Kandis vs. Kelsai Adamson
2 RP Limit for singles

3500 word max per RP

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2023 (NOTE DEADLINE)
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
Breakdown 1-26-23
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SCW: 26 - 35 - 5 || Career: 35 - 41 - 5
4X SCW Tag Team Champion W/ Tommy Valentine
[The Connection]
Walking backstage after her match with Nate Krelle, her first SCW match in a very long time which she won, Kelsai Adamson was feeling very proud of herself, maybe a little bit too proud until she saw him. Oh he had his back turned to her but just the way that he was standing there by himself in front of the monitor, hands on his hips with his head cocked to one side as if he was mentally taking notes, Kelsai knew that he was back watching her again, and Chance Owens saw everything. Not one to back down from potential confrontations anymore, Kelsai walked right up behind where Chance was standing.

Kelsai: “Did you like what you saw?”

Without even turning around, Chance smirked to himself while answering the question.

Chance: “And what exactly was I supposed to be looking at, champ?”

Kelsai: “You know what you were supposed to be looking at but I will play along and just this once humor you for just a minute. My match with Nate Krelle, you were obviously watching me again, what did you think of the way I mopped the floor with him?”

Chance: “Oh, that was for me?”

Kelsai: “No, that was for ME!”

Chance silently smirked to himself again

Chance: “Good girl.”

Kelsai: “Better than most, not like you are ever going to find out. But as long as you are standing watching, I want to know what you thought?”

Chance shrugs.

Chance: “Meh, it didn't impress me much.”

The fire rises in Kelsai’s eyes as she puts a hand on his shoulder and spins Chance around.

Kelsai: “What in the fuck did you say?!”

Chance doesn’t even blink.

Chance: “I said it didn’t impress me much.”

Kelsai: “Excuse me, but I kicked the dude’s ass!”

Chance: “Yes, you kicked Nate Krelle’s ass. A guy who in his only other SCW match beat some party girl and then no one has heard shit from him since. So pardon me, but given your pedigree, I wasn’t impressed much ok?”

Kelsai: “What is your damn problem?”

Chance: “I don’t have a problem. You asked a question and I answered it, champ.”

Kelsai: “I don’t have a title anymore, so when are you going to stop calling me champ.”

Chance: “I stop calling you champ, as soon as you start acting like one.”

And with that Chance leaves Kelsai alone to ponder what he has said again while he walks away.

Opening up in the gym at BlackOut Academy in New Orleans, right in the center of the ring she is sitting Indian style with her eyes shut, it is hard to tell in the beginning if Kelsai Adamson is deep in thought, or if she has actually fallen asleep. Before long though, we are given the answer when without opening up her eyes we simply here one word
Kelsai: “Time.”

Dressed in camouflage pants and I black tank top, clearly Kelsai was here to workout but now she seems more content to think and then what is on her mind, which she is doing right now. As she opens her eyes, the camera begins to pan in closer and closer on her face. Only then do we realize that she has been sitting and thinking for too long as we can see the beads of sweat that are forming on her brow.

Kelsai: “Everywhere that you go the world says that you need to pay attention to time. You go to work, what time are you expected to be there? How long are you expected to be there, another component of time. What time do you get to leave work? What time do you have to eat supper? Put the kids in bed? Go to bed yourself? It’s all predicated on time!

People are obsessed with time! In no place is that more true than in the world of professional sports. Almost anytime you turn on a sport it’s one of the first things that is pointed out for you is the clock. How much time has passed, how much time is remaining, and if you work hard enough, are fortunate enough to win a championship in whatever sport that is that you represent? How long will your championship be, because now you are talking about time in a whole different respect.

Kandis, you know a thing or two about time, don’t you? See, you just became married to an SCW legend, and not just any legend but a legend that can still go inside of the ring in Tommy Valentine. That means that you and Tommy are in a very special time in your life together, your honeymoon period. While I am sure that I don’t need to tell you, that incredible period of time? It will not last forever. I do hope that you and Tommy’s marriage lasts forever though. Being that the two of us have never been friends Kandis, I seriously doubt you are going to believe that, but it’s true nonetheless.”

Slowly Kelsai stands up, and begins pacing back and forth while she continues to air what is on her mind.

Kelsai: “Because the last thing that I would ever want is for you and Tommy’s marriage is to go down the path that my marriage ended up on. I am being 100 percent genuine here when I say I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. There were a lot of good times in my marriage, don’t get it twisted ok? My soon to be ex-husband, he didn’t abuse me at all, he is not that kind of person. What ultimately led to the end of our time together was we just grew apart, until we were basically so far apart, that it was like sleeping in the same bed and being oceans apart at the same time.

There it is again too, time.

OUR time together!

At the SAME time!

Time is everywhere, involved in everything and when you have lived through life like I have Kandis? Well, that has me living in a realm of time that I never thought was even possible. I am sure that even as I say that people will be listening to it and thinking to themselves “Poor little rich bitch, what do you have to be so unhappy about?” I am pretty sure you are one of those people who is thinking that way, Kandis. Hell, if I am lucky enough, you might even say as much yourself when I watch your promo for our upcoming match on SCW Breakdown. I get it too, believe me I do. I have lived a charmed life, could afford whatever I want and honestly I still can which is why you and people like you listen to me talk like this and it must make you so angry because how dare that rich bitch try to pull some woe is me bullshit the first time she ever goes through some real adversity in life, right?

I understand how you feel Kandis, but I am here to tell you right now, that until you have experienced the kind of hell that I am living through right now, that hell called loneliness, you don’t understand where I am at this moment in time. Everyone wanted to know why did I come back to SCW and sure I did want to recapture my love for this sport in the place where all of that love started when I was a little girl to begin with. That is the absolute truth, but it is more than that as well.

I came back because this ring is the only thing that is keeping me from time!

Time to THINK about what went wrong!

Time to THINK about what might happen if I went back!?

Oh yeah poor little rich bitch right Kandis, but let me assure you loneliness is hell, because lonely won’t leave me alone. I was sitting there in my big house with all of my money and all that time to spend by myself and that’s when I started to think If I got down on my knees and told him that I was his forever, would he get down on his too and take my hand?”

Kelsai stops and pauses with her head down at this point before looking up toward the camera and nodding

Kelsai: “That’s when I knew Kandis, I knew I better come back to the place where all of this began, where I would feel more like myself then any other place in this world, because I cannot no matter how lonely I am or how lonely I became do I dare take the chance of going back to him. He’s not a bad man, but being lonelier in a marriage than I am single? Mentally, I just can’t afford it again, so instead I’ll fight, and it just so happens Kandis that you are the next person that I am going to fight.

It’s going to be one hell of a fight to Kandis because you and I came into this company around the same time when we first broke in here, and while I might like you much? I damn sure respect you and what you can do. I hope for your sake that you feel the same way about me, because I am not the little girl that you knew here before, and I am planning to make you an example toward proving that much to everyone in this company. You want to be respected as one of the best? You go out and prove yourself against one of the best! You, Kandis, are one of the best and by the time that our match has ended? Everyone is going to understand that I am one of the best too.

Kelsai pauses again looking up into the rafters for a moment before looking back at the camera.

Kelsai: “So, reach for the sky boy.

It’s go time.”
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