching a ticking time bomb.


[There's a new shot that flashes. This time, it's Alexis on the balcony of her house. The lush trees of Grand Canyon park laid in the background. Listen a little closer and you could hear the traffic in the distance. By the red painted wood banister was a bench that Alexis was seated, her left hand on top of her right fist.]

Alexis: I feel so many things right now. I really do.

[She shakes her and lets out an aggressive silent scream before clapping her hands together. She grits her teeth.]

Angela[from off screen]: This seems really personal.

[Alexis' head immediately turned towards the camera. She opens her mouth and then closes again, biting her lip.]

Alexis: Like...

[A chuckle escaped her mouth although her body remained tight.]

Alexis: She's [Christy] been talking shit about me for like...5 years now. Yeah, yeah. I have so much I want to say. Like, shit. I've is so much I've wanted to say. I've gone back and forth I reach out to her? Is it's fuck me then?

[Alexis jukes back a bit.]

Alexis: Like...have you ever been in something like that?

Angela: Like has an old friend talked shit about me?

Alexis: Like, let me explain. Let me explain. Like..something you were friends with but they've been talking so much shit about you for a long time. And you know some of the shit they did in the whole thing and you're just know what I mean?

[Alexis crosses her arms.]

Angela: I mean yeah there's times I've fallen out with people and we just go different ways. I don't know this situation but it seems like this was really ugly.

[Alexis scratches her chin aggressively.]

Alexis: I remember...I just hit her up on Twitter last year....Yeah. Last year. Yeah. know, she won Supreme Champion. Really big deal. Cool. So i say congrats and it took lie..way longer for any human being to send that. I like sent hours going back and forth do I send this.

I did. And she said thanks. But then I was like...maybe we can talk.

[Alexis bitterly scoffs while shaking her head.]

Alexis; Nothing. pisses me off. It really-

[Alexis closes her mouth and claps her hands again, biting her bottom lip.]

Alexis: Fuck it. I don't even care. I don't even care. She's been talking shit and...saying I fucked her over. Angela, let me tell you this. And when this goes up, people will know. She'll get pissed. I don't fucking care. I really don't. This is high school bullshit. But..ok.

You know that place I went to train? You say it? Golden Gate?

Angela: Yes.

Alexis: OK. So like six years ago i used to teach this class. It was the guy that failed the training. Because that's how the system worked. I got failed. Alexander thought I fucking sucked and saw nothing. But I was just stubborn as shit. Was like you're going to train me and I'm not leaving. So then they kept me out. So he wanted to do the same thing and he wanted me to run it. So I spent, let me tell you, a fucking year trying to get Christy to on board. shit you not. A fucking year.

[Alexis sports an incredulous look on her face.]

Alexis: So she finally does it. Months later, I go to her apartment because she moved down here. I hear one of the students fucking saying she loved him and that they had been fucking.

Angela: What?

[Alexis' eyes widened.]

Alexis: Yeah! Swear to God. Swear to fucking God.

[Alexis tightens her face. Her fist bawl up.]

Alexis: yeah she's fucking pissed at me because she was fucking one of our students behind my back. And she was married!

[Alexis throws her arms up.]

Alexis: Like married. Has a kid! Her husband died around the same time.

Angela: She was married? What?

[Alexis shakes her head.]

Alexis: It's been five fucking years and I've known that. I saw it. I heard it from the guy. I fucking asked him. I don't even-

[Alexis grimaces and lets out a growl.]

Alexis: Like that's my thing. She's been telling people I fucked her over. I screwed her over. And I'm like listening to this, for years, listening. And I'm thinking, BITCH you slept with one of our fucking students! Behind my back! This woman is having an affair with like an eighteen year old. I don't even remember how old he was.

[Alexis glares towards where Angela would be.]

Alexis: We use to team together. Just so you're keeping up with this. That was my favorite wrestler growing up. Like...and listen i was trash to her before then. Like when I was younger, there was so much shit that I did to people. Petty shit. She used to help Autumn [Valentine] and um...we would get into it. And I was a bitch because I really wanted to beat Autumn and I would do so much fuck shit.

So it meant a lot, right, to eventually team with her. Like..I don't even care. I don't give a shit if Christy says I'm a fucking hypocrite. I don't care. She's been...

[Alexis shakes her fist.]

Alexis: She's talked so much shit and..has never told anyone what really happened. Like I was at her dead husband's fucking funeral and I had so much shit going on. The team that we were on, someone stabbed us in the back. Someone I really trusted and cared for and we did a lot of things together. Him and a few others. We had built something...and he just fucked all of us over. I was fucked up. I was so angry and..and everything I thought was true. i thought all the awards and shit..if I get to the top, if I prove I'm better than people, my life will be complete.

And it was fucking nothing. Like..I have never been so angry, so fucked up, so depressed. I needed to get the fuck away. I didn't know who to trust.

Do you understand?

Angela: Yeah I get it. I understand.

Alexis: People watching this already know. I'm's what pisses me off. She's had five years to tell the truth and she's been talking shit. Like I wasn't there at the fucking funeral of her dead husband, who by the way, fucking died not knowing his wife was getting dicked down in some dingy ass, fucking apartment, behind his back!

[Alexis' voice raises and she stands up.]

Alexis: She's getting thanks yous and well wishes at the funeral. Shredding tears. And only I know that she was fucking some other dude.'s been five years! Why hasn't she said anything to anyone? You know?

[Alexis snickers harshly.]

Alexis: Angela, when I caught them? When I caught them? She said it wasn't her, it was her fucking twin SISTER!

[She barely is able to say it while she cackled. Immediately, her lips curled.]

Alexis: Fuck you. That's what I want to say. She's going to listen to this and you know..

[Alexis points violently at the camera.]

Alexis: Fuck you!



[Her voice screeches it.]

Alexis: One of my closet friends fucked me over. I felt like shit. Trump was President. How do you not fucking get that? How do you not get it? My friends, my closet friends. We all got fucked over. How do you not understand that I would feel fucked up over that?

What's easier for you? To tell everyone that I was an awful friend...that..that I'm a delusional bitch. Or tell Scarlett that YOU didn't love your husband enough to go get fucked by a teenager?

WHAT'S easier for you?

Or you can tell the world I'm a piece of shit. Bravo! As if they don't have any examples of that! As if I don't tell them that!

I don't know.

[Alexis rubs her face with her hands aggressively.]

Alexis: I'm not a fucking coward. I don't know. I'm just talk shit about me. But we see what you do. Right?


You didn't have the fucking guts to tell the world what you did. But I'm the fucking asshole?
Punching Raab.

"Don't bring up my kid's name ever!"

Well I just did. What are you going to do? Huh?

[Alexis throws her arms up.]

Alexis: What the fuck are you going to do? We all know what happens to you when something hard comes up in your life.

[Alexis makes a fake phone and puts it to her ear.]

Alexis: HELLO? HELLO? Syren? Ravyn? I've lost four matches in a row. Call up CBHK. Call up BLo! INFAMOUS LIVES AGAIN!

[Steam comes out of her mouth.]

Alexis: Yeah talk shit about me again. Talk shit. They know the truth now. YScarlett knows the truth.

Say his name.

Shawn Rawlins.

The little teenager you fucked.

Say his name.

Talk shit about me again.

[Alexis looks up at the sky and lets out a sigh and then looks down with a death glare.]

[Power came back on during the night. So I'll just post this since it was already done even though it doesn't count.)

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