Alexis Quinne vs. Kelsai Adamson
2 RP Limit for singles

3500 word max per RP

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET WEDNESDAY, July 12, 2023
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
ooc: Just a shoot. Best of luck, Drew. Enjoy, everyone.

Remember When...
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[There's a black and silver background with am emblazoned "VOYAGERS" plastered in the middle in bold red letters. Alexis Quinne steps into view; wearing a black and red "VOYAGERS" tee with blue jeans and her long hair down. Turning about face, Alexis' mouth opens.]

Alexis: One take Quinne here and again. Coming straight to your living room. Straight from the heart. Straight from the soul as usual.

[She strokes her chin.]

Alexis: Everyone's got their eyes, you know, looking to Rise to Greatness. Everyone can see it now. Everyone can taste it. One Breakdown away. Eleven days away. Biggest show of the wrestling year. And I'm sticking my head out of my window. Out of my cave. And down the road, I see it too. I had a date with the Snow Queen, right? Two weeks ago. World Champion. 0-4 against Selena. I wrestled the best match I ever had against her! Step for step, blow for blow, I was right there.

[Alexis extends her arms, gesturing.]

And then I wasn't.

I wanted it too much. Flash pins is my bread and butter. Shoutout Rudo. Overotated something I practiced every day. Those cradles and rolls, every morning, every day I'm practice. I saw the opening. I saw the light! I saw the chance. To finally beat her.

Too much, too fast. Too bad.

[Alexis presses her lips together, dropping her arms to the side.]

Alexis: And now, thankfully, circling back. To Rise to Greatness. Sunday, July 23rd, 2023. Rogers Centre. It's official. I will be there. I will be wrestling. On the biggest stage. Again. I made it. Despite falling short of my standards in my opinion. Losing these matches by doing too much, being too fast and feeling too bad about myself. I whiffed against the Queen. And now I get her bride. And if Deanna plays the cards right earlier in the night, I can take the US belt from her and accomplish the goal.

That's on July 23rd, 2023.

[Alexis paces a it.]

Alexis: Today I'm not in Canada. And today''s not July 23rd. Today is Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 and I'm in Pittsburgh. Tomorrow's not Rise to Greatness. It's Breakdown. The last Breakdown before Rise to Greatness. I said my head was peaking out the cave but I didn't say I got out of the cave. My eyes are not everyone else's eyes are. You gotta put on your pants one leg at a time, right? And I have no room, no time, to look ahead when tomorrow night, I'm up to bat again.

[She wags her right pointer finger towards the camera.]

Alexis: Kelsai. Kelsai Adamson. It feels like I'm the unofficial third wheel. What are the odds huh? You know I wrestle Selena one night. I get her wife in a week and a half. Kelsai, I wrestled your guy, Chance, a month ago and now I get you. It's almost like I'm the glue between these wrestling ships, right?

Iron aside, there's a lot more to this match between you and me then just some third wheel thing. Months ago, I get a notification on my Twitter. Normally I mute them. I love my fans. I love the wrestling fans. But the notifications light up like a Christmas tree and I can't be checking my phone like that. But for whatever reason, one night I just went on Twitter and see what people were talking about. And one of the mentions I saw was from you Kelsai.

I forgot what i was talking about. But you quoted me. Saying how I felt hearing people from my home. From the Bay. This new crop coming up and them saying they were at the first World Hazard or I was the reason they became a pro wrestler. And how I inspired them. What got me about that Kelsai was seeing that you said I inspired you to wrestle.

[Alexis glares at the camera. Her teeth massage over her bottom lip.]

Alexis: I didnt know how to respond because you're not some, you know, some newb that just came out of their wrestling school. You were the Wold Champion over at GCW. You've been to the highs. You been to the "promiseland" or you know how tat cliche goes. I saw that and I looked in the mirror and my ego stood up. I was like Godzilla, strutting and shit. "Yeah, yeah I'm an influence. Look at my impact."

And then I eventually crashed down from that high and it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm watching wrestling when I'm catching Zss, feeling alone. To be honest, And I'm wondering "why me?" Maybe you feel I'm a redemption story or something because I was a shitehead in PUNK HAZARD. Even when I say, over and over again, I've never looked for redemption. The way you won that GCW title wasn't honorable. In fact, it was funny, all that fan support and love, at your lowest, you threw it away just to get to that World title.

That's a road that's been traveled the most. You weren't the first. You won't be the last.

What I did when I was younger is what i did. it's apart of me. We're all capable of saying I love you to your loved ones and saying "fuck you, go the Hell."

I've wondered what is it about me that inspired you after everything that you've accomplished. I don't have an answer. And I'm not you. saying that and seeing what you've been fighting for since coming here, how fucking disrespectful would I be to you and prowrestling if I looked ahead to Rise to Greatness instead of looking at you?

I'm in no position to play that game. You may not have heard Kelsai but I've come close a few times recently and lost. There is no looking through you. I'm looking right. At. You.

[Alexis pauses.]

Alexis: The cliche is every match is about building momentum. Sometimes the cliches tell the story. This is about building momentum. This is about getting one. Getting one win. Can I get one win before Rise to Greatness? But most importantly Kelsai, this is between me and you. People have died in the ring. And I feel like every match you're in, you and you opponent are bringing your soul with you. You're bringing your body. and every match, you give a piece of it to the other.

It would be bullshit if I didn't do that with you tomorrow. So tomorrow, I'm not thinking about Deanna or if I can win a title soon. That's shit I can't control. I can control what i put out. And I can control how I approach you. Tomorrow Kelsai, I'm not running away, I'm not running around. I'm running through you. I'm looking right at. You.

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