Alban McConnell
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Wrestler's Alias:
Alban McConnell

Wrestler's Real Name:
Alban Angus McConnell

“The Scottish Savage”

Twitter Handle:

Pic Base:
Drew McIntyre


285 lbs.

May 6, 1986

Birth Place:
Ayr, Scotland

Current Residence:

Physical Description:
Alban is tall, muscular and powerful. He is a very scary man when looked upon with long dark brown hair and a beard. A true physical specimen.


Wrestling Style:
Power, Strong Style, Brawler

Tweener (Alban only has loyalties to Kelcey Wallace)

Years As Pro:

“The Highlander Way”, “The Scottish Claymore”

Finishers Descriptions:
The Highlander Way:
A slight variation of the reverse STO, this move sees Alban perform exactly the same set-up but instead of falling backward immediately, they lift the opponent before dropping them face-first into the mat, making it similar to a flapjack. It knocks an opponent out instantly for the easy 1-2-3Alban is strong enough to do this finisher on anyone and at any time, quickly without warning. (Also Known as “End of Days” or "Lights Out")
Scottish Claymore:
Alban’s version of the “Running Boot”, a thrust where Alban lifting one leg horizontally and extending it towards the opponent, jumping after a running start where Alban delivers the boot targeting the head of the opponent and knocking them out for the easy 1-2-3. (Test Boot)

Signature Moves:
“Caber Toss”, “Lochaber Axe”, “Slughorn”, “Horror Bag”, “Homage To Kelcey”

Signature Moves Descriptions:
Caber Toss:
This move is performed when Alban hooks both an opponent's legs with his arms and tucks their head in next to the broad shoulders of Alban before standing and lifting the opponent up, so that they are upside down with their head resting on his shoulders. From this position, Alban jumps up and drops down to the mat, driving the opponent shoulder first down to the mat with the opponent's neck impacting both the wrestler's shoulder and the mat. This can see Alban pick up an opponent who is standing but bent forward but it often begins with an opponent who is sitting on an elevated position, usually a top turnbuckle, because it's easier to hook and lift an opponent when they are positioned higher than the wrestler. This move can finish matches or turn the tide.
Lochaber Axe:
This move is performed when Alban will put the opponent in to the position for a Belly to Back Suplex, lift them up and then catch them in midair as if going for a Spinebuster but instead put the opponents legs on their shoulders then drives the opponent to the mat like a falling powerbomb for a quick 1-2-3 or set up the opponent for one of his finishers.
Alban holds both the opponent's arms under his own, and delivers a series of Headbutts to the opponent, who is unable to counter, changing the tide of the match.
Horror Bag:
Named after the military term for a packed lunch. This technique is also known as a single chickenwing hammerlock or a double wrist lock. A judo submission named the reverse ude-garami, and popularly named “The Kimura Lock”. The move is performed when Alban grasps the opponent's left wrist with their right hand. Alban then places their left arm over and around the opponent's arm while grasping their own wrist. This move is ambidextrous and can be performed either from a standing position, or a grounded position where the attacker applies a variation of body scissors. This move could break an arm and get a quick submission if not lower the pace of a match and stop his opponent dead in their tracks.
Homage To Kelcey:
This is a pop-up forearm uppercut in which Alban lifts his opponent in the air or catches an opponent in mid-flight by bringing his arm up inside to hit the opponent under the chin with such force if connected right can knock an opponent out or set up them up for one of his finishers. Two variations have Alban either performing the move from an elevated position like the top or second rope and the other has him in a roaring elbow variant in which he spins and then delivers the move gaining momentum and adding that much more to the Strike. Homage to “The Perfect Strike” by Kelcey Wallace, the move Alban taught her. This can get a quick victory or set up an opponent for the finish.

Common Moves:
European Forearms
Elbow drop to downed opponent
Standing Dropkick
Curb Stomp
Bear Hug
Power Slam
Running knee Lift
Headlock Takeover Slam
Northern Lights Suplex
Samoan Drop
Diving Forearm Smash
Chop blocks to knee
Running Clothesline
Swinging Neckbreaker
Stalling Suplex
Fallaway Slam
Inverted Bulldog
Full Nelson Face Buster
Spinning Side Slam
-Power, one of the most powerful and strongest men in professional wrestling.
-Experience, he has fought them all and has been all over the world winning Championships in Europe, Japan, Mexico and the States. His pedigree makes him the perfect wrestling machine, early on his career being managed by Kelcey Wallace and training her with his father, Lochlan.
-Purpose & Drive; Kelcey Wallace getting hurt and what has been happening to her these last few months, a woman he was once in love with and considers her one of his best friends has not only brought him back, it has given him reason to be in the States once again.

-Anger, once he loses it, Alban becomes irrational and will tear up anything in his path causing him sometimes to lose focus on the match at hand.
-Drive & Purpose, while this is one of his biggest strengths, it is also a weakness as he will mow through anyone that stands in his way, even Kelcey’s friends and allies until he gets the revenge, he feels she deserves.
-Doesn’t care about the rules, Alban fights, he wrestles, he’s not here to make friends.

Wrestling Attire:
Alban wears to the ring black studded traditional trunks, knee pads and black boots. He wears one elbow pad on his right arm and black tape around his wrists. The entrance gear consists of a black jacket in the same vain as his wrestling attire and a matching black kilt.
Theme Song:
“Bagpipes of War” by Skiltron
The arena goes dark, as the video package of Alban McConnell plays after the Flag of Scotland is shown waving with scenes of the Highlands of Scotland while the epic intro to the theme plays. The Bagpipes solo from “Bagpipes of War” by Skiltron start to play as the chorus kicks in. “The Scottish Savage” Alban McConnell slowly walks out with a scowl on his face. He doesn’t even pay attention to the fans, where he gets a mixed response, many Kelcey Wallace fans cheer for him, others know just what he is capable of doing.
Alban stops for a moment, looking around at the crowd before climbing up on the apron, he stands there again for a moment, before stepping over the ropes and stepping up on the middle turnbuckle, slowly raising his arms as the camera flashes cover the crowd….
He drops down and starts to get his gear off, slapping his chest and making the sign of “Ten” for Kelcey, getting a cheer from the crowd, awaiting the match.


Alban McConnel, a former SWA Strong Style, European, World and Tag Team Champion throughout his time in wrestling. He started off in 2009 with Kelcey Wallace, a woman he once dated and was romantically involved with as his manager. Kelcey of course became an SCW Hall of Fame inductee. After Alban’s SWA run and the injury sustained to Kelcey that almost cost her career, Alban went on his own while Kelcey headed to Vegas where she met Silas Mason. Alban while always involved in her life and keeping in touch, never was able to get over Kelcey as he felt she was the one yet accepted her marriage with Chris Cannon and her various other relationships, all he ever wanted was for Kelcey to be happy….
But after recent events?
It has all changed and now all he wants to do is destroy those who have hurt Kelcey AND those who call themselves friends and done nothing to help her. Alban chose the God of Wrestling Tournament to take out some frustration as many who are or were involved in Kelcey’s life and career are in the tournament. It is a good place to start….
And then?
Who knows what Alban has in store but “The Scottish Savage” is ready to barrel over anyone and everyone that gets in his way….
All in the name of the “Perfect Ten”.
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Overall Record: |W-3 | L-0 | T-0|

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