Damian Angel
Wrestler's Alias: Damian Angel
Wrestler's Real Name: Unknown, assumed to be same
Pic Base: Austin Aries
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240 lbs
Birthdate: January 1, 1983
Birth Place: Unknown
Current Residence: Hell, Michigan
Physical Attributes: Angel has long black hair, which he wears down, and a black beard. He has piercing blue eyes, and got a tattoo of an upside down cross over the right side of his chest. He also has a new tattoo of the initials "KB" on his left shoulder, in tribute of the late Katherine "Kitty Black" Blackmore.

Wrestling Style: All around/Violent
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face... give or take
Years Pro: Unknown
Finishers: The Crucifixion; Dead Man's Drop
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed):
The Crucifixion: Damian kneels on the back of his opponent's legs (the opponent is on their stomach) and grabs them by the hands, pulling them as far apart from each other as possible and pulling back, stretching the opponen't spine and shoulders.
Dead Man's Drop: Damian boots his opponent in the midsection. He runs off the ropes, jumping up and driving his boot into the back of his opponent's head, curb stomping them into the mat.
Signature Moves: Snap Bulldog, The Bitter End, The Martyr Syndrome, The Hell Crash
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):
Snap Bulldog: Damian grabs his opponent in a DDT position before quickly spinning and connecting with a bulldog to the mat.
The Bitter End: Damian's version of CHBK's Bittersweet Ending, with a little flick of his ankle right before contact.
The Martyr Syndrome: With his opponent laying back-down on the mat, Damian climbs to the top rope. He jumps off in a moonsault, driving down feet first into the stomach of his opponent with a double stomp.
The Hell Crash: With his opponent in the corner, Damian charges in at full speed, diving his shoulder into the midsection with such momentum that Damian himself ends up on the apron.

Theme Song: "Lucifer's Angel" by The Rasmus

Common Moves:
Crucifix Pin
Crucifix Bomb
Drop Toehold
Leg Wrench
Surfboard Submission
Knee to the Midsection
Running Elbow Strike
Choke Over the Bottom Rope (typically from outside of the ring)
Stiff Kick to the Ribs (when the opponent is on hands and knees)
Tree of Woe
Fisherman's Suplex
Dragon Suplex
Northern Lights Suplex
450 Splash
Rear Naked Choke
Triangle Choke
Double Leg Takedown

In Ring: Angel wrestles in shorts, adorned with an upside-down cross on the left leg. They are black in colour with white trim (and a white cross). He has two white kneepads, two white elbowpads and black boots.
Out of Ring: Damian Angel can always be seen in a suit of black pants and a black shirt with a white suit jacket. He will wear dark sunglasses and possibly a black and white bandana over his hair.
Extra Entrance: Along with his in-ring attire, Angel also wears a full-length black robe with a large white upside-down cross on the back, and a smaller one over the right side of his chest.

Entrance: The opening lines of The Rasmus' "Lucifer's Angel" begin to play over the crowd suddenly, without the introduction of the song...

[b]Behind those eyes lies the truth and grief
Behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy
The flawless skin hides the secrets within
Silent forces that secretly ignite your sins

...During that verse, Damian Angel steps out onto the top of the ramp , inciting boos from the crowd. He looks at the crowd, ...

...In the slight pause between the verse and the chorus, the lights in the arena all turn off, leaving the sight of pitch black. As the chorus strikes up, a red spotlight begins to follow Angel to the ring...

...During the chorus, they begin their approach to the ring...

[b]Fly away, fly away
From the torch of blame
They haunt you
The Lucifer's Angels
Never lived, you never died
Your life has been denied
They call you
The Lucifer's Angel

...By the end of the chorus, Angel has rolled toward the centre of the ring, pulling himself to one knee. Damian runs his hand over the canvas before pounding his right fist down upon the SCW logo, immediately springing to his feet thereafter ...

[b]Beyond these clouds you can hide all your tears
Beyond this world you'll be safe from their wicked fears
And in their hearts they fear your demands
You know their minds won't accept you, they'll never understand

...As this verse goes on, Damian unfastens the clasps of his rope, letting it drop down to the mat behind him. He glares out over the crowd...

[b]Fly away, fly away
From the torch of blame
They haunt you
The Lucifer's Angels
Never lived, you never died
Your life has been denied
They call you
The Lucifer's Angel

...Angel climbs onto the middle rope and outstretches his arms, bringing them together in an 'X' formation as he looks down towards the pits of hell. He repeats this process on the other three sides of the ring, and after the last one he hops off the turnbuckle.

Biography: Nothing of Damian Angel's personal life is known. No one know who he is, where he came from, nor how long he's been wrestling. What is known is that he sees himself as a Messiah for the New Age, a Hellbound Messiah. His cross of heaven and hell often puts his opponents off, as they never know quite what to expect out of this enigma. What is known, however, is that Damian Angel has a message, and will do whatever it takes to spread that message.

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