Konrad Raab vs. Josh Hudson
SCW Television Championship
Konrad Raab vs. Josh Hudson
2 RP limit for singles; 4 RP limit for tag team
Deadline: Noon ET Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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OOC: Promo only as with everything that has been going on recently, it is all I had time for. Fizz, I've wanted this match for awhile and I hope you bring it as you always do. Win or lose, it is an honor to face you.

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Josh Hudson Career Accomplishments
2024 Taking Hold of the Flame Winner
2023 Feud and Match of the Year
2022 Feud and Match of the Year
2018 SCW Trios Tournament Winner
2013 SCW Hall of Fame
SCW World Heavyweight Champion(3x)
SCW United States Champion(3x)
SCW Television Champion(1x)
SCW Tag Team Champion(2x)
2008 Tag Team of the Year award(Josh Hudson & Justin Davis)
Conquered Tactical Warfare 2010
HCCW World Heavyweight Champion (4x)
HCCW World Television Champion (1x)
HCCW United States Champion (1x)
XWE InterContinental Champion (1x)
XWE World Tag Team Champion (3x)
IWC World Heavyweight Champion(1x)
EAPW World Heavyweight Champion(1x)
TNW World Heavyweight Champion(1x)
WWA United States Champion(1x)
Ended Xander Valentine's 25 Match Winning Streak (2005)

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Scott Reed Career Accomplishments
SCW Television Champion(2x)
OOC: I'm just so excited to face Joshie that I almost screamed the house down when Under Attack results came up. Seriously been looking forward to facing Joshie for quite some time with any of his characters because it's funny up until now, we've never fought once. This is the end of Konrad's mental training course story of how he's grown from being one of the weakest wrestlers mentally to being one of the strongest wrestlers mentally to lead the development of this confident and self-esteem wrestler he is now. 

I have another story coming up that I kind of started but held it off to finish these mental training course stories which will be much longer than the mental training course one. Wish you all the best of luck and may the top RPer win. Oh and a shout out to Chris for allowing me to use Owen Cruze character in my RP.

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Mental training day eight the last day of the course. Orlando, Florida. Wednesday 20th June (Off camera)

It's the final day of Konrad being in his mental training course as he was already packed to go, except a few things like his pyjamas and his toiletries as he gets up with no problems and strips his bunk bed off with sheets, quilt and pillowcases on the floor for the staff to pick up and wash as he knew regardless of him losing the match, he still would walk away, but Konrad was feeling so confident in himself. He then goes to the bathroom to freshen himself up with deodorant, brushing his teeth and even washing his face as he uses the loo before looking in the mirror and says this to himself.

Konrad Raab: “In a few hours Justin, your crystal ice belt is coming home to me and you're better prepared to be Iceinated by the new Heavyweight champion.”

It was practice to get ready before he comes out of the bathroom with his toiletries in hand and places them in a small red FC Koln bag and packs them in his case. He also gets his wrestling mask and trousers out to put on later and he double checks everything, except he almost forgot his bear which he quickly places in his bag before he puts on his daily clothes for now.

He does shadow boxing towards the wall and doing some Karate Kata exercises that made everyone in his room look at Konrad and watched him do some breathing and moving techniques to prepare himself for the fight and Dwayne says this.

Dwayne: “Damn Konrad, looks like you're ready to go, aren't you?”

It was clear Konrad was in a zone of his own as he was more focused on moving around with his Karate Kata to obviously help him feel he has no distractions and feeling like he can win. He stops for a bit before doing a Karate bow and he goes straight down to breakfast to eat up as he was willing to get things moving for today's task of defeating Justin in the ring.

Although he got swamped with other people wanting his autograph and picture because not only for his celebrity wrestling status but also for the fight against Justin.

Dwayne: “You got this win in the bag Konrad.

Konrad Raab: “I have because Justin is already scared, I can sense his fear of wanting to back out of the match.”

Benjamin: “What a pussy he is.”

Konrad Raab: “Which makes him a hypocrite after what he said about me. At least I was confident enough to challenge him to a fight. I will overcome my biggest nightmare opponent by pinning him one two three in the ring fair and square.”

Everyone except Justin's friends and a few fans who wanted Justin to win chanted Iceman all over the dining hall before they realize they got to eat themselves as they did after five minutes of chanting and for Neil to tell everyone to make less noise and eat breakfast. It was this amount of support he never really had in SCW or if they even care to know he was beginning to feel more confident than he's ever been in his life, although he does show some nerves at times.

Konrad Raab: “OK admittedly, I'm a bit nervous and have some nerves, but that won't stop my growing confidence and self-esteem to say I can win and beat Justin for his title.”

Steven: “You're ready as hell and I do also see that anger focus look on your eyes of how much you want to win.”

Konrad Raab: “Never wanted to win more than ever before guys.”

Dwayne: “We can tell, even just from doing some preparation in our room this morning. We're gonna miss you, but we are going to watch your matches from our TV screen to see you become the SCW champion you deserve to be.”

Konrad Raab: “No question about I will or if, I won't give up until I win that belt in my hands.”

Konrad continues to eat as the dining hall went completely quiet because they needed to eat too before they finished twenty minutes later to place their stuff to be washed and go to their rooms to play games, but Konrad wasn't in the mood to play games as he takes his shirt and trousers off to put on his gym gear and does a few workouts of sit ups, press ups and other warming up exercises he does.

Steven: “You really want to warm up for wrestling huh?”

Konrad Raab: “I always do that, although a bucket full of ice would be nice as well.”

Only that Dwayne had something else in mind as he goes to the bathroom and turns the water on for the bath to run as he managed to go to the kitchen and find blocks of ice in the fridge and brings them in his room to place in the bath. Konrad was continuing to warm up before Dwayne says this.

Dwayne: “Come to the bathroom and I suggest you take your clothes off cos we all have a surprise for you.”

Konrad does as he immediately goes into the bathroom and sees a bath full of ice as he steps in and Dwayne had it perfect as Konrad crossed his arms and closes his eyes to sleep as the others went back and looked at Konrad's wrestling gear before they came to the bathroom and see Konrad's relaxation.

Dwayne: “Personally, I couldn't cope with being in the cold for too long.”

Steven: “Yeah, I hate cold water, more with ice in there, I'd get a cold.”

Konrad Raab: “Not if you're used to it like me as I love cold conditions, it's why I perform best in winter and cold seasons because it's exactly the type of thing I love. I'd even jump from a cliff to land in the icy water because I love ice and I love being cold.”

Benjamin: “Don't you like get cold at all when you get out of the ice bath?”

Konrad Raab: “No. If you guys don't mind, I want to have time alone for a bit.”

They leave with Konrad's request as it was good Dwayne knew what to do, although Konrad didn't care if he had permission or now, even though Dwayne did as the training facility knew Konrad prepares for matches in iced water and he gets out and dries himself down and goes to his bed to put his original clothes on. Three hours later, Neil comes in to see everyone but Konrad playing monopoly who was just working out and he says this.

Neil Stubbles: “It's almost time for the match you guys, come to take your seats and let Konrad put his wrestling clothes on.”

The others without an attempt to put the monopoly game away left the room and head straight towards the arena they were shown to go to as Konrad didn't get out an item nobody else saw, his wrestling coat he wears when he's champion or when he wears for title matches. He's ready to go and he gets guided by Peter to head towards where the entrance will be. Can Konrad be champion? Wait and see sooner than later with a crowd of almost a thousand people with a ring that looks professionally made, even knew of Konrad's entrance and his theme song with him high fiving the fans and doing a hold up in the ring before getting down to do shadow boxing and stands to wait for Justin before Justin's music hits with him holding the belt up and ignoring the fans before he gets into the ring and swears directly at Konrad to try and provoke him before the bell rings for them to fight.


Twenty minutes later. (Off Camera)

Konrad's now the Heavyweight champion after a very close and brutal fight between the pair of them after Konrad pinning Justin for the three count after connecting with the Ice Storm with him doing a hold up with raising the belt in the air and was told to keep the belt after overcoming everything he's done in the course as Neil stands in the ring with the crowd going crazy as he says this.

Neil Stubbles: “I now present you with this certificate of you passing your course. Congratulations Konrad Raab, you're going in the list of successful candidates on our wall there and you can go over there and put it up before we allow you to say your last few words before you leave today.”

Konrad was giving a plaque as he goes out of the ring and places it right next to some guy who became the best amateur wrestler in the heavyweight ranks as he then goes into the ring and speaks to the fans while there were a couple of empty seats and he speaks.

Konrad Raab: “Thank you so much for everything Neil and Peter. You were the ones who believed in me while nobody else apart from Owen Cruze could. This is the best moment in my life to go out there, put on the show for the fans and overcome my biggest weakness in Justin to win this crystal ice title.”

Everyone claps as he was on his knees practically while speaking as he was having tears in his eyes to know he had achieved something he knew he believed in himself to do before he looks up again to speak once again.

Konrad Raab: “It took a lot of training of social media and training psychically to get where I am now. When I came here, I had no faith or confidence in myself and nothing more than a worthless chump who was a fluke and some even said there's no way I would leave today as a winner of the match or being a mentally prepared wrestler.”

He wasn't done as he took a few minutes to breathe as he was worn out, even had some blood running down on his face after taking violent shots from Justin of using weapons since it was a No DQ match from Justin's demands.

Konrad Raab: “I have to thank Justin actually because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have overcome what I've had to go through many years in my wrestling career to get as far as I did. I got a challenge I needed and I succeeded in that. I also thank my roommates of Dwayne, Juan who left before I did, Benjamin and Steven for being there all the way on supporting me in my quest to pass my course and me winning against Justin today.”

Konrad had a few more things to say before he speaks again.

Konrad Raab: “I'm going to miss this place dearly and I'm going to come and pop by to see how everyone is and I will be walking into the mental training facility with an SCW title around my shoulder to prove I've overcome everything and stick to being a confident and self-esteem wrestler who will no longer take shit from other wrestlers and focus on being a great wrestler in the ring and do things that makes a difference in this world. Goodbye everybody and good luck.”

Konrad walked away from the ring as Steven, Benjamin and Steven all patted Konrad like crazy and touching the title before he says a personal goodbye from his roommates and he heads back to his room to place his wrestling clothes away to wear his normal clothes before going to Neil to collect his personal belongings before for the very last time, leaves the mental training facility for good before making his way to Manchester. England to fight against Dante Culter for the Ballroom title in the afternoon and Joseph White in the evening.


Meet up about the change of Konrad's wrestling personality. New Orleans, Louisiana. Tuesday 23rd October. (Off Camera)

It was a day where for the first time since he returned to SCW, he planned to meet up with Owen to drink some coffee after wrestling in Chicago last night. He knew after Wednesday, he was cutting off any communication he had with his fellow wrestlers, even his wife and children unless in emergencies to focus on two important matches coming up in the companies he's with so it was a perfect opportunity for Konrad to plan to meet Owen via Amy Chastaine connection as he had no twitter anymore to talk to people directly.

Konrad knew it was something that had to be done sooner than later, even if Owen had a bit of time to celebrate his big win over Selena Frost to overcome the odds, while Konrad had no shame in the result of the match as he doesn't get affected by losses anymore. For sure he gets gutted each time he loses, but he doesn't show or tell anybody anymore and accepts them as a place for him to grow and be a better wrestler.

He waits outside of Starbucks for Owen as Konrad most of the time was always five minutes early to meet up with anybody. He saw Owen on the other side of the road before they shake hands and a small hug along with saying hello to each other before they went into Starbucks together and got themselves coffee and took a seat as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “I can't thank you enough for telling me a few months ago that I needed to work on me being a better wrestler mentally.”

Owen Cruze: “I wanted to help you realize that you needed to learn a lot from people winding you up and letting things get to you. I thought I was really harsh towards you when I made those comments before our match.”

Konrad Raab: “At the time, I thought you were picking on me mainly because I wasn't able to stand on my own two feet, but it was also because I was dealing with personal issues at home as well with Fizz losing the plot at the time because she was unable to cope with news about something pretty big.”

Owen Cruze: “Like me being kicked out of mom's house and disowning me as her son because I'm going out with Jaina as she doesn't like Amy.”

It occurred to Konrad that Owen faced with a life difficulty itself which is why he was desperate to have Sebastian in his family when the paperwork gets sorted out because he didn't have parents that would raise him and asked Konrad to be his dad. He says this.

Konrad Raab: “I'm sorry to hear that you got kicked out because you're going out with Amy's daughter which I know Jaina is nothing like Amy.”

Owen Cruze: “Sadly, there's no getting through to mom with that.”

Konrad Raab: “She had no right to throw you out on the streets like that just because of her hatred for Amy. She should learn to deal with it because, at the end of the day, parents should be happy with who they date and let personal things aside that has nothing to do with you or Jaina.”

Owen Cruze: “Yes, but I'm happier now to live here in New Orleans with being close to Jaina's family and living in Simon's old place. He's never looked better.”

Konrad Raab: “I'm glad to hear that.”

Owen Cruze: “I have to ask, what did you do during your break? Did you get a sports psychologist like Fizz was trying to find for you to improve your mentality?”

Konrad really wanted to explain to Owen about that, but before he could, he takes a sip of his drink and goes to tell Owen a story nobody in SCW apart from David Helms and the SCW management as he speaks.

Konrad Raab: “I got a phone call or rather Fizz did by somebody from a mental training course facility in Orlando, Florida for me to come down and complete the course I was meant to complete two years ago. So I took the offer and the next day, I was in Florida, having a meeting with Neil Stubbles who was the head of the course, telling me I needed a lot of work.”

Owen Cruze: “To dealing with losses and wind up merchants?”

Konrad Raab: “That and for me to be more selfish and happier. I didn't understand at first because selfishness isn't my strong point, but when I got nearer the end of the course, I realized what he meant was for me to start putting myself first and doing things that will benefit me and know what I can do in the ring.”

Owen Cruze: “I always wondered if my words encouraged you.”

Konrad nodded and he had to take on board what Owen said, especially what the coach said and explains after scratching his chin.

Konrad Raab: “Yes they did after Peter Lawley, my coach on the course told me he saw the video you did against me in the match and said to take your advice and how you were right on me not letting things get to me.”

Owen Cruze: “I never thought you'd actually come out of the course and have such amount of fire of wanting to be champion. I thought I was seeing a different person, but you really have changed a lot and improved as well. Seems like you aren't letting anybody mock or run you down anymore.”

Konrad Raab: “Because I don't want to go back how I was and I also got a mental trainer, Jerry Flack to guide me on the way to make sure I don't repeat my mistakes which is why I requested to have one, to begin with.”

Owen Cruze: “Yes, I've seen Jerry following you around and I never knew why. It's good you thought you needed someone to guide you to discuss upcoming matches and how to approach them in a correct manner. I have seen major improvements.”

Konrad Raab: “Part of those changes were from your encouraging words which in the end, I really wanted to get better to approach things mentally.”

Owen had never seen Konrad as happy and positive as he can be for himself as usually, wrestlers did need time away from the sport which in the state Konrad was in, he did need that break to gather his thoughts of what he'd do to improve and went out of his way to do so as it was almost silly an eighteen-year-old kid was better approached for wrestling than Konrad was at fifty-two.

Owen Cruze: “You might still be losing, but good god you've changed a lot in terms of how badly you want to win the TV title. Why is that?”

Konrad Raab: “Because I'm sick of the title getting disrespected for one as nobody seems to care for the title as much as I do and two, I always wanted to be viewed as a fighting champion and I want to break milestones with the belt nobody's achieved yet.”

Owen Cruze: “Josh Hudson isn't an easy opponent to defeat in the ring and even an opponent who wants to hurt you.”

Konrad Raab: “I'm not afraid of being hurt anymore because he might break a bone or bust me open, but he can't destroy my heart and passion I have for still chasing the TV title and I won't give up until I overcome the goal of being champion.”

Owen Cruze: “I'm just warning you, that's all as iced up as you are for the match that you may not even walk.”

Konrad Raab: “My heart will still be beating after the match and Josh will never take that from me or my desire to be champion, nor will he break me mentally as not a single loss I have has done that to me so far and I really want to win this, otherwise I wouldn't have made the challenge as I did because I felt confident to.”

Owen sees the anger in his eyes, not because he was about to let loose in Starbucks breaking everything around him, but the amount of passion and focus he has to defeat Josh Hudson which is a rarity itself to see anybody apart from Fizz, Lord Raab and Jerry to see the look of Konrad's eyes which he relaxes and says something about Owen's dad.

Konrad Raab: “How have you been coping without your dad after two years on from his tragic passing?”

Owen Cruze: “It's been tough, even was thinking about him on Saturday, but Jaina has been supporting me and reminded me that he's always watching me above and would be proud of me for my win against Selena Frost.”

Konrad Raab: “I wish I met the guy. He's an inspiration to you for being the wrestler you are today. You were his gift of light and he'd be proud of your efforts you've put into this business so far in your career. I still think about my dad as well at times and get Fizz, but I also remember the good times I had with my dad.”

Owen Cruze: “That's always a good thing and it leads to you and Markus being close brothers again. It's something he would've wanted, although I know Orlando wouldn't allow me to be on the streets, I had Shaun supporting me.”

Konrad always sees how close Shaun and Owen were like a tight-knit family, even if Owen thought Shaun was like a brother to him which was the connection Konrad didn't have until after the death of his dad with Markus and he says this.

Konrad Raab: “You always have family supporting you, just as much as I do.”

Owen Cruze: “I have to go now, I promise Jaina I'd be home at one to take her out for a nice lunch. I hope you defeat Josh Hudson and win that TV title you really want.”

Konrad Raab: “I wish you luck on your rise to the top of the ladder as I believe you will be a title contender sooner than later. Yeah, I better get back to my wife myself since I'm taking my second eldest son to his karate lesson I do with him after school. Thank you once again for helping me out with your encouraging words to make me a mentally better wrestler.”

Owen and Konrad shook hands again as they said goodbye before Owen went back to his apartment to see his Jaina, while Konrad takes a flight back to LA to drive back to Anaheim to see his wife for a bit before picking the kids up from school and grabs his and Roderick's karate gear to head towards the karate dojo for their class.


My icy passion and desire to be a TV champion once and for all youtube.com shoot. (On camera)

“Ever since I returned to SCW from a small break, I've been busting my god damn ass to push my way through to earn my place and title shots in this business. I refuse to take shortcuts and in some cases, steal titles as Cassidy showed she didn't need to steal titles to become a champion, she has the skills to be a champion. Winning or losing didn't matter, I got to teach her respect on how much I care for the wrestling business and doing the right thing.

Something I know that's not really been Josh's strength. He has strengths for sure on being passionate and a credibly gifted wrestler. I will admit saying he will be my toughest opponent yet mainly because he's been tearing down every opponent he's been put in front of him along with what he's achieved in SCW is very remarkable. I do respect him for his skills in the ring along with defeating the top names in the sport as well and I will not overlook him by a single minute because I know he's one of the most dangerous opponents I've fought, look at his dominance of hurting Justin in a match.

However, that's a problem I have with you is you want to hurt your opponents on purpose, I don't stand for that because you're facing against someone who's done nothing, but improved on his skills and most importantly my mentality. If you saw the old Konrad, he wouldn't have made the challenge to you for the TV belt because he didn't see he was good enough to be champion. I'm confident because I believe I can defeat you in the ring, especially you showed although Justin got in the way, you still could've challenged Cassidy for a match if you cared for fighting for the belt back.

You had no respect for yourself on fighting Cassidy for the belt as I expected for you to do, but I guess you must've been scared which is something I have to question right now whether you didn't really have the balls to beat the living hell out of that undeserving lady, you even asked for another TV title and what's the reason for that? I don't understand coming from somebody who cares about wrestling business so much. I'm not standing for that and I can teach you some respect and how you can be a better person as well.

You defended the TV title belt well, but you haven't gone up against this confidence and self-motivated me who's not let a single thing bother me in the slightest. I want the TV title because it's a title where I want to be looked at as a fighting champion who defends the belt every single week which is why I care so much for it, be a TV champion who would defend the belt on PPV's as well as Breakdown shows and most importantly, I'll make sure there's more TV elimination matches on PPV's because that's what I want to see and will happen on a consistent bases when I'm champion and welcome anybody to step up to me as I expect from either Adonis or Billy either next week or week after since we're going on overseas tour and I would love to walk into Norway and Germany especially as the SCW TV champion which makes me want the belt even more.

However you're in the way of me doing that right now and while you may hurt and destroy me, my heart will still be beating after this match along with having the biggest heart in the business because I will not quit getting the TV title around my waist and you aren't walking away with that belt. You won't be champion because I'm passionate as hell right now and I've not spoken to my wife for a whole week it will be tomorrow and you know why?

Because I've been busting my ass in the gym every single day on my own, having private gym sessions without any distractions. I'm going to bring my bloody A game with everything I have in my arsenal to defeat you and do everything it takes for you to fall to my feet when I hit my Ice Storm finisher for the three count because I've been starving for that TV title for two whole years and I've never been ready and never been psychically and mentally stronger than I am right now to take the belt away from you in a shocking upset of a win. 

The dominant reign of Josh Hudson will come to an end with me holding the crystal ice belt and the world will see Konrad Raab being the new TV champion because he didn't cheat or do illegal moves to be champion or hurt Josh to be champion other than his pride and being embarrassed to lose to me because I will be tearing the house down and push you and myself to our limits just to get that win and the title belt from you. I'm angry because I'm focused to defeat you. Tomorrow night here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, prepare yourself to be Iceinated by your Crystal Ice TV champion.”
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I love AJ Allmendinger.

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