Farmstead Friends vs. Owens/Adamson vs. Playgirls
The Happy Farmstead Friends (Hairless Penguin & Dancing Bear) vs. Chance Owens & Kelsai Adamson vs. The Playgirls (Colleen & Aisling)

Rise to Greatness XX Undercard

4 RP Limit per team
Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Sunday, July 23,2023

Bringing the fight to Toronto
[Image: 7YQMtsG.png]

[Image: KQjayMG.png]
^Banner courtesy of Mad Marlowe
Season 4 / Episode 9 / Interruptor

[Image: nervous-sarah-hyland-se6xv7t3truaebwi.gif]
OOC: Well, I'm hot but there is nothing I can do about it. I tried to post on time. Was talking about it rather explicitly in discord. I'm posting anyway, now that google docs decided to work again. Best of luck to everyone, and enjoy!

It's Business Time
[Image: wsCL05V.png]
[Image: aHCDa8X.png]

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