James Evans vs. Alistaire Allocco
James Evans vs. Alistaire Allocco

James Evans makes his in-ring return to Breakdown after a long hiatus. But he’ll face someone who is connected to a face he knows well in Ace Marshall. Alistaire Allocco is coming off an impressive win against Jake Starr and seemingly even some kudos. Can he build off this with a win against James Evans in what will be a big test for him? And what will Ace Marshall or Cassidy Carter have to say, his mentors, who have seemingly ignored him for most of the last two months? How will James Evans react to the challenge of facing a young former World Champion in his first match back on Breakdown? 
-2 RP Limit for singles matches
Deadline: Noon ET Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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I made it. I actually was worried I was going to no show because how things went today. I'm sick. However, I had this idea of telling the events of the previous rp from Alistiare's friend's preceptive and to fill in some of the blanks that Alistaire didn't know. More importantly, I didn't no show you Josh!


Thanks for not no-showing against me, Adam. I haven't had the chance to read your stuff yet, but I am sure it is on point. I hope you enjoy this as well, and to the three people who will read this, I hope you enjoy it too. Decided to actually start an arc for Mr. Evans with this one and I have no doubt that this story will be a wild ride.

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James Evans
SCW Accomplishments:
2x SCW World Heavyweight Champion
2016 SCW Taking Hold of the Flame Winner
2016 SCW Rise to Greatness main event winner
2019 End of the Year Open Invitational Winner
SCW Supreme Champion
2x SCW U.S.Champion
SCW Adrenaline Champion
SCW Underground Champion
SCW World Tag Team Champion
2013 SCW Feud of the Year
2014 SCW Feud of the Year
 2015 SCW Match of the Year
2016 SCW Match of the Year
2018 SCW Tag Team of the Year
2019 SCW Tag Team of the Year
2020 Conquered Thunderdome

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