Diana Watts
Wrestler's Alias: Diana Watts
Wrestler's Real Name: Diana Watts
Twitter Handle (if applicable): @Dianawattsup
Pic Base: Maya Hawke
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120lb
Birthdate:June 16th 1999
Birth Place: Cleveland Ohio
Current Residence: Cleveland Ohio
Physical Description: Maya Hawke but I like to think she wrestles in more what Ronda Rousey wore in WWE? Haha

Wrestling Style: Brawler
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Tweener
Years Pro: 2
Theme Song: So Easy - Willy Deville

Finishers: Watts Kickin'
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): Running Big Boot/Claymore Kick

Signature Moves: Frog Splash
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):

Common Moves: 1. Belly to Belly Suplex
2. Diving leg drop
3. Spinning heel kick.
4. Flying Fire-arm
5. Inverted DDT
6. Spring board DDT off the ropes
7. Flying Elbow Drop
8. Side kick

Strengths: One on One matches.
Weaknesses: Multi-person matches.

Entrance: So Easy hits in the arena. Green strobe lights give the arena a mild headache as Diana Watts walks out from the curtain. She slowly walks down to the ring avoiding fan reactions. She slides into the ring. (feel free to change/edit it for events)

Biography: Diana Watts? She is an aspiring young wrestler who spent her limited family inheritance on wrestling schools only to be exploited by most of the independent wrestling promoters. She spent every dime she had to learn, work and train to become a better performer but always had set backs. Mostly stuff involve her father, Dillon Watts. Diana would end up struggling. Living paycheck to paycheck, not finding much work in the business, and never given the fair opportunity. Diana, still in her early 20s she has been unsuccessful and being underutilized by anyone in this business. She got the help from her father Dillon to manager her (and help with expenses). Now signing with SCW is a major oppurtunity to make an impression in not only one of the biggest companies but also on the wrestle world.
Manager (if needed)
Dillon Watts (Pic Base: Ethan Hawke)

Handler's First Name:
Email: apriljansen11@gmail.com

Welcome to SCW. Feel free to take a look around and get to know other people in the fed. We also have a fed Discord if you're interested in getting to know others in the fed in that type of forum. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch in you have any further questions, either here or via Twitter, and I will book you as soon as possible. I look forward to your work!

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