Ivy Plume (EOTY Only)
Only bringing this character in for the open invitational. Might change my mind on that down the road, but right now I'm content with only my tag team to focus on writing for regularly.


Wrestler's Alias: Ivy Plume
Wrestler's Real Name: Ivy Plume
Pic Base: Inez Carrasquillo
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 175 lbs.
Birthdate: May 23, 1997
Birth Place: Oxford, England
Current Residence: Portland, Oregon

Physical Description: Ivy Plume has lightly tanned skin with green eyes and short black hair with a pale green streak dyed into part of it near the front. She also possesses a stocky but muscular build that immediately brings to mind the physique of a professional strongwoman. Her in-ring attire consists of a traditional women’s singlet that’s black in color with gold trim and designed to look like green vines of ivy are wrapping all along it, complete with a green leaf design on the chest with the letter P looking like it was cut out of the leaf. In addition to this is a pair of black boots with green and gold trim, brown knee and elbow pads and brown fingerless gloves. She also wears contacts while competing, as outside of the ring she can be found wearing her round black-framed glasses. When she’s not competing, her casual attire usually consists of black or dark green leggings, various shirts with designs of flowers or plants on them and a green overcoat.

Wrestling Style: Power/Technical. When Ivy first started taking wrestling classes growing up as a means of hoping to break into the sport alongside her best friend Amelia Blythe, she struggled with the traditional European technical wrestling style but seemed to possess the raw strength to be able to make up for the glaring flaws in her technique. After she had a huge falling out with Amelia and she and her family moved to the United States, she instead focused on building herself into a powerlifter before realizing that the fire inside for the wrestling business was, indeed, her own and not just because she had hoped to wrestle alongside her now-former friend. She transitioned back to wrestling training and found she was far more comfortable using her raw power to overwhelm opponents than she was trying to outgrapple them. Since making amends with Amelia and slowly rebuilding their friendship, the two have also worked together to help Ivy become more proficient in the technical wrestling department, including adapting the technique to work better with Ivy’s power game so she’s more comfortable using it in the ring.
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 2
Theme Song: “My Redemption” by Halestorm

Primary Finisher: Nature’s Wrath
Primary Finisher Description: Pumphandle Powerbomb, also known as Rhea Ripley’s Riptide

Secondary Finisher: Gaia Buster
Secondary Finisher Description: Muscle Buster

Submission Finisher: The Bloom
Finisher Description: Inverted Sharpshooter with Double Chickenwing, also known as the Scorpion Cross Lock. This move is the culmination of Ivy’s work with Amelia Blythe to merge the European technical style with Ivy’s raw power. With all of the opponent’s limbs tied up and Ivy lifting and holding their entire body off the ground, this submission is incredibly difficult to escape from, especially since overpowering Ivy is a losing battle nine times out of ten. Outside of a multi-person match where someone else can intervene, your only hope of surviving this submission is to never allow Ivy to get it fully locked in. If she gets your arms chickenwinged and your legs crossed, there’s no stopping her from lifting you off the mat and squatting down for extra bend and pressure until you submit.

Signature Moves:
- Green Power
- Autumn Uppercut
- Planting Flowers
- Ensnaring Vines

Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):
- Ivy lifts her opponent up into a Military Press, holding them above her head for several moments to leave the fans in awe of the raw power she possesses and even potentially taking a moment to walk around the ring with them. Once those several moments are up, she drops her opponent into a fireman’s carry before planting them into the mat with a Death Valley Driver.
- Pop-Up European Uppercut. The move is named for the fact that autumn is the time of year when leaves begin to fall from the trees, similar to how her opponent is lifted into the air like a leaf on a branch before falling into her uppercut.
- Kneeling One Shoulder Powerbomb
- Standing Inverted Texas Cloverleaf, also known as Rhea Ripley’s Prism Trap. This move was adopted from La Pequeña Luz after training with her and Amelia Blythe to help improve Ivy’s technical wrestling abilities. Unlike Luz, who uses the traditional Cloverleaf for her version, Ivy prefers to invert the hold and use her raw power to pull her opponent’s entire body between her legs into the position she wants them to be in, almost trying to hold their body off the mat and put an immense amount of pressure on the crossed legs.

Common Moves:
- European Uppercut
- Release German Suplex
- Karelin Lift
- Vertical Suplex (will sometimes stall with the opponent as a show of strength before dropping them)
- Powerslam
- Spinebuster
- Backbreaker
- Overhead / Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex
- Powerbomb
- Lariat
- Abdominal Stretch
- Camel Clutch
- High-Angle Boston Crab
- Fujiwara Armbar
- Fallaway Slam
- Full Nelson (if opponent doesn’t submit and the hold isn’t broken up or escaped from beforehand, Ivy will often transition this into a Full Nelson Slam)

+ Ivy is incredibly strong, especially for a woman of her size. Before breaking into the wrestling business she devoted a lot of time to working out and building herself up into a powerlifter, having aspirations of potentially competing for the title of “world’s strongest woman” or in similar strongwoman competitions. This has translated to a raw power rarely seen in a female wrestler, and Ivy takes full advantage of that fact. It doesn’t matter how big or heavy you are, Ivy Plume is more than capable of lifting you and throwing you around the ring like a sack of potatoes and has the build and stamina to do that all match long if she so chooses.
+ Ivy has built up an incredible amount of stamina through her powerlifting exploits prior to wrestling. Combine that with sheer, raw determination to fight through any challenge put in front of her, and you have a woman who is near impossible to tire out and will still be coming at you full force with no sign of slowing down even if a match really starts hitting the proverbial deep waters in terms of time.

- The one major drawback to Ivy mixing her raw power with a take on the European grappling style designed to work with that strength is that she struggles with quicker opponents who are able to constantly stay out of her grasp. While she can mitigate this when she is able to catch them and use her strength to deal considerable damage, the longer these kinds of opponents can keep the match at a faster pace and avoid being caught, the more it’s going to chip away at Ivy both physically and mentally.
- Outside of her immediate friend circle (which, as far as the SCW roster is concerned, only includes Amelia Blythe and La Pequeña Luz), Ivy prefers to keep people at arm’s length until they prove they are worth trusting without question. After losing her best friend as a child (despite her and Amelia since making up and slowly working to rebuild that bridge), Ivy has been wary about letting herself get too close with people until she knows they won’t burn her. While this works out in regard to not easily falling for any tricks from smarter wrestlers who tend to rely on manipulation, it does pose issues if Ivy is booked to team with anyone who hasn’t earned her trust yet, especially if they have a bad track record already. Unless it’s resolved before the match, expect Ivy and that partner to struggle with effectively teaming together which could lead to an easy defeat against more established teams and/or alliances.

The LED screens in the arena suddenly cut to black before the opening guitar riffs of “My Redemption” by Halestorm begin to play, the fans buzzing in anticipation. When the lyrics kick in, the physical specimen that is Ivy Plume slowly makes her way out onto the stage, looking around with a grin as it sinks in that she’s standing here in an SCW arena. When the lyrics begin to pick up in tempo, she beats her chest twice before slowly raising her arms into a flex that shows off her impressive physique as the LED screens come back to life, showing the image of what looks like a barren wasteland before flowers and vines begin to sprout from the ground, rapidly overtaking the scene as one particular flower seems to grow higher and higher into the sky before opening up in a burst of pollen to reveal Ivy’s name, just as the song goes into the chorus. In perfect timing with this, Ivy swings her arms back down to her sides in a motion that almost implies she’s ready to break somebody in half as she starts marching down to the ring. The confidence does seem to slip halfway down the ramp, giving way to excitement over the fact that she’s actually here as she can’t help but give a few high-fives to fans until she gets to ringside. It’s here that her grin returns as she heads over to a specific group of six people sitting in the front row that we can imply to be some of her closest friends, two of them notably being Amelia Blythe and La Pequeña Luz who have apparently snuck out to join the other four in the crowd at some point. Ivy leans back against the barricade and flexes once more, the back of her right hand bumping fists with Amelia before she rubs Ivy’s shoulders to warm her up as Luz grins and points to Ivy’s left bicep while their other friends all shout words of encouragement to her. After looking back and nodding to them, Ivy bursts forward and rolls into the ring before getting to her feet, where she once again beats her chest twice before flexing her biceps, letting the cheers of the fans wash over her for a moment before she stops posing and shifts gears for the match ahead.

There was nothing that particularly stood out regarding Ivy Plume when she was first born, the only notable thing (if you were the kind of person to make a big deal about such a thing) being that she was the daughter of two dads and born through a surrogate. She didn’t have an easy childhood purely because of this fact, but she did forge a close friendship in school with a girl named Amelia Blythe. Amelia may have been considered royalty by those around her because of the legendary status of her parents in the European wrestling circles and the high expectations of her following in their footsteps, but Ivy didn’t care about that and Amelia was happy to have a friend who treated her like anyone else and didn’t just worship the ground she walked on. Ivy was also instrumental in keeping Amelia from buckling under the pressure of her awful parents even at such a young age, and while Amelia didn’t want to become a wrestler but had no say in her future, Ivy was willing to start working to become one herself so they could enter the business together, ensuring that Amelia would always have a friend to keep her going.

At least… that was the case up until Amelia’s seventh birthday.

During her birthday party (which barely had anyone she knew invited and was more of a social gathering her parents were throwing to forge connections and try to set her up for wrestling down the road), Amelia’s parents had finally shown their true colors, taking immense issue with both the fact that Ivy had two dads and her struggles in keeping up with their wrestling training even as kids. The next thing Ivy knows, Amelia is cutting all ties with her out of the blue and declaring her “weak” and “worthless,” two words that would haunt Ivy’s thoughts for most of her life. Unbeknownst to Ivy, the act wasn’t without cause: Amelia had been blackmailed by her parents into throwing away their friendship or else they would use their influence and connections to pretty much run her family out of town and blackball them from being able to do virtually anything altogether. Ivy wouldn’t know of this until many years later, leaving her in the position of believing her only friend had just turned on her for the same reasons everybody else hated her.

Between Ivy being miserable and her dads dealing with their own harassment, the Plume family ultimately decided to move to America in the hope of finding new opportunities and less problems. It wasn’t easy at first once they’d settled into Portland, but soon Ivy managed to slowly find her footing and even made a new friend in Gage Porter, who was obsessed with wrestling and was glad to have somebody to talk about it with that didn’t want to bully him. While the sport was a bit of a sore spot for Ivy because of what happened with her now-former friend, hanging out with Gage helped immensely in dulling the pain and keeping her from hating wrestling altogether, but she no longer had any reason or desire to pursue it.

Most of Ivy’s story from here is similar to just about anybody else’s as she ultimately graduated college with a degree in botany and considered pursuing her dream of opening her own flower shop. While she worked at one to save up the money, she continued to indulge in a newfound passion she’d discovered back in high school: working out. Being able to lift weights was not only a huge benefit for her physical health, but her mental health as well. As it turns out, she had a lot of raw, untapped strength just waiting to be unleashed, and she put her flower shop dreams on hold to pursue being a powerlifter, a desire growing to compete and achieve the desire of “world’s strongest woman.” Maybe it was a means to prove those harmful names Amelia and so many others had called her so long ago wrong, maybe it was a buried desire to prove to Amelia specifically that she was worth something and the whole world would marvel at her strength… whatever the reason may be, she found joy and purpose in being able to lift freakish amounts of weight with little to no issue.

While she would go on to win powerlifting and strongwoman competitions, Ivy still felt like something was missing deep down, and she realized it one night when she saw Gage watching a British wrestling show to study as he pursued his own dream of becoming a commentator. Competing on that show was none other than Amelia Blythe, and seeing the cold, heartless machine of wrestling perfection she had become lit a fire that Ivy believed had long been extinguished. From that moment on, Ivy rededicated herself to her wrestling training, determined to break into the business to ultimately try and face Amelia so she could show her firsthand what she was truly capable of and make her regret ever cutting ties with her and believing she was “weak” and “worthless.”

This chance, however, would never come. By the time Ivy finally broke into the business, she had lost track of what Amelia was up to, but she barely cared so long as she abandoned the European technical wrestling roots she had struggled with learning and fully embraced her raw, unmatched strength to get the job done in the ring. It wouldn’t be until early 2023 when Ivy would, by pure chance, cross paths with Amelia at The First Voyage event being held in San Francisco by SCW wrestler Alexis Quinne, finding that she was also attending with another woman who wrestled under the name of La Pequeña Luz. Ivy would storm off, not ready to engage with her former friend. She would find out that the two women were competing in SCW as a tag team, and the more Ivy dug, the more stunned she was at what seemed like an evolution in her old partner, who had become the girlfriend of the luchadora who seemed to her like the physical manifestation of light and kindness itself. She struggled to buy any of it, though, even with more and more evidence mounting that made it clear the Amelia she was watching was more and more like the girl she thought she knew as a child and not the bitter bitch who had thrown her and their friendship away. Taking a chance, Ivy contacted Luz the night Amelia had won the SCW Television Championship, willing to hear Amelia out on the condition that they come see her compete as well. It was on that night where she learned the truth of what had happened, and while she didn’t fully forgive Amelia, that and getting to show her what she had become as a wrestler had built the foundation upon which a fresh new friendship between them would begin to form.

Throughout 2023, Ivy has continued wrestling on the independent circuit, racking up wins and earning titles especially as her wrestling style evolved from training with both Amelia and Luz, the former especially helping her find a way to adapt the old technical style she’d struggled so much with into something she could use in combination with her brute strength. Along the way, she’s also been a huge help in backing them up to deal with a persistent issue that has spiraled out of control and plagued the newly engaged couple for most of the year. At Luz’s suggestion, she’s decided to take a stab at SCW herself through the End of the Year Open Invitational, feeling there’s no harm in seeing how she stacks up on the biggest stage she’s ever competed on and knowing her closest friends will be cheering her on.

A quarter of a million dollars and a sleek new car certainly wouldn’t hurt either.
[Image: VU13RwA.png]

Tag Team Record: 20-8*
La Pequeña Luz Solo Record: 9-5
Amelia Blythe Solo Record: 5-5-1

*The tag team turmoil on the 9/14/2023 Breakdown is counted in this record as the three separate matches LITD had in the gauntlet up until their elimination.

Breakdown 3/30/2023 - Kim Williams' Trios Cash-In
La Pequeña Luz: 3 Falls
Amelia Blythe: 2 Falls
*Neither one finished high enough to win any championships in this match
*Result listed separately and not counted in records due to lack of clarity on how to count falls

SCW Accomplishments
SCW Television Championship (Amelia Blythe - 29 Days)
SCW Television Championship (La Pequeña Luz - 98 Days)
SCW World Tag Team Championship [2] (1 - 81 Days) (2 - 109 Days)
2023 Tag Team of the Year
2023 Match of the Year (Kim Williams' Trios Cash-In)

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