Breakdown Writers - January 26, 2023
Owen Cruze vs. Deanna Frost

Kandis vs. Kelsai Adamson
Writer: J

SCW Television Championship
Amelia Blythe vs. Polly Playtime
Writer: Josh

Crystal Zdunich vs. Vespertine

Wilow Aspen in action
SCW Television Championship
Amelia Blythe vs. Polly Playtime
[Image: _CreMEhQZgEJDeZ92WxV8NzPV2OmbxSWlfxlRtyA...1GvenvGaNA]

SCW Accomplishments
SCW Adrenaline Champion(2X)
SCW Television Champion(1x)
SCW United States Champion(1x)
SCW Underground Champion(1x)
SCW World Tag Team Champion (2x-W/Rachel Foxx as Bad Company; W/ Cid Turner as A/C Unit)
First and Only Commonwealth Wrestling Champion
SCW 24/7 Hardcore Champion(5x)
2009 Feud of the Year
2009 Tag Team of the Year
SCW World Tag League winner (A/C Unit w/Cid Turner)
2021 Stable of the Year (A/C Blondetourage Unit w/Cid and Holly)

Kandis vs. Kelsai Adamson
[Image: Bree2022.png]

SCW: 87 - 48 - 8 || Career 97 - 60 - 9
SCW Adrenaline Champion
2X SCW World Champion
3X SCW United States Champion
2X SCW Tag Team Champion

(1X W/ Blake Mason; 1X W/ Scott Burnside Andrew Raynes)
1X SCW Women's Champion
2020 Female of the Year
2016 Star of Tomorrow
Only 2X VWA Evolution Champion

~~ Amy Chastaine ~~
SCW: 63 - 30 - 6 || Career: 120 - 75 - 15

1X SCW Tag Team Champion - W/ Kennedy Street [B.A.E.]
1X SCW Adrenaline Champion | 1X SCW United States Champion
1X SCW Television Champion | 1X SCW World Champion
SCW Hall of Fame Class of 2020
Supreme Champion * First Female * Fastest Time
2017 Female of the Year | 2017 Shot of Adrenaline Winner
2015 Star of Tomorrow | 2015 Rookie of the Year
Final VWA World Champion

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