Alexis Quinne
Wrestler's Alias:
Wrestler's Real Name: Alexandria Miranda Quinne
Pic Base: AJ Lee
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthdate: June 25th, 1992
Birth Place: San Diego, California(only lived there from birth to five months old before moving to San Francisco, California)
Current Residence: San Francisco, California

Physical Description: See picbase

Personality: When she first arrived in August 2013 at 21, Alexis Quinne was a rebellious, juvenile delinquent. She prided on being a free spirit. Her past actions would point to someone who is destructive to others and herself. Struggling with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it is a struggle for Alexis to put others first over herself.  The betrayal of Dante McCaffery at Retribution 2017 along with the increasingly hostile political climate, saw Alexis before disillusioned, angry and cynical. That has continued to be the case since returning to pro wrestling, albeit not as pronounced as it once was. In fact, she has softened a bit, as evident by her desire to be transparent about her mistakes and expressing more optimism about the pro wrestling industry and life; even if she doesn't truly believe it. She remains an outspoken person, never afraid of sharing her thoughts. She covets the truth and telling the truth, positive or negative. At times, she straddles the line between bending the rules and breaking them. She displays extreme confidence in her wrestling skills.

Perhaps the main hallmarks of Alexis is her creativity, both as a wrestler and a person. And her love for professional wrestling, having been a fan since the age of 13. Given her small statue, she has crafted a unique arsenal, pulling from different influences and wrestling styles. Daily, she spends a good chunk of her day watching wrestling; from her matches to others. It is very rare for Alexis to be caught off guard by her opponent or not be aware of wrestling history.

Alexis is also fluent in three languages; English, Spanish and Japanese. 

Wrestling Style: Crafty High Impact, Llave
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro:8(7 in SCW)

1. Dreadnaught Plata
2. Quinnetessential Dream
3. Jack in a Box Cradle
4. Sol Naciente
5. Jack in A Box Cradle S-Tier(used for big matches only)
6. Thousand Sunny(Used for big matches only)

Finishers Descriptions (If Needed):
1. (
2. Shooting Star Press(proceeded with sticking her tongue out as a taunt while on top rope)
3. Small Package
4. (adopted from one of her mentors, Sharon Rose)
6. Corkscrew 450 splash

Signature Moves:
1. Esperanza
2. Ditzy Tour
3. True Ambition
4. Nico Latch
5. Lunar Eclipse
6. Apocalysis(used for big matches only)

Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):
2. Diving Tornado DDT from the middle turnbuckle
3. Running High Knee("absorbed" from Holly Adams' Blonde Ambition. Can also do this from the top rope)
4. Momo Latch (
6. Alexis runs up the corner turnbuckle and then perform an out of control Somersault to the opponent on the outside

Theme Song: Rage Against The Machine- Calm Like a Bomb

Common Moves:
Low Angled Dropkick to face of a cornered opponent
Crawling under the ring, emerging behind the opponent and attacking
Diving Foot Stomp(sometimes with the opponent draped in the Tree of Woe)
Boomerang (Sling Blade)
Flying Forearm
Spinning Heel Kick
Rolling wheel kick
Wheelbarrow victory roll
Imperial Cradle (
Gekijō (
Suicide Dive
Somersault topé through the second and top ropes
Hair Pulling
Biting(any body part she can.)
Eye Gouging
Thumb to the eye
Grinding the opponent's face on the mat
Shining Wizard
Lexi Stretchy Hold(Octopus Stretch while biting the opponent's fingers while doing so)
Rotación(Spinning hammerlock) 
Primera Esperanza (  )
Seated Armbar
Armbar with finger pulling
Sleeper Hold while piggyback on the opponent's back

-Has never been a natural athlete but has always been in excellent shape; Thus she's very quick and agile.
-Very crafty. She has no restrictions as to how low she will go in order to win a match. 
-Now boast an expert knowledge of the lucha libre submission style Llave
-Despite her size, she's proven that she has strong resilience.
-Passionate and stubborn, which is also a weakness
-Former multi time Women's Champion, TV and World Champion. Has experience

-Small stature will always be a barrier
-Struggles with power fighters
-While older and wiser, she can still go off the handle, leaving her to be prone to making mistakes
-Her personality has led to her gaining a lot of enemies, some of which were one time friends of hers. 

The eyes all focus on the stage. The lights grow dim. Opening strum of Rage Against the Machine's Calm Like a Bomb plays. White house lights illuminate the ramp.

Feel the funk blast
Feel the funk blast

The house lights turn blue, red, green, etc. Alexis Quinne steps out through the curtains, dragging a black steel chair in her right hand and a black baseball bat in her leg hand. The crowd gasps. She's dressed in all black coveralls with the legs tucked underneath her black traditional boots, white tape wrapped around both knuckles and an white skull mask. Quinne saunters down the ramp, dragging both weapons down the aisle way.

Phillips: Introducing the challenger, from San Francisco, California...This. Is. Alexis Quinne!

Alexis slowly makes her way down to the ring. The crowd continues to buzz. The camera does the classic rotation that it used to do for her entrances. Once she reaches ringside, Alexis then tosses the chair under the bottom rope into the ring; then the baseball bat. From there, she grabs the ring covering, placing it on the apron. She crouches and observes underneath the ring. This goes for on for a while. She then stands up and walks up the steel steps. She rest her head on top of the turnbuckle, saying a few words to herself. She then picks up her head and enters the ring.

She staggers to the middle of the ring, removing her mask. The crowd roars when it's revealed that her face is covered with face paint that resembles the grim reaper. Alexis briefly closes her eyes and then reopens them. She peers out in the crowd before picking up the steel chair and then unfolding it. She takes a seat, reaching on the canvas to grab the baseball bat as well. Her eyes lock in on the ramp as her music fades.

Alexandria "Alexis" Miranda Quinne hails from San Diego, California although her and her family quickly moved to San Francisco when she was five months old and it's there where Alexis claims to be her birth place. Alexis came from a small family with only one older sister, named Ramona and thus during the early parts of her childhood Ramona was one of the few people Alexis talked to. Regarded as a an outcast due to her very tiny statue and her eccentric personality, Alexis didn't have too many friends(because they all thought she was crazy and thus was mainly treated as such during grade school; as an outcast).  As an escape to fill the void of her lack of friends, Alexis fell in love with horror movies and mostly importantly, professional wrestling at age 13. Her love for wrestling only grew and grew during her high school years to the point where she worked part time jobs from age 16 to 18 just to have enough money to enroll into wrestling school.

She did just that in 2010 as she enrolled in Golden Gate Wrestling Academy, the same school Collin Cole, Joss Morrison, Caden Storm, Maddox Taylor, Kayla Daniels, Dante McCaffery, Ricky Garcia of Cartel NXT Gen fame and etc trained at. At one point, head trainer Alexander Grayson failed her early on, believing she had no upside. Alexis, however, persisted until Grayson decided to continue training her. It took two years to graduate.  but Alexis survived through the teachings of Alexander Grayson and Sharon Rose and graduated. After spending a year wrestling on local wrestling shows around the Bay Area, Collin Cole, having known and befriended Alexis from his previous visits to the Golden Gate Wrestling Academy, approached Alexis with the offer of going to Supreme Championship Wrestling and aligning herself with his unit the Falconry. Alexis agreed with the thought of having the freedom to do whatever she wanted while pursuing her dream all in SCW. [/font][/color]

[color=#979fa8][font=Helvetica, Arial,][color=#979fa8]Due to an old flame returning in Collin's life, Alexis turned on Collin, took over the Falconry along with El Rudo and Grundy and rebanded it as PUNK HAZARD. She had taken the mantle as the leader to PUNK HAZARD to heart as well as her newfound status as the face of Bay Area wrestling and it led her to creating the World Hazard Festival; a wrestling/anime con hosted in San Francisco, in August of 2016. Three months later, she became one of the most improbable SCW World Heavyweight Champions ever. The betrayal of Dante McCaffery at Retribution 2017 along with the increasingly hostile political climate, has changed Alexis' entire perspective about life. She has become speaking more about socially conscious matters, both within the world and in wrestling. Disillusioned with professional wrestling, her celebrity status within her home area and life in general, Alexis took a break after Rise to Greatness 2019.

In actuality, she stopped watching anything wrestling related for about three months before she started watching. There have been rumors that between 2020 and he return, that she secretly trained a few aspiring wrestlers in Puerto Rico. It wasn't until August of 2021 that she appeared in front of a crowd, supporting fellow Golden Gate Wresting alum Nadia Allen in her then World Heavyweight Champion defense against Chanel Hunter in Global Championship Wrestling. Four months later, she shocked the world by returning to SCW and winning the End of the Year Invitational.

Alexis is also known for her out of the ring interests. When she first introduced herself to the wrestling world, she was known for tagging buildings back home. Now, she is an accomplished artist, trading spray cans for the more traditional paintbrush and canvases and going by the pseudonym Nico Nani. More than just an artist, in June of 2022, Alexis founded her own production company, VOYAGERS, with videographer Angela Hendrix. The inspiration of the company is to "show fans, aspiring wrestlers, whoever the fullest wrestling experience possible."

1x SCW World Heavyweight Champion
1x SCW Television Champion
1x SCW Women's Champion
1x SCW Interim Women's Champion
2021 End of the Year Invitational Battle Royal Winner
2018 Trios Tournament Runner Up
Finished 4th in the 2022, 40 Man Taking Hold of the Flame Battle Royal
2016 Most Shocking Moment of the Year
2016 Stable of the Year (PUNK HAZARD)
Added some new moves
New signature move

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