Erik Holland

Wrestler's Alias: Erik Holland
Wrestler's Real Name: Erich Syzmanski
Twitter Handle (if applicable): HOLLAND_ER1K
Pic Base: Sami Callihan (Bald)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 303 lbs
Birthdate: Jan 2 1989
Birth Place: Wroclaw Poland
Current Residence: Silent Hill

Physical Description:
He is a tall, broadly built Caucasian man with dark brown eyes and well defined facial features that WOULD be pretty handsome if it weren't for the constant ugly and frightening faces he pulls. In so far as his physique, think Scott Hall--long limbs, broadly built chest, shoulders and arms. His hair is…gone. The black hair that normally decorates his dome is now missing, Erik having shaved his head bald. His facial hair is similarly black, a long goatee sitting slap bang on his chin that he's grown out and tied off into two braids.
There's the scars too; on his forehead and dotted all over his body are some pretty fucking horrible scars, just simply mementos of his time in the deathmatch scene where he made a name for himself.
Inside the ring, Erik has developed some new ring attire; again, keeping in suit with the idea that all of his personas are melding together. Starts with black kneepads and black wrestling boots, and up top he wears a bulletproof vest style top with HOLLAND scratched into the top right breast, and his logo (a bloodshot, angry eyeball) screened onto the back as well as the word HAUNTED almost desperately scraped into the vest in seemingly completely random spots. With this he features full length, black and white almost tie dye style tights, which also has HAUNTED in the same style and font down the right side with the letters stacked on top of one another. Black elbowpads and sloppily taped up fists and forearms finish the outfit.To the ring he wears a floor length black faux leather coat, completely covered in spraypaint, patches and buttons, as well as a pair of fearsome red-lensed welder’s goggles.

Wrestling Style: Indyriffic Powerhouse/Deathmatch/Kings Road Striker.
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 10 years (debut 2014)
Theme Song: Otsego Placebo - Static X

Toxic Avenger - Death Valley Driver
Conditional Finality - Double Pumphandle Powerslam. Ricola Bomb cross-arm powerbomb start, flipped up into rotating powerslam
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed):

Signature Moves:
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):
Panic Attack - Running European Uppercut. Does it to a standing stunned opponent, as a counter, from behind, in the corner, whatever he can manage. Will spam several in a row if he needs to to keep somebody down.
Death Race 2000 Sitout Falling Chokeslam
Damnation Alley - Stalling Fallaway Slam. Always good for a huge pop. Either picks up stunned opponent, or catches on a counter and LAUNCHES across the ring after three big steps to the hard camera.

Common Moves:
Knife Edge Chop (Treat it like Gunther's chops. He hits you as HARD as he possibly can)
Big Boot
Spinning Backfist
Open Hand Slap Strike
Step Kicks
German Suplex
Forearm Smash
T-Bone Suplex
Butterfly Suplex
Release Snap Suplex
Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex
Snap Powerslam
Running Powerslam
Uranage Slam
Full Nelson Slam
Sidewalk Slam
Military Press Slam (Can also go into a powerslam or spinebuster)
Butterfly Suplex

Heavy Hitter - Erik is and has been known as one of the hardest hitters in the entire industry. Even basic moves like forearms and those chilling knife edge chops just seem to have that extra oomph to them. A well placed strike can turn the match in the War Machine's favor.

Strength - Erik Holland got over initially because of his strength. An impressively built 300 plus pounder that can deadlift 572, squat 660+ and bench 523, he can lift, manipulate, slam and throw wrestlers of almost any shape and size you can think of, whether it be from minimal effort or maximum exertion - and these throws could cause issues with his back.

Experience - Erik has competed all over the world in just about every style of match you can think of and has been successful in most of them. Different types of matches and situations do not bother Erik much, especially the extreme situations. He has been well known his entire career for his ability to adapt.

Showmanship - Everything Holland does from his ring entrance to appearance, to his promos, to what he does in the ring is to entertain the fans. He loves interacting with the fans (in his own strange, horrific way), and uses his presentation to this end to play mind games with his opponents.

Mean Streak: This man is without conscience. He loves to hurt people and especially people who think they’ve gotten one over on him. He just wants to fight, win titles, make money and become a legend; anyone who wants to take away this business he loves so dearly has their physical welfare on the line. That mean streak will help him big time in marquee matches.

Speed - Erik is a bowling ball covered in butcher knives. Quicker wrestlers will be able to keep a step ahead of him.

Temper - Erik has a short fuse. It's...kinda his whole thing. Piss that man off and you could be in serious trouble OR, you could get him to start wrestling more recklessly, leaving him wide open to the opponent to take advantage.

Technical Ability: The man is a brawler, a mauler, a physical intimidator. A technical marvel he is not. While a simplistic, straight forward style helps him a lot in-ring, this means the more technically sound wrestlers in the industry are going to be able to confound him with complex holds and maneuvers. Most often his idea of countering moves is punching you in the head.

Injuries - Wrestling the style he does at the pace he does has beaten up his body. He’s dealing with a back injury which has limited his formerly uncanny agility for a guy his size and is really the catalyst behind him simplifying his in-ring wrestling. While he can’t do any worse damage to his back than what's already been done, ruthless opponents may want to target it to gain the advantage.

The lights suddenly completely shut off as static covers the screen, to be replaced with what looks like vital signs; brain activity and heartbeat specifically. The words “PROJECT HOLLAND: ENGAGE” appear across the bottom of the ‘tron,; and the crowd HITS THEIR FEET, cheering so loud it's almost drowning it out.


your brain will not know the difference


Out of nowhere, Static X absolutely DETONATES over the loudspeaker, reducing the stage to a red-and-blue strobing mosh pit as Erik Holland shoves his way through the curtain, goggles shining in the inky red-ness, tugging at his beard as he staggers up and down the stage, imploring the raging crowd to cheer even louder; but at the same time almost looking like he's arguing with himself.


Once the lyrics start, Erik ROARS and makes a beeline for the ring, pinballing off the fans to tag hands with them, let them slap his back, whatever it takes to whip the audience in attendance into a complete frenzy. Every now and then down the ramp he stops, turning around in a lazy circle, taking it all in before racing off again.

He dives under the ropes once he gets to ringside, crawling on his belly toward the hard camera. He pulls the lenses of the welding goggles off his eyes so we can see that demented gleam burning in those brown irises, then he mugs for the camera shouting indistinct threats--even chewing on the bottom rope--before he bursts to his feet and hits the opposite side ropes, THROWING his hands out and receiving flashbulbs in response. Holland whips his coat off, tossing it out into the first row and does the same with his goggles, staring out under that eye makeup and proud of how completely insane his fans are, before he settles into the corner, that eerie look of focus taking over. The lights finally come up.

Former asylum patient with a host of mental issues, returning to wrestling after fracturing his back in four places two years ago. He is a four time World Champion, a deathmatch expert and one of the toughest men in the industry. He has channeled his near constant anxiety, depression and anger into his wrestling character - Campy, spooky interviews, frightening ring appearance and a hard hitting, all offense style. Ever since a brutal backstage attack, something has triggered within Holland that’s seemingly awoken all of his past personalities at once, mixing them into a big ol’ bottle of crazy sauce. He’s Haunted, he’s The Most Dangerous, he’s simply just Erik Holland.

Sample RP (optional):

Handler's First Name: Will

Discord: None
Other: Best way to contact me is by twitter

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