Nate Krelle vs. Kelsai Adamson
2 RP Limit for singles

3500 word max per RP

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Wednesday, January 11, 2023
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
OOC: Enjoy...or not lol!

Walking backstage just moments after getting eliminated from the End of the Year Invitational Kelsai Adamson can help but smile a little bit to herself, a smile that has nothing to do with her performance. After all, when wrestling in a battle royal being the third person thrown out of the ring is not exactly what one would call successful. This is particularly true when you are a former World Champion like Kelsai is, even if that title came in another promotion. Still Kelsai couldn’t stop the smile that was starting to form at the corner of her lips as she thought back with fondness to everything that transpired surrounding the match, even if the match itself was somewhat disappointing when she thought about the end result. That is because the result was not so much for Kelsai as much as it was the journey. A journey that was about to be interrupted from behind by a man that she didn’t even know.

Man: “Boy, I have to say that was really one hell of a performance you put on out there. Way to knock them dead, Champ.”

Knowing sarcasm when she hears it, Kelsai doesn’t even bother to turn around while responding to the insults.

Kelsai: “That might actually mean something if it were coming from someone that bothered to enter the match himself.”

Man: “Fair enough, but unlike you, I didn’t come here to wrestle tonight. I came here just to watch.”

Kelsai: “Oh so you like to watch other people do you now? It’s odd to think about when you consider I was just taking part in the battle royal, but I did not come here to wrestle tonight either. Wrestling was just a secondary thought. I hadn’t actually wanted to be in a wrestling ring since last April and I just wanted to see whether I could recapture the love that I used to have for the industry.”

Man: “I think that I understand what has been going on here this evening now.”

Kelsai: “You do?”

Man: “Absolutely. You thought that you going out and getting your ass handed to you in a match that means nothing and even less people than that care about was going to make you rediscover how much you love wrestling. Screwed up logic if you ask me, but since you did I will hand that one to you.”

Although she still has yet to turn around and face the man who has been speaking with, Kelsai as with most professional wrestlers has a ton of pride and yes, ego as well. For this reason, it doesn’t take a genius to look at Kelsai’s face and realize how upset she is getting the longer that this conversation continues on.

Kelsai: “Something tells me that you find yourself incredibly funny, but I think you are nothing more than a sarcastic prick who has no clue who in the hell he is talking to or what she has accomplished.”

With that Kelsai starts to walk away up the hall, until something happens that causes her to stop dead where she stands.

Man: “Is that what you really think? That I would come just to watch the show and be so uninformed while doing it, Kelsai?”

Kelsai: “Nice try, but all you did was prove that you were paying attention when the ring announcer said my name after I was eliminated.”

Man: “Sure, that could be it. Or maybe that’s not it at all. Maybe I was watching at home when you won the GCW Global Championship at the End of Year Bash 2021 after you stabbed Julia Braddock in the back. Or maybe I was in the crowd at Civil War 2022 when you beat Chantel Hunter to become this GCW World Champion while being the Global Champion at the same time.”

Slowly, Kelsai starts to shake from the top of her head to the balls of her feet. She slowly starts to turn around fully intending on exploding on this man who clearly has been stalking her for over a year now at least. When she is faced with her stalker however, she stops, barely able to stifle a laugh.

Kelsai: “Chance Owens.”

The man’s face breaks out in a full smirk, complete with some mocking applause that comes with it.

Chance: “Very good, though I would be remiss if I didn’t say that you sound disappointed Kelsai.

Kelsai: “Good, that's because I am disappointed.”

Chance: “Pardon, you are disappointed in me?”

Kelsai: “I was getting myself all hyped back here, ready to turn around and tear into you for being a creepy type stalker with a big name that was supposed to impress me who has been following me around for over the last year. Then when I actually see you though, it turns out that you are nothing more than someone who is just a guy that is starting to get his feet wet in SCW. So yeah, you could say that I’m disappointed.”

Chance: “That is amusing, coming from you.”

Kelsai: “Oh yeah, and why is that?”

Chance: “Because, you were the Champ, the best in the world, but when I finally get to meet you in-person for the first time? You are nothing more than a shell of the woman that you once were. In fact, it’s even worse than that. You don’t even resemble the champion you were in the past. Talking about how you want to recapture your love for the ring? Correct me, if I’m wrong but wasn’t your love for things what got you into trouble in the first place, both professionally and personally?”

Taking two steps forward as her hands take the shape of tightly balled fists as Kelsai now looks like she is suddenly looking for a fight.

Kelsai: “If that was a veiled reference toward my marriage…”

Not looking for a fight at all, Chance puts his hands up and starts backing away.

Chance: “Look lady, I could care less one way or another about your marriage, all right? I just remember, and it was not that long ago that you used to be great and I think that you can be great again. But instead of talking about how you love this and love that again you need to remember what it was like to do whatever it takes to be better than your opponent out in that ring again. Otherwise? You will be nothing more than a footnote that other people can say that they have beaten as they work their way up in SCW. If you want to have someone help you? Call me, I’m not hard to find.”

With that Chance walks away in the opposite direction while Kelsai just stares and says nothing else, her hands still balled into fists.

So let’s make sure I am understanding this correctly; I come back to SCW for the first time in two and a half years and I get to take on a…piece of shit.

Taking a break at BlackOut Academy in New Orleans is a woman looking for redemption in many ways than one, Kelsai Adamson. Dressed in her own line of combat fatigues designed for workouts, Kelsai stares into the camera and smiles at the people at home.

Kelsai: I know that many of you are going to hear that and the first thing you are going to say is “listen to her, she is still a bitch”. And whether that is true or not I will let all of you decide. I certainly don’t intend on being a bitch, though I do know that I still can be at times. The thing about what I said concerning my opponent “The Anti-Trend” Nate Krelle though, that he is a piece of shit? Those aren’t even my work, ok? No, those are the words none other than Mr. Kelle himself when talking about his debut match in SCW Bambi Hurst he warned Ms. Hurst and everyone else in SCW that he was in fact a piece of shit. Even odder still was the fact that he seemed to say this a weird amount of…PRIDE on his face? Oh yeah was not trying to hide anything at all, he wanted everyone to know what a piece of shit that he is.

Meh, to each his own I guess. Going into Breakdown this Thursday I will be making my redebut wrestling on SCW’s weekly show and to say that I am excited would be an understatement, though people are not going to expect what they are going to see from me. It won’t be like the first time I was in SCW, you know the love in, with every person, place, thing, or idea that I came across and I am definitely not the naive little girl anymore either. By the same token I am not the ruthless, take no prisoners bitch that would have cheated at the drop of a hat just to win a match that everyone remembers from my time in GCW either.

No, I can almost assure everyone that I fall somewhere in between those two women now. I guess that is who you will be facing on Breakdown too Nate, someone in between in a lot of ways. I just hope it doesn’t stink too bad in the ring….
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