Under The Apron: Kandis, On Video!
Under The Apron
5/18/23 -- 8:05 PM EST

Under the Apron Exclusive!

We have come into the possession of a video, depicting SCW's Kandis, who is fighting tonight in a semi-finals match against Adam Allocco in the World Championship Tournament, in bed with a man who is not her husband! It's well known that Kandis and her husband, SCW Hall of Fame member Tommy Valentine, have an unconventional relationship, where hooking up with other people is okay. One man, who asked to remain anonymous, had a wild night with Kandis a few weeks ago, and got the whole thing on video! Out of the nearly three hours of footage, this man created a minutes-long edit, and it is HOT.

To see the video, please click below. WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Don't blame us if you get fired for watching porn!

Kandis Sex Video!!


((OOC: For the purposes of kayfabe, please proceed as if this article and video were posted just after the start of Breakdown, and assume that the video is VERY explicit, but no audio. Obviously this is open for use by anyone.))

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