Show/Match that made you a wrestling fan
For me it was Wrestlemania VIII My dad ran a restaurant and he decided to start showing ppvs. And this was the first. I saw this show and it just got me and i was a fan...first of the warrior and hogan. But then Summerslam would come and my all time fave would be sealed Bret the Hitman Hart. His match with Bulldog just showed me how awesome and exciting wrestling could be it was fantastic and i will say probably one of the best matches ever for me.

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Goldberg and his feud with Triple H, and also Triple H vs Michaels feud that happened after. Michaels vs HHH Hell in a Cell at Bad Blood is one of my all time favorite matches. I was like 12 and was forbidden to watch wrestling lol

Goldberg, HBK, and Dr of Thuganomics Cena were my favorite wrestlers until I watched more Rock, Stone Cold and ECW as I got older.
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Summerslam 92 Bret and davey made me a lifer hey I responded to myself wait I have another account my old ones still active wooooot I have two now bah gawd

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