Matthew Bowden ; “The Show Stealer”
OOC: the singles app for Matthew Bowden, a character I’m bringing in to tag team with Glory in the future. He won’t be ready for booking until AFTER Playing the Wildcard 2023. I’m just posting this in advance.


Wrestler's Alias: “The Show Stealer” Matthew Bowden
Wrestler's Real Name: Matthew Taylor
Twitter Handle (if applicable):
Pic Base: Johnny Gargano
Height: 5’10
Weight: 200 lbs
Birthdate: November 8th, 1983
Birth Place: Birmingham, England
Current Residence: Birmingham, England

Physical Description:

Wrestling Style: High risk/daredevil 70% - Technical Submission 30%
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 15
Theme Song: “Straight To Hell” by Ozzy Osbourne

Finisher: Crash Landing
Finisher Descriptions (If Needed): corkscrew 630 senton

Finisher: Brand New Day DDT
Finisher Description (If Needed): Springboard from the outside into the ring planting an opponent with a ddt.

Signature Moves: Triangle Choke
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed): he is a flashy flamboyant entertainer and thus will typically use this in desperation moments only.

Signature Moves: Split Legged Moonsault
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):

Common Moves:

Phenomenal Forearm
Springboard dropkick
Running leg lariat
Suicide dive over the top out of the ring
Moonsault off the top to the outside
Springboard Hurricinrana
Rolling Heel Hook
Crossface Chicken Wing
450 Splash
Pele Kick

Strengths: He can take a lot of abuse and keep going. He is very fast and he is very agile.

Weaknesses: He is a showboater and an entertainer first and foremost. While he is not as bad about this as he used to be, he will still let his tendency to entertain get the best of him and choose to showboat or entertain as opposed to go for the win.

Entrance: Working on it.


Matthew Taylor is the son of a wealthy businessman. He and his sister were both expected to follow the family tradition and run the company but Matthew had other dreams to chase; being a wrestler. He was the childhood friend of professional wrestler Glory Braddock. They grew up together and went to high school together. They even trained together for a brief period of time in Glenn Braddock’s own training facility but Matthew quickly got bored with the Greco-Roman style Glenn was teaching so he quit the school and sought out trainers who would eventually train him in a more high risk, high energy daredevil style of wrestling. To further distance himself from his wealthy family he all but refused to accept their monetary and financial aid, intentionally living like a pauper, and even chose to wrestle under a different surname so he would not be associated with them. In the ring he is not Matthew Taylor, the wealthy kid, he is daredevil Matthew Bowden.

Initially Matthew tried to wrestle without any care in the world about winning. He cared about entertaining the crowd and getting ratings. He cared about being a showman and a show off. He was popular for the first couple of years but he quickly became disenchanted as more and more promotions would not book him. He took a break from full time active wrestling and attempted to reconnect with his sister, Francis Taylor, and the family business. He felt strange in the business world, as if he didn’t really belong. The call of wrestling was still there, but he didn’t feel as if he would ever be accepted there, either. Then he learned of his best friend Glory Braddock’s desire to become SCW World Tag Team Champions and achieve Supreme Championship Status. Matthew knew that this was his way back into wrestling. After reconnecting with his friend, and after a lot of convincing, he managed to talk her into letting him give it a go. Glory and Matthew are back together as a tag team.

Note: He’s fun loving, has a quick wit, and is a bit of a prankster. He’s usually very fun to be around. It’s hard not to like him, unless you’re the butt of one of his pranks/jokes.
[Image: qyA5u6K.png]
SCW World Champion 1x
SCW United States Champion 1x
SCW Adrenaline Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 1x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x (w/Brittany Lohan)
Supreme Champion
2019 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Regan Street & Kellen Jeffries)
2020 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Ace Marshall & David Helms)

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