Sarah Wolf aka Dollface

Wrestler's Alias: Dollface
Wrestler's Real Name: Sarah Wolf
Twitter Handle (if applicable): CynicalxHateful
Pic Base: Nina Kate (Bald or black hair)
Height: 5'8 but says 5'9
Weight: 187 pounds
Birthdate: n/a
Birth Place: Brooklyn New York
Current Residence: Bent Fork, Tennessee

Physical Description: Thin but muscular. Always angry looking or bored looking. Her teeth are jagged and pointy like a shark but are also black and rotting. Her lips have scars on the inside from where they've sliced against the teeth.

Wrestling Style: Submission/Mixed Martial Arts
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Heel (super heel)
Years Pro: Three years
Theme Song: When I am queen by Jack Off Jill (despite loving this song she hates being referred to as a queen.)


Hybrid moment - Submission move where Sarah puts her foot on a prone opponent, and grabs both arms. She pulls up on the arms and pushes down on the head until they scream or pass out.

Last Caress - think of a full nelson but its belly to belly, and instead of pushing their head down, she's pulling it back.

Dolled Up - Mounting punches until opponent submits.

Signature Moves: The Black ish - Spits a chemical compound from her mouth into the opponents face. It is a combination numbing agent and mace type material.

She will also spit it directly into their mouth(exor-kiss), or apply it to her fingers (Black hand) and apply a mandible claw.

Common Moves: Anything dirty. Eye gouges, biting, scratching. She will use any weakness she can sus out. Mostly submission moves, breakdown moves.

- Relentless. She enjoys pain so it doesn't deter her.
- Educated. She knows the way the human body works and she bends it the other way.

- Her anger. It will get the best of her if she's not careful.
- She refuses to work well with others.
- She doesn't take referee's seriously at all
- She will lose a match that she wants to win just to hurt someone.

Entrance: Sarah is not one for pagentry. She doesn't do pyro or smoke. She will come out of the audience most times and/or attack her opponent when they least expect it. She also despises the fans so she will knock stuff out of their hands as she comes through the crowd.

Biography: Sarah grew up in foster care until the age of 17 when her older brother finally located her. She would rediscover a lot of old memories that she thought were fake, and have to come to terms with the traumatic events of her childhood, which started when she was 3.

She woudl adjust, until someone from her past decided to use her as an example and tortured her to upset her brothers. She has since had a massive mental snap and no longer sees anything having value other than the feeling that making someone scream. This served her well until she accidently kidnapped a child that has now become her ward of sorts. She hates this kid, but she also fears she won't always.

Sample RP (optional): You want me to rp? On time?

Handler's First Name: Vin

Discord: Don't have it.
Other: Twitter - CynicalxHateful is where you can reach me.

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