The quick and dirty for new members of SCW
The quick and dirty of Supreme Championship Wrestling:
1. This is a roleplay fed. You win and lose as a result of the quality of your roleplays.
2. This is also a weekly roleplay fed. This means a show every week! We can accommodate any schedule and book you as frequently or infrequently as you’d like. Weekly shows usually have a 2 RP limit for singles matches with major shows usually having a 3 RP Limit for singles matches. These can adjust for certain reasons (number of entrants in a match; singles vs. tag matches). Additionally, the final Breakdown before a pay per view always has a 1 RP Limit to allow roleplayers to prioritize their efforts appropriately!
3. Occasionally matches may be angled. This can be done with agreement of both handlers or in extenuating circumstances. Some shows in some circumstances may be booked using roleplays from previous shows. These shows will be clearly indicated and are usually volunteer only.
4. You will win some matches; you will lose some matches. The staff is always willing to explain a decision. But excessive attitude is something not tolerated in SCW. We understand sometimes you will be angry, but there needs to be a common agreement on respecting others even in disagreement and there is no room for drama.
5. The effort you wish to put into the fed outside of roleplaying is your choice. Storylines and angles will usually be determined for you by the booking staff and they will even, once they become comfortable with your character, write any segments. You’re welcome to go along for the ride or contribute as you see fit. Any submitted segments are used or revised at the discretion of the writing staff.

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