“Supreme Championship Wrestling...”


A shot of Kelcey Wallace nailing Bree Lancaster with the Perfect Ending, followed by a shot of Steve Griffin hitting the Decimator off the top rope on CHBK at the first Rise to Greatness, before turning a shot of Jake Starr pumping up the crowd on his way to the ring, before turning into a shot of Ravyn Taylor sitting in the corner, waiting for the start of a match. We then see a shot of Katie Steward holding the Women’s Championship before cutting to a shot of Selena Frost hitting Vixen Cain with the Defying Gravity at Supreme Saturday: Just Desserts.


“The leading force in sports and entertainment today....”






“Psycho in my Head” by Skillet plays as we see a shot of Selena Frost standing on the stage, about to the run to the ring. We then see shots of Bree Lancaster hitting someone with the Rectifier and Simon Lyman posing with his arms out.


Maybe I'm just paranoid
Or maybe I'm just livin' a lie
Can't stop this screamin' voice
Or maybe I'm just sick inside


Shots of Kandis hitting Gratuitous on an opponent, before showing Rated X posing as SCW World Tag Team Champions. Katie Steward is next shown posing, before we see Cassie Wolfe hitting a dive off the top rope and Adam Brock standing on the stage, smiling. Shots of Chance Owens, Simon Lyman and the European Fiery Nation follow, superimposed over the Breakdown logo


This is the face
I hate the other side of me
Out of this cage
He breaks to take the life from me
Tell me, tell me, tell me
I'm not crazy


Syren is shown hitting Xander Valentine with the Total Makeover before showing Adam Allocco talking to the crowd. Glory Braddock is next shown hitting the London Plunge before we see The One Kirsten Scott proudly holding the SCW Television Championship. WASLEY is next shown as Kimberly Williams is seen smirking. The Breakdown logo flashes on the screen.


There's a psycho in my head
I'm closer to the edge
Makin' me feel like I'm livin' in misery, misery
These voices in my brain
Starting to feel like it's gonna be the death of me, death of me


Gavin Taylor hitting the Gavin Taylor lariat on an opponent is next, before we see Cassie Wolfe hitting a Shooting Star Press off the stage onto Lues. Konrad Raab punching Ace Marshall in a steel cage is shown next, before we see Alexis Quinne hitting a standing shooting star press. Lexy Chapel is then shown showing off Syren. Amy Chastaine posing follows.


There's a psycho in my, there's a psycho in my head


Shots of Deanna Frost, Kandis, Xander Valentine, and Syren are shown before the Breakdown logo comes up on the screen.


We then cut to a live shot of the inside of the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio. The crowd cheers as pyro shoots out from the base of the stage. The display continues for a few moments before spotlights circle the arena and the cameras pan across the crowd for a few moments.


Sharper: “Breakdown rolls into Cleveland for the final stop before Taking the Leap!”


The cameras continue to pan across the arena before we cut to ringside where Adam Sharper and Jonathan Knots are at ringside.


Sharper: “Hello again everyone. Adam Sharper here with Jonathan Knots. We are at ringside. And Syren is back to double-booking as Lexy Chapel arranged two matches. One against Chris Lawler and Gavin Taylor who will need to figure out how to work together and the other against Religious Wright.”


Knots: “A message to Selena? Maybe? But Selena will be focusing on The One Kirsten Scott. That’s for certain.”


Sharper: “And not only that, but Simon Lyman says he will hold a funeral for Amy Chastaine. Chastaine injured at another promotion’s event. We have footage. We will show you.”


Knots: “And that’s just getting started as…”

The opening riff to “Best of Both Worlds” by Van Halen begins to play. Glory Braddock and Brittany Lohan emerge from behind the curtain simultaneously. The fans roar while Glory goes from one end of the stage to the other, playing to the crowd and getting them into it. Lohan, meanwhile, continues her march to the ring.

“Something reached out and touched me
Now I know all I want
I want the best of both worlds
And honey I know what it's worth
If we could have the best of both worlds
We'd have Heaven right here on Earth”

Sharper: “We know what to expect here. Braddock and Lohan have not backed down from their position.”


Knots: “And we know how Owens and Adamson feel. After last week, where it came to blows. This may not get much better.”

Braddock springs towards the ring, catching up with Lohan in time to slide in just barely ahead of her underneath the bottom rope. Lohan enters the ring the traditional way. Brittany remains stoic in the center of the ring while Glory walks across the ring and over to the corner. The crowd buzzes as Phillips is asked for a microphone. Braddock pressures him too before being handed a microphone. Braddock turns and walks over to the middle of the ring.


Braddock: “Cut the music.”


The music fades out. Lohan stands in the ring, arms across her chest, looking at the stage.


Braddock: “We’re not going to be out here and taking a lot of time to litigate this. The fact is that this is going to be very simple.”


Braddock walks around the ring.


Braddock: “Last week we had a simple request. And while some individuals who frankly are punching above their weight want to make slanderous claims and engage in behaviour to injure others, we simply made a request.”


Braddock looks around.


Braddock: “Allow me to explain to the simple-minded. Perhaps those to seek knowledge.”


Braddock walks around the ring.


Braddock: “A contract, indeed, is an agreement between at least two parties to agree to certain terms. Yes, terms were agreed to at Retribution. And SCW is obligated to follow them. But here’s the thing about a contract – Terms can be renegotiated. Sometimes things change. Sometimes there’s new forms of revenue. New technologies. New opportunities. Or a lack of them…”


Braddock shrugs.


Braddock: “Kelsai Adamson would know. She had a bit of a broken heart and fell apart and GCW let her go home to deal with it and she then never returned. And GCW didn’t say anything. We…renegotiated.”


Lohan smirks.


Braddock: “And with all of the talk about contracts around here lately, you’d think some people would be smarter. And so here we are…the terms have changed, SCW. Light in the Darkness. And especially for you, Chance Owens and Kelsai Adamson.”


Braddock pauses.


Braddock: “The fact is that Light in the Darkness have proved nothing against us. Normally, we would have a rematch. That was one change of terms at Retribution. But then after Retribution, when Light in the Darkness made clear they would face those who are deserving, I don’t care who this pisses off, there is only one team deserving…Brittany and I. See, me going for the title was not just for history. It was my focus. My desire. And I’m not going anywhere.”


Braddock looks around.


Braddock: “Now Owens and Adamson can complain or they can allow Light in the Darkness and us to solve this problem. Light in the Darkness, you can finally show that you are more than just here for the ride, hoping to get the Frosts’ approval – and by the way, Selena, nice try with your triangle choke. Original, huh? Allow me one way to show you how its really done – But Luz, Amelia, we respected you. Not the tense.”


Braddock walks to the ropes.


Braddock: “So do what’s right and we may again. Or you can face Owens and Adamson, two people who may be a great team one day, but still haven’t figured it out. You can take the easy route. And you can live up to nothing.”


Braddock turns to Lohan and then looks at the entrance way.


Braddock: “Unlike others, we know you won’t jump us from behind, Light in the Darkness.”


Braddock looks at the entrance way.


Braddock: “So come on our and tell us where you stand. Keep Chance and Kelsai in the back. We are the one’s talking and we’re the one’s renegotiating.”


The crowd starts to boo a bit. Braddock looks out and hears it before ignoring it. She looks at the stage. Lohan just nods at her.


Sharper: “Light in the Darkness are here.”


Knots: “Are you they going to engage? Is lose/lose! They either screw over the Seekers or they look like cowards!”


Braddock and Lohan remain waiting in the ring for several more moments. The crowd boos them as Lohan smiles more and more. Braddock then takes a noticeable deep breath and turns to Lohan and nods. She turns to the stage.


Braddock: “Well then…we’ll have to remove all doubt. Brittany…”


Braddock drops the microphone and Lohan smirks as she steps forward and through the ropes. She drops down and Braddock hesitates only for a moment and exits too. The two start to head to the back.


Sharper: “The hell does that mean?”


Knots: “Lohan is smiling, so that’s not good for anyone.”


Sharper: “And Lohan has been the more impulsive of the two in the last two months. And it has led Glory to have to support her friend or put herself in a rough position. So who’s idea is this and what do they mean?”


Braddock and Lohan head to the back, the camera following them up the rampway before we cut away.











Gavin Taylor & Chris Lawler vs. Dark Fantasy


The lights around the arena begin to flicker as "Whoa Is Me" by Down With Webster starts to play over the arena.

Whoa is me
I'm so whoa
See me decked out from my head to my toe
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa
Everywhere I go I'm a one man show

And the song continues...

The crowd cheers as "All Star" Gavin Taylor steps out from behind the curtain onto the top of the ramp. As he stands in place, posing with his arms outstretched, the chorus of the song plays.


Phillips: “The following contest is your main event of the evening, scheduled for onefall with TV time remaining. First, on his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, he is The All-Star, Gavin Taylor!”

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feel it whoa (whoa)
The more I need it whoa (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Gavin begins to walk down the ramp with swagger. He smirks as he gets to the ring. Pulling himself to the apron, he hangs out off the ring while holding onto the top rope.

The song continues...

I cheated to get what I got
Stepped all over you self for my spot
I bet you I'm winning, I bet that you're not
I bet you don't see me, I bet you get caught

Gavin pulls himself through the ropes and steps onto the second ropes on the opposite side of the ring from the ramp. He opens his jersey, sliding it off his shoulders as he stretches his arms out. Turning around, he bounces back off the ropes as he watches for his partner.


Sharper: “This could be an interesting match – Gavin Taylor to team with Chris Lawler and this has been an interesting story. Lawler and Taylor getting under Polly Pingotti’s skin, trying to help her. Polly wanting to stand alone, and since then, Gavin and Chris more just being in each other’s way.”


Knots: “That’s a misunderstanding. This…this is where you can mend it, if you can survive against one of the greatest teams in wrestling history!”


Sharper: “And tonight is a great night for tag wrestling. Dark Fantasy about to be in action. We’ll see later tonight the Cowgirls from Hell, the next iteration of teams from the Strader family make their debut.


The dimmed lights cast an atmosphere of anticipation as the arena falls into darkness, the only illumination coming from the pulsating strobe lights. The crowd's murmurs fade into a hush as the opening chords of "Warrior" by Imagine Dragons reverberate through the speakers, electrifying the air with anticipation.

From the depths of the darkness, a figure emerges, his silhouette outlined against the backdrop of flashing lights. With each step, the floor trembles beneath his feet, echoing the determination that propels him forward. It's Chris Lawler, a titan among men, his presence commanding attention as he strides purposefully down the entrance ramp.

His eyes, a piercing shade of blue, remain fixed on the ring ahead, unwavering in their focus as if they could pierce through the very fabric of reality. Ignoring the cacophony of cheers and jeers that surround him, Lawler remains resolute in his mission, his gaze locked on the squared circle where his destiny awaits.


Phillips: “His partner, from Nashville, Tennessee, he is Chris Lawler!”

As Lawler reaches the foot of the ring, the strobe lights reach a crescendo, bathing him in a pulsating glow of light and shadow. With a subtle nod to the crowd, Lawler ascends the steel steps, each footfall a testament to his unwavering determination.

Finally, he steps between the ropes, his presence filling the ring with an aura of intensity and purpose. Standing tall in the center of the ring, Lawler raises his gaze to the heavens, a silent vow etched upon his features. Tonight, he will leave everything in the ring, his spirit unbroken, his resolve unyielding, as he prepares to face whatever challenges come his way.


Sharper: “Lawler successful last week in his in-ring return.”


Knots: “Is this going to be a good week or bad week? Returned by getting low blowed by Polly Pingotti. Last week he won, although a lot of people were talking about how he won. No Lawler Cutter.”


Sharper: “And now, against Dark Fantasy!”


A record scratch interrupts the normal Infamous introduction, only for the sound of Cute Is What We Aim For’s hit to begin around the arena.
“I’ve got the gift of one-liners,
And you’ve got the curse of curves”
The opening to “Misery Business” by Paramore suddenly hits the PA system as the spotlights on the stage flash between pink and white. We cut to the back where we see Ravyn Taylor walking through the corridors before heading over to the curtain on the floor to the right of the stage. She walks out and looks around the arena as we see Syren step out from the back, Lexy Chapel with her. Chapel keeps a hand out, stopping Syren from even moving towards Ravyn while also keeping an eye on Ravyn.
Sinfully Seductive
Captivatingly Corrupt
Dark Fantasy

Phillips: “Their opponents, accompanied by Lexy Chapel, they are Syren and Ravyn Taylor. They are the team of Lexy Chapel presents Dark Fantasy!”


Syren then starts to head to the ring as Lexy turns and heads after her. Ravyn walks over to the rampway and steps onto it, ending up standing next to Syren. Syren focuses on the ring as Ravyn smirks. Lexy steps past Ravyn pointing at Ravyn’s eyes and then at her own, before following Syren. Syren reaches the ring and climbs up the steps and into the ring. Ravyn then follows as Lexy Chapel walks along the floor. Both women remove their ring jackets and toss them to the corner. Syren climbs up on to the ropes, with one foot on the bottom and one on the middle ropes. Ravyn stands alongside her. Ravyn then goes to finish the old Dark Fantasy entrance, locking her hand with Syren. Lexy Chapel goes to the floor.


Sharper: “Syren hoping to keep the winning ways going. Again, Lexy Chapel pushing for this. Desperate to get Syren out of the whole she was put in last year.”


Knots: “The question is now is we’re getting closer to Taking Hold of the Flame. She better figure this out or it’s not happening!”


Sharper: “And think of what that means for the field. And we know Lexy is working hard to get Syren on Taking the Leap. Trying to determine something for her. Negotiating there.”


Syren and Ravyn talk before Syren steps up as Gavin and Chris talk, but there’s a bit more notable discussion. Gavin tells Chris to back out. Chris backs up and looks at him and exits as Gavin turns and stretches out. He looks at Syren. The bell sounds. They then circle briefly before locking up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Syren and Gavin push back on one another and Gavin moves into a side headlock. He pulls back as Syren pulls him to the ropes and then fires him off. Gavin bounces off and Syren steps up and Gavin shoulders her down. Syren rolls through. She gets up and then turns and runs at Gavin and Gavin hits a hip toss. Syren rolls over and gets up and Gavin hits a second one. Syren rolls over and gets up and Gavin hits an arm drag. Gavin holds on as Lexy turns to the announce position.


Chapel: “This is why she should be competing weekly!”


Sharper: “Lexy not happy about the extra week off. Syren overmatched early.”


Knots: “Gavin came to wrestle.”


Gavin holds on as Syren starts to get up. Gavin then wrenches the arm. Syren winces and Gavin jerks on it. Syren winces again and then somersaults forward and then bridges up and turns and flips forward and wrenches the arm. Gavin winces and Syren kicks him in the ribs. She then changes the grip and runs up the neutral turnbuckle. She then dives back, twisting in the arm and hitting a lucha-libre style arm drag. The crowd ohs. Gavin rolls through. He gets up and runs at Syren and Syren hits a dropkick. The crowd ohs. She goes for the pin.






Gavin kicks out. Both get up and Syren forearms her in the jaw. Gavin staggers to the ropes. Syren goes to whip him into the ropes. Gavin spins through and sends Syren across. Syren bounces off and Gavin scoops her up, but Syren spins through and around and then steps forward and hits a snapmare. Gavin rolls through and Syren hits another dropkick. Gavin goes up and over the top rope to the floor. The crowd ohs. Syren gets up and looks at him. Gavin then gets up and Syren runs across the ring, but Lawler then reaches over and Gavin reaches up. Lawler pulls him out of the way. Syren stops and Gavin looks at him. Lawler looks back at him.


Sharper: “Lawler saving Gavin. Gavin not exactly thrilled in one sense.”


Knots: “A bit of back and forth there.”


Sharper: “And looks like Gavin may be tagging in Lawler. Let him get a taste.”


Gavin rolls into the ring and then turns and tags in Lawler. Lawler enters as the crowd cheers a bit. Syren looks at him. Lawler steps forward and Syren then watches him before then lunging for the legs. She grabs them and Lawler blocks it and clubs her in the back once and then again before gutwrenching her up and throwing her down. Syren lands and rolls over and gets up and Lawler swings with a haymaker. Syren ducks and bounces off the other side. She then jumps up and hits a flying headscissors. Syren gets up and Lawler turns and Syren kicks him in the ribs and turns and tags in Ravyn. Ravyn enters the ring and Lawler frees himself of Syren, but Ravyn rakes the eyes. They then grab him and hit a double facebuster. Syren rolls out of the ring. Ravyn rolls onto Lawler.






Lawler kicks out. Both get up and Ravyn rakes the eyes again. She then drives him face first into the neutral corner. She kicks him in the ribs once and then again and again before going to drag him out, but Lawler then hoists her up and throws her forward. Ravyn lands back first. She rolls over and gets up and Lawler kicks her in the ribs. He then whips her into the ropes. Ravyn bounces off and Lawler hits a back elbow. Ravyn pops up and slowly gets up and turns to Gavin, who grabs her and throws her through the ropes. Lawler steps over, a bit annoyed.


Sharper: “Gavin taking control of this match. Grabbed Ravyn, just as Lawler was getting some offense.”


Knots: “Lawler not happy here.”


Sharper: “And neither is Ravyn or Lexy Chapel, or Syren!”


Ravyn rolls over. Gavin then grabs her and runs her into the barricade. Ravyn falls over as Gavin then backs up and turns to the ring. Lawler snaps at him.


Lawler: “What are you doing?”


Gavin: “Helping out.”


Lawler shakes his head. (1) Ravyn stirs on the floor as Lawler then turns and exits to the floor. He walks over to Ravyn as Ravyn stirs. (1) Lawler then grabs her and runs her back to the ring. Ravyn rolls over. Lawler slides in after. Ravyn gets up and Lawler scoops her up and hits a sidewalk slam.






Ravyn pushes him off. Lawler rolls off. Ravyn turns and grabs Lawler grabs her and pulls her up. He then knees her in the ribs. Ravyn winces and Lawler whips her into the corner. Lawler runs after and Ravyn jumps up and goes to float over, but pulls her legs in and lands on Lawler’s shoulder before dropping down in the headscissors, sending Lawler face first into the top turnbuckle. Lawler stumbles back. Ravyn gets up and Lawler turns around and Ravyn hits a jawbreaker. Lawler stumbles back. Ravyn then turns and tags in Syren. Syren then knees Lawler in the back before Ravyn kicks him in the ribs. Syren enters as Ravyn runs across the ring. Syren grabs Lawler and Ravyn hits a lariat as Syren hits a Russian leg sweep. Syren rolls into a pin.






Lawler kicks out.


Sharper: “Dark Fantasy working well here. A bit of trouble with Lawler being an unknown, so many years away from the SCW ring.”


Knots: “No disagreements. They just trust.”


Lawler turns and Syren grabs him in a cravate. She then knees him in the face while he’s on his knee. She knees him again and then turns and goes for a snapmare. Lawler rolls through and Syren then hits the Blonde Satisfaction. She goes for the pin.






Gavin hits an elbow drop. Syren rolls over as Lawler turns and Gavin stomps at Syren a couple of times. Ravyn then enters and runs over and drills Gavin with the Bust of Pallas. Gavin falls back through the ropes and to the floor. Ravyn then turns around as Lawler then hoists her up and hits a press slam. The crowd ohs. Lawler then turns and Syren runs at him and hits the Face List. Lawler falls back. Syren rolls through for the pin, Lexy Chapel jumping up and down.






Lawler kicks out. The crowd ohs. Syren rolls over and looks around. Lawler rolls over and reaches out, but Gavin remains holding his jaw. Syren grabs Lawler and pulls him up and forearms him in the jaw once and then again before kicking him in the ribs. She then runs into the ropes, bouncing off and Lawler hits a big boot out of desperation. Syren hits and Lawler stumbles back and into the Gavin/Lawler corner. Gavin tags himself in. He slides in from the floor. Syren gets up and Gavin hits the Gavin Taylor Lariat! The crowd erupts!


Sharper: “Gavin enters after all of the intervention and hits the Lariat!”


Knots: “Gavin! Taylor! Lariat!”


Gavin then turns and runs over and nails Ravyn with a hard right as she gets up.


Sharper: “And a shot for Ravyn. A long history there for these two. That may be why Gavin is so driven tonight.”


Gavin turns back and hooks the leg.






Syren gets her shoulder up. The crowd ohs. Gavin rolls off. He gets up as Syren turns and slowly gets up. Gavin grabs her and hooks her up and hits a snap suplex. He jumps up and hits an elbow drop. He goes for another pin.






Syren kicks out. Gavin turns and then nails Ravyn again. The crowd ohs. Gavin turns back as Lexy looks around before turning to Syren, yelling at her. Gavin turns to Syren who suddenly jumps up and hits the Golden Blonde. Gavin Taylor rolls over in pain. Syren hooks the leg.






Lawler pulls her off. Gavin rolls over and looks at Lawler as Syren turns and gets up.


Sharper: “Lawler now saving Gavin.”


Knots: “There’s that clear lack of trust. And they’re both competing a different type of match here.”


Gavin Taylor gets up as Lawler backs up and exits. Syren rolls over and turns as Gavin starts to turn back to Syren and grabs her. He clubs her in the back once and then again before Syren manages to push him back and hits a superkick. The crowd roars. Lexy jumps up joy. She then turns and tags in Ravyn. Ravyn enters as Gavin rolls over and Ravyn jumps up and hits a double stomp to his back. Gavin rolls over. Ravyn turns and hooks the leg.






Gavin shoots his shoulder up. He rolls over and Ravyn turns and stomps him in the chest and then again and again. Gavin moves to the corner. Ravyn grabs him and then runs his eyes against the rope. Gavin stumbles out and Ravyn turns and runs into the ropes. He bounces off and Gavin suddenly hits the Dependable Roundtable. Ravyn falls to the ropes. Gavin stumbles back and into his corner only for Lawler to tag himself in. Gavin goes to grab at him, but Lawler steps past him and Ravyn steps up and Lawler scoops her up and hits a powerslam. He hooks the leg.






Syren breaks it up. Lawler turns and rolls over. Syren then steps forward and turns around as Lawler starts to get up. Syren grabs him and clubs him a few times as Lawler shoulders her back into the corner. Gavin then enters the ring and runs over to Ravyn and hits a running knee drop. He turns and nails a few more shots before Lawler shoves Syren out of the ring. Syren rolls over. Gavin is forced back by the official as Ravyn rolls over to the ropes. She leans through as Lawler looks at Syren and then Lexy briefly. The official keeps trying to get Gavin out of the ring before we see Adam Brock running down from the back. He then stops himself before hitting a superkick to Ravyn. Ravyn falls back as Lexy turns and runs around, pointing. Brock backs up as Ravyn rolls to Lawler and Lawler grabs her and hoists her up onto his shoulder. The official turns as Gavin is forced out of the ring.


Sharper: “Brock going after all in LexyCorp!”


Knots: “And even hit a superkick!”


Sharper: “Lawler has Ravyn Taylor up. Syren down on the floor!”


Lawler then drives Ravyn down with the Impact Driver. He remains in the sitout position.








Syren is pushed off by Gavin who runs around. The crowd roars as the bell sounds.


Phillips: “Here are your winners, via pinfall, Chris Lawler and Gavin Taylor!”


Sharper: “And Lawler and Taylor win the match!”


Knots: “An assist from Brock. Gavin intervening again…and Lawler and Gavin now talking.”


Gavin rolls into the ring as Lawler has his arm raised. Gavin walks over and extends his arm. Lawler turns to him. Gavin says something and Lawler brings his arm down. Gavin just shrugs and goes to walk past Lawler. Lawler stops and pulls him back. Brock looks down at the ring as Lexy yells at him before Brock turns and heads to the back. Lawler and Gavin Taylor now argue more in the ring as the scene cuts away.  


Breakdown jumps to somewhere in the backstage area of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse where we see the "Ronin" Chris Dumont walking through the hallways until he finds Aisling and Polly Pingotti to which he offers up a smile to the both of them, giving an extra big grin to Aisling}


Chris: “Ladies, I was hoping to catch you here tonight. Are you here to support Colleen in her first title defense?” 


Polly looks at Chris. She just looks emptily at him, unsure of herself. Chris turns to Aisling.


Aisling:  “Yeah, of course, just in case if anybody tries anything.”


Chris nods in agreement, “Cool, Cool. By the way, I know that I haven't had a chance to say this yet since the pay per view but that was a killer match we worked.” He says in an honest tone, the smile still on his face.


Aisling: “Wrestled.  Um, by the way, we never got the chance to say thank you, so um, thank you.”


Chris: “Agreed, and just to let you all know that we weren't joking, Miss Aisling, when David said that the Troupe backs up our own, he wasn't joking. You need us, let us know.”


Polly just looks beyond Chris, to see if anyone is coming.


Aisling: “That is good to know.  Honestly nobody has really cared about us, like at all.  It’s nice to have allies for a change.”


Aisling gives Chris a friendly look. The "Ronin" arches an eyebrow at Polly before following her line of vision before looking back at Aisling when she speaks, a slight hint of confusion on his bearded face.


Chris: “Not a problem, Miss Aisling. Everything alright there, Miss Polly?”


Polly breaks her trance.


Polly: “Oh, uh, what?”


Chris: “I was wondering if everything was okay, you looked like you were expecting either a shoe to drop and I all of a sudden become Pumpkinhead or David was coming up with flowers for Miss Colleen. Either way, everything okay?”


Polly looks confused and uncomfortable.  Aisling stays close to her.


Polly: “Yyyyeah, I guess?”


Aisling: “She’s been through a lot Chris.  Just know that we are very thankful for your help.”


Chris nodded in agreement, before running a hand through his hair and when he spoke next, it was in a slightly more quiet tone to the two.


Chris: “Respectfully, do you two need help right now? Seriously, if you need us, Miss Aisling, we're there. No fooling, tricks, or anything. The Troupe doesn't do that kind of folly to our own.”


Aisling: “No, we’re okay for now.  I don’t mind if you stick around though.  It’s cool.”


Polly looks around again and just sighs, her mind clearly on her troubles. Chris nods, the serious look disappearing after Aisling assured him that things were cool.


Chris: “As long as you are sure, Miss Aisling. I'd hate to disappoint you.”


Aisling: “Don’t worry.  You’re not.”


Chris offered up a warm smile to Aisling before nodding, before a slightly nervous look crossed his face for a moment.


Chris: “Um, I was wondering though, Miss Aisling, if at some point I could show you a move or two in the ring that could help. I noticed during the match at the pay per view that you have the right kind of speed to hit certain kicks that I use in matches and if you're cool with it ya know?”


Aisling: “Okay.”


Aisling looks at Polly now and can see Polly is getting more and more nervous until finally Polly says something.


Polly: “Something doesn’t feel right.  Aisling, we have to go.  Um, sorry Chris.”


Chris smiled and offered up a polite bow of respect to Polly.


Chris: “Not a problem, Miss Polly.  I hope everything turns out okay and if you need us, just call alright?”


Chris then offers up a warm smile to Aisling as well.


Aisling: “Absolutely.”


Chris nodded again and then moved to let the girls go by without any problem, smiling a little bit before looking around for a moment before forcing his face to go back to what passed as normal before Breakdown cuts to commercial.




Breakdown returns as we see Gavin Taylor walking backstage as Chris Lawler takes a few steps behind him.


Lawler: “Hey!”


Gavin Taylor runs his hands through his hair and turns.


Gavin: “Yes?”


Lawler: “Mine telling me what that was about?”


Gavin: “What? That I wanted to win.”


Lawler: “That you seemed to find your way in my way more than it would be if it was just chemistry issues.”


Gavin: “Look, you’ve been away for a while. I get it…you were a big deal back in the day. A lot has changed. And Ravyn Taylor…her and I have history.”


Lawler: “And did whatever you do out there matter?”


Gavin: “They failed. Good enough for me. Plus, saw Adam Brock got a shot in. Bonus.”


Lawler sighs.


Lawler: “Good to see there are assholes around. I figured you were meaning well a couple of weeks ago-“


Gavin: “Asshole? Look, I’ve been at the top. I should be at the top. Welcome to 2024. Friendly advice. Then again, we really needed a good legend around here.”


Lawler: “I’m not legend.”


Lawler steps up to Gavin.


Lawler: “I’m here to finish what I started before.”


Gavin: “Good for you. Hopefully the fans get behind you. If you need some marketing help, I got a –“

Lawler: “I don’t need your help.”


???: “Boys…need some help? Or someone butting in your business.”


Polly Pingotti walks over. Lawler and Gavin turn.


Polly: “Lawler, you learned your lesson. Gavin…”


Gavin: “Don’t need to aim for the plums. Don’t have any intention to help you. Just trying to be friendly. And whoever hurt you, I hope you get over it-“


Gavin goes to walk off.


Polly: “Oh I will…when I beat both of you at Taking the Leap. Just made it official. Taking Hold of the Flame winner and a former number one contender…yeah, I’ll take it.”


Polly turns and heads off as Lawler watches her leave and Gavin turns back to Lawler.


Gavin: “More help…wear a cup. I plan to.”


Gavin turns and heads off as Lawler glances at him and glares as the scene cuts to another part of the backstage area.


In another part of the arena, we have Adam Brock walking down the hallway as we see him walking down the hallway. Jessica Winters heads over to him.


Winters: “Adam! Adam, can I get a word?”


Brock walks over.


Brock: “Oh, you thought I was just going to take one shot and end it there. No, I’m making sure I get their attention. Autumn Valentine, Fall St. Patrick, whatever other BS idea Lexy Chapel has…put them in the ring with me and I’m going to teach them a lesson. Sorry Syren, but collateral damage. You know…like what I was for Lexy when she sent Autumn out there. Maybe you should tell her to get lost. And don’t worry, this isn’t a conspiracy.”


Brock then turns to Jessica.


Brock: “And Chance, Kelsai, wherever you are…I think I just gave you a hell of a blueprint. A few people need to get their reality checks if you ask me!”


Brock turns and heads off as the crowd roars. Jessica Winters watches him leave as the scene cuts to the ring.


The scene cuts to the arena where we see Beard walking out from the back, wearing a wrinkled dress shirt and slacks. He makes the slow walk to the ring with no music. He then walks over to the ring.


Knots: “What’s this?”


Sharper: “Beard making his way to the ring. We’ve not see him since he stormed out of CHBK’s office a couple of weeks ago.”


Knots: “He looks like hell.”


Beard walks around the ring and over to Jason Phillips. He says something to him and Phillips hands him a microphone. Beard takes it and thanks Phillips before turning to the ring.


Sharper: “He’s going to talk whatever he’s doing.”


Beard steps into the ring. He then steps forward and holds his hand up.


Beard: “Uh…Hi Cleveland…”


Beard smiles as the crowd politely cheers.


Beard: “You probably know me as Beard…and for the last couple of years I was an agent here in SCW.”


Beard pauses for a moment.


Beard: “I was an agent.”


Beard looks down.


Beard: “Was…”


Beard looks around.


Beard: “My name is Scott Read. I was Beard too. I was a lot of things.”


Scott Reed shakes his head.


Reed: “Was….why was? Because I’m not okay with things. CHBK may be smarter. He’s been around more. Fine. But to be preemptive? Because Selena Frost is a bitch and Kandis called her out for it?”


The crowd roars.


Reed: “Sorry, but I’m not going to do something I can’t stand behind. Kandis crossed a line, fine…but it was set up by CHBK. And Selena Frost can run around and act all high and mighty. I know I won’t be in her realm. And if she notices me, fine…but this is all on her. And we’re now holding the bag for her…For me, not anymore.”


The crowd cheers.


Reed: “And so why am I out here? I’m not an agent. I’m not part of the order around here. But I am back on the roster.”


The crowd cheers a bit.


Reed: “Not as Beard. But as Scott Reed. And while Selena Frost had her crap about integrity…I’m just going to try and do the right thing…whatever that is. And maybe, maybe I’ll hold some more SCW gold. We’ll see what happens.”


Reed brings the microphone down and shrugs before tossing it toward Jason Phillips. He manages to catch it as Reed steps back and looks around before turning and stepping through the ropes.


Sharper: “Reed resigning as an agent…now returning to the ring.”


Knots: “Well that’s kind. But what’s Selena Frost going to think?”


Sharper: “Will she care?”


Reed drops down to the floor and then steps forward. He high fives a few fans as he walks up the rampway.


Backstage, we see Deanna Frost walking down the hallway, dressed in her ring gear, ready to face David Striker. The SCW United States Championship is over her shoulder. The crowd roars seeing her. She takes a few steps before Kimberly Williams throws a water balloon near her, missing, possibly intentionally. Deanna freezes and sighs.


Deanna: “Kim.”


Kim: “Howdy partner!”


Kim smiles as she jumps into view.


Deanna: “What do you want?”


Kim: “Well there Dee-dee, I wanted to talk to you since well, I think you are swell and you’re facing someone else who I think is swell and-“


Deanna: “You do realize I don’t take it easy.”


Kim: “Oh, no, no, no. I just want the Deanna that beat me at Rise to Greatness a few years ago. You know…the one who wouldn’t quit? Who would beat the hell out of me to get it done? I want you to do that to Davey Boy. See…I need to make sure he’s ready.”


Deanna: “He came up with a ridiculous match never before seen in SCW!”


Kim: “Yeah. But I want to double-check. No second guesses. And win or lose. I’ll know. Is this that he only sees me as his muse or can he nearly decapitate someone else! Like you!”


Kim smiles.


Deanna: “Uh…I don’t even know how to respond to that.”


Kim: “How about a “I’ll give it a try!”


Deanna: “Sure…I’ll give it a try.”


Kim spanks Deanna and Deanna jumps forward.


Kim: “Have at him, partner!”


Deanna turns back and heads off as the scene fades to commercial.




Deanna Frost vs. David Striker


“Man in the Box” by Like a Storm plays and the crowd roars. A few moments pass before David Striker walks out from the back. The crowd roars as David Striker takes a few steps and then stop and scans the arena. He then nods a bit as he turns to the ring.

Phillips: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall…Introducing first from Cameron, North Carolina, he is ‘Bam Bam’ David Striker!”

Striker stands on the rope, riling the crowd up a bit mor. He hops down and turns his attention to the entrance way.

The chords of "People Like Us" by Kelly Clarkson fill the arena, causing a roar from the audience as bright, fall leaves seem to blow and fly on the LED screens on and around the ramp. From the back curtain, out runs Deanna Frost, taking in the audience before running to the right side, then the left side, shouting to them in excitement. The 'leaves' follow her as she does. The SCW United States Championship can be seen around her waist. Returning to the middle, Deanna gives a spin on one foot, her arms outstretched, the 'leaves' circling her below her feet.

Phillips: “And his opponent, from Manhattan, New York, she is the SCW United States Champion… Deanna Frost!”

Hearing her name, Deanna stops her spin, side facing the ring, and, with one hand over her heart, her free hand arcs around to point forward, the 'leaves' flying down the ramp and 'circling' the ring LED barriers. Making her way down to the ring, Deanna high-fives fans along the way until she reaches the ring. Sliding under the ring, the redhead jumps to her feet, making her way to the middle ropes and leaning over them, one arm raised to the crowd. She does the same to the other sides of the ring! On the last time, Deanna hops back into the ring as the lights return to normal. She turns and hands off the title to the referee who then hands it off to the timekeeper.

Sharper: “David Striker going against the United States Champion, Deanna Frost. Big-time match up for this young man in his short run with SCW.”

Knots: “Deanna coming off defending the U.S. title against Polly at Retribution. She’ll be looking to continue that dominance, no doubt.”

The ref calls for the bell and David charges, leaping up into the air, and connecting with a running dropkick to the head. Deanna slams against the mat and David goes for the cover.

Sharper: “David exploding out of the corner and taking Deanna down with that dropkick. I’m not sure she even had time to blink.”



Deanna kicks out.

Knots: “Champion kicking out at two. He should’ve known it wouldn’t end that way.”

David looks at the referee who lifts two fingers up. David nods then grabs Deanna up from the mat. He whips her into the ropes and goes to a roundhouse kick upon her return, but Deanna slides underneath. David turns around and Deanna hits a running knee to the face. David hits the mat and Deanna goes for the cover.

Sharper: “Deanna turning things around and hitting the Burnout!”



David shoots the shoulder up! The crowd cheers as Deanna looks at the ref, who holds up two fingers once again.

Knots: “The crowd, me included, can’t believe David kicked out of that.”

Sharper: “I don’t think Deanna can, either.”

Deanna gets to her feet and pulls David up. Deanna connects with a forearm to the side of the head. She then spins around and connects with an elbow to the side of the head. Deanna hooks David and drives him to the mat with a twisting neck-breaker. She hooks the leg.



David kicks out! Deanna gets up then pulls David up to his feet. She goes to whip him across the ring, but he reverses and pulls Deanna into an overhead belly to belly suplex.

Knots: “Deanna landing hard. There was nothing smooth about that.”

Deanna rolls over and slowly pushes herself up. David is shown stalking her and he charges, hitting another dropkick to the face. The impact sends Deanna under the bottom rope and to the outside. The cameras then show Kimberly Williams backstage, watching the match, the Underground title on her right shoulder. Wasley on her left.

Kim: “Let’s go David! Let’s go!”

Sharper: “The Underground Champion cheering her upcoming opponent on.”

Knots: “Let’s not forget that she told Deanna to make sure David was ready for Taking the Leap.”

Deanna is shown pushing herself up on the outside, only for David to be shown running across the ring and diving over the top rope, connecting with a crossbody, taking Deanna back down to the floor. The crowd erupts!

Both competitors manage to get to their feet. David hits a knife edge chop before rolling Deanna into the ring. Deanna rolls towards the center as David gets onto the apron, before leaping onto the top rope. He leaps off and connects with a frog splash, as he hooks the leg.

Sharper: “David got all of that frog splash. He’s been holding his own here tonight.”



3…NO!!! Deanna shoots the shoulder up! David shakes his head as he gets up. He pulls Deanna up, hooks her and drives her into the mat with a hammerlock DDT.

Sharper: “David hitting that hammerlock DDT, planting the U.S. Champion with precision.”

Knots: “He calls that Divorce Court, which is where Deanna may find herself if she loses this match.”

David goes for another cover.



Deanna kicks out.

Sharper: “Deanna still in this thing.”

Knots: “Her marriage is safe…. for now.”

David lifts Deanna up, but she hits a European uppercut. David staggers back a bit before lunging forward. Deanna hits another European uppercut, followed by a third. David staggers more and Deanna charges, hitting another running knee to the face.

Sharper: “Deanna hitting the Burnout once again. Going for the pin.”



Knots: “That’s it!”

3…No! David shoots the shoulder up!

Deanna looks on in shock. Kim is shown backstage once again.

Kim: “Go, go Deanna! Go! Right Wasley?!?!”

A close-up of Wasley is shown, before we cut back to the ring. Deanna is shown getting to her feet. David is using the ropes. He turns and Deanna charges, connecting with another Burnout. David collapses and Deanna falls into the ropes.

Sharper: “A third running knee. David has got to be out.”

Knots: “Well, like you said…he’s held his own.”

Deanna pulls David up from the mat, hooks him, then drives him into the mat with Red Sunset! The crowd cheers as Deanna drops down and covers David.




The crowd cheers as Deanna sits up and “People Like Us” begins to play. Deanna gets to her feet as the U.S. title is handed to her.

Phillips: “Here is your winner, by pin fall…the reigning United States Champion! Deanna! Frost!”

Deanna celebrates in the ring as the crowd cheers loudly. David is shown slowly stirring on the mat.

Sharper: “Even in defeat, nobody can say that David Striker, this newcomer, isn’t ready to be a champion in SCW. They can’t say that he’s not ready for Taking The Leap!”

Deanna is shown celebrating a bit more in the ring, before the cameras cut away to Kim, who is shown nodding her head in approval.


Suddenly, Breakdown cuts backstage as we see “Ronin” Chris Dumont thrown against a wall. He turns and throws a punch, catching Brittany Lohan in the jaw. Lohan staggers and Dumont turns as Glory kicks him in the ribs and nails him with a hard right and then another and another. He nails her in the ribs and tries to tackle her down before Lohan grabs a production light and lifts it up and slams it in the back of Dumont. Dumont goes down. Lohan lifts the light again and drives it down into the stomach of Dumont. She then lifts it up and drives it down into the forehead of Dumont.


Sharper: “Lohan! Braddock! They’re attacking Chris Dumont!”


Knots: “Why?”


Sharper: “I don’t know, but Striker’s here!”


Dumont reaches up, desperately trying to keep fighting before Braddock stomps him in the head and Lohan hits him again in the head with the lighting rig. She throws it down. We then see another member of the Phantom Troupe running over, Irvine, and shoving Braddock back. Lohan turns and goes to nail him before officials arrive on scene. The crowd boos as Irvine stands over Dumont to protect him before then going to check on Dumont. Braddock and Lohan back up.


Sharper: “Is this what they meant about removing all doubt?”


Dumont groans in pain as Lohan and Braddock head off. Irvine keeps checking on Dumont as the scene cuts away.




Breakdown returns as we hear Autumn Kings’s “Sleep When I’m Dead” play as the Taking the Leap logo comes up on the screen. We then see a shot of Xander Valentine, Ravyn Taylor,




Sharper: “Well Xander asked and he will receive. Alex Desoubrais finding a number of individuals who could be an option for a future World Championship opportunity. The winner of this single pinfall match will face either Kirsten Scott or Selena Frost at Taking Hold of the Flame.”


Knots: “Big opportunity, but with how focused Xander is? And it also tells you something…how wide open things could be if Xander gets cut off.”


Sharper: “Exactly. SCW is as open as I’ve ever seen and something has to give here. Simple as that!”


The Taking the Leap logo comes u on the screen.


Sharper: “Meanwhile this past weekend, we heard of a notable injury to one of our own. Amy Chastaine was in competition this past week. We have the footage of what happened to her.”


Knots: “Yeah and she got rocked!”


March 30 – Volatile Wrestling Alliance:

The words “Courtesy of the Volatile Wrestling Alliance” appear at the bottom. The nearly seven foot tall Ghalleon attempts to lift Amy up, but with a leg hooked around his, Amy attempts to block the attempt. Ghalleon however manages to overpower her, picking her up anyway! Amy pushes off his shoulders, landing in front of him and throwing another superkick! Ghalleon staggers back a step, Amy shakes her head as the pale terror before her staggers but doesn’t fall. Amy fires off another kick, and another, and one more before she finally brings Ghalleon down to his knees.


Sharper: “You can see Amy Chastaine here against a competitor named Ghalleon.”


Knots: “No you mean the actual ship. The bastard is huge!”


Sharper: “Fighting off Ghalleon. That fighting spirit we have seen from Amy multiple times in the past.”


Ghalleon almost immediately attempts to get to his feet, but is met with yet another Lightning Strike that drops him to his hands and knees! Amy stumbles back into the ropes, holding her head for a second, trying to clear it from the strikes to her head earlier. Looking towards the corner, Amy sees a window of opportunity as she moves towards the turnbuckles. Amy climbs up to the top, Ghalleon already back to a knee despite some of Amy’s best shots. As he gets to his feet, Amy leaps off, grabbing him by the head for the DDT, only to be stopped mid-descent! Ghalleon hoists her back up into the air, releasing her in a vertical position, catches her out of the air and spikes her with a massive Ivory Tower piledriver!


Sharper: “But this was the move. A variation of a piledriver. Nowhere to go but down and Amy’s lucky it was not worse.”


Knots: “Still bad. She suffered a notable concussion. I mean, her neck could’ve been broken.”


Sharper: “Thankfully wasn’t, but you can see the move. It’s what leads her to lose the match, but focus is on her health. And Simon Lyman caught wind of this and…”


As the crowd quickly falls silent at the abrupt end to Amy’s hope, Ghalleon gets to his feet, planting a foot across the chest of Amy.




The hushed silence continues, the camera cutting to several stunned audience members looking on, hands clasped over their mouths, some jaws simply agape as “Episode 29” by Mushroom Head once again plays through the arena. We see the pale-faced Ghalleon smirking down at his fallen opponent.

The clip cuts to officials and medical staff attending to Amy in the ring as she starts to come around. The Breakdown logo comes up on the screen.


Breakdown returns to the arena to see Lisa Archer and Elijah Smith dressed in black, dabbing their eyes, faking tears, standing in the ring. A casket is set up next to the ring, closed. The sounds of organ music are faintly playing in the background over the sound system.


Sharper: “Good lord…”


Knots: “We’ll miss you Amy.”


Sharper: “She’s not dead. She’s suffered a concussion competing in another promotion. You just saw it!”


Knots: “Practically like death. Have you seen those other promotions? Some have owners that don’t honour contracts and others wrestle in jello!”


Sharper: “Jon…”


Knots: “Okay, that may have been a frat party I stumbled on. Amy hasn’t been there lately.”


Sharper: “Will you stop?”


The scene continues to play out before “Jesus He Knows Me” by Ghost plays. The crowd boos as the spotlights circle the arena. They shine down on the stage as Simon Lyman walks out from the back, wearing a white robe. He looks around and extends his arms. The crowd boos as he then smiles and starts to walk down to the ring. The spotlight follows him to the ring. Simon then walks over to the casket and looks at it. He smiles as then sighs before patting it. He then opens the casket, revealing a punching bag with a picture of Amy Chastaine on it. Someone has already drawn devil horns on it. The camera focuses on it for a moment before Simon turns and walks over to a microphone stand and grabs the microphone from it.


Simon: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us today…”


He sighs.


Simon: “As we mourn the loss of Amy Chastaine. Taken from us too soon, damaged at another event, and all but certain to spiral into more alcoholism and blaming others for their problems.”


Simon shakes his head as the crowd boos.


Simon: “This is the reality when someone pursues such reckless behaviour. But it catches up with them and it has with Amy. And while the woman is a Hall of Famer and in the ring, very good, we need to make this clear. As a person, she was a horrible drain on everyone and a multiple time relapsed alcoholic. Sometimes…sometimes people can’t come back from it. They aren’t strong enough. And they blame others. Oh how I know.”


Simon sighs. He then walks over to the casket and taps the end of it.


Simon: “But now you’re at peace…Amy…you won’t be missed. But we’re all happy for you.”


The crowd boos.


Sharper: “This is just ridiculous…”


Simon: “And we aren’t the only one who wanted to pay their respects. And I couldn’t turn him down. Amy…he really wanted you to know how he felt.”


Simon looks around.


Simon: “Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to another man who could no longer handle Amy and her games…Andrew Raynes!”


The crowd boos as Simon smiles and turns to the stage.


Knots: “Wait…Simon…he also hates you!”


The arena goes dark and strobe lights pulse through the arena as "Through Struggle" hits the speakers. The crowd erupts into raucous boos as the lights dim around the entrance ramp, smoke begins to rise. After the intro kicks in, the lights start flashing as the smoke gets thicker and after a few moments we see what appears to be Andrew Raynes appear through the smoke. The crowd boos louder. A very clearly fake Andrew Raynes smirks as he slowly walks down the rampwawy.


Sharper: “And of course it’s not Andrew Raynes. Not after the social media back and forth.


Knots: “Guess swimming Lake Erie was out of the question!”


The fake Raynes walks down the rampway before stepping past Simon and over to the casket. He then scoffs before turning back to Simon. Simon thanks him for coming and hands him the microphone. The fake Raynes looks at the microphone and then turns to the casket and then looks around.


Fake Raynes: “Thank you Simon for inviting me. Because it gives me one more opportunity to let the world know how much I f[bleep]ing hate this bitch. And Amy, I hope you never recover!”


The crowd boos as Raynes looks around.


Sharper: “Good God.”


Fake Raynes: “And Simon…”


The fake Raynes turns and then suddenly clocks Lyman with a right. Lyman staggers back, holding his jaw, playing it up for effect.


Fake Raynes: “I may hate her, but I hope Bree Lancaster kicks your self-righteous ass!”


Raynes then stands at Simon Lyman as the crowd roars. Simon then nails him with a hard right. He goes down. Before suddenly, there’s another roar and several fans screaming as we see Dylan Howell running around the ring, having crawled out from under the ring, wearing a mankini. He runs over and then tackles the fake Raynes as he gets up. The crowd roars.


Sharper: “What the hell? Dylan Howell was under the ring!”


Knots: “What the hell is he wearing? His fighting gear!”


Sharper: “And…does he knows it’s a fake?!”


The fake Raynes rolls over as Howell gets a few shots in before Raynes kicks him off and then realizes what Howell is wearing. He then gets up and grabs him and goes to throw him into the barricade, but Howell holds on and they both go up and over the barricade, the fake Rayne’s foot kicking the casket briefly. Lyman slowly gets up, holding his jaw as Howell and the fake Raynes get up in the corner. Howell punches him and the fake Raynes kicks him and nails him with a hard right. The two fight through the crowd as security tries to flank both, Howell for blood while the fake Raynes for survival.


Sharper: “They are fighting through the crowd!”


Knots: “It’s not a funeral unless there’s a fight!”


Sharper: “What kind of funerals have you been to?”


Knots: “Well this one…and you’ve not seen a Street funeral. Fight club under the church! How they determine who their lawyer father will represent in the probate!”


The camera remains on Howell and the fake Raynes before Howell manages to knock Raynes down. Howell then poses, flexing in the crowd as some fans cheer, others boo. He then turns and grabs the fake Raynes and knees him in the ribs and runs him over the barricade and to the floor around the stage. Howell climbs over and the fake Raynes slowly gets up. Howell nails him with a hard right and they keep battling to the back.


Simon: “So…so much anger. So much…thank you Dylan…and you’re welcome.”


Simon winces as he rubs his chin, smirking. He then moves over to the casket before grabbing a paper bag.


Simon: “Well it is now time for our offering for everlasting glory and we know the only thing that would give Amy the courage there is…well…”


Simon then holds up the paper bag before pulling out a bottle of amaretto. The crowd boos.


Sharper: “This is disgusting.”


Knots: “A final drink for the long road!”


Sharper: “It’s not her Knots.”


Knots: “May as well. Depending on the concussion, she won’t know.”


Sharper: “The hell is wrong with you!”


Simon then unscrews the cap and looks at the casket.


Simon: “Pour one out for you Amy.”


The crowd boos as Simon powers the amaretto onto the picture of Amy. A few splashes down and he stops, placing the bottle down on the steps. Simon then looks at Amy before stepping back.


Simon: “There…now you look as how every will and should remember you.”


Simon then closes the casket as the crowd boos. Simon then steps up and turns his back to the casket.


Simon: “But as your Savior, I will not allow only negativity to come out from tonight. While Amy has wasted her life and now lies practically dead…they say God closes a door, he opens a window. Well, as I have been saying I am here to save those who wish it…I will show you exactly what I mean with a resurrection of sorts.”


Simon smiles. He then bows down and lowers his head.


Simon: “To all of our brothers and sisters, may you find a way out of darkness and not succumb to it like Amy did. May you succeed like Sister Jaina will…”


The crowd roars.


Sharper: “Did he say Jaina…”


Simon: “Sister Jaina…you may deny that you drink, but it is clear by your absence. You must be saved and maybe then Sister Breezus will understand. RISE!”


Simon turns and extends his arms. Just then, we see The Rebel Princess Cassie Wolfe run down from the back. The crowd roars as Simon turns and Simon looks at her before Cassie gets a hard right in and then another and another. Lyman stumbles back as Elijah Smith then turns and goes into action exiting the ring and dropping down to the floor.


Sharper: “Cassie Wolfe out. She’s been spending a lot of time with Amy Chastaine. She’s had enough of this farce!”


Knots: “And Elijah Smith is now earning the big bucks!”


He then runs over and tackles Cassie down. The crowd ohs. Wolfe rolls over as Elijah Smith just holds onto her waist, pinning her down. Simon Lyman turns and heads over and stomps Cassie in the face once and then again before the casket the opens to reveal Bree Lancaster. The crowd erupts in cheers.


Sharper: “Bree Lancaster out of the casket?!”


Knots: “Amy Chastaine has resurrected as the Adrenaline Champion?!”


Bree climbs out and hops out as Jaina Lancaster crawls out from under the ring. She throws off a zip tie and runs around as Bree runs over and drills Lyman with the Classifier. The crowd erupts in cheers.


Sharper: “Bree Lancaster! Classifier on that son of a bitch!”


Knots: “Jaina’s out! From under the ring!”


Jaina runs around as Elijah rolls over and starts to get up, only for Jaina to run over and blast him with a hard right. Lisa Archer exits the ring and runs around the ring as Lyman rolls over, holding his ribs. Bree gets up and stomps him a couple of times before he rolls over. Elijah stumbles around and Cassie gets up and nails him with a good shot for good measure. Elijah goes down. He then pushes Lyman back as Lyman gets up and runs forward. The crowd cheers loudly as Bree Lancaster turns and glares at Lyman as Wolfe and Jaina stand with her.


Sharper: “Bree Lancaster, Jaina Lancaster, and Cassie Wolfe standing tall here. All in respect of Amy Chastaine. All for revenge too. Lyman breaking into Bree’s house!”


Knots: “Where’s Dylan Howell!”


Lyman backs up and looks around as the crowd chants for Bree. Bree looks around as the crowd roars and the scene slowly fades to commercial.




Breakdown returns as we see Bree Lancaster hugging Jaina Lancaster.


Jaina: “Thank you. Thank you for being there…and you too.”


Jaina turns to Cassie Wolfe and fist pumps her.


Wolfe: “Least I can do. She’s been trying to help me in this crazy world.”


Bree: “I figured he’d try something stupid, but when I saw you there Jaina-“


Jaina: “If it was anyone else, I’d have rolled out there and kicked his ass, but damn it, it was great seeing you spear his ass.”


Bree: “And I am going to do it again at Taking the Leap. Oh…I’m going to end this attempt to save me to take the title…and then Cassie…”


Bree looks at Cassie Wolfe.


Bree: “As a thank you, I’ll happily give you the next crack.”


Wolfe: “Really? I…I didn’t mean-“


Bree: “I’ll need a true challenge, someone who respects what I do, what Amy does, what we do, and does it in the ring…you’ve been by her few a few months. This is the least I can do.”


Bree hugs Wolfe as the scene cuts back to the ring.


Diamond Steele vs. Sean Michael Prime


Phillips: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Diamond Steele!”


Diamond and the Gem Stones begins to blare all across the sound system and as it does we are able to see the likes of the Gem Stones playing on a tron. Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire are all playing various instruments as we are able to see Diamond Steele along with her husband Teddy Steele emerging from the curtain. She has a microphone in her hands sings as loudly as she can to the sound of roaring cheers. Kate smirks as she just sings loudly which results in even more cheers. Diamond finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about before she points at the crowd who cheers louder than before. She waves at them off as she throws the microphone to the side. She smirks as she opens up a pocket mirror and takes a moment to admire how beautiful her hair is as she waits for the match to begin. Teddy begins to clap excitedly for his wife as he tries to get the crowd involved.


Phillips: “And her opponent, making his way to the ring, from Salem, Massachusetts, Sean Michael Prime!”


With every step, SMP absorbs the energy of the arena, his long hair flowing in rhythm with the haunting melody. As the chorus kicks in, the crowd begins to stir, caught between the raw emotion of the song and the enigmatic presence of Sean as he slowly approaches the ring. Sean climbs into the ring, casting a stoic gaze across the audience. The metallic strains of "Turn the Page" amplify the intensity of the moment. Sean starts pacing around the ring awaiting for the start of the match


Sharper: “SMP and Diamond Steele, both struggling to get it going in 2024. SMP still looking for his first win in SCW.”


Knots: “Something has to give, right?”


SMP goes for a lariat but Diamond ducks and drops him with a leg sweep.  She hits the ropes and connects with a low dropkick to the face.  Diamond hooks in an ankle lock but SMP quickly scrambles to the ropes, reaching them after about ten seconds to force the break.  Diamond charges in but gets caught by a back elbow from SMP.  SMP with several chops and jabs backing Diamond up into the ropes.  Irish whip in and SMP catches her with a Lou Thesz Press into mounted punches.  SMP pulls her back to her feet and connects with a snap suplex.  He floats over and locks in an arm bar.


Sharper: “SMP trying to keep Diamond down. Trying to work over the arm.”


Knots: “I don’t know how bright that is. Diamond can lock in a few holds herself!”


Diamond reaches the ropes after about ten seconds, forcing the break.  He pulls Diamond back to her feet and goes for a snap German but she lands on her feet.  Diamond connects with a spinning heel kick.  He goes for a lariat but she ducks and connects with a pele kick.  Diamond with a roundhouse kick and finally SMP goes down.  She locks in a fujiwara arm bar.


Sharper: “And you said it, Jon. There’s the Fujiwara! Diamond Steele locking it in.”


Knots: “Can he get out of it? Diamond got out of hers.”


SMP reaches the ropes after about fifteen seconds to force the break.  She whips him into the corner.  Diamond charges in and connects with a corner yakuza kick.  He staggers out of the corner.  Diamond with a single knee face breaker.  Diamond goes outside and waits as SMP tries to negotiate his way back to his feet.  Diamon dwith a springboard cross body, holding on for the cover…






Diamond pulls him up to his feet.  She tries to hook him for a German suplex but she can’t lift him.  SMP switches and snaps off a German suplex of his own.  SMP with a saito suplex and then a full nelson face buster.  He drops her with a reverse ddt.  SMP covers, hooking a leg…








Sharper: “Only two! And SMP wanted that!”


Knots: “Diamond didn’t and that’s why we’re still going!”


SMP hooks Diamond for an impact ddt but she picks his legs and turns him over into a Boston Crab.  SMP fights towards the ropes, reaching them after about fifteen seconds to force the break.  Diamond connects with three straight superkicks sending SMP tumbling to the outside.  Diamond with a plancha over the top and to the outside.


Sharper: “Diamond over the top! SMP the target. Hard landing for both.”


Knots: “Again, he should be used to it.”


Diamond pulls him back to his feet.  She goes for a whip but he reverses sending Diamond crashing into the steel steps.  SMP hits Diamond with a sit out scoop slam on the outside.








SMP charges Diamond but she counters his lariat attempt into a float over ddt, knocking him down and seemingly out!








Diamond pulls SMP up and sets him up for a neck breaker but he counters with a release German suplex on the outside!








SMP pulls himself up and tries to move towards the ring to beat the count…




Phillips: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a double count out!


The crowd boos. SMP pulls himself up and starts arguing with the referee but it’s no use. 


Sharper: “And SMP is devastated. He thought he got in before the ten.”

Knots: “Sorry, kid. You didn’t catch a break!”


SMP keeps trying to talk to the official. The official confirms his count. He then grabs the official by the collar and looks at him, getting more animated as Diamond Steele rolls into the ring. SMP keeps trying to fight with him before Diamond runs up behind him and grabs him by the head and hits the Diamond Cutter. The crowd ohs and boos. Diamond Steele looks at him with disdain before rolling out of the ring.


Sharper: “Diamond! From behind…the Diamond Cutter.”


Knots: “That’ll help him understand!”


Diamond looks in the ring and then turns and storms around the ring.


The scene cuts backstage to see Simon Lyman, wincing, while he walks through the backstage area.


Lyman: “Dylan!”


Lyman storms down the hallway.


Lyman: “Dylan! Where the hell are you?”


Lyman looks around.


Lyman: “Give him the chance to beat up a look alike who thinks he’s better than me because I just have the balls to do what they have to and he screws off when I’m being attacked.”


Lyman mutters to himself.


Lyman: “Dylan!”


Howell: “LYMAN!”


Lyman turns and heads down the hallway into an opening as Dylan Howell runs over to him and hugs him.


Howell: “Simon! Thank you! Thank you! I finally got rid of him. Finally!”


Lyman: “Wait…what did you do?”


Howell: “Don’t worry about it. But he won’t ever mess with me again and thank you for that.”


Lyman: “Well could you have been quicker.”


Lyman pushes him back and winces.


Howell: “Oh…you’re hurt. What about Addy-“


Lyman: “The one who holds it did it. Sister Breezus.”


Howell: “Sister Breezus has risen?!”


Lyman: “Yes…Now we need to figure this out. Apparently I’m going to have to save her the old fashioned way at Taking the Leap. And now you’re going to earn your keep.”


Howell: “The least you can do after what I could do to Raynes!”


Lyman :”What did you do?”


Howell smiles as they head off. The camera remains on the hallway when we see Katie Steward running down the hallway with Gigi Steward stepping out and stopping. She glance sback.


Katie: “Leave him! He’s protecting us!”


Gigi looks over and then runs off following Katie. A few moments pass before we see TJ Johnson staggering into the hallway. He turns and Brittany Lohan drops him with a For Your Eyes Only. Johnson falls to the floor. Glory Braddock steps out and forward, watching off.


Braddock: “They’re gone.”


Lohan: “Shame.”


Lohan shrugs.


Lohan: “Let’s go. Another down.”


Lohan motions to Glory. Glory turns and follows as the scene cuts away.




Syren can be seen in her locker room. She sighs as she winces a bit. Ravyn Taylor then walks into the room. She looks around.


Ravyn: “Lexy here?”


Syren: “No. She and Autumn are out for blood. Apparently, security has already stopped them a few times. Autumn is going to have to settle it at Taking the Leap or something. Lexy was muttering something about Fall St. Patrick stepping up and Autumn is trying to talk her out of it.”


Ravyn: “Good. Has she found out about my match?”


Syren: “She’s not mentioned it. Then again, she probably hopes Xander kills you.”


Ravyn: “I mean it would solve her problem of me apparently being satanic and everything. But I meant it when I said I’m just here to help you.”


Syren: “I know.”


Ravyn: “I have my own goals…but…I got Alex to give me that match.”


Syren: “What?”


Ravyn: “I pitched it as two people from Selena’s past. But if I win…then we’re going to see how firm that ten wins deal is. Because I’m going to give it to you.”


Syren: “Wait, Ravyn. You don’t-“


Ravyn: “Zoe…you should be World Champion again. Lexy wants it. You should be there. And you made a mistake last year. Because you’re you. And I was wrong to push you to do things you didn’t.”


Syren looks a bit confused.


Ravyn: “We can talk about that later. Just…trust me. And keep Lexy away.”


Ravyn glances at the camera before turning and heading off.


Ravyn: “I’m going to try and help Autumn…somehow.”


Ravyn then heads out of the locker room as the scene cuts away.


Marie Jones vs. Colleen

SCW Television Championship


Phillips: The following contest is for the SCW Television Championship!


"You and I walk a fragile line

I have known it all this time

But I never thought I'd live to see it break

It's getting dark and its all too quiet

And I can't trust anything now

And its comin' over you like its all a big mistake"


Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger, from Boston, Massachusetts….


"Holding my breathe, won't lose you again

Something's made your eyes go cold"


Announcer: ..."The Phoenix" Marie Jones!!!!!!!!!!


A spotlight shines down at the top of the entrance ramp. Pyro goes off. Then Marie Annabelle Jones steps through the curtain, wearing her ring gear and her signature black leather jacket. A broad, somewhat condescending grin is on her face as she gaze out at the fans in the arena who cheer loudly. The Tron shows images of her striking at her opponents with her finishing and signature moves as the lyrics of "Haunted" by Taylor Swift begin to flow through the arena.  Marie begins to make her way down towards the ring. As for Marie herself, she stops to slap a few high fives with fans, recognizing them as they cheer her. Then her focus is solely on the ring and the determined stride with which she walks tells that story.  Marie hops up onto the ring apron. She strikes a sultry and sexy pose for the audience. Marie turns and leaps over the top rope and into the ring.  She then hops up onto the second turnbuckle of the nearby corner and holds her arms up high into the air, getting a reaction from the crowd. 


Phillips: And her opponent, she is the reigning and defending SCW Television Champion, Colleen!!!!


A coin can be heard dropping into a coin slot, followed by a few girls giggling. But before “C’est La Vie” by B*Witched can even begin, Colleen steps out onto the stage from the backstage area, wearing her normal all-black ring gear. Colleen does a cutthroat signal. The music turns off as she stands still and waits until the beginning of “How Far I’ll Go” by Auli’i Cravalho begins to play. Colleen nods once before beginning to slowly head down the entrance ramp. The crowd does keep their eyes on her as she looks straight down at the ring. She keeps going until she arrives down at the ring. Not quickening her pace, she steps up the steel ring steps and climbs over the top rope to get into the ring. Once inside she does look around the arena. She simply approves of her surroundings before she turns to the business at hand, warming up before the bell rings.


Sharper: “Here we go! TV Title on the line. Colleen to defend against Marie Jones.”


Knots: “Marie hoping to make history here, right?”


Sharper: “That’s right. She wins and she is a three time TV Champion. Tied for most TV Title reigns. Colleen is hoping to defend her title for the first time.”


Marie strikes first with three straight spinning heel kicks, each knocking Colleen down.  Marie hits the ropes and connects with jumping spinning forearm and then a jumping shoulder tackle, both knocking Colleen down.  Marie then connects with a scissors kick.  Colleen rolls to the ring apron.  Marie with a springboard dropkick sending Colleen to the floor.  Jones charges and leaps over the top with a suicide corkscrew plancha over the top taking down Colleen.


Sharper: “Marie Jones over the top rope and down onto Colleen.”


Knots: “Can’t do much when a body is flying at you, spinning in the air.”


Marie with a snap suplex on the outside before rolling Colleen back into the ring.  Jones with a slingshot into a senton onto Colleen’s lower back.  Jones then goes for a springboard lionsault, the Divine Impact, but Colleen manages to roll out of the way to avoid it.  Marie lands on her feet, spins around, and goes for a superkick but Colleen ducks, hits the ropes, and drills Marie with a huge high impact spear.


Sharper: “Colleen may have just cut right through Marie Jones!”


Knots: “Just cover her!”


Sharper: “She has something else in mind as we can see David Striker and Irvine watching. Maybe fearing an attack by Twisted & Sadistic?”


We see David Striker and Irvine on the floor by the stage, watching. Colleen mounts Marie and rains down rapid fire right hands.  Marie kicks her off of her.  Colleen with a short arm clothesline and then a huge clothesline from hell that turns Marie inside out.  Colleen pulls Marie back to her feet and whips her into the corner.  Colleen charges in with a big splash in the corner.  Colleen then scoops Marie up and hits her with a running power slam out of the corner.  Colleen with the cover…






Colleen pulls Jones back to her feet and whips her into the ropes.  Colleen with a high back body drop.  Collen with a big splash onto Marie.  Colleen covers, hooking a leg this time…






Colleen pulls Jones back to her feet.  She scoops Marie up and goes for a slam but Marie slips free of it and then connects with a back cracker.  Jones applies a bow and arrow submission.


Sharper: “Jones locking in the bow and arrow. Can she make the champion tap?”


Colleen struggles in the hold, refusing to quit, while Marie tries to inflict as much pain on the lower back as possible.  Eventually Marie releases the hold.  Marie with a bulldog takedown onto Colleen.  Marie rolls her onto her stomach.  Marie with a springboard lionsault, the Divine Impact onto Colleen’s lower back.


Sharper: “Divine Impact, to the back. Continuing that focus.”


Knots: “Laser focused. Marie does that better than most.”


Jones takes Colleen and tries to turn her over into the Angel’s Arch but Colleen manages to fight out of it, kicking Marie away.  Colleen goes for a lariat but Marie ducks and connects with a pele kick.  Marie charges in with a busaiku knee strike, Kissed By Fire!  Marie rolls over into the cover…






Marie charges towards the ropes and again goes for the Divine Impact but this time Colleen gets her knees up, driving them into Marie’s gut!


Sharper: “Colleen saw it coming. Counting the Divine Impact.”


Knots: “Same place she hit as the spear.”


Colleen scrambles back to her feet.  She whips Marie into the ropes and hits a high back body drop.  Colleen with a spine buster to Marie followed by a military press slam.  Colleen whips Marie into the corner.  Colleen with a big splash to Marie in the corner.  Colleen follows it up with The Facewarmer, driving Marie’s head into the turnbuckle.


Sharper: “Marie into the turnbuckle!”


Knots: “Colleen gaining confidence. She’s had more and more week to week!”


Colleen with a buckle bomb to Marie followed immediately by a traditional power bomb!  She takes Marie and hoists her up for a vertical suplex, letting her hang in the air for a few seconds before dropping her.  Collen quickly into the cover…






…3NO! Marie shoots her right shoulder up off the mat!


Colleen whips Marie into the corner again.  She charges in but this time Marie ducks out of the way and Colleen slams hard into the corner.  Marie with a kip up into a frankensteiner to take Colleen back down to the mat!  Marie goes up to the top turnbuckle and stands perched as Colleen tries to get back up.  Marie with a roundhouse kick off the top!  Marie returns to the ropes and stands perched on the second rope.  Colleen negotiates her way back to her feet and Marie comes off the second rope with a blockbuster.


Sharper: “Blockbuster!”


Knots: “Well if the Phantom Troupe is worried about Glory, Marie just hit one of Glory’s moves!”


Marie points up to the sky, signaling she’s going up to the top one more time.  She climbs to the top rope and immediately leaps off the top, she’s looking for a shooting star press…but Colleen rolls out of the way and Marie hits nothing but canvas!


Sharper: “No one home! Big miss for Marie Jones!”


Knots: “And you could almost feel how concerned she was. Marie knew she was in trouble half way through!”


Colleen rolls over to the ropes and uses them to pull herself back up.  Marie pushes herself back up to her feet.  She turns around into a spear from Colleen that nearly breaks her in half.  Colleen with three straight scoop slams and then a belly to back suplex.  Colleen whips Marie into the ropes and drops her with a Samoan drop.  Colleen into the cover…








Colleen waits as Marie tries to get back to her feet.  Colleen goes for a sunset flip bomb but Marie rolls through the sunset flip, hangs onto her legs, and turns Colleen over into the Angel’s Arch!


Sharper: “Shades of her mother! Angel’s Arch!”


Knots: “Back to the back!”


Marie sits back, putting as much torque and pressure on Colleen’s lower back as humanly possible.  Colleen refuses to quit.  She fights towards the ropes.  She is fingertips away but Marie pulls her right back to the center and sits back, putting even more pressure on.  Colleen still won’t give in.  She fights back to the ropes and this time she finally reaches the ropes and forces a break.  Marie drags her back to the center and tries to lock it in again but Colleen counters with a small package…








Both women pop back up but it is Colleen who is quicker to the, taking Marie’s head off with a big time lariat.  Colleen pulls Jones back to her feet.  She rams Marie head first into a ring post.  Colleen then backs up slamming all of her weight onto Marie’s head.  Colleen then goes for The Collapser but Marie rolls out of the way!


Sharper: “And Colleen misses the Collapser. Back and forth. Both want to walk out the TV Champion!”


Knots: “Only one gets that honour!”


Marie uses the ropes to pull herself up.  Colleen is back to her feet.  Marie snaps off a superkick.  Marie follows that up by hooking her leg under Colleen and dropping her with The Vindicator!  Marie covers, hooking a leg…






…3NOOO!  Colleen shoots her right shoulder up off of the mat just in time! Marie wastes no time.  She pulls Colleen back up and goes for Ave Maria, but Colleen pulls her down into a school boy.






Marie kicks out and both get up and Marie locks in an inside cradle.








The crowd roars and the bell sounds. Marie looks up and smiles. Colleen turns, looking disappointed.


Phillips: “Here is your winner and NEW SCW Television Champion, “The Phoenix” Marie Jones!!!”


Marie gets up as Colleen turns to her and the official hands her the TV Championship. Marie goes to raise it over her head, when suddenly, the scene opens up backstage as we see Polly Pingotti nailing Braddock with a couple of shots as Lohan throws Aisling across the Body, Heart and Soul locker room. Aisling lands into the wall and rolls over as Polly nails Glory again and then Lohan grabs Polly and pulls her off. She rolls back and ends up on her feet and then runs at Lohan and nails her with a couple of shots before Glory Braddock nails her in the side with a piece of luggage. The crowd ohs as Polly goes down.


Sharper: “Twisted & Sadistic now going after Body, Heart, and Soul!”


Knots: “No one is safe!”


We cut to the ring where David Striker and Irvine see this on the screen and run to the back. Marie turns and helps Colleen up before we then see Colleen roll out of the ring. Marie follows and the two start to head to the back too. Back in the locker room, Braddock looks at Polly as Lohan stomps her in the face. Aisling dives over to her and covers her up as Braddock looks at them before Lohan motions to her. Lohan and Braddock then stomp away on Aisling before officials come into the room. Glory immediately disengages as Lohan gets few more shots in. She’s moved away before the scene fades to commercial.




We cut to the locker room of Body, Heart, and Soul where we see Colleen now in the room, joined by Chris Dumont, David Striker, and Irvine. Marie Jones is even in the room as Aisling helps Polly up. Colleen helps both up.


Colleen: “You okay?”


Dumont: “Got here too late.”


Striker: “We figured they’d go to the ring.”


Aisling: “I’ll live-“


Polly pulls away and sits down in the corner.


Polly: “Yeah…me too.”


She winces as Colleen notices Marie, as does Striker.


Striker: “Thanks.”


Marie: “Kim sees something in you. You see something in them. That’s the easy part of this all.”


We then cut to the doorway where we see Chris Lawler in the doorway.


Lawler: “You okay?”


Polly just looks at him.


Lawler: “You said you didn’t want help…nothing about actually giving a damn.”


Lawler then heads off as the scene cuts away.


Cowgirls from Hell vs. European Fiery Nation


“Off To War” by Behemoth plays over the sound system with the lights being dark as ever as Ginny in the middle, Ludvig on the left and Dakon on the right-hand sides, looking at the crowd and got heavy boos. When the lights briefly came back on, you see Dakon, Ludvig and Ginny waving their Norway, Sweden, and German flags.

Phillips: “Making their way to the ring, accompanied by Ginny Raab, coming from Sweden, Norway and Germany, they are Ludvig Eriksson and Dakon Theron known as The European Fiery Nation.”

They walked down to the ring with their flags and stepped on the stairs and did a hold-up in the middle of the ring as they gave their flags to Ginny. When the lights returned, Ludvig and Dakon waited for their opponents to enter the ring.


Sharper: “European Fiery Nation about to go into battle here and against the newcomers to SCW, the Cowgirls from Hell.”


Knots: “Something tells me they’ll happily fight.”


Sharper: “I think you have that right.”


“Hey hey mama said the way you move is gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove”

A live version of Miley Cyrus’s cover of Black Dog (by Led Zeppelin) kicks into full gear with the iconic Jimmy Page guitar riff as the sound of Screaming Eagle tailpipes fills the arena and the fans are on their feet cheering.

“Ah ha child, way ya shake that thing, gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting”

Phillips: “Their opponents, making their way to the ring at this time…”

From the side of the stage the “Baba Jaga” Veronica Strader rides out on a chopped and blacked out ‘45 Harley Davidson Panhead wearing snakeskin boots, purple leather jeans, black retro CFH fitted tank top under a stone washed blue denim biker kutte with the Cowgirls rockers and patch on the back. Cara rides out on a blacked out Harley Davidson Softail in snakeskin boots, Jim Morrison styled brown leather pants, a new style white CFH crop top under a stone washed denim kutte with CFH patch and rockers.

Phillips: “…hailing from London, Ontario Canada by way of Houston, Texas…”

“Hey hey baby, when you walk that way… Watch that honey drip, you a bad bitch can’t keep away”

They hit their throttles, the V-Twin engines cranking that trademark Harley rumble through the arena.

Phillips: “Veronica and Cara Strader…. THE COWGIRLS FROM HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, ah ah ah. Oh yeah, Oh Yeah, ah… ahh… ahhhh”

Veronica raises her left fist and Cara her right before they burn out and fly down to ringside, going around the right side of the ring and parking beside one another at the bottom of the ramp.

“Gotta flaming heart, can’t get my fill”

They walk the steel steps, and wipe their boots before stepping between the top and middle ropes. Taking centre ring, Cara poses ala HBK with Veronica standing behind her, fists in the air as all four ring posts have fire blow out like a flamethrower into the air. The sisters double fist bump, taking their corner.


Sharper: “With the fires of hell all around, the Cowgirls from Hell, the Straders have arrived in SCW!”


Knots: “And look at the smiles on Theron and Eriksson’s faces!”


Eriksson and Theron look at Veronica and Cara as the crowd roars. The bell sounds and Veronica and Cara step up and Cara goes for Eriksson awhile Veronica goes for Theron. The crowd erupts as all four throw right hands and a brawl breaks out to start the match. Cara and Eriksson trade blows as Veronica and Theron do the same. Veronica gets a chop in and then a hard right and then a chop before Theron grabs her and pulls her up and over the top rope, but Veronica grabs him and pulls him up and over too. Cara kicks Eriksson in the ribs and then forearms him in the jaw. She goes to whip him into the ropes, but Eriksson spins through and sends her in. She bounces off and jumps up, taking Eriksson down with diving tackle. She nails Eriksson with a series of hard rights. The official meanwhile is focused on the floor as Veronica and Theron get up.


Sharper: “And this is the brawl we thought it would be.”


Knots: “Welcome to SCW! And EFN, you got what you wanted!”


Veronica and Theron get up and Veronica swings at Theron. Theron however knees her in the ribs and then grabs her by the arm and pulls her in and scoops her up before hitting a powerslam on the mats. Veronica grits her teeth and turns. The crowd ohs. Cara gets up and turns and sees Theron before running over and diving through, flipping in the process and both go into the barricade as the crowd cheers.


Sharper: “Oh! Cara Strader from the ring!”


Knots: “Shiny object!”


Sharper: “And Strader got Theron and got the barricade too!”


The official counts. (1) Cara rolls over as Eriksson stirs in the ring. He touches his lip as Cara rolls over and awkwardly starts to slowly get up. (2) Veronica stirs and Cara heads over to her and starts to pull her up. (3) But as she does, Eriksson runs to the corner and runs up it before then hitting a rounding splash onto Cara and Veronica. The crowd ohs. (1)


Sharper: “Off the top! Ludvig Eriksson just off the top! Rounding Splash. Down onto both of the Cowgirls.”


Knots: “Now are they even going to get back in the ring? Who are the legal people?”


Sharper: “Eriksson and Cara Strader are your legal combatants.”


Eriksson turns and rolls over. (1) He looks around as Veronica and Cara roll over. They both crawl, but away from one another. (2) Eriksson pulls Theron up and they nod as Cara reaches up and nails Eriksson with a hard right before elbowing Theron and Eriksson kicks her in the chest. Eriksson and Theron then turn her around. (3) They grab her and hit a double back suplex. Cara rolls through. (4) They get up and Veronica gets up and runs over and chops Theron hard in the head, sending him down to a knee before nailing Eriksson with a hard right and then a palm strike. (5) Eriksson falls back and Veronica shoves him into the ring. She slides in. The official goes to stop her as Eriksson rolls over and gets up and Veronica knees him in the chest and then kicks him in the ribs and then backs up and hits the A Like Supreme. The crowd ohs. Veronica then is backed up by the official.


Sharper: “Veronica Strader buying time for Cara as she gets Eriksson back in and then hits the A Like Supreme.”


Knots: “Already fitting in. Hits a superkick and finds out that they solve everything!”


Cara then grabs at the ropes and pulls herself up to the apron. Veronica exits as Cara gets to the top rope and looks at Eriksson before diving off with the Don’t Bogart! The crowd ohs.


Sharper: “450!”


Cara stays on for the pin.






Theron enters and gutwrenches her up and hoists her up before hitting a huge spinning sitout powerbomb. The crowd ohs. Theron rolls back and rolls to the apron. He then gets up as Eriksson rolls over and winces and Theron tags in. He gets up and pulls Eriksson up as Cara Strader stirs only for Theron to bend her over and hoist her up for another powerbomb, but this time, Eriksson jumps up and assists with a neckbreaker. The crowd ohs. Theron stacks her up.






Veronica drills Theron and Theron falls back. Cara rolls over. Veronica rolls over and turns and Eriksson punches her with a hard right and then another nails her with another shot and then another. He whips her across the ring and hits a running clothesline. Veronica stumbles out as Eriksson grabs her. The official tries to break them up. Eriksson then lifts Veronica up, but Cara then runs at Eriksson as Veronica counters and grabs his head. Cara hits a sliding dropkick to the ankle. Eriksson falls forward and Veronica DDTs him. He rolls out of the ring. Theron then grabs Cara and runs her into the corner. Theron nails her with a knee to the ribs and then another. Veronica however gets up and drills Theron from behind with a chop to the back of the head. Cara slips through to the apron. Theron turns around as the official keeps counting. Veronica chops Theron in the throat. He turns again and Cara flips over with a sunset flip before Veronica hits a curb stomp. The crowd ohs.


Sharper: “Dazed and Confused. That’s what they call that combo.”


Knots: “How about we’re just going to see how many teeth you have left?!”


Sharper: “And Veronica finally out of the ring. Cover!”






Theron kicks out and rolls over. The crowd ohs. Theron rolls over. He stirs and Cara gets up and pulls him back and hits the Indica Dreams. She turns and staggers over to the corner. Veronica warns her, but Cara just throws her arm up as the crowd roars. Cara climbs up to the top rope. Eriksson then gets back up onto the apron. Cara then realizes her mistake, lost in the moment, or maybe something else, ending up in the EFN corner. Eriksson nails her with a shot to the ribs, but Cara kicks him in the head. Eriksson staggers back and Cara then looks at Theron who is now getting up. She dives off with a crossbody, but Theron catches her, rolling through. He then throws her up and into another release powerbomb. The crowd ohs.


Sharper: “Oh my God! Another vicious powerbomb!”


Knots: “Even Veronica Strader felt that one!”


Cara rolls to her side and Theron smiles before turning back and tagging in Eriksson. Eriksson climbs to the top rope. Theron then turns and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle. The crowd looks on and buzzes before Theron then superplexes Eriksson off the top rope and onto Cara Strader. The crowd ohs. Eriksson turns and rolls her over.






Veronica runs over and dives onto him with an elbow drop. She gets up and nails Theron with a hard right and then kicks Eriksson before punching Theron and kicking Eriksson again. Theron then grabs her and throws her out of the ring. Theron exits too. Eriksson shakes it off as Cara rolls over. Veronica is dragged up by Theron who the grabs her by the head. Veronica, however, fights out and hits the Welcome to Rivervale. Theron falls forward. Veronica then staggers over and climbs onto the apron. Cara reaches out as Eriksson grabs her leg. Cara hops on her other leg and then dives and tags in Veronica. Veronica enters and Eriksson drops Cara and nails Veronica with a couple of hard rights before then going to throw her out of the ring. Veronica stops herself at the ropes before turning back to Cara and Cara hits the Sticky-Icky. Eriksson turns as Veronica nails him with a hard right. Cara then comes up under Eriksson as Veronica exits to the apron. The crowd roars as Cara struggles to get Eriksson up, but manages to get him up on her shoulders. Veronica then stands up on the top rope and dives off. They hit the SGS!


Sharper: “SGS! Snitches Get Stitches!”


Knots: “How did Cara get him up?!”


Sharper: “She did! And Veronica from the heavens! The cover!”


Veronica covers Eriksson.








The crowd roars. The bell sounds. Veronica rolls off as Cara breathes a sigh of relief and staggers around before throwing her arm up.


Phillips: “Here are your winners, via pinfall, Cara and Veronica Strader, the Cowgirls from Hell!”


Sharper: “Now that’s a debut! These two coming in and throwing down with the EFN and walking tall.”


Knots: “They got some bumps and bruises. But they showed they can hang!”


Theron looks up as Ginny Raab looks into the ring. Veronica and Cara have their arms raises as they stand in the ring. The crowd cheers as they look around and play to the crowd a bit. Eriksson rolls to the floor and then winces as he holds his jaw. Theron helps him up and looks at him as they then back up. The crowd continues to cheer before we hear a growing roar as the camera turns to show a very agitated Brittany Lohan and Glory Braddock coming down from the back.


Sharper: “And after this fight, now look who is out here!”


Knots: “Well they’ve been terrorizing anyone, including the Seekers and the Tag Champs. Lohan finally has Glory Braddock seeing things her way!”


Theron and Eriksson look at them. Eriksson pushes off Theron and the two step up as Lohan and Braddock run down. Braddock nails Eriksson with a hard right. Lohan goes after Theron. They trade blows as Veronica and Cara turn to them. Theron then grabs Lohan by the throat. Lohan knees him in the ribs. Braddock catches the arm of Eriksson and drags him back before hitting a hip throw on the steel. Lohan then hits a double underhook suplex onto Theron on the steel.


Sharper: “Twisted & Sadistic taking over the EFN. Obviously fresher.”


Knots: “But Theron and Eriksson don’t turn down any fights!”


Sharper: “Not in the slightest! But I don’t think the Cowgirls from Hell will either!”


Lohan turns and Braddock helps her up as Eriksson turns and starts to get up and Braddock turns as Lohan hoists Eriksson up and Braddock dives forward, catching Eriksson from the Lohan spinebuster into a neckbreaker. The crowd ohs. Braddock turns and Lohan turns to the ring. Lohan smirks as Braddock steps up. Veronica and Cara now both motion for them to come to the ring. Cara even plays to the crowd, trying to get them to cheer. The crowd roars.


Sharper: “Braddock and Lohan drop Eriksson. No way to resist!”


Knots: “And the Cowgirls want them. Look at them!”


Veronica and Cara keep posturing as Lohan and Braddock now storm to the ring. Just as they get to the ring, though, officials run down from the back. The crowd boos as Veronica and Cara look at each other. Lohan and Braddock try to fight past as officials and road agents stop them. Braddock snaps at them as Lohan tries to fight through only for Cara and Veronica to nod at one another and both run at the ropes and then launch themselves over the top rope and onto Lohan, Braddock, and the officials. The crowd erupts.


Sharper: “My God! The Cowgirls from Hell over the top!”


Knots: “You have the opportunity to shut up the former Tag Champions on your first night. You take it!”


Veronica and Cara roll through. Cara smiles as she’s in the heap. Braddock and Lohan stir as officials do too and several others from the back come down to try and keep people apart. Veronica gets up and staggers back, throwing her arm in the air. Cara rolls over and rolls towards Veronica. She remains in a seated position and smirks as Lohan turns and glares at both. She starts to get up as Braddock does too. The crowd roars as a “Let them fight!” chant breaks out in Cleveland. Veronica Strader starts to encourage them more as the scene fades out.




Breakdown returns and backstage, Jessica Winters stands with Xander Valentine. Xander just looks down.


Winters: “Welcome back to Breakdown. I’m here with Xander Valentine and it seems like Alex Desoubrais, otherwise known as CHBK, has given you a match to potentially earn a World Title at Taking Hold of the Flame, but it’s against a former rival of yours…and someone CHBK knows well, Ravyn Taylor.”


Xander just looks at Winters.


Xander: “I wish I could expect more, but this…it’s disappointing. If anything, it allows me to prove my point.”


Winters: “Which is?”


Xander: “I expect to be challenging Selena Frost. And when Frost and I last competed, she had my number. And I have a reminder every moment of my life of what she’s done to me. And I’m not the same person I was. Just like I wasn’t against Ravyn Taylor. And I will simply make Ravyn Taylor another figure who is in decline while I remain at the top.”


Xander shrugs.


Xander: “Generously, maybe CHBK is trying to show he is split from Infamous. I don’t care. Ravyn Taylor will not be winning. I will. And Ravyn Taylor will regret even appearing or being named by CHBK as my opponent.”


Winters: “She says she got this arranged.”


Xander looks at her.


Xander: “Unless CHBK tells me that, I don’t believe a damn thing she says…but people should believe anything I do. I have two decades of proving it!”


Xander turns and walks off. The crowd roars.


The Breakdown logo comes up on the screen as we see a shot of Konrad Raab standing in an empty warehouse. He sits on a chair.


Raab: “I chose you, Enigma…”


Raab smiles as he looks at his hands.


Raab: “From the depths of what I suffered at that bitch…to the coldness I used to be…the fire inside of me still burns, but it will not be extinguished.”


We cut to show shots from Retribution where Raab holds a torch, swinging it as The Enigma stands across from him.


Raab: “You feel you’re the only one with power. You have no power, just trick. Black mist. I deal with what is very real!”


We see fire shooting from the stage at Retribution. The Black Mist starts to put it out.


Raab: “I’ve watched you for months, but you’ve gone against the wrong group now. You are fighting against a movement, against-“


The scene then changes to blackness as we see the visage of The Enigma step out of it.


Enigma: “Konrad…it is you who does not understand what he faces.”


We see shots of The Enigma trying to pull Crystal Zdunich under the ring before showing him rushing past Glory Braddock in the boiler room brawl at Fatal Fortunes.


Enigma: “This is not some black mist. Not some parlour trick. I am what I claim to be…I am unexplainable.”


Fire blasts across the screen as we see Konrad Raab holding his hands over a fire barrel a lit.


Raab: “Do you think I care? I see someone that I can beat over and over and my fists will not get tired!”


Raab looks around.




Raab extends his arms as we see fire all around him.


Raab: “I take your smoke, and I laugh for I start it all. You just try to extinguish but can’t!”


Black smoke comes across the screen as we see The Enigma again.


Enigma: “Those are your mistakes, Konrad. Your seconds are not worthy of your leadership, nor do they respect the lands they come from.”


Enigma looks at the screen.


Enigma: “All you know is violence. Fortunately, that is something I am more than familiar with and I will dole it out with reckless abandon.”


We see shots of The Enigma attacking Dakon Theron and Ludvig Eriksson at Retribution.


Enigma: “You claim to be burned by blood. But I will douse you in the flames of your ignorance.”


Enigma and Konrad Raab staring at each other on the stage at Retribution is then shown.


Enigma: “You chose this fight. After your greatness loss. Don’t worry, Konrad…I will put you out of your misery.”


We then cut to a shot of Konrad Raab in the warehouse.


Raab: “I will burn your house of smoke and mirrors down, Enigma. Then you will be the one searching for answers.”


Raab kicks over the flaming barrel, leading to the contents to fall onto the ground and the fire to spread. He then steps past the camera as the scene fade out. The Breakdown logo comes across the screen.


The scene suddenly opens backstage as we see Twisted & Sadistic standing in the hallway.


Braddock: “Get out of the way!”


Lohan: “We will go through you!”


We see Kelsai Adamson and Chance Owens standing down the hallway, but La Pequena Luz and Amelia Blythe standing in front of them, stopping Twisted & Sadistic.


Sharper: “Welcome back live. Twisted & Sadistic standing across from the Seekers and the World Tag Team Champions!”


Lohan: “They’re it. We destroy them…”


Luz: “You won’t be.”


Amelia looks at Luz and Luz nods.


Amelia: “Because as far as we’re concerned, you no longer deserve anything from us!”


The crowd roars. Owens and Adamson smirk.


Amelia: “You’ve proven you’re just sore losers. You’re not champions!”


Lohan: “Fine-“


Braddock then stops Lohan as she steps forward.


Luz: “We will happily defend against the Seekers, a team you decided was good enough to challenge for the World Tag Team Championship.”


Amelia: “No renegotiate Glory. Enjoy cleaning up this mess…”


Luz and Amelia step back as they then turn and head to the Seekers. They shake their hands. Lohan again moves forward, but Glory stops her. Glory grits her teeth as the scene cuts away.




The scene opens up back inside the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.


Syren vs. Religious Wright


Phillips: “The following contest is scheduled for onefall with a fifteen minute time limit. Ladies and gentlemen, from The Sword of Joshua Full Gospel Pentecostal Temple of Joy Holiness by way of Mt. Judea, Arknasas, he is RELIGIOUS WRIGHT!”

“I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe begins to play. Religious Wright steps out onto the stage wearing a black robe and carrying his Holy Book in his right hand. Along the way down the aisle he stops by some fans. He presses his hand to the foreheads of some fans and shouts “BE HEALED IN THE NAME OF THE LAWD!” Still other fans he throws Holy Water at them and shouts “BE GONE FOUL DEMON FROM THIS SERVANT IN THE NAME OF THE LAWD!” Religious Wright then ascends the steel steps and enters the ring. He steps to the center of the ring and holds up his Holy Book and shouts “CAN I GET AN AMEN MY BROTHAS AND SISTAS OF THE LAWD?!”


Sharper: “Religious Wright about to be in action and Lexy Chapel has spent a good amount of time trying to see this as a goal match for Syren. Religious Wright claiming, still, despite Selena beating him up, that Selena is his savior.”


Knots: “So go after her religious leader…even if she disavows him!”


The lights in the arena plunge into darkness. A pulsing sound akin to a heartbeat plays out across the PA system as the fans cheer. We cut to the backstage area we see Syren, in her full ring gear, complete with black ring jacket and pink halter-top/black tights, making her way down a corridor, accompanied by Lexy Chapel dressed in a long skirt and t-shirt that reads ‘REJOICE, LEXY NATION’. She begins walking into the arena as we cut back to inside to see the fans reacting. “Groupie” by Cassie Steele then hits as we see one of the doors opening and Syren and Lexy walking through. She pauses to take in the atmosphere before walking down toward the ring.


Sinfully Seductive

Captivatingly Corrupt



Syren and Lexy both walk down the walkway to the crowd barricade, occasionally slapping the hands of fans, before walking around and through the timekeeper’s area. Syren jumps up onto the apron before climbing the turnbuckles on the outside and waving her hands to get the fans fired up. As the camera gets closer to her, she shouts at the camera before pointing out at the fans. The camera switches to Lexy who yells about her client and the ‘Lexy Nation’ appreciating them.


Phillips: “His opponent, being accompanied by Lexy Chapel and representing LexyCorp International, hailing from Los Angeles, California, this is SYREN!”


Syren smiles before leaping over the top rope, dropping to her knees in the ring, posing with both her arms outstretched, palms facing up. Lexy rolls into the ring and stands over her, pointing down at her client. She offers both her hands to Syren, pulling her up. Syren takes off her ring jacket and hands that to Lexy. She climbs up on the middle rope, posing for a moment and then jumping back down and standing in her corner with Lexy as her music fades out.


Sharper: “Syren will need to shake off the loss earlier. Lexy clearly not, but that win streak starts over again. Back to zero.”


Knots: “All thanks to Adam Brock. So Fall St. Patrick better be ready at Taking the Leap!”


Sharper: “And Syren needs to get through this and then focus on Taking the Leap herself too.”


Syren looks at Religious Wright before Wright steps up and motions how he is going to break her.


Wright: “I BELIEVE, Syren! I BELIEVE!”


Syren shakes her head as she walks out. The bell sounds. Wright and Syren step out and Wright then just smacks Syren. The crowd ohs. Syren turns away briefly before then turning and kicking him in the ribs. The crowd roars. Syren nails him with a hard right and then another and another before grabbing him and whipping him into the ropes. Wright hits the corner and Syren runs at him and nails him with a running clothesline. The crowd ohs. Wright stumbles forward and falls to the mat face first. He then starts to get up. He looks up.


Wright: “I…Believe!”


Wright falls to his hands and knees and crawls to the ropes. Syren walks over and grabs him and pulls him out before running out and driving him face first into her knee.


Sharper: “Wright struggling right from the start. Probably shouldn’t have given Syren some more juice.”


Knots: “No one likes being slapped. Especially by someone affiliated, loosely or not, with Selena Frost!”


Lexy applauds as Wright rolls over and Syren drives her elbow into his chest. Wright grimaces and rolls over. Syren gets up and hits another elbow drop. The crowd ohs. Wright rolls to the ropes and Syren hits a third. He rolls to the apron and grabs at the ropes, trying to lift himself up. Syren turns over to him and grabs him, but Wright hits a guillotine drop out of desperation. Syren stumbles back. Lexy yells at the referee to warn Wright. Wright slowly gets up and then grabs the ropes and steps in. Syren gets back up and Wright hits a running clothesline. Syren hits the mat. Wright turns, stomping away on Syren. The crowd boos as Syren covers up and Wright stomps away. Lexy yells at Aaron Demitra, the official, to stop.


Sharper: “Wright just stomping away on Syren here. Syren covering up.”


Knots: “And Aaron Demitra, ironically, is the referee here!”


Sharper: “And Wright is telling him to ignore the rules!”


Wright turns to Demitra as Demitra warns him.


Wright: “Hey! You’re Selena’s ref. I’m on your side!”


He holds his hand out for a high five, but Demitra just backs up as Syren rolls over. Wright then grabs her and hits a DDT. He rolls over and hooks the leg.






Syren kicks out. Wright turns, motioning for him to go faster. He then covers her again.






Syren kicks out again. Wright eyes him and nods, before smiling and then goes for a third attempt, but Syren counters with an inside cradle.






Wright kicks out. Both get up and Wright turns to Syren who grabs his arms and pulls them around his head and hits the Syren Song. Syren gets up and hits a standing shooting star press and hooks the leg.






Wright shoots his shoulder up. Syren looks up.


Wright: “I…Be-LIEVE!”


Sharper: “Wright kicking out after two. More out of just drive, than maybe energy.”


Knots: “He’s showing some resilience. All to help out Selena!”


Wright rolls over and Syren grabs him and pulls him up and drives him face first into the top turnbuckle. Wright turns around. Syren then nails him with a hard right and then another and another and another. Syren grabs Wright and whips him across the ring. Wright flips up the corner and flips back down and into Syren to runs at him and hits the Syren’s Call. The crowd ohs. Wright rolls over, holding his head in pain. Syren turns and exits to the apron. She then starts to climb up to the top rope and looks down at Wright. Wright reaches around and Demitra counts Syren. Syren steadies, before Wright turns and grabs at Demitra, causing him to fall into the ropes. Syren lands hard on the top turnbuckle and then falls into the ring. She rolls over, holding her lower body as Wright smiles and turns to Demitra, apologizing before smiling and crawling over to the ropes. He then motions to Syren.


Sharper: “And Wright creating an opportunity. Using Demitra to his benefit.”


Knots: “At least he apologized!”


Sharper: “And Syren is hurt!”


Syren holds her groin, clearly in pain and smacks the mat in anger as Lexy now looks concerned. She tells Demitra to stop, but Wright tells him not and then grabs Syren. Syren limps noticeably as Wright drags her up. He then scoops her up, but just as he does…



"Thank You for Hating Me!" by Citizen Soldier plays throughout the arena, the SCW Universe deafening the song with their boos. The lights shift to dark purple and blue, filling the arena as snow is seen “falling” along the electronic floor and screens as, out from the back, walks the Snow Queen, Selena Frost, taking in the crowd of the SCW Universe with a smirk. She then walks to the ring with purpose. Wright drops Syren. Syren rolls over, holding her groin as Lexy leans in to check on her. Wright smiles as he steps up, extending his arms as Selena Frost walks to the ring.


Sharper: “The World Champion now coming to the ring!”


Knots: “And look at Wright!”


Sharper: “But look at Syren. Syren I think is hurt. She’s clearly not okay. Lexy now concerned. CHBK hinting at how competitors traditionally only compete once a night to avoid injury.”


Knots: “Well Selena may be looking to pick up the scraps! Especially after everything Lexy was saying earlier.”


Selena Frost walks over to the ring. She then pulls herself up as Wright smiles and Wright then turns and goes over to Syren. Lexy yells at him as Syren turns and Demitra goes to stop him, but Wright ignores Demitra, Chapel or Syren. He scoops her up again for the Wings of an Angel, but he turns to Selena who drops Religious Wright with the Glass Shard. The crowd ohs and Syren and Wright hit the mat. Syren rolls over and Lexy shakes her head. Demitra calls for the bell and the bell sounds. Selena looks at Wright before turning to Lexy.


Phillips: “Here is your winner, via disqualification, Religious Wright!”


Sharper: “Selena Frost just dropped Wright again!”


Knots: “And Lexy is pissed off. She still thought Syren could compete.”


Sharper: “If she’s hurt, the match should end.”


Knots: “Against Religious Wright…maybe Lexy thought maybe?”


Selena turns to Demitra and shakes his hand as Demitra then pulls away. She points at Wright and says something. Demitra steps back and Selena turns as Lexy Chapel kneels in the ring, looking at her. Selena leans over.


Selena: “I don’t think she’ll ever get back here and trust me, that’s the best thing I could hear all day.”


Lexy looks at Syren as Syren is now leaning back in the corner. Selena then stomps at Wright, knocking him back and causing him to fall out of the ring. Wright falls in a thud. Selena then turns to Syren and tells her to get out of the ring. Syren looks at Selena defiantly.


Selena: “Get out of my ring.”


Syren looks at Selena before the arena goes dark.  As "Sonne" by Rammstein begins to play, lasers begin to shoot across the arena to the beat, and a spotlight illuminates The Oracle on the entry way, back to the crowd, holding fingers up with the opening count-up.


As she holds up the ninth finger, the song stops the countdown at its crescendo, and she throws her arms out to the side...


Spotlights begin to swirl around the arena as the song continues, and "The One" Kirsten Scott walks out from backstage flanked by Hailey. She looks in the ring as Selena Frost turns. Lexy Chapel actually tells Syren to leave and helps pull her out.


Sharper: “The One Kirsten Scott now out here to stop this.”


Knots: “And Lexy is getting Syren out of there. Syren was going to stay!”


Sharper: “This obsession with Selena Frost controlling that ring. Determining who is on her level.”


Knots: “Well what Scott do here. Can’t attack her.”


Sharper: “I don’t know if that’s the plan.”


Scott slowly walks down to the ring. Selena turns around and glances at Syren on the floor with Chapel.


Sharper: “Well we will find out what Scott has to stay. We take our final commercial break and we’ll be back after this!”


Scott reaches the ring and looks up at Selena as the scene fades out.




Breakdown returns as we see Kirsten Scott in the ring, standing across from Selena Frost as Frost leans on the ropes, looking at her derisively. They each have microphones in their hand.


Scott: “Everyone out of the ring you wanted out of here?”


We cut to see Religious Wright on the floor still, as we then cut to the back where Syren is limping heavily, heading to the trainer’s room with Lexy Chapel helping her, joined by Ravyn Taylor. Back in the ring, Selena just looks at Scott.


Scott: “You probably want me out of this ring. And that’s just not going to happen.”


Scott scoffs.


Scott: “You know I can’t attack you. Even if I want to take your head off. That I just want to do because you’re everything I hate about everyone in the previous generation. You’re exactly what I was fighting against. People who think they’re better because they’ve been around longer. They hate change.”


Frost continues to just look at Scott.


Scott: “Too bad change always comes. At some point, it was you. You were it. Against the Syren’s, the Regan Street’s, the Lucas Knight’s, the Xander Valentine’s…”


Scott smirks.


Scott: “And now, you’re just a bitter bitch.”


The crowd cheers. Frost still doesn’t flinch.


Scott: “While Kandis can be on suspension, and yes, I get the irony of coming out here to help Syren with what I just said, at least she’s fighting her ass off. You…contract clauses, referee’s maybe in your back pocket, attacking people…”


Frost: “I’d stop there. Because on attacking people, I don’t even have to start looking too far about how full of shit you are.”


The crowd boos.


Frost: “And pardon me for protecting myself when for years I have had to fight just to exist every week in this ring. Sorry for using the power I now have…just like you did with the Trios contract, right? The difference, Kirsten…I don’t fail.”


The crowd boos.


Frost: “You were going to take the world by storm when you and Nicole were going to disrupt. Oh, sorry, she just left because clearly you weren’t worth her time. Then you were going to push my wife out of the way, someone who some say still hasn’t reached her potential…but she’s the old guard. And has been for over a year and a half…”


Frost chuckles.


Frost: “Laughable, but even in the match you wanted, couldn’t get it done. And neither could your hand picked choices do it. And now…you go up against me. I am the World Championship, Kirsten.”


Frost steps forward.


Frost: “I am the best here. Period. I’ve spent the last three months removing the stand-ins from contention. I’ve cleared the deck and you’re next. You’re the best that they have. You won a match in Fatal Fortunes…good for you. And somehow you have Deanna’s respect.”


Frost steps up.


Frost: “Too bad you don’t have mine and the only way you’ll get it is if you beat me, and Kirsten, I don’t see that happen. BELIEVE IT…or not.”


Selena turns to walk out of the ring, but Scott steps over and obstructs her.


Scott: “I don’t believe it. And that’s the thing about what we do in this sport. Who knows what could happen? Did you when you stepped out here, no contract, from Nome, Alaska, as the Elsa ripoff and won the End of the Year Special Open Invitational? Oh, and then you signed a contract and here you are and as you said…you’re World Champion.”


Scott stands in Selena’s face.


Scott: “All I need is one night and I disrupt more than anyone else could. Going into Rise to Greatness season. Sure, you’ll have a rematch. But you’ll also have one other thing…doubt. And that to me, alongside the World Championship is priceless. And one thing you can know, Selena…is that I don’t need to believe it. Because there are some guarantees in this business…death, taxes…and that I am going to kick your ass at Taking the Leap!”


The crowd roars.


Frost: “We’ll see, Kirsten.”


Selena then steps past her and steps through the ropes. She drops to the floor as the crowd roars and Religious Wright, cut under the eye from the Glass Shard, enters the ring and runs up behind Scott and knocks her down from behind. The crowd boos as Selena stops and scoffs and shakes her head. She then turns to the back. Wright gets a few stomps in.


Sharper: “Selena and Kirsten Scott with their battle of words, but Religious Wright…attacking Scott.”


Knots: “Fanatically attacking her! Selena kicks him in the face and he’s still on her side!”


Wright stomps away on Scott before turning and looking at Selena and touching the wound.


Wright: “Thank you Selena! Thank you!”


Wright turns back to Scott before grabbing her, but Scott nails him with a shot to the ribs and then another and another before kneeing him in the stomach. He drops down as Scott looks at Selena before running into the ropes, bouncing off and hitting Wright with the Hidden Blade. The crowd ohs. Wright hits the mat. Scott turns and looks at Selena before then grabbing Wright and dragging him up. She looks at Selena Frost before hooking his head and then hoisting him up and dropping him with the Silence. Wright grimaces and Scott then pulls back on the head of Wright. Wright yells in pain as Selena stands on the stage, looking down. Scott yells out as the crowd cheers.


Sharper: “Wright has nowhere to go. Silence locked in!”


Knots: “Probably telling Selena what she wants her to do!”


Sharper: “And Selena watching…well now just turning to the back. That disrespect. Is that going to cost her at Taking the Leap?”


Selena turns and heads to the back. Scott holds on for a moment longer before letting go and rolling over, looking at the stage. “Sonne” by Rammstein then plays throughout the arena as the scene fades to black…