Corey Reyes
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Wrestler's Alias: Corey Reyes
Wrestler's Real Name: Corey Reyes
Pic Base: Shane Strickland
Height: 6ft 
Weight: 200 lbs
Birthdate: March 21st, 1998
Birth Place: Yonkers, New York
Current Residence: Cleveland, Ohio

Physical Description:
Standing at 6 feet tall, Corey is an athletic black male with a toned body. He has a few visible tattoos on his chest and arms. Though he has been in a lot of street fights in his days, he doesn't have any visible scars. 


Wrestling Style: All-Around
Alignment: Face
Years Pro: 2 Years
Theme Song: "Heart vs. Mind" by I Prevail

CR5 - Shining Wizard
Stargazer -Diving Meteora(to standing or seated opponent)

Signature Moves:
Roundhouse Kick
Pumphandle Neckbreaker
Second Rope Moonsault
Sit Out Spinebuster
Running Double Knee Smash(to an opponent seated in the corner)

Common Moves:
Suplex Moves
High Flying Moves
Strikes - Knees, and Kicks

- Strikes
- Speed
- Resilience
- Ring Awareness

- Anger
- Perfectionist
- Reckless
- Predictable

The lights in the arena begin to dim and smoke begins to cover the top of the ramp as "Heart vs. Mind" begins to play throughout the arena. A spotlight shines on the top of the ramp as we see Corey Reyes on one knee with his arms spread out like a cross.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring from Cleveland, Ohio.... COREY REEEEYYYYYEEESSSS!

He lets out a scream as he rises up to his feet. Corey then begins to walk down the ramp and once he makes it to the middle of the ramp he runs the rest of the way, slides into the ring, and then stands in the middle of the ring with a smile on his face. He starts pacing around the ring trying to hype himself up and the fans in the arena.

Biography: Corey Reyes has been up and down the East Coast most of his life due to being let go by his mother at the age of 2. He has been to countless families, some letting him go because of his anger issues and them not trusting him due to his constant lying, theft issues, and his attitude. Once he hit the age of 18 he was on his own, and ever since then he has called Cleveland his home. Due to not having a real father, or even a family. Corey hasn't really had anyone to teach him life lessons or anything at all. He's constantly getting in trouble and finding himself in jail more than even getting a real education. Corey also has mental health issues - fighting depression and anxiety.

At a young age is when he became a fan of professional wrestling. It was his escape from society. He's been wanting to be a wrestler for awhile and once he turned 19 he started training.
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