Jonny Airhart (THOTF rumble only)



Wrestler's Alias: Jonny Airhart

Wrestler's Real Name: Jonny Airhart

Nickname: The Speedy Racing Car Kid

Pic Base: Ace Austin

Height: 5.9

Weight: 205

Birthdate: 7/8/01

Birth Place: Atherton, California

Current Residence: Same as above

Physical Description: Red, Blue and White gear with Uno, Yu-Gi-Oh cards on the logos, and also with Andretti Autosport, Indy Lights and Indycar logos on them with racing gloves and black boots.



Wrestling Style: High Flyer

Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Heel

Years Pro: 3

Theme Song: Act a Fool by Ludacris.


1. The Car Speedstar

Finisher Description: Modified 630° senton

2. Card Maker

Finisher Description: Jumping reverse bulldog after shaking his hips.

Signature Moves:

1. Ripcord Lariat

2. Double hammerlock inverted back to belly mat slam

Common Moves:

1. Standing Moonsault

2. Standing Shooting Star Press

3. Frankensteiner

4. Shooting star senton

5. Corkscrew 450° splash

6. Mexican Surfboard

7. Twisting DDT

8. Suplex

9. Sitout scoop slam piledriver

10. Jawbreaker

11: STF

12: Springboard Moonsault

13: Card Cut

14: Running flipping neckbreaker

Strengths: Arrogance

High Flying specialist

Sneaky tatics to get away with cheating.

Weaknesses: Hardcore Wrestling

Lack of Experience

Powerhouse Wrestlers

Entrance: Act a Fool by Ludacris plays over the sound system as Jonny walks up the ramp, with an Uno card in his mouth with the Uno and Yu-Gi-Oh champion titles around his waist with a chequered flag in his right hand he waves around with. He stands still for a moment, before closing his eyes and widening his arms to the side. He wears Red, Blue and White gear with Uno, Yu-Gi-Oh cards on the logos, and also with Andretti Autosport, Indy Lights and Indycar logos on them with racing gloves and black boots.

Announcer: “From Atherton, California, he is The Speedy Racing Car Kid, Jonny Airhart!”

He walks down and gives out an Uno card to a fan, only he snatches it away from the fan. He slides into the ring, doing a lazy pose, with an Uno card in hand, saying the cards will be flipped bitches and racing to win. He gets up and closes his eyes and spreads his arms wide. He stands in the ring before he takes off his Uno and Yu-Gi-Oh Championship belt and removes the Uno card from his mouth, waves the chequered flag in the ring again before throwing that on the floor and waits for his opponent to come out.

Biography: Coming from the richest part of America, Jonny Airhart had everything handed to him, even the good looks he got from his mother and father who were hard-working sports stars all of their life. His mother was a figure skating Olympic champion six times in a row and his father was one of the best baseball players for the New York Yankees. He has a younger brother who plays basketball. Now he wants to follow in his family's footsteps, but being a professional wrestler was something Jonny wanted to do since he was three years old. He's a narcissistic rich kid who's cocky and full of himself. He will always want to defend his Uno championship title by playing the Uno card game he won on Wednesday 21st April when he discovered and took part in an Uno tournament and won as a rookie player.

The same happened with the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament and won that too both tournaments as a rookie player, carrying the Uno and Yu-Gi-Oh titles with him everywhere. He wants to make things fun backstage while wearing a panda hat to play the Uno or Yu-Gi-Oh card game with other wrestlers, trying to defend his Uno or his Yu-Gi-Oh championship title against them. He's not afraid to gamble everything away and has a huge dislike for Hardcore/Violent Wrestling. While he still will be carrying the Uno and Yu-Gi-Oh card tournament titles to the ring, due to being sponsored by a racing team in Indycar, he will be known as The Speedy Racing Car Kid. He's recently signed a deal with the Andretti Autosport team in Indy Lights for two years, leading to being an Indycar star of the future with special trousers he must wear to the ring to represent himself as a racing car driver in the sport.



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