YUYO - Magical Cosmic Princess


Wrestler's Alias: Magical Cosmic Princess YUYO
Wrestler's Real Name: Yumi Yoshida
Twitter Handle: @YUYOWrestles
Pic Base: Tam Nakano
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 105 lbs.
Birthdate: 3/23/2001
Birth Place: Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Current Residence: San Diego, California, USA

Physical Description: Since we last saw Yumi, she seemed to have put on some muscle. No longer is she just skin and bones. Despite her small stature, she has relatively wide hips and strong thighs, which she takes advantage of in the ring. Her hair is currently a light brunette with purple tips. She has a fairly pale complexation that is even more accentuated by the makeup she dons. 

Outside the ring, it’s not unusual to see a wide range of clothes, from Yumi wearing fashionable dresses to simply gym shorts and tanktop to a kimono, depending on her mood and whether she’s booked to wrestle later that night. 

Her ring attire is a purple and white, glittery princess vest that is cut above the abdomen. Below is a matching sports bra to avoid any accidents. She wears either a short purple skirt or trunks, all cut short to show off her thighs. She wears shiny purple knee pads, kick pads, and bottles. The kick pads have YUYO written on the right and Japanese kanji for magical girl on the left. Her ring attire has a lot of lace, frills, and even odd bells.

She sometimes comes to the ring underneath a big white robe with gold stitching running throughout. She always brings out her magic staff, Gríðarvölr, which is much longer than the rod she used to have in EMERGE. At the top of the pole is a small bronze head that is decorated with gems. At the far end, a bronze tip keeps reflective strips of purple and white clothe attached to add an accent to her weapon. 

Wrestling Style: Counter/Highflyer/Strikes - Very much in the same vein as Selena Frost’s “Way of the Dragon”, Yumi depends on countering to use her opponent's own weight against them. She utilizes strikes and her highflying/gymnastics abilities to defeat her opponent. Unlike Selena, Yumi is very flashy in her execution which opens her up for a lot of trouble. Yet in recent years, she added a few more vicious attacks to add a little more edge. That change has helped her find success at a high level in Japan’s Joshi scene.

Alignment: Super Face
Years Pro: 12
Theme Song: “Catch Me If You Can” By BABYMETAL

[1] M-A-G-I-C-A-L KNEE! - As an homage to her “dirty uncle” Ichiro Yoshida, with the opponent on the mat, YUYO moonwalks into a corner. She then begins to stomp her foot on the canvas. With each stomp, she and the fans spell out M-A-G-I-C-A-L before waving her hands outwards and holding them up high. Then when the moment is right, she runs out of the corner and hits a sick, running bicycle knee strike to his opponent's face.

[2] DOKIDOKI! Stardust - Diving Double Foot Stomp - Climbing to the top rope, she forms a heart with her hands, pressing it against her heart, and yells, “For Love!” before going for her version of the diving double foot stomp to the chest.

[3] REALITYBREAK!  - Bridging hammerlock tiger suplex - Desperation Finisher! Within reason, YUYO is able to muster enough strength to perform a picture-perfect suplex, usually as a counter when the opponent is going for the kill. She can do this to people much larger than her so she has no right being able to perform the move, so when this happens, it’s a big deal, but of course, there is physical limits.

Signature Moves:
[1] The Cub Hug - Bearhug - Yumi locks her opponent into a bear hug, but while doing so, she also nuzzles their body with her face as if that makes up for the pathetic submission move. If they’re a nasty heel, she then reels back and pinches her nose, acting as if they stink.

[2] The Kiss of Justice - Corner Spinning Elbow - Knocking her opponent back into the corner, she leaps up on the second rope and kisses them on the forehead. She jumps back, spinning during the motion, nailing her opponent with an elbow to the face while yelling out “Justice!”

[3] YUYO Funtime Song and Dance! - Springboard Hip Attack - After capturing her opponent’s arm after some sort of evasive maneuver or corner, she quickly runs up the turnbuckle. She walks the ropes, but doing so with swagger to her step, her free arm pointing and her terrible singing; once she gets midway across the ropes, she swings her hips around before leaping off, throwing her entire body weight into her opponent’s face with a springboard hip attack, landing her ass on the chest, often hooking both legs for the pin attempt.

[4] NYAN-NYAN-NYAN- Rolling Butterfly Lock with Body Scissors - A more serious submission from YUYO despite its name. She basically hooks the arms, and rolls through until her opponent is seated (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA0ynTsZrGw). She then wraps her legs around her opponent, leaning more into the move.
Common Moves:
[1] Armdrags, often springboard
[2] Drop Toe Hold
[3] Cartwheels/Handsprings/Gymnastics (To Avoid Attacks, Finished with Strikes, or Takedown/Pins, ie. handspring elbow, cartwheel armbreaker takedown, etc.)
[4] Kicks (Dropkick, Shining-Knee/Wizard/Gamengiri, Pele, Spinning Heel, Enzuigiri, Triangle Dropkick, Leg Lariat)
[5] Elbows
[5] Running Curcifix Takedown (sometimes kept in a pin)
[6] Running Shooting Star Press
[7] Running Double Knee to both down and standing opponents.
[8] Standing moonsault
[9] DDTs (Standing, Tornado, Tilt-a-whirl)
[10] Fisherman Suplex (Bridged sometimes)
[11] Headscissor takedown, hurricanrana

[1] She has great instincts since she’s been wrestling all her life, starting at a young age, so that even when she is beaten down and exhausted, she can always find ways to counter and escape defeat. 
[2] Her athleticism, with great speed, agility, and stamina, is off the charts.
[3] Her cheerful and fun attitude in the ring can get into opponents’ heads (could also backfire), given how she treats the match like a game more than a combat sport. 
[4] Resilient. She is known to be able to withstand a good beating.

[1] Her showmanship opens her up for reversals and counters. Simply, sometimes she needs to use urgency and chooses to show off. As mentioned, her usual demoralization is associated with her theatrics can backfire. 
[2] She’s tiny. Even with her own strengths, she is gonna struggle when she’s hit by much larger opponents. From powerhouses, one move could flatten her.
[3] She is very predictable, not only because of her move signaling and playing to the crowd, her limited moveset gives more versatile wrestlers a chance to strategize against her.

The arena darkens before:

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

The Nyan cat appears on the screen, with the crowd popping. The cat in a poptart, farting rainbows steers around and breaks right into the screen, showing a window crack before breaking. At that moment, “Catch Me If You Can” by BABYMETAL’s opening riffs plays, and the girls' voice count:


Out pops YUYO from behind the curtains. Bright white light now shines down on the stage, following YUYO. Mister Meowkazawa and Beezlebubble follow her to stand behind her. She stands at the top of the ramp and places her hands on her hips. Meowkazawa hands her the magical staff, Gríðarvölr. She spins the staff around with a display of talent, the long purple and white ribbons attached to the staff’s end flash. When she stops, she thrusts one hand forward while holding the staff behind her back.


Phillips: “Ladies and gentlemen, descending from the sea of stars above, weighing at 110 pounds, the Guardian of Love, Justice and Peace— Magical Cosmic Princess, YUYO!”

YUYO springs down the ramp, staff in hand, she tosses it into the ring as she slides in under the bottom rope. She pops to her feet, picks up the staff again in a single stride, and then straight to the corner. She holds the staff like a gun and aims towards the ceiling, “BANG! BANG!”. Mr. Meowkazawa catches up to her, taking the staff while she remains in the corner. She points to the sky, “FOREVER!”. She runs to the next corner and repeats, “FOREVER!”. She hops off the corner with a superhero landing! She then puts on a “mean” face as she readies for the match. 


You might have heard of her “dirty uncle”, Ikiro Yoshida, some former SCW wrestler thgat had his 15 milliseconds of fame, but she doesn’t want you to talk about him! He’s nice but also gross! You should be talking about her grand exploits because she is an amazing person, taking over not only the world of wrestling but the entire universe, one heart at a time! Originally trained by her family since the age of six (her first professional match was at age 9!), she couldn’t stand their strict rules, so she left and went to the Rising Sun Dojo. She trained under that old man Hiro Tanaka until his dojo burned down in the Winter of ‘18. She swore she turned off the stove before she left! Anyways, she’s been wrestling around the world for the children because they all need some happiness in their lives. She’s also doing it for the basement dwelling adult males who already idolize her on Reddit, because everyone deserves some love in their lives! No touching, though! Germs are gross!

Her first attempt at breaking into professional wrestling was EMERGE, where she saw success under the management of Mr. Meowazawa. She was told that EMERGE would be a pathway to Supreme Championship Wrestling, the place she really wanted to be. YUYO blew away the competition, dominating a tournament to determine who would face the EMERGE Spirt Champion, Tommy Cook. She went on and stunned the crowd when she upset Tommy later that night. For the rest of her time in EMERGE, she was considered a top name in the company; she grew frustrated over being stripped of her Spirit Championship despite never actually losing it, a consequence of some ‘funky’ booking. When EMERGE broke ties with SCW, YUYO stepped away from the company, and shortly after, EMERGE went over. And No– YUYO promises she didn’t cast a spell on the company, for she was still grateful for the fans!

Despite appearing for a random battle royal, YUYO, failed to get a contract with SCW as she wanted and was forced to return to Japan; however, the move seemed to have been for the best. In October 2020, YUYO joined the premiere Joshi promotion, QUEENDOM! Taken under the ring of some really bad ass girls, she gained some edge to her style; that edge seemed to have pushed her to the top where she ultimately had a reign as Queen, though short. In October 2022, her contract ran up with QUEENDOM! And that was when Shaun Cruze and Hiro Tanaka reached out to YUYO, both knowing her well, and asked her to return to America.

Of course, she accepted! YUYO have watched from afar as Queens, Ducks, Monsters, Farm Animals, and Time Travelers have wrestled gloriously! Now she wants to come in and prove that she is the best wrestler not only in the World but in the Cosmos— no, in every dimension and throughout the multiverse! She asked Meowkazawa to abandon his family again to help her navigate America and SCW! 
[Image: YUYOFORUM.png]


1x EMERGE Spirit Champion 


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