Danny Darko
Character Details

Name: Daniel Ashmore
Alias: Devious Danny Darko
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 253

Age: 43

Town of Birth: Portland, OR

Picture Base: Karl Urban

Body Type: He is just muscly enough that he's able to lift many heavy opponents and just slim enough that he's capable of high-flying aerial maneuvers.

Alignment (Face/Heel/Neutral): Face
Entrance Music: "Guilty All The Same" by Linkin Park (ft. Rakim)

Tag Team: Dark Skyy

Wrestler Entrance:
The opening chords of "Guilty All The Same" begin playing throughout the arena while at the same time every light shuts off.

"Tell us all again
What you think we should be
What the answers are
What it is we can't see
Tell us all again
How to do what you say
How to fall in line
How there's no other way
But oh, we all know”

After that last verse when the chorus kicks in, the next round of heavy guitars, bass, drums and screaming begin ringing out throughout the arena at full force while right red flames shoot off from each side of the stage and Darko slowly saunters down to the ring with a sinister and intense look on his face.

"You're guilty all the same
Too sick to be ashamed
You want to point your finger
But there's no one else to blame
You're guilty all the same
Too sick to be ashamed
You want to point your finger
But there's no one else to blame
You're guilty all the same"

He nods his head to acknowledge the always raucous responses from the live crowd. Once he steps into the ring he walks to the middle of the ring and stands there for a few seconds before bright red flames shoot out from each of the ringposts. Once the flames are finished, he climbs each corner of the ring and raises his right fist in the air and yells out to crowd to pump them up.

Gimmick/Personality (NEEDED): He has run the gamut of ultimate bad guy to cool badass good guy and everything in between throughout his many, many years in the business. For the past couple of years leading into his retirement, he was instrumental in ridding Emerge of the extremely dangerous faction known as The Unforgiven. Everything that happened in that war left him emotionally drained and physically destroyed. After a couple years of recuperation, he has returned as a grizzled veteran who just wants to have some fun.

Finishing Moves and description:
The Last Rites
This move is a spinning cradle piledriver. He used it for many, many years in the SWA and the NEWA, IWC, and  UWA, and is still his preferred manner of defeating his opponents.

The Last Rites 2.0
This move is known as a package piledriver. See this: http://youtu.be/Kn5hMLiitio to understand what it is, exactly.

The Last Rites 3.0
It has taken Danny a long time to learn this one, but it’s been worth the wait. Perhaps the most deadly move in his arsenal, it is the amazing Flip Piledriver. Sometimes known as The Canadian Destroyer.

Absolute Annihilation
This is a devastating move in which Darko soars off the top rope and modifies the Shooting Star Press into a double knee drop into the fallen opponent's chest. If the situation dictates, the fearless Darko will leap off of the highest structure he can find to increase the impact.

Annihilation By Strangulation
In this variation of the triangle choke, Danny Darko sits behind a seated opponent. Danny Darko places one of their legs under the chin of the opponent and pushes up. Danny Darko then takes hold of their ankle with their opposite arm and pulls their leg up. Danny Darko then places their free leg on the instep of the leg which is already being used to choke the opponent. Danny Darko finally takes their free arm, hooks the opponent's arm which is in the vise, and holds their opposite leg from the knee. The pressure is applied once the wrestler compresses their knees together. The pentagram choke creates a complete vise around the opponent's neck, and its name comes from using five sides, whereas the triangle choke only uses three.

Signature Moves and description:

The Darkolator
Danny Darko utilizes his burgeoning martial skills to hit his opponent right in the face with a spinning roundhouse kick to the face. If you need an example of this move, it's otherwise known as "Trouble In Paradise" which is used by that Kofi Kingston fella.

How's Your Spine?
This is a powerbomb where Danny Darko doesn't drive his opponent into the mat, but rather into his knee. Depending on the weight of the opponent, he may perform this move consecutively as many times as he sees fit.

The Darko Lock
The cross-legged, inverted STF. Danny Darko first takes the opponent's legs, bends them at the knees, and crosses them, placing one ankle in the other leg's knee-pit before then turning around so that they are facing away from the opponent and places one of their feet into the triangle created by the opponent's crossed legs. Danny Darko then places the opponent's free ankle under their knee-pit and bridges backwards to reach over their head and locks his/her arms around the opponent's head.

Darko Driver
This is a piledriver in which Darko lifts his opponent up for a vertical suplex then modifies it into a tombstone piledriver. He usually will use this move to set up Absolute Annihilation!

Please list at least 15 moves in your characters move set:
Turnbuckle Powerbomb
Uranage Backbreaker
Running Powerbomb
Frog Splash
Corkscrew Moonsault
Spinning Roundhouse Kick
Spinning Reverse Neckbreaker
Emerald Fusion
Running Enziguiri
Senton Corkscrew Splash
Top Rope Hurricanrana
Inverted Powerbomb
Tombstone Piledriver
Elevated Boston Crab
Implant DDT
Running Knee Strike
Victory Roll

Wrestler Biography: Danny Darko has requested that none of the previous experiences are shared at this point in time. He feels as though his past can be used against him as a weapon and would prefer to remain mostly mysterious. What he can share with you is that he's been wrestling for many, many years all around the world and that he's possibly still married to fellow professional wrestler Vanilla Skyy. Maybe? Anything else he wants you to know, you can find out on twitter or in promos. Of course, if you want you can always feel free to ask.

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