Valet's Alias: Angel
Valet's Real Name: Unknown
Pic Base:
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 115 lbs.
Birthdate: Unknown
Birth Place: Unknown
Current Residence: Unknown

Physical Description: Basically looks exactly like the “pic base” image above, except treat the obviously painted face as though it were a mask that, like Void's, is impossible to remove due to the heavy straps that are hidden under her black hair.

Behavior: Angel operates as Void's handler (like one would to control an animal) and mouthpiece, speaking on her behalf as all Void knows is animalistic screams and grunts. She'll intervene in Void's matches frequently, usually to make sure Void stays on track and doesn't go overboard resulting in a DQ loss, though she has no issue with doing something that will help keep the match in Void's favor. She's extremely intelligent, able to manipulate just about anyone into walking right into a trap where she can remove them from the equation or have Void gain the upper hand. Be advised that if Angel is thrown out or forbidden from being at ringside, the likelihood of Void hurting someone even at the cost of a victory is almost certain, as only Angel has proven capable of keeping Void restrained enough to avoid going too far. That said, though, Angel usually will not prevent Void from causing injury in her presence unless it would prove detrimental to Void's ascent up the ladder or Angel's plans in general.

Biography: Angel is an absolute enigma, with no one knowing who she is or why she's here. The only thing we know for sure is that she seems to be the only one able to control Void and keep her in check when necessary. Given the seemingly obvious relationship between Void and Scarlet Grey, one could assume she has some connection to that situation as well, though she denies any knowledge pertaining to Scarlet and only seems to be present whenever Void is. She seems to have her own agenda, though, and it does seem to pertain to the “glory of an empire” though whether or not it's some bizarre distant affiliation with the Red Empire or something of her own design is an answer only she knows.

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