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Hi, it's me, Adam. Most of you know this already, but for those of you who are new, I'm the guy who has provided SCW with almost all of its layouts since 2005 (I think there might have been one exception). I currently do all the graphics for the site, including the event posters. Now, I've strayed away from volunteering my time taking banner requests for various reasons: A) sometimes people aren't grateful, B) some people have too distinct visions for a banner, and that limits my artistic expression, and C) sometimes, to fulfill my vision it's a time-consuming process. Years ago, when I used to do this work, sometimes I walk away with a bad taste in my mouth. I don't want that.

Lately, I've come on hard times, so I've been looking for a side hustle. People suggested charging for my graphic designs, but I have never been comfortable charging people a flat fee, especially as in this case, I would be using the unlicensed likeness of others. I rather leave it up to the patron's discretion to decide what the final product is worth to them and they can donate that much to my cause. Think of it like tipping. 

Let's see if this arrangement works out for everyone. 

Here are portals that you can use to support me, whether it is an appreciation for the work I did directly for you or for the work I do around the site:



Ideally, this thread is reserved for banners, but I'm also open to other requests (depending on how involved they are). Of course, the exception is this will not be used for anything but your personal use, meaning I'm not designing graphics that you intend to use for commercial purposes.

I'll ask that you give me some basic parameters to work in (see form below) and let me run with it. 

For banners, reply to this thread.

Quote:Character Name:
Pic Base: (If there's a specific look, please link me. I will do "light" modifications to pic base ala Cid Turner/Hairlesss Penguin/Deanna Frost)
Text Preference: 

Color Preference: 
Text/Tagline: (I will try to work it in, no promises)
Specific Pictures: (I will try to work it in, no promises)
Banner Style: Blended? Boxed? (See: portfolio in the post below)

Feel free to DM me on discord if there are any other specifics (aka suggestions) that you would like to mention after the request.  I will respond with the finished graphic on the thread. I will try to accommodate any mistakes or minor changes after the fact.

Also, I'm willing to keep the image hosted on my server. 


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